How To Complain – Useful Tel Numbers and Addresses

We often get asked what is the BT complaint telephone number other than 150 or 151? So we went about exploring various forums to give you a list of BT contact numbers and BT complaints addresses. We haven’t verified any of these but if you’re trying to complain to BT and stuck in endless loops transferred from one customer rep to another and the most frustrating call centre switchboards imaginable, you might be just desperate enough to try one of the following:

How to complain to BT

Here are a selection of BT Complaints numbers, addresses, and alternatives I found posted on forums.

Customer Service Director
Correspondence Centre
DH98 1BT


You could write to BT Head Office,

British Telecommunications PLC
81 Newgate Street,
London EC1A 7AJ

Or perhaps email The Chairman, Sir Michael Rake

The board of directors names can be found here Our board

The email addresses are

BT High Level complaints: Tel 0800 731 2762


OFCOM Reference Team 0300 123 3333 & 0807 312 762 762
Talk to OFCOM: Tel 020 7981 3040

Might also be worth having a read of this as well: Code of practice for residential customers and small businesses

You may prefer to lodge a complaint with Otelo (providing you have either received a deadlock letter or your complaint has been ongoing for 12 weeks)


Otelo is the ADR that deal with BT. If you complaint is still ongoing you should Read this:
Ofcom – How to complain

If you’ve done everything there then contact the Office of the Telecommunications Ombudsman – Contact Us

Otelo’s contact details are as follows:

Otelo (Office of the Telecommunications Ombudsman)
PO Box 730
Warrington WA4 6WU
Phone: 0845 050 1614
Fax: 0845 050 1615


Tips on how to complain to BT

The best way to get to the high level complaints department is to either write directly to the chairman or a member of the board. Or to the address on the bill. While you are waiting to hear back from these letters go through the normal channels of ringing an advisor and insist on getting the complaint escalated if you are still unhappy with the outcome.

Try and get the advisors name, however they may only give there first name for security reasons (or alternatively ask for their EIN number). Ask for their managers name and a contact number if they say they are going to ring you back, but most importantly you need a reference number for your complaint.

Once again we take no responsibility for incorrect numbers or information on this page as this info was collected from forums but please comment below if any details are incorrect or you found an alternative way to get through and complain to BT.

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  • Thanks for the info! Looking around, BT have a lot of unhappy customers, myself included. It's a national scandal. So much for the efficiency of the private sector.

    • I have had nothing but first class service and help from BT. Customer services were very prompt at answering my call and my questions, unlike the difficulty with the (almost)non-existent customer services of Talk talk who were useless at answering the phone and were charging more than the deal I got with BT for home phone, broadband and mobile phone.

      • Glad you got a good service. We’ve had terrible service now and in the past. In 2013 we moved three houses down the road and it took nearly 8 weeks to get the number moved to our new address. We have very low broadband at the moment and my husband spoke to someone about getting an engineer out to us as they said they couldn’t sort it out over the phone. We arranged for this morning between 8-1pm. At 11.30 I thought I would just double check with them and they didn’t have any appointment listed. They said they would do another check on the line and ring me back. No-one rang. My husband just rang and they seem to have still listed at our old address. After 10 minutes the man came back and then put the phone down on us. We rang again and have waited for another 10-15 minutes. We’ve now asked to hear the recording from last week when my husband made the appointment.

  • More than a national scandal ,should be sorted out same as the banks.lie after lie does anyone know why openreach would reject a broadband order.

  • My broadband service is diabolical. (talk talk)Thanks for the info, how can telecommunications companies get away with such a poor level of delivery of service and customer service.??? i agree it is a national scandal it was good to see last week that watchdog have highlighted the problem…..

  • My new BT Infinity Broadband, Phone and TV package were due for installation on 14/11/13. Kit arrived beforehand, engineer arrived on 14/11 but could not install as said there is a damaged cable from my property to a point across the road and they would have to send someone to dig up the existing cable, from the trench across my garden, and replace the cable.
    Another engineer came on 15/11 and having told me the first engineer was wrong, then agreed a new cable needs to be installed.
    Now, nearly 3 weeks later and having tried to complain by phone, I have made numerous calls, only to be transferred to Indian call centres who tell me there is NO Complaints Dept. How is it then that they can issue a complaints reference? Who deals with these complaints – Obviously no one.
    I have just received an e-mail telling me my next update will be 12/12!!!!!!!!!
    WHAT ARE BT UP TO? Their Customer Service is non existent.
    I appreciate the addresses on this forum and will now contact Michael Rake & Ofcom
    Would be good to get my internet up and running for Christmas so we can Skype Friends & Family overseas.

