Unfair BT Cancellation Charges

BT complaint we received today about a customer problem with unfair BT cancellation charges..

Dear Sir, Madam, I’ve just been told I have to pay £77 to cancel my BT contract. I’ve just moved to a new area due to an unplanned change of job after nearly 5 years with BT at my previous address. Because I’m moving into a shared house where I am not responsible for the phoneline I have no choice but to cancel.

It’s not like I’m a few months into a brand new contract where BT have incurred set-up costs and I’ve just decided to go with a different supplier. I’ve also had to cancel my broadband, gas and electricity none of whom made any cancellation charges.

Like many others I was a victim of one of BT’s auto-renewing contracts that may well be technically legal but is clearly a cynical ploy to allow them to levy grossly disproportionate penalties for anyone who quite reasonably wants to leave or, as in my case, has to leave their service.

I will be in my current property for 6-12 months before I go back to my own place and my own phone line. If I’m lucky enough to live for the average male lifespan in this country I have 42 years ahead of me to enjoy not being a BT customer again. Allowing for 4% inflation per year BT could have conservatively earned around £21,000 from my custom during that time.

I hope they buy something nice with my £77.

It’s good to talk!!!

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  • Ditto the above. I just tried to cancel, in almost exactly the same situation except I want to transfer to a cheaper provider; they want £52. They've just let me know they're raising my line rental by 50p / month, yet are able to hold me in contract- how can this be legal? Surely this cannot be the case?? I'm absolutely furious…

  • I had a different issue but with an outcome you need, I was moving from Sheffield to Hull.
    I phoned BT well in advance to arrange the move of my line they told me BT cannot supply to the Hull area as the exchange is owned by Kingston Communications, to my suprise the advisor then said the rest of my term would be waivered as BT cannot supply services on this exchange and that meant a breach of their contract with me.

  • Just finish a contract with BT after 20 years due to a cheaper provider .They too tryed to charge me £77.00 but i pointed out that my contract had just finished i was prepared to go to court over this matter as i had not agreed to a new contract if anything i waited a few months for the contract to finish before i could change.But they still tryed to charge it ,I phone them up and they took it straight off my bill .So they should im now with a cheaper provider with a big saving .So make sure you finish your contract before you cancell

  • Re. the above, what's the difference between finishing your contact and cancelling it? I ended my contract having moved to a cheaper supplier, and was also told there was a cancellation fee. Having just paid 3 months advance line rental I actually got a rebate, for what it's worth, of £1.88. Nut I'm disgusted at this, having expected around £60 back. I will be invoicing them to try and get some of my money back and they have lost any chance of me ever going back to them whatever happens in the future.

  • My contract had finished, but Bt told me I was on a re-newable contract, so it seems i had signed up for a life long subscription, I told them i knew nothing of this, after a long debate on the phone, they agreed I didnt have to pay this charge. I was billed for it regardless, after another discussion with bt (there was no record of my original call) They agreed to remove the charge £77, I asked that they send me a revised bill, they agreed. Whilst waiting for this bill I received a letter from a dept collector to my horror, when i called again there was no record of my call to BT. They agreed to take off the charges after I was left in tears. I paid my outstanding bill, I have or did have a shinny credit history. It seems you call them, they do nothing. My advise pay the £77 charge although grossly unfair, I now have a blemish on my credit history thanks to BT.


  • I have just transferred my phone line to sky and BT want to charge me £67 to Leave!! I asked to provide me with a written contract that i had signed to agree this and i was told that a signed contract was not required and i had agreed to the 12 month renewable contract over the phone. I have now asked to hear the phone call when i agreed to this and i was told they would call me in 2 days. I have cancelled my direct debit with them as they would not put a stop on the charge. BT are useless and are money grapping phone company who in really have you signed up for life!!!!

  • I waited until near the ned of my contract to change to a cheaper provder, all was ok until a bill turned up for the next 3 months line rental. I rang and was told i'd have to pay £78 cancellation as my contract had been renewed. My new supplier has confirmed that they had been in touch with BT so noww i have an ongoing dispute with them. My new supplier also confirmed that, not in these exacts words, Bt has and do lie. It's highly unfair that they bully people into paying these undue charges.

