The CEO of BT wants to hear your complaints

BT CEO Gavin Patterson

Great news! The CEO of BT, Gavin Patterson, says he personally wants to hear your complaints. And there’s anecdotal evidence that you’ll get a faster, more satisfactory result if you go straight to the top when you want something fixed. An increasing number of BT customers fed up with being fobbed off by call centres and lower management are resorting to emailing the main man to get their BT Complaint sorted.

As our own website demonstrates, hours of your time can be wasted in trying to get someone at BT to care and respond to your cry for help. Their system is inefficient, difficult to comprehend and navigate. So, once other channels are exhausted (and we would still recommend you try them first), there’s nothing to be lost by emailing Mr. Patterson. He’s a busy man, so keep things succinct and to the point and you’re more likely to get a satisfactory response.

For a company whose business is all about enabling human beings to communicate with one another, BT itself consistently demonstrates some of the worst customer communication skills we’ve ever encountered. So when we hear about ways in which others have got around the official channels and managed to achieve results, we are delighted to share this news with others.

The Observer quotes Mr. Patterson as saying “It’s very easy for people in senior positions to become detached. In as many cases as I can, I’ll personally reply, acknowledging the complaint and forwarding it to the right person to ensure it gets fixed.”

So why not give it a go and let us know how you get on. Even if Mr. Patterson doesn’t respond in person, the chances are high that if it’s him passing on your email to one of his staff, they’ll get back to you a lot quicker than if you go through the official contact routes.

Unfortunately this is not of course a long term solution for BT customers and it’s sad if Mr. Patterson’s own team are so inept that he has to step in and do their job for them, but hopefully with enough people contacting the CEO direct, he will put more resources in place for his staff to better handle complaints themselves in future.

Gavin Patterson’s email is

6 Steps to getting your BT Complaint resolved…

Follow these 6 steps…
  1. Call Customer Services on 0800 800 150 or 01793 596 931 or BT Live Chat
  2. Email Gavin Patterson (CEO) on
  3. Email Warren Buckly (Head of Customer Services) on
  4. Tweet BT UK
  5. Tweet BT Customer Care
  6. Alternatively, try contacting the supplier on its Facebook page at


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  • I contacted Mr Patterson on 27th November about a long standing complaint he replied and said he would look into it.
    I received an email from a member of his team telling me they had taken ownership of my complaint.
    Since then I have heard nothing, they have not replied to further emails I have sent or updated me on the situation.

  • I am not sure of the validity of the statement that Gavin wants to hear our complaints. Maybe that was some time ago, and in theory before he realised the size of the postbag! For I have emailed him 3 times, and 3 times my response has been a phone call from someone on his behalf, telling me the emails now go to direct him to deal with. Not ONCE, has Gavin given me a response even when I specifically asked in email, AND via the contact by phone. 33 days since activation date of infinity and still day after day promises are made and are broken. BT need to be shut down by the authorities, seriously.

    • absolutely right, having the same problem with them now over my fiber optic connection. A sorry mess of bad workmanship not only failed to get me a working system but broke roofing slates on my office roof which now is leaking through the ceiling into my rooms. I have tried complaining to BT on numerous occasions and they say that the engineers are “nothing to do with BT”. The staff are always ready to say sorry and are excellent at this because of their practice but that is about all BT is good at. There seems to be no organisation or actual care being shown and now about 40 days or so after beginning the installation I am still waiting for a connection and someone to pay for repairs to my property

      • Absolutley agree Roger..

        Very professional at saying sorry, I think it is their policy..

        I even wrote to Mr Patterson asking him (well his complaints team)to stop calling me apologising for their mistake (even though they wouldn’t do anything to rectify it.

  • I emailed Gavin Patterson and received a prompt response from him personally resulting in someone from the chairmans office contacting me shortly afterwards and resolving my issue that has been ongoing for four months. Evidence that he really is true to his word and he has restored my faith in BT.

  • Dear Mr Patterson

    There was a network fault on our network today, so there is no internet connection. And I am told it will not be fixed until Wednesday, that is in 5 days time! Surely, you can appreciate how ridiculous this is at this day and age. I am a self employed consultant and work from home. I heavily depend on internet functioning properly. Which, incidentally, does not happen at the best of times. It is painfully slow, despite being called Super fast Infinity, or something like that, and despite the exorbitant price I am paying for it.
    Is there nothing that can be done to bring the services to the level of the modern world?

  • Let’s hope this gets to the CEO…can’t get passed your appalling quality team..I want all phone calls and chats between B T and our family looked at since joining BT no way is your Complaints final stag in any way competent of understanding the service we have received after 10 yrs of being away from BT coming back to 12 months of appalling service

  • Hi
    Where to start
    Home move asked to have phone and broad band moved now being blamed by your staff that I filled out a form to move all and now I get told there is no place to ask to move broad band
    I have now been told I have to wait until the 15th Feb to get connected on the broad band ,phone connected but no broadband
    I have been called. A liar in previous calls and have been given other peoples information
    So far I have nothing but Paine from your company
    Mr N K ent-ledger

  • He doesnt respond personally. He gets someone from his office to ring, who actually gets you no answers or proper responses to complaints. Appauling. This company had me in tears.

  • We are an owl sanctuary and wildlife park and had disruption with our phones for over a week now despite repeated calls to BT. We were assured on several occasions this would be rectified which hasn’t happened. Today the final straw we have no broadband since early morning and still not sorted. I am dispairing trying to run a business without internet.

