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At your wits end with BT with billing, broadband, tv, mobile or landline problems? You’re not alone! We struggled with BT customer services not dealing with our complaint. We were powerless, frustrated and at the end of our tether. With nowhere else to go and no sign of help from BT customer services we switched provider and created this BT complaint website. A place where frustrated BT customers could come and vent their anger, frustration and rage. We understand what you’re going through. Why not send us your BT Complaint – tell us your BT complaint in all it’s frustrating detail. After we promise you’ll feel a little better, hey you might get some support via the comments from other frustrated BT customers and hopefully BT themselves.

We used to be a frustrated BT customer like you with a number of BT complaints over the years with broadband and telephone issues. After years of frustration and bad service we changed providers and haven’t looked back. If you’re fed up with BT, sick of making complaints and thinking about changing providers, then make sure you check out our independent review of the current recommended providers in the UK including their all important customer service ratings.

Latest BT Complaint Submissions

BT Contact Details

1st July 2019We often get asked what is the BT complaint telephone number other than 150 or 151? So we went about exploring various forums to give you a list of BT contact numbers and BT complaints addresses. We haven’t verified any of ... Read More

Unfair BT Cancellation Charges

27th June 2019BT complaint we received today about a customer problem with unfair BT cancellation charges.. Dear Sir, Madam, I’ve just been told I have to pay £77 to cancel my BT contract. I’ve just moved to a new area due to ... Read More

BT OpenReach Complaint

25th June 2019This BT Openreach complaint was received today and highlights British Telecom’s lack of accountability for problems within the context of BT Retail and BT OpenReach. Dear Sir, I placed an order for a home move of my account I had ... Read More

BT Complaint – Best Contacts To Get Your BT Complaint Resolved

17th June 2019One of the most frequently asked questions on this BT complaint forum is customers asking for a BT complaint contact number or address other than the contacts that BT provide using 150 or 151 numbers. We’ve read past BT complaints ... Read More

Endless struggle with BT

1st June 2019Our BT Broadband was suppose to be activated on the 10th of October 2016. Withou out explaining BT changed the date to the 20th. When the 20th came the Smart Hub had a flashing purple light, meaning that the broadband ... Read More

The CEO of BT wants to hear your complaints

3rd May 2019Great news! The CEO of BT, Gavin Patterson, says he personally wants to hear your complaints. And there’s anecdotal evidence that you’ll get a faster, more satisfactory result if you go straight to the top when you want something fixed. ... Read More

Tips on how to complain to BT

15th March 2019The best way to get to the high level BT complaints department is to either write directly to the chairman or a member of the board. Or write to the address on the bill. Here is a list of useful ... Read More

New Property BT Complaint – No Phone or Broadband

29th January 2019Contacted BT in November 2017 regarding a new house asked them to be our provider! They did a survey, all good and this will be straight forward. They told us contact them 6 weeks before the house is finished and ... Read More


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