  • I also phoned bt to cancell my bt vision that I received on wednesday the 18th of august 2010.I have been with bt for 2 years on broadband and phone and was looking to have a tv package like sky! when we set it up bt vision is just a freeview box and with added extras like sky sports 1&2 (partner's choice and reason for getting it!)you have to pay per episode for anything decent to watch!! so we decided to cancell this morning and was told i would have to pay £64.75!! for 1 days tv?I told them at the bottom of my letter it stated i could cancell within 10 days of recieving my package!! and they said that was just the equipment and does not apply to the contract??? I REFUSE TO PAY!! I still receive broadband and phone package which i was going to keep but after this i will be moving all my services to sky!!

  • Ditto for me i am moving to a cheaper provider after getting a letter to say my line rental is going up result cancellation charge of nearly fifty pounds.
    i did not sign any contract but i am told this does not matter.

    I will never go back to bt now i would rather do without.

    Bt are a pathetic excuse of a company dedicated only to rip us off

  • On 20th July I was stitched up over the phone by someone talking at 100mph who talked me into the unlimited evening and weekend package. There was a mention of a £7.50 cancellation fee. Three days later the paperwork arrived telling me it was £7.50 PER MONTH cancellation fee and that I couldn't now cancel as it was a service provision and was effective from the phone call. I phoned to complain on receipt of the letter on 23rd July. I spoke to a very officious woman who passed me on to the complaints department – had a nice chat with the fella there who assured me they'd listen back to the tapes and that someone would call me between 10am and 12 noon on 26th July. Still waiting for that call back and guess what – I'm going to need to cancel at the beginning of next month as I'm moving to somewhere I have no control over the phone line.

  • I have had my broadband and phone line 5 years and being charged £25 disconnection fee, I have lost my job and can't afford this. When I received their sales calls I never accepted any of their offers and specifically told them i wasn't interested in a new contract as I didn't want to incur any penalties if I cancel. To say I hate these people is a bit of an understatement but as above I will take great pleasure in never giving them another penny as long as I live.

  • I have just received a final bill from BT after I switched to another provider when my BT contract ENDED. They want to charge me £25 CANCELLATION fee!!! Why am I being charged a cancellation fee when I just didn't renew with them! AGAIN very poor service from BT!

  • Renewable contracts are totally legal. Customers are informed of the T&Cs in 90% of cases; as the BT sales advisors can have performance management and/or disciplinary action instigated against them if they are found not to have imparted this information. This is followed up by a letter outlining the agreement, this letter also includes confirmation that the contract is renewable. Most of the renewable offers actually show as such on BT's bills, these bills are sent for your perusal, if you ignore them it is your lookout, not BT's
    Is the above not enough?
    Ok, further to that, customers are sent two… yes, two letters informing them that the current contract period is coming to an end and that BT will renew the contract if the customer does not contact them to ask for this not to happen. Remember, you've already agreed for this to happen.
    You can't just up and leave a pre-specified contractual period because you find a cheaper deal elsewhere and not expect the company you are leaving to try and recoup their losses, after all, they've provided you with service at a discounted rate on the basis that you've committed your business to them for the agreed period. Verbal contracts are also completely legit, do you honestly think a company as large as BT would risk their entire business and reputation by not checking the legalities of their procedures first?

    Whilst it is perfectly reasonable to surmise that 'some' mistakes occur on the part of BT advisors, and that 'some' of the contract confirmation letters or contract renewal letters do not arrive in the post, it is unreasonable to suggest that the greater majority of customers would not have received one of the 3 potential letters, not seen the mention of the renewable offer on their bill, or be told on the original sales call.

    As regards the increase in line rental cost. You are entitled to be released from a contractual obligation relating to the service of which the price is being changed, if the change will mean you are materially disadvantaged. This however only relates to the service for which the price is being changed, namely the PSTN telephone line rental. Broadband and vision prices are unchanged, therefore the 'get out clause' does not apply to these products. Before anyone shouts that 'if you stop your line your broadband stops'… remember that other companies are able to provide you with a PSTN service on which you will be able to maintain your BT Broadband.

    Finally, the £25 cancellation fee. This is not contract related, but is actually an engineering charge for cessation rather than migration of broadband. The charge is levied by Openreach and is clearly advised of in BT's terms and conditions.