  • Dear sir I’m emailing you in the hope you can give me some answers as to why it’s taking 3month to get a bt line and I’m no further forward .i applied to bt on the 4th of January to have a line installed in my property .i did explain I live and work permanently on a holiday park and that my next door neighbour has a bt line as do my neighbours 3 doors up .it is not a caravan but Static chalet . I was told by bt that an engineer would call to connect me on the 16 th of January and I would receive my broadband equipment a few days before .i booked a day of work to be present for the engineer .no one turned up .when I rang bt they said someone at there end had cancelled my order but not renstated it .after going though the whole order again with them they said engineer would be with me on the 6th of February I booked another day off work And two days before received a tex message from bt to say they were not coming until the 21st of February.i rang by only to be told my order had been cancelled again for no apparent reason so I went through it all again And was then assured my line would be in on the 1st of March .i received phone call a phone call two days before my installation date to say an engineer had been to my property and had past his findings on to outreach and my phone line would not be in on the 1st of March and they would ring me to tell me when .Iassure you I was never out when they said the engineer had called and he has to come to my chalet as there’s only one way in and out .last Monday a surveyor called to my property from outreach when I said an engineer had supposedly called he assured me that this was the first time anybody had been out to my address .after he surveyed the area he said he didn’t see a problem bringing the line from the pole 50 yards (estamated) to the rear of my property.there is a house at the back of my property whose garden is directly behind me .as was told he would ask the owner of the property if it would be possible to enter her garden with a view to been able to pass a line over I’ve spoke to my neighbour and she didn’t see a problem with it .(not as if they had to dig her garden up ) .i recived a call from a lady at bt to say this had gone on long enough and she was now my case worker and would get this resolved as quickly as possible .as was told to expect a call from her today to update me .i was called at 1.15 today only to be told openreach want to charge me for a new pole plus line and trunking to my property .i can’t understand why and feel I’ve been very badly let down by bt .and to top it off I changed to btmobile because of there deal £16 pound a month unlimited calls texts and 15 gb data only to receive a message to say because I don’t have bt broadband in my property it is now going up to £21 pound .bt have kindly sent me a by hub (eventually )but I don’t have anything to plug it into .so all n all after phone calls messages lost time of work purchasing phones to use in my property I am still no further forward after 3month .and then you send me a survey by tex to rate my experience with bt (really) .you are my last resort and I hope you will look at my case sympathetically. Yours faithfully and hopefully David eltringham

  • Promised a call back from a manager, didn’t happen. When I called to ask why and get them to call me as promised got given the run around.
    I’m speaking on behalf of a 87 year old lady with Alzheimer’s who has received a phone bill for £712.94.
    I called earlier in the day to try to sort this out for her and was promised a manager would call me back between 4/5. I gave them half hour and have now been on the phone listening to silence for over half an hour while the person tried to find the manager ! I have been on the phone for almost an hour now !
    This is not acceptable!
    This is an elderly lady who is in a state of panic now as she doesn’t know what is going on.
    She has no family to speak of and nobody to care for her or look after things.
    The huge bill has arisen from 118 numbers which she doesn’t understand and doesn’t recall making ! Im sure she has made those calls but there are 2 calls to a 118 004 number tha comes to £180.55 !!! I don’t even know what that number is.
    The lady in question cannot afford that amount of money even.
    I am so angry about this as she is so upset by it and doesn’t understand what she has done and how she is going to pay for this. I would be feeling the same at £712. It’s unbelievable that in this day and age there is not a system
    Whereby something on a domestic line for an old age pensioner doesn’t flag up over a certain amount!
    Bearing in mind her last bill
    Last month was also in the region of £4/500
    I hope you will be decent enough to reply on this matter and look into what can be done.

  • This is a copy of my messages from your company and myself today !!

    Hello, BT here. We’ve tried to get in touch with you about your complaint but haven’t been able to get through. We’ll try you again on (7/3/2017, 3pm to 5pm). If this is not suitable please reply to this text with the best time and number for us to call. Thanks.

    That’s funny as u have no missed calls and I have had my phone on me all day and other people have managed to get through!
    Any time between 9am and 2 pm.

    I will call you back today between 12pm to 2pm

    You have missed your appointment time ! This is the 3rd time your company have promised a call back at or within a certain time, and failed to do so !

  • After 20 years loyalty to BT they have let me down in a way that I really had to change the provider to get the services back… over two weeks of never ending calls to a customer service with poor help and betrayal by BT with appointments where engineers never showed up and twice they came and informed nothing wrong in the premises and they are working on them from out side and to find out they never left a feed back of why they couldn’t rectify the services and to insult the injury to get anemail from BT that I have to pay £31 for leaving their broadband service knowing the sole reason for leaving is they couldn’t provide with internet for over two weeks…
    Marie Amarawansa

  • Pleas help me I have been trying to get bt broadband to my home now since October the wiring has been fitted but is a I saw down the side of my house. I am not having any joy so I am now emailing you to help the process has been started again once before and now they want the process to start all over again I am fed up with calling bt and getting no joy Beverley Roberts llwyn cottage lixwm Holywell Ch88nq 01352780319

  • Today you have disconnected the business internet. Reason being. We have upgraded yes upgraded. Not for the first time you have completely cocked it up. It is disgraceful. And I now have to pay £400to rush through re connection. How can you consistently get it so wrong. It is disgraceful. And worse you don’t care

