Nuisance and Abusive calls from Telephone number 0843 684 6142

This is a complaint regarding nuisance and abusive calls from telephone number 0843 684 6142

Dear Sir

I am repeatedly have these unsolicited selling / nuisance calls from some company called Accident Claim Line etc. etc. or something like this (I think I am correct) telephone number 0843 684 6142

I have these calls everyday and few times a day from different people claiming to be
Accident Claim etc. etc. and I keep on telling them that I am not interested but no change.

Today I had a couple of calls which I ignored by saying the same thing “not interested, thank you”. BUT the last call which I had around 16.24 or so was from a person who said that his name was IMRAN, I repeated the same thing by saying that I was not interested and further more I said, “Do not call me anymore as I keep on getting these calls again and again”.

IMRAN (the guy on phone) replied “SHUT UP YOU IDIOT” and put the phone down.
My Telephone Number is 0121 554 5351

Can you take some strict action immediately without fail, because we are fed up of these people and if possible disconnect these ill mannered abusive people/company making unsolicited nuisance calls all day and everyday. I find out that a lot of people are fed up and have complained but no action has been taken just because BT is more interested in making money rather than disconnecting companies like this immediately, do I need to complain OFCOM.

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  • I am getting nuisancwe calls too. However, they won't hang up and I am unable to make / receive calls. I also can't get in touch with BT either – having been cut off or left holding for 30 mins (got fed up and hung up) and on the "on line" chat email have been waiting as number one in the queue for over 45 minutes now! I can see why BT doesn't put contact details in thier "Contact Us" section on the web site!


  • I have had a number of calls from this number (08436846142) claiming I have made and insurance claim on my car, due to an accident. I got fed up in the end and because they have got my full name and registeration number from somewhere, I decided to ring my insurance to double check. These calls are getting out of hand, not only are they ringing throughtout the day but they can not speak english clearly enough to understand what they are saying. Please STOP these calls, next time it may be one of my children who answer the phone!!!

  • This number just called me on my work landline number, Asian chap, saying he was from the Accident Helpline. He quickly put his phone down when I told him he had called the police station! Goodness knows where they got my number from?!

  • there is ONE way you can block these calls i have had this software for a few years its brilliant and its FREE

    Connect a normal dial up cable as if you were using the old dial up internet from your dial up internal modem to your phone line – as i said like you used to, before broadband came out. you will need a doubler to have your current BT internet and your dial up modem connected at the same time. and ensure you have caller id on the line so that the software on the pc will pick up the number your pc MUST be on in order for the software to work.

    it keeps logs of whoever is called and you can block individual numbers, it can play custom made audio so you can record your own or use the default ones. so they wont get through to your answering machine. and will get whatever message you decide to play EVERY time.

    its quite handy if your phone is far from where your computer is as it will pop up the number on the computer screen, and keep a log of all incoming calls.

    one other thing it has a quiet time function so if you dont want anyone calling you overnnight it can place a type of block on the line so you are not disturbed.

    i am not a sales person but know a thing or two about computers.

    this software costs NOTHING.

  • Recieved a call tonight @930pm telling me a member of my family had been involved in an accident, being sarcy as i can be, i said ok tell me who then, he then suddenly didnt understand me, and and told me the accident had happened in 2008. I asked who it was cos i wasnt aware of anyone having an accident then or since, but suddenly the fella didnt understand me, and that he would call back tomorrow. When i told him i didnt want him to call back, he kept repeating he would call, i told him if he or anyone from this number called again i woulld inform the police. His attitude changed completely and he told me he would rape may mrs, my daughter and would come and F***ing Kill me, i laughed at him and said come round then and see how far you get and see what happens to you. As i put him on speaker to record he went all nice nicey again and said have a nice evening. Please be aware of this as it is all a scam, and report to the police. I do hope however they come round to see me, cos i will F*** them up.

    I have informed the police and will be complaining to my phone provider aswell, over the top i know but be aware

  • They rang me at 8.45pm, I asked how dare they ring me in the evenings when I am relaxing. An indian voice said it was because he wanted to speak to me. I hung up!

  • We had the stupid person called Imran said he was from National Express and wanted our details.

    BT please take note of all these message and BLOCK

  • BT is making a fortune from these automatically dialed recorded sales calls and does nothing about it. ICSTIS is just as uslesss, My Offfice is plauged about three to four times a day by a recorded call from one of three or for numbers sometimes also from witheld and international numbers telling us that we have a PPI claim etc. Mark my words BT is loving it as they get paid to terminate each call.

  • You appear to be getting a largh number of complaints regarding Accident Claims! I am also receiving these calls on numerous occasations and they still keep coming. I am also getting rcorded announcement calls in large amounts. When I dial 1471 I am told that the number is not available, surely this is illegal. With BT's technoligy these calls can be stopped and put an end to this nuisance and frustration

  • There is NO way to stop nuisance calls as anyone could dial your number (if only by chance) from anywhere in the world and now the UK has tha USA'S virtualphonenumber service which makes things even worse. Best idea is to have an answer machine and only pick phone up if you recognise caller ID. They usually give up after about 48hrs.

  • I just recieved a call from this number too. After telling them that yes I did have an accident (which I didn't, I wanted to waste their time) They then went on to ask me what happened and if I was injured. I then "cried" and told them is was too hard for me to talk about as it was so traumatic…needless to say, they "hung up". Although they didn't actually, they just left the line connected so I couldn't make calls for a while! This shouldn't be allowed, its an invasion of privacy.

  • I am exdirectory but I still had the same call from 08436846142 I told hime not to call again, and I got a lot if abusive language

  • i find myself fruitlessly complaining about pppi calls.well the smart thing is a,to unplug your fone and only use a mobile ,i user friends/family call me on that/them.plan b is 2 disable your fone so it dousnt ring then you can call your friends/family after 6/weekends and have a zero calls bill.unfortunatly the down side is important unexpected calls are missed but then they can allways send a the end if you give out your bt home number to anyone or on an order etc you will will get unwanted calls.what bt can do is sell a device so when they call you can press a button and it will not ring your fone is another call from that source comes down the line.i did do 1471 on one call and was informed the number calling didnt the end a patg fone is best so dont give out its i did want to winge to bt about this but theres no way to!!

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