    Yes, I work for BT. No I don't love the company, if I'm honest I'm pretty fedup with my job at the moment. I am however sick of all the bandwagon jumpers who state they were not made aware on any of the 4 occasions that their contract was renewable, nor had ever seen it on their bills.
    The other points I raised are for clarification for the people who mentioned these instances.

  • Why do we allow these large overpriced overbearing moguls, who more often than not charge huge price and obscene charges if you dare to want to move away from them, they say this is a world of competition, everybody vying for the best deal they can get, but just like every thing else they promise you the earth and produce nothing, but by that time they have you well and truly hooked, they charge you for wanting to economise in this day of world wide reccesion, charge for what for a service they havent even provided yet. Administration fees!, when all it takes is a person on the other end of the phone clicking a few keys on their computer, in this automated world thats all it should take, or is it compensation for loss of face that anybody should dare to not like their product and the charges they inflict on the public. the telecomunication industry is monoploised by virually one company BT, what competition ?.

  • I swapped to virgin last week from BT… The deal with virgin included them talking to BT to takeover my phone line and broadband…. To be safe I called BT as I had a letter (to the above 'just one letter') telling me my contract would be renewed if I did not tell them otherwise. On the phone I was told I could not cancel as I would lose my phone number I had to let Virgin take over. I now find out that in the period between the conversation with BT and myself and Virgin taking over they have renewed by contract and want £110.86p to cancel it!!!!!
    It drives me crazy that they can do this when I spoke to them. I was refused a contact number for complaints and refused access to a manager on the call….
    Even on pages like this you have to listen to the BT employee defending them…. Can't BT see how many people have an issue with them??? If they offered a better service we would not all want to leave them!

  • I cancelled my BT phone line and broadband. The broadband and phone line was disconnected immediatly even though I had asked for it to be disconnected in two weeks time. I thought I was been organised giving them notice. And then they said they would charge me to re connect!!!!
    I was then informed that I was going to be charged £72 cancellation for a contract that I was not aware I had entered. I had recieved numerous phone calls in the few months before moving. I told all these callers that I'm moving in August so I can not enter a new contract. So BT are claiming they told me that they informed that I was entering a new contract to which I have replied that I informed them that I can not as I am moving:n stale mate. I feel like I have no protection and no rights.
    I rang BT and explained all this on numerous occasions and was told that the matter had gone to dispute and that they would stop sending bills and put the charges on hold until it was resolved. I then got another a bill and made another phone call to which I was simply told write a letter. In the mean time my credit record is been affected. I am furious.

  • my 86 year old neigbour is being threatened with legal action by BT because he tried to switch user.They (BT) have demanded £96 immediately from this poor old guy or they will send round the bailiffs.what utter SCUM.I watched a report on the news about a junkie who stole from the elderly and see no difference between that lowlife and the coporate dirrectors at BT.NOBODY HAS TO USE THIS COMPANY SO DON`T!

  • we contacted B.T after watching an advert on t.v as to how good there service was, when we phoned we spoke to a young man who seemed very pleasant, but notconfident in what he was saying, we wanted broadband, but were told we would be better of going for broadband, the phone line and b.t vision, as they had an offer on, so it sounded ok, i then explained to the young man that our computer was upstairs and that the phone line would have to go up there, he said that was not a problem i could go where ever we wnanted it to go, so we arranged the date, that date came I took time of work and waited in all day my appointment was between 8am-5pm, by lunch time know one had arrived so i phoned just to check and was told yes the job was still on screen and we were booked in, so again i waited, by 5pm know one had still arrived again i had made numerous phone calls to be told yes someone is still comming, which i thought was strange as it was pitch black and they had to get up the ladders to put the phone line in and the box in the bedroom as we didnt have one, I then phoned b.t again at 6pm to be told someone has been and the line is active, I said that know one had been to my home as i had been in all day, and the lady said what do they need to come to your home for, i explained that we were having a boz put in upstairs, and she said she had know record of that, this was after me waisting £15 in credit on my phone after calls i had made to them through the day, she said she would have to arrange another day for the engineer to call, so this ment yet another day from work, the day came and the egineer called and said that he could not fit the bow upstairs where we wanted it and was told it could go there know prob, as it had to be fitted next to the t.v.for the hub, so I then said well how do i get my computer to work and he told me that i would have to go and buy a donngel for my p.c which would then make it a wireless connection, so thats what i did, so that cost me £28.00 plus the £180 i had to pay to have an digital ariel fitted, so when we got the donngle and put it into the computer it would not connect when i phoned B.T they told me there was a poor signal and it wouldnt connect with a donngle you need a phone line, so I had to pay to have a phone line put in upstairs which cost me £75, then the B.T vision arrived and oh my god, all the package we had been tol we would be getting was not there, when i phoned B.T they told me they were extra, not at all what i had been told i was getting, so I phoned them up and within 2hrs of me getting it I posted the equipment back to them, which I had to pay to post back, WE have tried to cancell or phone line on a few occasions but have been told if i cancell they want £262.00 from me, and if i dont continue to pay they will send the bayliffs round and i will be blacklisted, I am not a well person and have a dibilitating disability and have know had to stop working except for 2 days a week I have asked again to cancell explained the situation to be told tough you have to pay and we want our money, I have never signed any contract with B.T as this was done all over the phone please what can I do