  • I feel really let down by BT, my husband is 90, disabled and very poorly, so i am house bound to care for him. I rely on my pc for online shopping and ordering. I applied for infinity and received my hud before xmas, and money was deducted from my account, so, i assumed a contract was made. Several times a start date was given, nothing happened and then it was cancelled. I spent £85 with my i t man, for his time in trying to sort it out with B T, to no avail. I spent time on the helpline this morning with a lovely Scottish lady, who then put me through to the technical team, i do have trouble with accents, but, think i understood that because of my phoneline, infinity not available to me. An engineer did call some weeks back and said he didnt understand. My phone line is very old, my neighbour has infinity and the cottsges that are at right angles to me also have it.

    why am i not treated the same as other customers, i pay the same and pay by direct debit, so am never behind with payments. I am not technical but to me the answer is simple, give me a new phone line. Sorry for the moaning but i am completely fed up with the situation and would be extremely grateful for any help or advice yoy can give me, thank you, yours faithfully , M Robinson

  • 8weeks with no internet connection upgraded from infinity 1 fibre to infinity 2 fibre then nothing now being told we, ve got to go on adsl shit speed broadband telling us we cant get fibre this is coming from executive level , yet when speaking to openreach engineers working near us they say putting us back on fibre is a easy fix . There is no communication between exec level and openreach absolutly diabolical. Onbudsman informed get this sorted now and we may rethink.

  • dear sir
    I am contacting you due to total dissatisfaction with regards your staff. We are a business and have bèen without a telephone on e for our card machine and also broadband for almost a week.
    What makes it worse is that it appears to have been your own engineers who have caused the problem at your box

  • I have a massive complaint to make so where do I go from here, you need to listen to customers, I cannot get anywhere with the awful BT complaints situation, trying to speak with employees who cannot speak or understand the English language.

  • Moved home end of January an engineer came 30 January and 8 weeks later I still have no phone-line nor broadband. My provider is Sky but as I can not get details of CEO Openreach,which is part of your group, I have written to you in the hope of an explanation as to why it is beyond the wit of man to promptly fix a line on a bungalow in a residential area for a widow who lives alone and is registered disabled.

  • Purchased this property in Nov 2016, Before purchasing I phoned BT to tell them that the underground phone line had been cut by builders (told no problem). Agreed package including BT Sports.The cable needs to run 30m from the road to the bungalow. many many phone calls. visits from openreach still no line.
    Keep being text to say your work is now complete please rate our service. LOL.

  • I decided to rejoin Bt after a month with has turned out to be a disaster.Three weeks it has taken to get my broadband and number reconnected.I was given 3 different dates.Namely the 21st,17th and finally the 20th of march.I have spoken to six different Indian advisors and had numerous calls from them.It was a complete shambles as Bt records will show.Then today I got 2 emails the first to say I got my orginal nos back.The 2nd to say they would be changing it to the number I did not want.They then had the cheek to offer me £27.00 compensation.Its not on.A complete joke.

    • We have just had the same experience with their high speed broadband. We were sold this product along with new sim cards for our mobiles.
      Since then we’ve had innumerable phone calls from India and I’ve ‘phoned 150, many times, to be told there were ‘technical’ problems which were being resolved and our hub would be connected imminently.
      Today ( May Bank Holiday) we had another ‘phone call from India; only offering compensation for an overcharge on our ‘phone bill. When I asked about broadband ‘Dave’ informed me that we had been mis-sold the product and that we are not in a high speed area and would not, therefore, be able to get the service at all.
      Would you believe we have just received another e-mail( Monday PM) promising another call tomorrow to discuss the technical issues as they are working to resolve the technical issues and connect us.
      I am so annoyed and frustrated by so many half-truths, I have just phoned the CEO – Mr. Patterson- on this direct line and left a message outlining this appalling service.
      If you google BT CEO, you should get all his details and I suggest, we all phone him directly.
      Either that or look up his home address in Who’s Who and send complaints to his wife. I found this had a miraculous effect in the past!!

    • In all my years of business involvements (60 plus) and with a BT Account for at least 25 years never ever have I encountered such a deplorable and mismanaged operation from top to bottom.
      How BT exists in this high tech world is a mystery and allow me to substantiate my allegations.
      Using world wide search engines for BT screens fill up with references to “your access is ceasing” and “your login and password cannot be identified”.Therefore one has to search repeatedly for an authentic BT Login facility almost daily. Temporary help is offered from your South African and India help services who have no real interest in eliminating your problems so the pantomime continues, I use BT Yahoo and I keep year on years paying my dues, yet the BT CEO appears to indicate his avoidances too his responsibilities.
      Having been a UK administrator for numerous years its time BT Executives got a grip.
      John Hall.Denton Manchester

    • GB16335202

      Hi Stephen

      I had many issues with BT on the installation of the BT internet service back in 2016 including, installation of equipment problems, delivery of items, downtime unable to connect to the internet for 6 weeks, and communication issues with BT; as I could never get through to BT or speak to a member of staff familiar with the many difficulties I was experiencing. I was also put on the wrong contract.

      I informed BT that I was happy to pay the bill when the problems were rectified and I could use the internet service. After I finally got through a manager, my difficulties were acknowledged with an apology, and I was awarded goodwill payment of £60.00 which is stated in my email below.

      During that time period, BT put an arrears notice on my credit file, but I had a complaint in that was being looked at and my internet was not working properly.

      I contacted Equifax who spoke to BT to ask for the removal of the arrears notice which BT acknowledged and agreed to do, but it is still showing up on my credit file.

      Please, would you remove the arrears notice on my account as a matter of urgency? I am moving house and the arrears notice is holding up my mortgage offer.

      I look forward to the acknowledgment of my email and adjustments to my account.

      Thank you for your help and assistance in this matter.