  • BT, bleeding terrible !! , did what I thought was a simple house move and now over a week later have had no phone or broadband service since 12 hours of moving in to our new home. Tried to speak to the unhelpfull BT customer care to be told time and time again somebody will phone me back, never happened, now after getting to speak to somebody after 15 phone calls to BT I have been told another service provider tried to take over my service, I had never asked for that at all. Now I have some rude women called Sarah who says she is from their complaints department dealing with my case and they are wanting me to sign up for another 12 month account, no thanks !!

    Have gone with Talk Talk who will start my service later this month but meanwhile I have spoke to OFCOM who can find out who this other provider was ( if they exist ) and have demanded compensation from BT for the time I have wasted etc sorting this nonsense out.

    Will never use BT again.

  • I worked for BT at home for years starting in 1999. My speed on PSTN dial up was 0.46mbps compared to my average broadband speed of 0.3mbps with the inclusion of frequent drop outs especially if it raining. Boxes fill up with water and joints are not fully waterproof. Advised BT of this and the fact I am closer to another exchange that might improve speed but they are not interested. In fact yeasterdaybI was told I can be put through to Sales to cancel my broadband. What sort of progress is this in the last 15 years.

  • we got infinity 2 months ago on installation we was getting a speed of 76mbps then after 3 weeks it dropped to 52mbps I complained of course it was the complaints dept in india. they say that we are contracted for 62mbps, now we was getting between 69-70 mbps and guess what we are getting between 55 -59 mbps, just had a cll from india complaints department say it can be between 14-62mbps I do not think they know what they are doing we are contracted estimated 72mbps what on earth are they doing they do not know what they are on about you get a different answer every time they phone you not happy

    • Talk about first world problem. Try being in Wales where your speed is 0.1
      Then you’d have something to moan about.

  • It's about time BT learnt that the Indian call centres drive their customers mad. I have been on 3 times inthe last 1months because of line/BB problems. As soon as I hear the accent my blood pressures goes up and within 30 minutes I am having a right rave at them. Now have BB problems again. Eng came out changed the main incoming box today , said line is perfect. Still have drop outs, speed now worse than ever, never was good at 2.7Mbps but now a woefull 0.9Mbps. Crap service.Feel another rant coming on.

  • My sentiments exactly re the call centres – I want to talk to someone who can understand me and the unbelievable problems I am having with BT and not keep repeating my full nameand title every 3 words of their sentence. There's not enough space/time here to relay my story so far … but I am currently in my 7th page of a complaint letter – now that I have the correct address to write to, thank you … which I will copy to Watchdog! Incidentally, I have found ofcom of no help – all they could offer as advice was for me to change my supplier – they weren't in the least bit interested in helping me raise the issue wit BT – maybe they are just sick and tired of people complaining about BT !?!

  • bt have changed the high level complaints number 0800 731 2762 and left another unhelpful message for you to call your complaints contact on the direct dial

    like anyone has ever been able to get a direct dial to speak to a person at bt

    I am totally disgusted with the way that bt have delt with my problem no one is listening to what you say they just spout what they cant do for you

    Hey bt how about employing people in the uk that can resolve problems for your customers not just piss them off so much that all they want to do is use another company

  • Many thanks for the info. All I wanted was a new line so that calls to my Berkshire office can be directed to my mobile when I am working from home. By kept telling me that I needed a broadband connection so this is handled via the Cloud, whatever that is, and then eventually agreed that I could manage with one of their mobile phones instead. All of this has taken four months and even now I have not received the damn phone. As a result I have lost most of my business because clients cannot reach me.

    BT is quick to act if I don't pay my bill on time, but ask them to do something and …

  • I applied for a new build connection back in July 2015. Moved in 31st Nov. 3 days before move got a call from BT with 'sorry we can't connect you no lines available until new cable from exchange to box laid'. Then in horror watched new neighbours moving in after me get a phone connection just 2 weeks after applying, but with Sky. I complained to executive level complaints but got same answer gobblygook about no connections are available, I would have to wait until March 2016. More neighbours move in, in fact one neighbour 2 doors down was connected xmas eve before they moved in, yes you guessed it Sky using of course openreach engineers, I called BT again demanded that as a BT customer why am I not yet on but Sky customers are, met with same brick wall, nothing available. So guess what I did, Cancelled BT applied to sky 14 days later I have a phone connection and broadband. And it works out a better deal.

  • That's it I've had enough of the useless morons from BT. My own complaint may seem trivial by comparison but having read only a few other comments I think one gets the idea of how bad BT really are with regards to unhappy customers,f**k 'em.