  • You can try to contact Oxfom to explain your case. I don't know if BT uses a legal way in your case. Obviously, as many of us, they try tio rip us off as soons as the contract has started.
    If you wait till October, the early termination charges will be much cheaper than before. It may be interesting to see what you can do with Oxfom till then.

  • I had been with Bt for phone & BB for 13 months, i then moved house and was quite happy to transfer my service with them. However, over the course of the last 2 months they kept restricting my service, and i was without service for days at a time. After numerous calls, it transpires I kept getting cut off because they were sending my monthly bills to my OLD address ( I refuse to pay by DD) and i didnt know how much the bill was to pay as i obviously never received it! They then issued a wrong bill to the right address, which to be fair to them, they did refund after much wrangling, but then 4 days later they cut me off for the 5th time. I had enough and thinking because i had been with them 15 months that i was well past my 12 month contract so went ahead with changing supplier. I then receieve a letter saying they are terminating my service (even though they had already cut me off) and i have to pay 176 cancellation charges! I swear i was never advised on the phone that i was entering ANOTHER 12 month contract when i moved. So beware if you are moving, even if you moved every couple of months you will automatically start a new 12 month contract on moving day. When did this change. it never used to be like this? Its so unfair, and am going to fight the cancellation charges and it will be worth the black mark on my credit file!

  • I was being charged £24.45 per month for broadband classic. BT do not even sell this outdated service anymore. I phoned BT to request multiple email addressess. They said I could do this but without my consent renewed my contract even though it was not at the end of the renewable period. Meanwhile, I have had no internet connection and endured a trip around the world of pointless conversations with rude and obnoxious BT staff. Still no internet I decided to move to Virgin and yes BT have requested £176.00 cancellation fee despite not being a day in a new 12 month period. They are going to listen to the tapes and let me know. They are terminating my phone line during the new 12 month period as quickly as they can so that they can cause maximum disruption for a my new service provider. I will never return to BT and I will never pay their unjust and unfair cancellation charge.

  • I currently have BT Broadband Option1, but after 18 months contract have decided not to re-new. I have received several calls from BT offering me Broadband for £12.99/month instead of the £15.99/month I was paying. Despite this I contacted BT and asked for the Broadband to be terminated with immediate effect. I was told by a very unhelpful advisor that I have to pay £25.00 cancellation charge to Openworld!!! Why is this, to say I have been with BT for the full 18 months contract I agreed to? If I could get SKY for the full package I would do, think BT and their staff are TOTAlly USELESS!

  • I had a BT dial up account and took out an email which ended in btinternet.com

    The service was so £&^( that I took my business elsewhere. Now they want to charge me £1.50 a month to keep my bt. Yet bt yahoo do it for free.

    I am going to complain to Ofcom.

  • my parents have been with BT for over 30yrs i moved back to my parents house in 2006 while my new house was been built, so i got a second line off BT, so calls to me wouldnt disdurb my parents, i forgot to cancel my phone line when i moved so ive paid for a further 4 yrs for an unused line (my fault) and that will be canceled asap, but as my mother is a pentioner and my father has now passed, i thought id get a better deal with sky as my mother has sky tv (no internet just tv) so i thought one bill from sky will be better for her, so i put in my order for sky to take over, thinking thats it,

    however this morning a BT letter comes saying sorry your leaving but before you do PAY £67 TO CANCEL!