      Kind regards,

      Chris Holmes

  • Our contract ended for TV and broadband but BT refused on several calls to cancel it. Contacted Gavin’s office, they refused to put us through or hear the complaint, transferred us back to the customer service call centre, where they are effectively commissioned “to save the sale.” Each representative is targeted on how many accounts they can save. So, when you call, they will do anything they have to to keep their jobs and not cancel your service. This call centre script and business model is very 1980/90’s and if there is one thing we have learned over the years, it doesn’t work and only damages reputation.
    We find this article and the PR around BT handling complaints better, a PR stunt at best. The firm is the worst we have ever encountered, never will use BT again under any circumstances, with mobile and new innovators in the market every day there is no need : )

  • Still waiting for BT to come and look at the bodge up job they did connecting my brand new bungalow to the phone line via telegraph pole.

    This started on 24 th February. After all this time I cannot get through to the staff who cannot understand or speak English. I was cut off twice because I kept saying, pardon , I do not understand what you are saying, please speak in English language!! I was told an engineer would be at my home on three dates, 2 last week and one today, still no engineer. I have again called BT and have been told my case will be forwarded to senior management, HA,,,,,I await the call from senior management, ,let’s hope they can speak English and I can understand what they are saying, I will not hold my breath, otherwise I would have been long dead by now.
    Very disappointed with BT, always been with them, never changed provider, but I have to say , I am seriously thinking of changing provider, cant be any worse can it?

  • I should have known better than to attempt to go with BT for my business line in our new premises after putting up with such an appalling lack of customer service from BT regarding our personal phone line at home.

    The initial phone call to the sales team of course made it sound as if everything I needed (which is basically a business landline, keeping the same phone number) would be easily done. I had a date booked for an engineer to install the line and I was told that the sales agent had checked it would be possible to move my business number from my current provider over to the new premises. Great!

    Since then however I have had my engineers appointment cancelled due to a ‘technical issue’ when then order was set up, I’ve been issued with 3 further orders numbers, one of which stated I wanted Broadband which I don’t, and two of which quoted me new 2 different new phone numbers, neither of which I asked for or authorized, as the whole point was that I wanted to keep our existing business number!

    I have chatted to countless members of staff on the phone and on the online chat and have had nothing but confusion, poor service, lack of understanding, promises that are not kept and an inability to acknowledge or understand the issues.

    It is impossible to talk to a manager. The different departments do not seem to communicate between each other. You cannot get a straight answer from anybody.

    It is beyond belief that the company is still operating when their administration and customer service is so awful.

    I am gutted to have wasted days of my life talking to anyone employed by BT.

    And I still don’t have a phone line at my new work premises despite the fact I have a number of emails telling me the work is complete!!

  • A hideous 9 years with BT due to mis-sold package which cost me a fortune (only a 1 man band) – finally resolved with a new contract in December 2016 – which I carefully checked again and again was suitable for my needs (internet, phone line and diverts) which the BT salesman confirmed by email several times. Bliss at long last, no more BT years of stress.

    However, on 31/03/2017 I received a nice letter stating ‘WE’RE CANCELLING YOUR SERVICE’!
    Not a payments problem but suddenly they inform my new contract does not include my most vital of needs – internet!

    Complained by email to original salesman and based on past experience I predicted he would ignore my emails. Sure enough 1 week later, ignored.

    I expect this to be resolved immediately as I require full time internet connection.


  • It’s taken five weeks to restore our two business broadband lines after BT cut them off “accidentally” and after we received 80 (yes, 80) mails from BT advising of what they were doing to make things work. It was only because our Finance Director spent over 20 hours on numerous calls to BT engineers (many at their request) that they realised that they have given us conflicting IP addresses (meaning that 5 different firewalls had to configured, couriered to us and returned). Mails to Gavin Patterson were answered by Angela Kerr from the ‘High Level Complaints’ group (which turns out to be a call centre of some 50 people) but who was just another “I’m doing the best I Can’ ineffective person. Add to this that BT released confidential information about us to third parties. A story of endemic incompetence.

  • BT took £159.99 out of my account instead of £59.99 on the 21st March – despite repeated contact by me and NO promised call back from anyone and still NO refund I have emailed the CEO.

    I have never experience such shocking customer service – £100 might not be a huge amount but it’s out of my bills money and is now impacting on how and when I pay my bills. I am disgusted.

  • Thank you for this link. After 2 weeks of complaints to BT and still getting no where I emailed Gavin Patterson yet I was not hopeful of any success but OMG less than 48 hours of sending the email I am online AMAZING it works .. thank you ever so much I am so glad I found this link it saved my sanity.

  • My problem was when I first made a contract with BT. Since then things have steadily disintegrated. Call after call after call to the Chief Executives Office. I was promised 17 mbs of Broadband but got 1.02 mbs. I was promised fibre optics broadband on the 18th April, all I got was the plug pulled on my existing Broadband connection and zilch. I was told lie after lie, by every department within BT, from Complaints, to orders, to faults. Variously that a technician should have been to visit me, that there was a fault on the line, that the order would not be filled until 3rd May, that I was now up and running and my broadband was working and that I should enjoy and lastly after three hours of telephone calls, that I did not have the correct up to date BT Hub/Modem and that one would be sent to me and that would take until the 2nd of May ! That BT is incompetent, in-effectual, and that the left hand hasn’t a clue what the right hand is doing is glaringly obvious. As the countries leading telecommunications provider they should hang their head in shame. The Chief Executive wants to hear about Customers experiences. If I where him I’d be having a nervous breakdown right now.

