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This complaint was sent in about BT Openreach and the problems experienced by a customer.


Last week Wednesday 31st march 2010 at 8am in the morning I had a working telephone and a broadband connection of 6995kbps.

I saw the Open Reach engineers outside, going to work on the flat upstairs. By the time I returned home at around 16.00 that day I had a telephone which sounded like ‘chips being fried’ and a BB connection of 1616kbps!

Having spoken to the man upstairs it was ascertained that “we’ll be here for 5 minutes guv” had turned into 4 hours with a cherry picker up the pole and a visit to the exchange.

I telephoned BT Phone, they did a line check “nothing wrong with it” – you’re joking right?

Next BT BB – nothing wrong with the line

Several more phone calls take place over the next 3 days until someone at last admits there is a fault maybe and they’ll send a Open Reach Phone engineer out and will charge me £50 if there is no fault.

He arrives today and what would you know, the previous Open Reach guys have snapped a wire that was making intermittent contact which he has now fixed – phone now works but BB is still the same, now hovering around 240kbps as it has been for the last two days. But BB has nothing to do with him, though later this changes to “Can’t touch the bb cos I haven’t got a job number for it”

Ring BT BB once again, the guy is reading off his screen and not listening as per usual even though I have the fault reference! Eventually after yet another line check and him confirming what I had told him was true, that my BB was now a magnificent 240kbps he says that it will be put back to 6500kbps within 12 hrs. Why 6500kbps not 6955kbps which is what it was at before Open Reach broke my line?

“Oh because that’s all your line will take..” – No my line takes 6955kbps rated at 7245 and has done since I came into the property 4 months ago and has only stopped doing that because of Open Reach engineers!!

Might as well talk to a brick wall, he has no idea why this is and “I hope you are happy with the service”

Happy? Yeah sure, it has only taken me innumerable phone calls and by the time it is rectified (IF it is rectified as he’s promised) it will have been the best part of a week and I’ll still be 1/2mb down on where I was! And for why? Because no one listens, no one cares and they all read off a screen; when this happened I should have made one call, that person should have immediately said “An engineer from Open Reach is on their way tomorrow it is obviously something they have done”

A disgusting needless mess and truly, truly appalling service.

Mr Paul Rogers

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  • Openreach engineer here. Because you had the intermittent fault causing the phone line to be noisy, this would make the broadband unreliable which in turn would make the equipement turn you down to a very low speed. Once the faut has been fixed, the speed then can be turned back up by your isp. What are you checking your speed with? A online speed checker which can tell you are getting various different speeds. If its half a meg difference on a 6meg line i would not worry. I could almost gaurantee that if you do a speed check once your broadband has been turned back up it will be at the same speed as before. Also, if a engineer comes round and you have a fault with the phone line he will fix the phone line, not the broadband. Its just how it works, its not the engineer's fault. A seperate job has to be raised to fix the broadband. If that engineer had sat there and sorted your broaband out and someone found out he would be getting disipliary. Just how it works.

  • It makes me sick, They were waiting outside for me to come out because they said 'there were trees covering up the front door' and drove off, three times I had to take time off work for these animals, they take so long to come and fix things, so unreliable and these pieces of defecation should one day just die in their own excrement.

    Openreach – A whole new lease of evil.

  • DATE: 15/11/2010

    My car was today parked on the front of my house on the main road. Two BT openreach vans pulled up with one workman in each. They were called to do some work for the people across the road. They were going up to the cables using the lift on the back of the van. I was looking out the window and seen one of the cables lying across the bonnet of my car, to be honest i was a bit annoyed at that but didnt think it had done any damage. I went out and inspected my car and seen it had badly scrtached and chipped my bonnet. By the time i went back in the house to get a pen and some paper the van had moved further down the road. I didnt approach the workmen, i just took the registration number and thought i would go through BT.
    The registration number of the van is BX54VYM.
    I have rang BT customer services, they put me through to my service provider talk talk. they then told me i need to speak direct with BT. They told me i need to speak with talk talk, they told me i need to speak to BT openreach customer service. I still have no idea who i am supposed to speak to so i will log a complaint on here and hopefully get some answers???????
    My mobile number is 07917 853698- Danielle

  • openreach ha ha ha they dont answer the phone! now i am so angry i wanna come down your offices and see you! just you wait til i see one of your vans!!!!!

  • OpenReach are a disgrace. I need a line installing to my new property and their proposed date leaves me without Broadband and unable to work for a month.

    But the worst thing is, that although I have tried and tried (via BT) to get them to bring the date forward, they won't even respond – not to the BT home move people and certainly not to me. They don't even have a public contact address/number/email. Utterly appalling.

  • I have just sent the following message to Openreach via their 'complaints' page. The 'Health and Safety' heading appeared to be the most apt.

    "Following contact from W.C.C. Social Services on Friday 28th January with BT, an emergency request for reconnection was made for the above address. For whatever reason, Openreach has been unable to comply with this, and following emergency requests, and have decided to leave a 92yr old disabled vulnerable lady with no means of communication and a useless care line pendant. Can you please supply the name of the person who has made this decision and how they can be contacted?"

    Over three days in and still counting…….
    Lots of service providers holding their breath…..
    If anything goes wrong there will be a bloody big enquiry!


  • Our phone line, internet and BT vision was down for 7 weeks!
    We were informed that openreach were waiting for permission from the highways department to dig up the road and the matter was out of their hands. When I contacted the highways department there had not been a request from BT and they were fed about the fact that BT was always using them as an excuse for causing delays.
    After 7 weeks we finally got our phone line fixed but we have not been given any explaination as to why it took so long!

