Moving House Problems

Another BT complaint sent in here regarding problems with broadband and telephone lines when a customer moves house.

Dear Sir or Madam

I would like to express my utter and thorough disappointment and the extreme inconvenience and difficulties I have experienced with the BT since I moved home on 5 April 2010.

On the 23 March 2010 I called the BT Moving Home Department that in April I would be moving house. The person who I spoke with, assured me that on the 4 April 2010 they would disconnect the broadband and the landline connections in the old property and on 6 April 2010 they would connect them in the new property. The reference number of the order was VOL011- 3097106****.

So the BT company knew about the move well in advance to do the technical check about the possible difficulties in the area where I was going to move into.

On the 6 April 2010 at noon I did not get the connections ( landline and broadband) but I thought that it would take some time. I called the BT customer Department and they assured me that I would get the service by midnight that day and they would personally call me to find out how the connection was. The same day I needed to travel to Oxford
and I left my new home.

Nobody called me that day (6 April, not the next days until 12 April 2010 when I came back from my business trip from Oxford and was unpleasantly surprised that the landline had been switched on but the broadband not).

Since then my nightmare and frustration started. It has been me who has had to call the people from BT and have spent hours waiting on the phone to find out about the progress of my order. There has been not progress at all. I have been dealing with people who have been totally inexperienced and who have made me wait on the phone to speak with various departments.

Nobody could give me a reason why I have not got the service the BT has promised me to have and how long more I should be waiting until I would get the service I have been paying for nearly six years( I have been a very loyal customer of BT since August 2004).

On the 14 April 2010 I finally spoke with a man from BT with a Scottish accent ( I think he said he was in Aberdeen)who explained that the previous order had failed . The problem is that nobody even tried to call me and make me aware that a new order had to be placed.

He suggested placing a new order, VOL011- 3188776****, and he assured me that this order would go through by Friday midnight, 16 April 2010. This was the only person who seemed to know what was happening with the order. The problem was that the area was quite busy and the BT had to expand the system. Again, I do think that this should have been checked in advance, after I spoke with the BT on 23 March 2010.

When I called on Friday 16 April 2010, another frustration came up – the Broadband is not going to be switched on until Wednesday, 21 April 2010.

I think I have been waiting long enough and have gone through way too much of frustration and inconvenience. Moreover, I am an IB examiner and have the obligation to put on the IB online system grades of the marks of the graded papers of students who are sitting their IB exams from all over the world and I have deadlines to abide by. I have made
the IB Organisation aware of the poor BT broadband service and the difficulties I have been experiencing.

In order to be a professional examiner for IB regardless of my personal difficulties due to the extremely appalling BT service, I had to buy a USB Modem and have already spent 35 pounds to buy top-up vouchers for my mobile Internet connection so that I am able to put
the grades of the marked samples on the IB online system.

Today, 17 April 2010, I still have no Internet connection and I am doubtful if on 21 April 2010 I will be honoured to have the broadband connection on.

I have already contacted other Internet providers who offered me better and much cheaper packages and this strongly makes me feel that I need to terminate my long BT contract and move to another company because of the way I have been recently treated by the BT, although I have been a very loyal customer for all these years.

I hope that my complaint would be considered with the prompt attention it deserves and you will contact me in the very near future. I strongly feel that BT needs to pay for the expenses I have had so far and give me a serious refund. If not, I am determined to take this case further. I will announce the case in the media also.

I look forward to your reply.


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  • Have no end of problems with BT when I moved home, Was 2 month after the Move and still no Internet so after that I called BT and told them to end my contract. The response I got was that I cant but then I made the valid point that I can end it due to them not keeping up their site of the contract. I gave them more that enough notice before the move so it would all be working when I move in to my new home. I switched to Virgin and still 3 months later i had no Internet as BT control the lines that Virgin use.

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