  • I cannot get these useless morons at BT to help me with a simple task of assistance, I cannot even get a reply from them.I have therefore decided simply to stop paying them so that the useless tw@ts will have to contact me instead.I just want to pay them off & f–k 'em.

  • No wonder the bloody proles are up in arms. –
    Quote from Daily Mirror
    BT’s boss has bagged £5.4million in pay and perks.

    Gavin Patterson’s annual package leapt nearly a fifth as profits soared.

    But it comes as BT is hitting millions of customers with price hikes.

    Patterson’s lucrative deal included a £3m bonus for work done three years ago which he has only now pocketed.

    That was on top of a £1m annual bonus – £300,000 less than a year ago after BT missed targets for customer service.

    Patterson got a £969,000 basic salary, £291,000 pension allowance and £31,000 of benefits including personal tax advice and “financial counselling”.

    ReutersBT Logo
    A BT spokesman said: “This has been a landmark year for BT and tens of thousands of employees are sharing in this success through pay rises, bonuses and share schemes.”

    The telecoms giant stressed Patterson was being rightly rewarded, with profits up 9% to £3.4billion in the year to March. He’s overseen a 6% jump in revenue, a rapid rollout of fibre broadband and the £12.5bn takeover of mobile giant EE.

  • Bt messed up my transfer to Sky. My phone line went dead on the transfer day… and stayed like for 48 hours. Sky couldn't pick up the transfer as a BT system hadn't released the line. Two weeks later I get a bill from BT for broadband and line rental for the days after they disconnected me. The Indian call centre calling me a liar and want payment

    • Just scrolling thro some comments abt BT – all bad – im having exactly same prob with trans from BT to SKY & BTs level of incompetence is staggering – they’ve had me going round in circles for 3 months & absolutely refuse to accept its their responsibility – ive spoken to umpteen ‘advisors’ who are unwilling to, or incapable of, resolving the issue – next stop The Chairman – time to get off your own BT & earn that obscene salary

  • Constantly getting my bills wrong and failing to sort the issue… phonecall to them every month for the last 6 months. All stemmed from a simple home move with a BT line already in place. charging double some months!

    What can they do if i just cancel my DD with my bank?

  • Always getting my bill wrong, rude customer services cut me off twice and would not let me talk to a supervisor . Crap service from BT will be leaving them .

  • Why does BT sign you up on contracts? They are worthless! You sign up to a specially agreed 12 month discounted price, then they put their prices up mid-contract, completely negating the discount and the agreed contract. Then if you object, they will only allow you to “downgrade” within BT, but will not let you leave or cancel the contract to go to another provider. Having read Ofcom’s guidelines, BT are not operating fairly. This is ridiculous – in theory they can sign you up to a 12 month contract at a massive discount, then put their prices up 10 times higher the following month if they wish…and there’s nothing you can do about it!? About time the government had a crack down on these disingenuous activities.

  • Same here,nothing against foreigners but but they don’t understand what you say and just want you to have an engineer iguess for their wages then I get harassed by one of them

  • 02073565000 hq bt
    Bt have hounded me to return after I left them months ago call after call it boarders on harassment finally got some one to remove my number from their list after ringing above number

  • We switched from Sky to BT for a basic call package in Sept 2016. Since being with them we’ve applied for our old phone number only to be given different excuses when we found it hadn’t been switched. Two months later I receive a bill from Sky for our old service. Turns out BT did not bother to initiate an active line takeover hence why our old phone number has been unavailable and we’ve been paying for two services at the same address. A lady at Sky advised to cancel my BT account and demand a full refund, then to restart an account ensuring that BT initiate the active line takeover this time! Sky hadn’t canceled our account because they were waiting for BT to take over! According to Sky, BT are liable for obstructing their service to our house and must pay the Sky bills we’ve been charged since BT started their service. This is appalling. Not once was this mentioned to me in the two months I had called BT (OVER 25 TIMES) when requesting for our old number.

  • Totally let down by customer services & Exec Office when complaining. Given misleading & incorrect information. First level of complaint went to CEO, Mr Gavin Patterson who after first response, refused to comment or get involved. If he puts his contact details in the public domain then he should be prepared to help the complaint to be resolved and comment on their failures, when requested. If it wasn’t for my persistence I wouldn’t have achieved a positive outcome, no thanks to BT.