    I mean what the hell is that about , i called and they said as she was in a renewable contract that my mother was made aware of by letter she has to pay it, i checked with my mother and unless its a bill she pretty much ignores everything, BUT SHE DOSNT UNDERSTAND WHY SHE IS IN A CONTRACT! NOW MY ARGUMENT IS NO BODY CAN BE SOLD A CONTRACT IF THEY DONT/DIDNT UNDERSTAND THE TERMS! WHICH MY MOTHER CLEARLY DOSENT, AND I FOR ONE WILL NOT PAY THEM TO CANCEL DESPITE THEM OFFERING ME A £35 CREDIT TO HER BILL IF I STAY

    2 customers they've lost from one house well done BT

  • been with bt for over 3 years option 3 bt vision ect, they renewed my contract on my phone without any comms. however the bt vision and broadband wasnt contract renewed by them but te phone was . why is this ?
    any way changed provider broadband and phone and bt charged me £27.00 for still being in the last month of there renewed contract that i never new about. was told when i signed up to my packages that contract was 18 month and year for services and that was what was required to fullfill my contracts. no where does it say in there terms an conditions that after a customer has fullfilled there contract that after they have been contract renewed by bt that they will be charged accordingly for changing providers. bt are the stealing off people who have fullfilled there obligations to them. could understand if i terminated contract to which i had failed to fullfill.

  • The roling contract scheme came into play in 2008.

    I have cancelled BT to go to Virgin Media in Aug, but BT notified me on Aug 16 that as I was leaving when I am still in Contract which was automatically renewed in July 2010, I have to pay a cancellation fee. They adviced that a end of contract notice was sent 30days prior in June 2010. (which I have never seen).

    I wrote to refute stating that I have not agreed to sign for this contrct in 2008, have not agreed to renew in 2009, nor in 2010.

    I was not aware of such a contract.

    BT's response :
    1. In my Bill, it is clearly printed the type of contract (Free Evening & Weekend, Automatically Renewalable Contract). So it's my fault for not reading my bill.

    2. BT does not have any proof of delivery of the 30 day notice but they do not need to.

    3. I had the chance to stop the cancellation when I received the 16 aug 2010 letter but did not. So it's my choice to leave with the understanding of a cancellation fee payable.

    I rang BT this morning with the following response:

    1. In the bill no start date or end of contract dates were printed.
    2. Since there was no proof of delivery of notice, either by email or letter and nothing printed on my bill, How am I to know when my contract was due.
    3. Please provide the contract BT claimed I agreed to in 2008. BT said there is no written agreement.

    No matter what I said, the call center staff refuse to accept the fact that an agreement needs the consent of 2 or more parties. In this case, I was never made aware of the 'contract' Have not agreed to be bound by it, but the main thing is I have never received any notice warning me of the end of my contract.

    This contract is essentially one-sided!

    I urge all of you who are affected by this to cancel your direct debit immediately at least they will have to chase you for payment and not you for the refund.

    Please make a complain to OfCOM at 020 7981 3040.

    Please also email BBC Panorama at panorama.reply@bbc.co.uk
    asking them to investigate.

    Twit, Blog and email all your friends warning them of such dishonest practise. spread the word.

    Please if there are any lawyers out that. Please advice.

  • Same problem, however I had the basic phone/tv/internet package. Had to move out as the landlord took the property back over, and I could not install bt in new property. The small price for stopping this service – £489. Emailed bt who basicully said it wasn't their problem. Emailed Ofcom, who after six weeks said I should make a complaint with bt – uh i already had and got nowhere so was kind of hoping you could do something. In between this bt sent debt collectors who advised next time they would come with the police. So bt and ofcom useless.

  • Well even if they admit they are wrong and after 20-40mins of keeping u on and off hold and give you a reference number to confirm all charges are taken off they will STILL send u a bill and STILL try and take the money and when u cancel your direct debit they will STILL send u a threatening letter. I am not phoning them AGAIN to tell them my reference number they can get stuffed they robbed enough money off me every month i was with them. SKY ALL THE WAY. I will never ever use BT again. Im sure not all bt staff are the same but the morons that are there are making the rest of u look like incapable idiots. Its not rocket science …

  • BT have failed to supply me with broadband in over 7 weeks, despite me calling every day, being home to wait for engineers who didn't show up, and it not being repaired.