  • As a long standing customer of BT I was shocked to receive a email from BT saying sorry you have left and finding that as a customer I had indeed gone . The reason because Sky had requested my line in which I had not requested them to or gave them permission to or had never spoken to Sky. BT response to me was we sent you a letter which I have not received and pointed out that as a paperless contact should you not have sent me a email why send me a letter ? which I have NOT received before giving my line away ? I now am told I cannot have my old number back and will have to take a new service contract out for 18months and cannot get put back on for two weeks ? Sky have told me that it was a mistake on their part and should not have asked for the line. But BT is this how you treat your customers ? BT you should not have given them my line and also I would have thought as you are as much as Sky are at fault for my position you would at least gone my services back on within hours not weeks

  • I have a cancer that has took away most of my vertebrae and left me disabled. I have without success been attempting to get BT to call and install a new box that they say I need to continue to get the service I am paying for.
    Therefore I telephoned Lee at BT on the 11th April and he agreed to arrange for an engineer to call and install the box on the 19th without charge! Later received an e- mail advising that a person would call on the due date, but to my address of seven years ago- 3 Hadleigh Close Bedford, not the address that I live, at which BT have been billing for- 78Dynevor Close Bromham Bedford. I duly advised BT that their records were wrong and the correct address to send the engineer to. On the 19th no one called from BT between 9am and noon as advised. My carertelephoned BT and was told that they had called at the property. They even took a photograph of the front door. When questioned the door photograph did not have any resemblance to our front door! BT person on the phone then said they would arrive on Saturday between 12 & 3pm. On Friday the 21st BT telephoned again and said the engineer would call on Tuesday 25th April- 7 to 9am!
    Since I spoke to Lee I have received 25 e- mails from BT, some addressed to me but to- Jay( 3 times), Yunjlong ( 2times), L ( 2 times) Robert ( 2 times) andMarion (1 once) Many of them stating that they were sending an engineer to the wrong address- Hadleigh Close, dispite our telephoning and telephoning them that this was wrong address. With the constant e- mails and wrong information I beginning to believe that BT are deliberately Harrassing me. On Saturday 22 April at approximately 2.40 pm Ireceived a telephone call from am engineer to the effect he was running late and that he would be at our property shortly. When I question as to the address he was going to, he replies 3 Hadleigh Close, where we had last lived at 7 years ago. I gave him the correct address and requested that he travelled 4 miles to our home to carry out the installation. He replied he could not do this as he had no paperwork with the correct address- 78 Dynevor Close Bromham. In any event he was finishing work. The next day being unwell and in bed at approximately 2.40pm I received telephone from BT in India. I could not understand the persons accent, but she appeared to saying that they were charging me for an engineers visit! When I attempted to explain the long drawn out events that had occurred she was unable to understand but to transfer me to another person, who after a period waiting never came on the phone. I fully expect no engineers to call this coming Tuesday as advised or also this Friday between 12 & 3 pm as informed, even though we have told BT that we will not be here until 1pm. Please, please can you get your organisation to carry out the installation of the new box without giving me any further stress! I never requested the box in the first place, BT told me I could not continue to get the services I am paying for without the box.

  • I have now been waiting approx 8 weeks to sort out broadband to a bungalow we have recently moved to. I have had the order booked and then for some reason cancelled 7 (seven) times. I have spoken to many people in the UK & India, even to 4 different people in Executive Level Complaints , also 4 e-mails to Gavin Patterson CEO BT. What has been achieved apart from a lot of expense for my mobile calls and data costs ………NOTHING.
    How can this man say he is interested in customer complaints when nothing happens even when you try to contact him. Check out his comments in the Guardian it will make you laugh.

  • When you ask the robot ‘more time to pay’ and press option #2 the robotic voice basically threatens to cut you off by a certain date if you don’t pay. Charming! When you press that option it is quite clear you are intending to pay… just asking for a little time extension. There is NO need for threats. I felt angry and insulted. Change this damn message you heartless creeps.

  • I rang BT nearly 4 weeks before ai moved asking for the line to be transferred. I had no correspondence with regard to this, but thought that was normal. Moved on 4th April to find that the previous owners phone was still connected, although she had also informed BT a couple of weeks before that she was moving. I then received a bill from BT saying that I had terminated my phone contract with them and I owed them £33.49 for terminating the contract early. I managed to speak to a helpful Scottish woman who agreed that it was a mistake and the money would not be taken from my account, however ai would have to wait until 18th April for my new ohnline and broadband to be connected! She waived the charge for the new hub and it was agreed my monthly bill would be £31.48. On the day that I received the hub it also came with another final bill for £333.49 for early termination of contract! More waiting on the phone not to be told again that it was a mistake and the money would not be taken. On 20th April I checking my bank statement and the money had been taken by direct debit from my account! More holding on the line to speak to an adviser, but never able to speak to a manager. Finally I was rung by an agent asking me to ring my bank and ask for an indemnity payment to get the money repaid quickly. I did this and yes the money was repaid within 24hours. However I wanted to speak to a manger and claim compensation for all the wasted hours of my time, hanging on for someone to deal with my calls. Then I received my 1st BT bill which was £9.99 over the agreed amount. I went onto Live Chat and the agent said the charge was for the hub. I then had to explain that this charge had been waived because of all the mistakes BT had made. She agreed to reimburse this money, but ai had to stay on the line whilst she did this. – a total of one and a half hours! She then asked if I wanted to raise a complaint. Of course I did! However when she checked my records she saw that there was already a complaint outstanding and apparently you can’t have more than one complaint at a time! Yesterday I was rung on my mobile by someone saying a manger would be in touch to deal with my complaint. This morning at 11.04 I had a text saying someone called Mari would ring me in the next few minutes and gave me a number 08003289393. No call, finally after nearly an hour I the texted back to ask when I would be contacted. No reply so I rang the number and got an automated message to say that they had tried to ring me but there was no answer and would try again. I had been sitting with my mobile and phone since 11.04 this morning and there are no missed calls on my mobile or landline. BT even lie on an automated message! How I would sh I had made a note of every date and length of time I have spent trying to resolve this, but I estimate at least 10 hours, which in my book equates to at least £100 compensation for wasting my time and preventing me from getting on with jobs which would take me away from my phone. BT’s customer service is appalling and to add insult to injury, although I only have the basic broadband package it’s not fit for purpose as the signal drops out every couple of minutes when I am trying to watch a programme on iPlayer! For a multi-million pound company BT is a disgrace and treats their customers with total disregard. Once my contract has ended ai will be moving to another provider

