Formal complaint about BT’s broadband services

Here’s yet another BT customer with a complaint about BT broadband services.

Dear sir,

I am writing complaining about your poor broadband service and our resultant loss of earnings and rent of our unused office space, due to BT’s organisation and running of our business broadband.

Each time I have called, though your staff were polite, each provided a slightly different reason for why your business broadband has not worked.

95 per cent of our business is managed online and a big component of managing clients and winning future business is based around the speed and confidence of our online correspondence and response. This has been affected by the above incredibly poor service and expected product functionality.

My daily charge out rate is £500, plus VAT and my colleague’s daily rate is £350, plus VAT. Our monthly rent is £375. We believe due to the intermittent use of Broadband and now none use for the next 5 days we would have lost a minimum of 10 days work (Total: £5,000+£3,500+£125= Total £8,500 plus VAT plus £125 for rent of premises).

We believe we have been patient for the first couple of times we complained about the telephone and broadband not working. However, this basic broadband issue still has not been resolved. We have now been told it will take multiple days to resolve this issue – up to 5days.

We cannot run our business with this basic lack of service or product functionality. I look forward to receiving reimbursement for the above (bank details will be supplied) and a guarantee that your basic services will work as expected, with a penalty clause if your basic service does not work in the future. If this is not possible, would you please recommend an alternative broadband supplier. I would still expect full reimbursement for our time with BT and as a token of your poor service, for you to arrange set up and to cover the set up charges for this new supplier.
I look forward to hearing from you.

Many thanks,

Simon Staplehurst

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  • i am at the end of the broadband copper line, which is giving me really poor download speeds (56kps)max. my question is what is my rights , can i demand better download speeds or even move to another exchange.

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