    I finally decide to go somewhere else and BT want to charge me £143 for ME breaching the 12 month contract.

    I say that they breached it by failing to supply the service or fix it, when they have been given every chance.

    Now I am sent round and round every department trying to get someone authorised to agree that they won't charge me for breach of contract, when they can't supply me with the service.

    It's disgusting.

  • I moved house a year ago and kept my flat in Birmingham with its BT Phone and Broadband that had been running since October 2005. Having now sold the flat, I've come to turn off my BT services and they have decided that it's fair to charge me £30! (must have gone up for 2011)

    Checking their website, the excuse for this charge is supplying a MAC code to a new provider (which isn't happening). Querying the chap on the phone, he agreed this but stated that "someone still needed to go down to the exchange and pull the plug out".

    I find that hilarious, as internet access can be switched off remotely from Technical Support (and hence maybe even customer services). This 'manual switch-off' must purely be so that the next person has to pay for it to be 'manually connected'.

    Anyway, I'll be taking the advice of a poster on another site and putting something in writing to my MP. It seems that this tactic has worked before.

  • I told bt 6 months in advance and every month until the time of my contract ending that I want to cancel when it reaches that time they said ok but then ignored me and still sent me a bill the month after.
    I get harassed my a robot calling me to say my bill hasn't been paid even though the line should not be active I plugged my phone in after receiving the bill.
    plus the line rental increased from a standard £12.75 to £13.66 then to £14.99 then after the contract ended £18.99
    I will be going to trading standards and thank you for the bbc panarama details whoever put them up, I will be emailing them as well!

  • To all that have had problems with BT – either broadband, BT Visiion of telephony and cancellation charges:

    Firstly, if you cancelled within 21 days, you are covered by the Distance Selling regualtions – look these up and quote them at BT.

    If BT try to impose a £52 charge for cancellation (or in my Mums case, they quoted her a £450 cancellation fee) , refuse it and write to them stating that this is an Unfair Contract term within the meaning of the Unfair Terms in Consumer Contracts Regulations. BT CANNOT punish you for cancellation, th3ey can simply charge you for the "inconvenience" of having to write to you etc and this should be no more than £15.

  • We joined BT in October 2010, wanted to go with the complete Sky package but because our flat that we moved into didn't have a phone line we then had to go with BT for our phone & broadband and stuck with the 18 month contract.

    The calling off period is not long enough and have since found broadband charges are ridiculas! It would have cost £127 to get the line connected if we chose not to go with BT.

    Now they are putting the prices up again, costing us £45+ a month for line rental/calls/Broadband alone plus £1 for every GB over we go on our broadband!

    Can pay that or less with a tv package with Sky so we've emailed BT to cancel, have deleted our direct debit as well. Now we await to see what they will try and charge us!

  • Hi

    I have had a bill asking me to pay £30 broadband cessation charges and £24 for leaving my contract early only problem is my contract ended in March and the automatically re started it without my permission I called there CS dept who confirmed this and assured me no charges would be applied but yet my bill arrived Friday with charges and now there refusing to remove them!! and the cessation charge os if no one else takes over the broadband but TalkTalk have done this and said BT are talking nonsense were plugged into out TaklTalk broadband box and is working al fine…I'm baffled

  • This has just happened to me, they want 67 quid to cancel. This is a disgrace and a) I wont be paying and b) will be contacting the ombudsman.

  • BT are the worst company I have ever had to deal with; they have driven myself and my girlfriend to dispair over the last 8 months. We moved into a new property around 8 months ago and as it is not a Virgin area we were forced to go with BT. The first problem was just getting the account set up and broadband installed (which we both rely on for work and study). BT made an astounding number of cockups over a 2 month period which resulted in having to make literally hundreds of phone calls to people working in an indian call centre, who could not understand me or my problem in any way. This obviously led us both very close to the brink of insanity. Eventually we got it sorted out; the phone calls stopped and the murderous rage subsided. However we have recently decided to move in with my partners family for the next year as I am now a student nurse and we dont have as much money as before. I phoned BT to let them know and they expect me to pay £560 to cancel the services. Does this sound ridiculous to anyone else? We do have the TV, calls and broadband package but surely this can not be right. BT are making us ill.