  • Same person as above. No by call or box installed. No reply from CHEO. What do you do to earn your enormous salary, sit there and laugh at your customers?I spoke to a complaints person, Sue Brooks a week ago and again she apologised for BT appalling response and attitude. She seemed genuinely concerned and said I would have an appointment to the right address within five or six days. Today’s the seventh day, no details re the call! You do know I have incurable cancer, but you do not care but whish to give me further stress. If I do not get a satisfactory response by early next week I will contact the Ombudsman, local and national press and my parliamentary candidate. With tv programmes such as Watch Dog and Rip Off Britain to follow.

  • I just sent a message
    i’m not holding my breath
    I’ve got 10 voicemails left trying to call me, when i have requested any and all contact by email – constantly being told – yes you can port your number, no you cant, yes you can port your number, no you cant, yes you can port your number, no you cant so bored of it – i dont want a new number and i dont want to be lied to


    Please find inline below a very long and dull complaint that i have tried to raise with BT – I have been lied to (or at least misled by incompetence)

    I have to wonder if your teams actually get any training, or talk to each other? I have aged by about 10years in less than a month, I’ve only been with BT since the 10th April, and I am wishing i hadnt bothered to be honest with you.

    Now I read that if i email you, then something might be done, ideally i would get my old number back – there is no earthly reason why i cannot have my ‘old number’ its not the 1950s?

    Should i go back to Sky to get my number back – as quite frankly, i think that is the only way i will get it back

    If my number has been lost…. well… lets just hope it hasn’t eh?

    Below there are copies of the 4 very long and dull (you have been warned) conversations i have endured with your team… and STILL I DONT HAVE MY PHONE NUMBER!!!

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!! sort this out


  • I decided to switch from TalkTalk in order to get BT Infinity broadband. I was promised the switch would be seamless and given a date of 28 April. This date was then postponed to 3 May but nothing happened on that date. After numerous calls I was finally connected on 4 May and the TalkTalk account ended. Unfortunately the BT hub did not work and I was sent another. Today (Tuesday 9 May), having set up the new hub, I am still without any broad band. I have been told somebody will contact me by Friday! TalkTalk were not perfect but fantastic compared to this bunch of clowns at BT. This is not my only experience of poor customer service from large private sector companies – in comparison I find most public sector organisations quite efficient. The whole concept of choice and the free market seems chronically inefficient – it has neither brought down costs or provided a better way of providing utility services – of which telecommunications is a part. I would rather have a single efficient supplier than a choice of equally useless private sector alternatives! Energy, railways, telecoms – they are all awful at customer service.

  • My Business line was “cut off” last week for what reason I do not know ? This is Monday leading up to the bank holiday I am a landscape gardener so this is supposed to be my “very busy time” I have been a loyal customer for 40 years plus !! Please Help

  • Won’t go into the detail but they were trying to charge me £129 for an engineers visit to fix a problem of their own making which had caused me speeds of less than 0.38 Mbps for over a year.

    Getting through to customer service was a waste of time as they are robots who just don’t care and even told me if I didn’t like what they were saying then to contact him. Shame the email address they gave me was wrong but then I found your site with his email address and away we went.

    Got to be honest I contacted him at 14.30 pm on Monday 29 th May which was Bank Holiday Monday and he personally responded to me in an hour telling me I would hear from the complaints team later that day.

    2 hours later I received an email advising they would call me to discuss my complaint at 18.00 pm on Tuesday 30 th May which they did.

    10 minute chat where they confirmed the service I received was appalling and they refunded the £129 charge for the engineers visit to fix an issue which was of their own making.

    I have my landline, broadband mobile and sport which I would have moved and whilst the general customer service team are appalling fair play he knows that and by taking the time to write a firm but very polite email to him within 24 hours it’s all sorted.

    Thanks for the email address and a brilliant site.

  • The higher the complaint goes it gets lost in BT Tower! I hahve sent letter after letter to Mr Gavin Patterson and Kirsty Dickson Executive level complaints, BT Consumer and they are unable to resolve a simple matter that I am receiving a statement every month for a dead person!

