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Dear BTcomplaint.com

I hope you can help as we are getting nowhere with BT!
We are a large family and have a split line, my daughters are always on the phone so we decided to have a split line suggested by BT which worked perfectly for us.

We also have (or had I should say) an unlimted international callers plan, my husband is from Holland and had family spread all over Europe, perfect for us. In May we recieved a call, from a rather rude Lady informing us that all split lines will be converted to a business line, we expressed we would not agree with that as we are a residential family.

We later called BT who informed us nothing on our account was set to change. In September we received a letter saying: AS AGREED, we have now switched you onto a business plan. We didn`t agree anything! The charges are so much higher and endless telephone calls have resulted in NOTHING.

We are frustrated and BT have informed us, they are happy to put us back on a residential plan if we remove our split line which we don`t want to as we were happy with things the way they were. We now also have lost our anytime calling plan, unlimted international plan and who knows what else. I am really stressed about our next phone bill.

My husband has now written a letter, but told me not to hold my breath as so many calls with the question WHY has resulted in no clear answer.

Thank you for posting this on your site if possible … maybe others can advice.

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  1. switch to talk talk. the international calling plan is amazing. I have had issues with BT in the past and their customer services are useless, pointless, they behave like a monopoly company and although the costs are competitive, I still come out cheaper with TalkTalk (free phone calls on landlines in about 30 countries worldwide – most of Europe.
    Good luck!

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