  • That’s NOTHING. I signed up for BT Inifinity & landline in Sept 2015. I was with TalkTalk for broadband and landline @£24pcm all inclusive. BT took my service from TalkTalk without my knowledge or consent & without providing landline or Infinity. I have since been shoved onto Business Broadband & landline @ £59.40 excluding calls. Now 16mths later, I’ve written, emailed & called many senior personnel but all I get is billing calls & regularly cut off. I’m not paying my bills & want to return to TalkTalk but can’t as BT won’t release my number until I pay £1300.00 outstanding!

    They have put up poles to my house & run the cable but it turns out they have only run 2 cables to supply 3 houses!!!! My neighbours & I are thinking of protesting outside their office & OpenReach depot!

    Making me ill now!

  • Reading all the comments on here I too would like to leave BT but we have an alarm on the redcare system and BT broadband. I’m told that no other company can provide us with a service because of the alarm so we have to stay with BT and the appalling service we get.

    In addition to all the problems with the service and the crap Indian call centre every time I phone BT they insult me by asking me if I have my husband’s authority to contact them, wtf is that all about ‼‼‼‼‼

  • This is an email I have had to send to a cheif executive at BT

    As a last Resort I have decides to Email you about the way your employees conduct themselves.
    Over the past two months, I have repeatedly rung BT and I have still not resolved anything. Which has left me anxious,stressed and very frustrated. This has reduced me to tears. I have rung BT in England and India constantly, to be cut off on many occasions. I decided to change my provider Bt around December, the 13th 2016, but I changed mind a few days later and cancelled everything.
    Since around the 13th of December 2016, I have been pushed and fobbed off. On the few occasions I managed to speak to someone, I was assured by your complaints department that I would not be charged as, I cancelled within the cooling off period. However, now after all the phone calls, they are still sending me Emails and letters telling me that I’m being charged. I never received a router, my phones were cut off and on three occasions, three nights in a row, I was woken up at 3.30am by a phone call from BT, which lead me to unplugging my phone line. This is just a summary of some of the things BT have put me through.
    I am seventy-two years old and I have been very upset about the way this has been handled. Please could I get just one person, who might be able to sort this out, or I will have no alternative but to take legal advice, as I am being charged £153.58, even though I am not connected with you.

  • Dear Sir, 

    Don’t suppose I will get a response from this but I am desperate to get in contact with someone that can actually understand that my account has been cancelled, yet I keep getting emails asking me to pay my bill every month. I have spoken with your so called customer service on several occasions with a promise of a call back, unfortunately I have never received a call yet, your company is the most frustrating company to deal with. I would just like to say that I am sending this to yourself and various other email addresses that are attached to BT in a hope that someone will call me back and resolve this situation. 

    This is the complaints number that was given 


    I do hope that you can pull some strings and get this sorted out 

    Looking forward to your response 

    Lesley Lawler 

  • I have been fighting BT for years, more than 5 in total. The system that they use is FLAWED to such an extent that no individual is accountable. Including the MD who you cannot get near!!!!
    I run a small business and if I ran it like BT I would have no customers at all.

    Until the company has one unit that deals with all the faults on the lines, exchanges, and the broadband. this means one person who follows a fault through and can call other people he needs to solve the problem. This does not happen at the moment and its is chaos.

    The billing department is spread over 3 continents, the sales are all over the shop and the inter-department communication is poor at best.

    BT has good people that do there best and have to suffer abuse by irate customers who are pushed to breaking point with the system that BT uses.

    The Manager at the top who have put the system in place if they are still there want sacking and someone who is capable put in to make the system work.

    BT are not alone there is culture F***K YOU from all the large companies with no accountability.

    ITS ABOUT TIME BT SORTED THE SYSTEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I am not with BT, I was handed to Fleur Telecom by Talk Talk because they wanted to get rid of rural customers!!! However, we are all stuck with BT, because Open Reach have to come to deal with your line and your line rental goes to BT. They don’t want to know. Simple changeover of service to fibre and BT completely messed up the connections in our house, told us our extension to the office was faulty – it was working fine before they started changing our sockets around, making the “main” socket the office, which doesn’t work. Wifi worked fine before, if they had just changed to fibre in the Exchange and left us to plug in the router at home we would have been fine, no phone, no wifi, nothing, and can anyone tell me who you go to, to get this all put right. Who else deals with connection issues. Fleur has no engineers and after 4 BT visits I wouldn’t want them anywhere near me. We have sorted out a kind of a cobbled together service, using the Test socket within the main socket but it is very limited and totally unsatisfactory. BT of course, not being with them want to charge us £170 x 2 visits because of our “faulty” extension, which they have rendered useless with their shoddy work.
    Who do you now go to?

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