  • I suffered a day of BT incompetency and was ‘offered’ £10 as a take it or lump it offer – BT has gone downhill – India call centres are a NO NO for me

  • I suffered a day of BT incompetency and was ‘offered’ £10 as a take it or lump it offer – BT has gone downhill –

  • I spent an hour on the phone last night trying to get some help regarding my broadband. I have noticed only in the last three weeks that the speed has been slowing down. I did an online speed test and was given a test reading of 1.36Mb/s download speed (I repeated this on several other speed test sights and did not get a reading above this) which is a vast difference from the 35Mb/s that I should be getting. I was told by your call centre staff to install flash player to get the BT speed test. I cannot do that because I cannot install it on my iPhone which is the only device that I use. The call centre lady admitted that she could see that there is problem with the line but further informed me that I would have to consent to a £130 charge should there be damage to your equipment before she could book an engineer! I must admit at this stage I became frustrated as I couldn’t understand her properly and asked three times for clarification because I thought she was saying that this charge could apply should there be any damage to your equipment outside my property. She then proceeded to talk to me like a child which I pulled her up on. With all due respect I do not know where your call centre is based but with her accent and the fact that I could hear a child in the background was making it even more difficult to hear! I object to those terms as nothing has changed regarding the location or additional devices since I have had this service so I ended the call. I would like someone to contact me on either my mobile or landline so that I can further explain the reasons why I am unhappy with your service but do not want to carry on rambling by email. I have never had to contact BT with a problem before so am shocked by the lack of ability to do anything about it. Ultimately I am not in contract with you but am giving BT a chance to provide a sensible solution before I go elsewhere which I am looking into at the moment. This particular problem caused chaos for me last night, I placed an order online with Clarks for next day delivery, I started the process at 19:21 but because the order was not received by them until after 20:20 hr’s I will not be getting it today now (the order has to be completed by 20:00 for next day delivery). I am now left with a vastly underperforming service and am told by your customer care team that it could take 7 days to receive a response from you regarding this complaint. Obviously, I am not happy and am not willing to wait that long as myself, husband and son use the net frequently on a daily basis. The reference number I was given is: 170608-019655.

  • My parent broadband is faulty and despite a call and an email exchange it is still faulty. It’s been nearly a month. I am getting very frustrated at how difficult it is to contact you. Th is is unacceptable and breaches any contract as the service we are receiving is substandard and the mechanism for dealing with issues is inadequate .

    I would like some one to fix this fault

  • There appears to a trend with BT/Openreach and its clear incompetence. I moved home a month ago and was informed my service would resume on 31st May 2017 following a the move 2 weeks prior. Guess what……I have continued to be billed for a service I DO NOT receive. I have been given x3 different dates since (expecting services to resume)…….NOTHING! When I do eventually get past the annoying BT automated answer machine to discuss, I get rudely “cut-off” by the agent as they appear to become very confused by this simple set of circumstances. Thankfully, I had the opportunity to speak face to face with a BT Openreach engineer locally who informed me my services are delayed due to Local Council HIGHWAYS being required to complete structural work. Guess what…..He LIED, as my local council offices know nothing of this proposed/completed work! My biggest frustration is that I’m NOT able to approach a reputable provider such as VIRGIN as the infrastructure is managed solely by BT & Openreach! My advice, choose your provider carefully and avoid anything associated with BT and Openreach as they are quite clearly incompetent and appear to have a Chief Executive who is happy to “dress-up” his appalling service!

  • 16th June, no response from the chairmans office, the comment is still awaiting moderation, but would say the works were completed on 1st June.

  • my internet has been disconnected for almost a week now and the issue has been bounced to several guys and even an Executive Level Technical Complaints got involved but no resolution so far, i have written to Mr. Patterson, and now Mr. Michael.Rake… no use at all.. they charge me 57£ for the internet services and BT has been really been hard with me on the case so far. still without the internet services and i had to use the internet in a cafe near my house to write this comment …

    • why am i not treated the same as other customers, i pay the same and pay by direct debit, so am never behind with payments.

  • As most of the previous comments are negative I felt I had to let you know of my success. I sent an e.mail to Gavin Patterson at 10.18 a. m. on 22 June. By 4 p.m. my query had been successfully sorted following a telephone call from his office. I have usually found BT to be very helpful. Thank you BT.

  • Dissapointed that after 30 years as a BT Customer it takes three weeks to get connected at my new property. It would be great if this could be improved.

  • BT are currently treating me like a piece of dirt on someone’s shoe, after around 20 years as a loyal customer. The problems started when I dared to move house and decided to continue with my brand loyalty. I had the audacity to provide all the correct information in good time before the move. I was stupid enough to believe their response times and expect a straightforward transaction. Two months later, my line has been restricted today as payment is outstanding – they changed me from quarterly to monthly billing without telling me but I can’t even show willing by paying as they haven’t yet allocated an account number. Oh yes, I already had an account number of course; they deleted that because they screwed the house move order so badly. Inexplicably terrible service.

  • Dear Sir
    On 8th June 2017 I lost my Broadband service , Tel 01768480079, due to a complete lose of service timed at 08.04.57 and meant I had no means of being able to continue to complete my trading program at the start of dealing on that day. I was unable to do anything until 11pm that evening . I was on my mobile for some 4 hours during that day trying to regain my service. I complained to BT that day – complaint VOL 013-017783425614 and again with complaint – VOL 013- 21780885206. Both times I was promised a response by phone from BT but to date have not had any contact with any member of BT. I have 2 mobiles 07704151440 and 0775676645. The inabililty to trade on that day has cost me in excess of £ 3400 and I look to BT for some sort of redress and explanation as to why they have not followed up this complete lack of service. I feel completely ignored and wold look for redress and compensation. I have full details of the dealings I could not complete which went to make up these losses.
    I look forward to your responses soon as possible with an explanation as to why no contact has been made.

  • BT is an absolutely disgrace. I can’t describe how angry I’m with their arrogance and indifference to customers’ basic requests. I ordered BT Infinity on 9th June and the service was activated on 23rd June. The activation went smoothly without any problems. But up to now today, 4th July, I still haven’t received my new account number. Over the past month, I’ve contacted 5 BT reps (via 3 live chats and 2 phone calls), all of them promising to send me the account number by post within 5 working days. All their promises were broken despite my insisting them to send me the account number ASAP each time I contacted them.