  • I had the same problem – interference on the line causing ADSL to drop to 135kps! Called BT yesterday to report the fault, spoke to a lady in India, she arranged an engineer to come out the next day. An Openreach engineer arrived the next day at 7.50am and fixed the problem. Great service if you ask me.


  • Same problem, It took 7 months for BT to fix it!
    Funny thing is I knew what the fault was from day 1 and explained it on countless phone calls…. they just had to reset my line!!!!!! (can you believe it is this simple).

    My Major problem was whilst the Indian Phone operators could speak perfect English, they can't understand the context or any of the many idiosyncrasys we Brits have so they simply couldn't work out what I was telling them despite me re-phrasing the issue again and again.

    A good tip when talking to BT is to make sure they make a note of everything you say and if possible record the call as it is funny how they can not have any record of a call.

    In the end BT sent an engineer out to the Tune of £120 and low and behold when he got thee and run a line test he said 'they just need to reset your line' (I cryed a little at this point)!

    I can't wait for Virgin to lay the cables where I live… I will switch in a heartbeat

  • I have recently moved house and was told that a BT openreach guy will install telephone in 2 weeeks. The chap came but went away saying that he did not had the ladder to install the line!!! what a joke. Do you call these professionals.
    Anyhow, i had to rebook the appointment with them just because the first guy was ladderless.
    THe second one came afer 3 weeks and his behaviour was rude, unacceptable and he declined to intall the master connection to the loft from where all my internal phone connections have been recently rewired.
    I am without a phone for last 5 weeks just because of appaling service providers.

  • I have been without a landline for nearly 7 weeks!!!!!!! There were roadworks locally which caused the original problem, now the holes have been filled in agian, but still no service.
    I have my line rental with Talktalk, so I can only receive information second hand, and all I am getting is bull****, every day.

    The contractors are back laying more gas pipes, and when I spoke to them this morning, they told me that they had kept the original dig open for 6 weeks, but Openreach failed to turn up. Now Openreach want the contractors to re-open part of the earlier dig!!!!!
    I am just a frustrated customer and NO-ONE cares!!!!!!!

  • BTOpenreach are an absolute waste of space. I work for a well known service provider in the phone and broadband department and unfortunately, have to deal with Openreach every day. Their engineers don't turn up to jobs and say the customer wasn't there. Then we have to reschedule which takes weeks. Their indian advisors are stupid and their uk advisors are rude, like a lot of their engineers.

  • Openreach engineers have investigated the pole opposite my house and recognise that it requires attention. They have done some work, BUT LEFT THE CABLES EXPOSED!! THESE DO NOT CARRY A DANGEROUS LOAD I KNOW – BUT ARE OPEN TO ABUSE FROM ANY PASSING IDIOT. PLEASE FINISH THE JOB, EVEN IT IS NOT COMPLETE.

  • I now know why your cost is so high, one of your men brings is van home every working day for about 2 hours, if all of your men do this that why your fees are so high, also the van brings down the looks in the road.this guy lives in Cullompton Devon

  • So far, I have been disgusted with both open reach and with BT. I raised a simple move order over a month ago and between then and now, the order was cancelled 11 times.

    Our neighbor has had both a BT Engineer and an open Reach engineer arguing on their doorstep. This is not acceptable.

    I was told by our sales office today that Taylor Wimpey head office are in a meeting with openreach this afternoon to discuss the issues.

    Despite the developers putting in a request over a year ago for the infrastructure, I only find out now that open reach have not completed their work and as I am the one who has bought a very expensive house, I have no open way of contacting open reach directly to find out what on earth the issues are and any sort of timelines.

    Both myself and my wife heavily rely on broadband for work and this situation has caused a considerable amount of pain and stress.

    I will take this up with omberdsman/offcom

    Very unhappy customer!

  • OPEN REACH ARE A DISGRACE !!!!!!!!!!!!
    I run a small business in a rural part of Dorset and we have been having problems with the BT line for nearly 3 months. Open Reach have promised to send UG engineers out to fix it then they say that it has to be a different type of engineer…. We have been without phones for a total of 12 working days now and I am getting emails from clients asking whether we have closed down !!!! Obviously this is not great for business …
    It is an absolute disgrace that one company can have such a monopoly on every person/business in the country and carry on with such disregard ..
    I know that typing this will not reap any rewards but it is impossible to get through to Openreach as I have no phones…

  • I am appalled with the lack of accountability of openreach. I understand the concept behind having to contact your service provider, but in a recent home move to a new build property, an openreach engineer connected our line to someone else’s house. Unfortunately our service provider is no help as the issue does not match any of the scripts they read from so they can’t get their heads around it at all. We have to wait another week for another engineer to visit. I think it is disgraceful that they cannot be contacted directly in order to have this corrected sooner.

  • Appalled by the response to our problem .cannot receive incoming calls since weeks. Our elderly partially blind neighbour has the same problem.we have complained over and over again and have been promised a visit within three days. An engineer turned up as we were going out to an urgent appointment and insisted on entering the house .one hour later he announced that therewasefault outside on a pole but did not have a ladder ! He said he would return later with a ladder but never came – we subsequently discovered that he had reported that the fault had been fixed – NOT TRUE !we are desperate.

  • Work done at 18 Snydale Ave. Normanton West Yorkshire. The work included digging a trench along the path way . The work was completed 18 April 2018 but the path was left in a complete mess . The black tar path is now a white mess. The heavy rain has not been able to remove this and thus requires professional . Wakefield Council has been contacted .
    This mess has affected house numbers 17,18,19 & 21 Snydale Ave.
    I live at number 19. (WF6 1SS) Hope you can help resolve this.

  • I came home from work today to find the path at the bottom of my drive dug up and billiards etc blocking my drive so I have had to park on the road. I understand you have a job to do but do you not think it would have been polite and courteous to have let me know I consider this to be very rude

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