  • I took the full package 13 months ago on a 18 month contract.I soon realised what i had got myself into when i phoned to cancel only 2 days after going live.After coming from Sky after 9yrs i realised how sub standard my package was and with faulty equipment.
    They told me that once live i cannot cancel without charges and i would have to pay £650.
    After 13 months of repeated calls to try and cancel i have finally gave up and said i want my my code as i`m leaving BT broadband but still keeping phone and BT vision.Was quoted £120 charges and thought fair enough.Had to phone again a week later and was told that cancelling my broadband also cancels my BTVision so i have to pay a £150 postage to send my BTVision box back also cancellation charges of £120 for BT Broadband and £20 for BT Vision.A total of £290 and only 5 months left on my contract.I pay £49 a month so it`s costing me the equiv of £58 a month to cancel…This can only happen in rip off Britain.

  • I am really depressed reading these comments. We took on broadband and calls package from BT having left AOL. As my partner uses the broadband more than me and the old broadband was in his name we asked if we could put the line into his name. We were told this would be no problem. They then wrote and asked me to confirm that we wanted to do this. I then got asked to send back the router and I phoned and asked about this and was told to ignore it as we were carrying on with the service. THEN I get a final bill for £245. I have phoned 6 times and e mailed complaints only to be told that I have cancelled my contract and am due the cancellation charge even though we still have the original line and router in the house. Why would anyone willingly accept to pay £245 for a name change on the top of a piece of paper????? Ofcom I guess it will have to be I am waiting for a manager to get back to me tomorrow – not hopeful….

  • I have just had the same problem with cancellation charges they have been trying since February this year to charge me £120.00 for three months broadband and bt sports that is a free service to b/band customers anyway . They have sent this to a debt collection company with a charge of £150.00 and no outstanding dispute when I contested the amount with the company they contacted bt, and we're informed there was a ongoing dispute and that they would contact me .
    On contact from telecom India (tata) I was informed that I was only going to be charged £79.00 for b/ band even after informing them that I spoke to an agent at the options team in Doncaster and he told me in may that it was all cancelled and I would not hear anything else.( name of the operate gained).
    BT now say they have listened to the recording and they cannot find the conversation how strange.
    I would not go back to bt even if my life depended on it rubbish .

  • i have just left bt for sky .having just looked at my bank account bt have took 363.00 out i rang them up and asked why they took they replied early cancillation fee . they said i will get another bill for my mobile plus bt sports it was my dla money they took iam disabled i have 100.00 pound now to live on they are discrace some got to be done with bt its not good enough

  • I want to cancelled by and i rang up bt and they told i got to pay £107.45pound if we have to cancelled it then it should be 46.99 pound

  • I fell behind on 2 bills with BT—- I was 1 month away until ending my contract and messaged them to tell them I was experiencing financial difficulties (borderline bankrupt). It has been a real poor time, however, I made these decision so I will not play the fiddle for too long.

    Instead of just letting the contract end (that had 1 month left for £25 a month)- BT decided to cancel the contract and then charge me £150 in ”cancellation charges”- Bearing in mind the bill was only say £80. They then sent this to a debt collector who added on £50… So a £80 bill is now £300. When this could have been avoided. BT make BILLIONS and they happily screw people over….

    I just think its ridicilous. I get it, I am in a contract and technically they can do this but where is the humanity… Why screw someones credit, threaten court action when I would have paid the outstanding bill just not the charges.

  • been with BT60years was talked into youview package which they said would be £5 month cheaper–the monthly bills kept climbing up to £60 the last one–with the wife having serious dementia she was not able to use it–so rang BT to cancel youview and go back to basic package which should be £39–thats when we got the £60 bill–so contacted virgin who quoted £27mnth then £40 following year after 2days of negotiation to cancel BT—had aletter from BT £569-38 if you want to leave-it seems they are legally entitled to do this unless you follow your contractual obligations which i never signed anywhere –being 84 and wife 81—– would like to know if there any legal egg heads out there who could give some relevant advice–been told ofcom are useless

  • Could be worse, elderly couple at my new shared accomodation renewed a contract over the phone. Two months in I advised them they are being overcharged, and the connection is bad. (High ping all the time) and they want >£400 to cancel.

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