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At your wits end with BT with billing, broadband, tv, mobile or landline problems?

Don’t worry, you’re not alone! Like you we struggled dealing with BT customer services not dealing with our complaint. We were powerless, frustrated and at the end of our tether. With nowhere else to go and no sign of help from BT customer services we switched providerand built this BT complaint website. A place where frustrated BT customers could come and vent their anger, frustration and rage. We understand what you’re going through. Why not send us your BT Complaint and make sure you let out all your frustration, don’t hold back, tell us your full BT story in all it’s frustrating detail. After we promise you’ll feel a little better, hey you might get some support via the comments from other frustrated BT customers and hopefully BT themselves.

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We used to be frustrated BT customers like you.

After years of frustration and bad service we changed providers, and neither of us have ever looked back.

If you’re fed up with BT, and thinking about changing providers, then make sure you check out our independant review of the current ‘Recommended Providers’ in the UK including their all important customer service ratings.

Our 2019 Recommended Provider is: SKY

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