Tips on how to make your complaint heard

Tips and help on how to make your BT complaint heard.

  1. Always complain directly to BT first. Then:
  2. Once BT feels it has it, it should give you the chance to go to an Ombudsman scheme.
    This costs you nothing.
    For Otelo call: 0330 440 1614 or 01925 430 049; or
    for CISAS 020 7520 3827.
    After eight weeks you have no resolution, you can go to the Ombudsman, anyway.
  3. Alternatively, go to the small claims court.
    This will cost you a fee which you get back if you are successful in winning your case

Different companies are signed up to different Ombudsman schemes. BT, Post Office, Sky, TalkTalk, O2, Tesco and Virgin Mobile are members of Otelo, while Virgin Media, Orange and T Mobile are members of CISAS. Telecoms companies are under no obligation to tell you about the Ombudsman until they feel they have resolved the complaint, which can take months.

Six months after your phone complaint is closed by the company, you are barred from going to the Ombudsman. A fact the companies again neglect to point out. Telecoms regulator Ofcom is investigating the need for a complaints code of conduct. Ofcom’s guidance can be unhelpful.

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  • I would like to know how? A Communications Giant like BT.
    Who was Awarded another prestigous gong for excellent Business Practice as recently as last year, by the Goverment can be so apallingly bad,un-caring in its Customer Service and obscenely wealthy from its Client base hard earned cash! Why is this allowed to continue regardless of everyone knowing how bad Bt really is?

  • BT takes the 'Mick' –

    On my recent bill- I asked BT to exaplain all the charges & the 3 months line rental that I could see on my bill.

    They couldn't/wouldn't explain – when I asked for a new bill & told them of my plans to go elsewhere for my landline/internet – with an agreed disconnection date of 14 days hence – I set about cotacting other providers – without warning my landline was disconnected.

    There is no longer a landline to my property & therefore – even when I approach other providers for re- connection, this has not been possible as BT won't release my telephone number.

    The charge for a new number & reconnection ranges from £70.00 – £110.oo.

    Can anyone help me out here?? What can be done??

  • Am totally disgusted at the way BT treat their customers.
    Having totally lost my rag with them i was called back by their customer services manager Nick Stubbs – direct dial number 0121 232 7104 or 7220.
    He has promised to sort the issue and has given me the DD number of their escalations manager Susan Stubbs 0121 232 7166.
    Another number to try if you are having problems is 0800 328 9393

  • bt are a joke!! tryed to make a complaint and got no where. they are a bunch of robbing b"""""ds. even when trying to make a payment it was refused and to top it off was told they were charging £250 to disconnect us!!!!!!

  • I have requested a new telephone and broadband connection to my new house i gave Bt 5 weeks notice to close the one on going line
    this is were it gets really stupid and silly
    I have been E-mailed regarding the above that it was to be connected on different dates to agreed then to find out that they had the wrong post code and then was told that it couldnt be done till the old line was disconnected then to be instructed that even before i had moved in that the new line was up and running and was given an 18 month contract when it should have been 12 then to find out that they were charging £49 + when it was agreed that the cost would be £34.0
    and when I have constantly called all i get is I appoligize constantly from all the customer service reps even tho they couldnt care less
    I have had enough of Bt to last me a life time what ever happened to customer service that cares and does what they say they will do No one needs this type of stress and its totally unnessary !!!!! Bt get a life its not a wonder your losing customers !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 9 months waiting on BT phone line and connection – 15 missed engineer appointments and over 50 calls to BT. I am no further on today than I was 9 months ago – where do you go from here?

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