Problem with failure of BT in taking direct debit payment from my account

Submitted by Margaret in November 2016

I always watch my Direct Debit payments to make sure they leave the account.

Octobers BT Monthly payment of 54.00 was not deducted and so today 1st Novemebr 2016, I tried to chat to someone about this.

I am told is was tried to be taken from my account but returned because there were not sufficient funds available.

THIS IS NO WHERE NEAR THE TRUTH. Now you are asking for the full quarters bill. What is the point of setting up a monthly payment and then be asked to pay for the quarter.

I spoke to someone, Amed, who has taken my bank details ( I just hope this is not a scam) and has set up a new Bankers Order!!!! first payment the 7th November 2016. He said he could put nothing in writing. I would like a swift reply from you about this whole matter.

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