    Last week, a lady, named “Shreya” from BT Digital Care, called me and promised that she would be personally responsible for my case and she said the letter had been written and would be sent later on that day. She even “kindly” left me a message so that I could contact her. Naturally at that time, I was glad that finally somebody from BT came to my rescue.

    Yesterday (Monday), a letter finally arrived, but the account number on the letter was unusable because it looked like this “*********3456”. How can I log in my account with this number? Holding back my anger, I immediately contacted Shreya with two text messages , but so far she has broken her promises again — never replying to me. Ironically, over this period, I’ve received more than 4 emails from BT urging me to log into my account. What a joke! After being let down (fooled) by BT on FIVE occasions, I came to the conclusion that BT treat their customers like dirt and their customer support staff are simply a bunch of useless and shameless liars. I’ll never trust them again.

  • My broadband has been dropping out since March. NINE Openreach useless so calledengineers can not solve it. I have won a case with the help of the Ombudsman and a week later the problem started again.
    I have been given a number to ring a Janice if I have any more issues, she should be called Merlin because every time I ring she vanishes into thin air. I am on a pole but have a underground connection on my house wall and when I ask about it I get I dont know. If the BT empire is built on I dont know no wonder it is in such a very poor state. I have contacted other providers and they wont touch me because of the pityful state of BT kit. I have no consumer rights to have a choice of Broadband providers, meanwhile I see American,s on TV running around in a maze bragging how good BT is. I am not remote I live in a poulated area. I have several feinds who have issues with BT, I am posting my frustations on social media and all I get from BT is sorry. As a CEO what have you done (not that you will read this its just a PR stunt) Also every time I complain to BT they close the complaint so it looks like they are meeting the targets when the truth is they are a million miles from it. Why do BT and Openreach control the line network, Richard Branson would do a better job. I cant have a smart meter on my Gas Boiler. If more than one computor is on the net its just freezes Mean while you live in your Ivory Towers while we live in a world of not enjoying the world of the WWW

  • Was offered £10 compensation for no landline for seven days. Was initially referred to a long list of service outages which included my area. After waiting for the date for clearance six days later, had to check (again) that everything was correctly plugged in, check line cord (and tried another), charged up and tried different phone, replaced the ASDL filter, all to no avail. Got up courage to log the problem after being forced to check the box which opened the way to them charging me £130.

    Immediately got a ‘BT has found a fault’ Phone was restored the next day, but their email did not acknowledge that it had been their problem all along. Apparently I had a problem with my phone service. When in fact, *they* had disconnected my phone service.

    Was pretty outraged by all this, having spent at least four hours fannying around with checking my end of the proceedings. Went onto Chat to ‘resolve the issue more quickly’. Was offered £10 for my troubles – was polite enough not to say ‘you’ve left a nought off that’ but it was escalated to the Manager. After very little talk, was then disconnected by Chat staff after they kept me hanging on for one and a half hours!

    In fact it was @BTCare (Twitter) that put me onto the relevant document – BT are only interested in Financial Loss. This is the link:,6077

    Warning, the following statement on that webpage will probably make you laugh bitterly: “We value your custom so that’s why we aim to provide you with a service you can trust and depend on.”

  • We are a company that have been paying for an extra line which used to be our broadband line, for over 12 months and have tried to cancel this, I have emailed nearly every day and now and again I will get a reply, but only to say you will have to contact a different department. Overall I have had a couple of issues with BT, really bad customer service.
    I have since had a phone call at my home address saying they wanted to win back all BT customers, we have been with Virgin, previously NTL etc etc, for 22 years, they said they would install my BT line in for free, they promised all movies, all sports, including BT sports, all childrens channels, all HD, unlimited calls, unlimited and fastest fibre broadband, smart box etc etc, all for £54.50 for 12 months, I snapped this up and asked them to ring me the day after so I could discuss this with my husband that evening only to have no phone call, empty promises, so we have stayed with Virgin. A little disappointing after all they contacted me and unfortunately this offer is no longer available!

  • I emailed the CEO’s office regarding being locked out of the billing website for one wrong attempt, which he message said was attempts.
    The first level support was obsessed with the password rather than the lockout.
    She wouldn’t escalate it.

    When I contacted he CEO’s office I got he same problem. It was like talking to a brick wall or a broken record.
    They kept trying to call me all the time to help me set up my password, which I didn’t need or want.

  • As a long team customer of your company it’s a disgrace the way we have been treated 30 years does not count for anything different advice been given every time one of your advisers have rang me not replying customer their rights or meeting them half way

  • Selling your sim card under false pretence not allowing customers should be told your part of re not flagging up not suitable for the area

  • 88pound to come out of a contract were not provideding a service mobile phone can only make a call out at the bottom of the garden your brother company says that’s ok as you can call out providing you can make a call in a comfortable place to place a call under a unberalle in the garden and paying bt for the privallage of this service but bt days because you have come out of two week contract when bt was aware could not get my phone unlocked by Tesco which was not your fault but your company was aware of the situation

  • Open reach have started non-emergency work next to my property 8.30 am Sunday I have worked hard all week only day off to be woken up by heavy machinery not happy

  • moved home 12/7 – service connected on 17/7 (tv and internet never worked properly since) called 6 times to customer service and online chat 5 times

    bt vision does not work properly and hardly a signal – internet is on and off and as slow as a snail

  • Smoke and mirrors. Mr Patterson has a deep seated fetish for the disavow. More so – he advocates cultures that obstruct and distort customer complaints from being made in their truthful context.

    When you contact Mr Patterson, a person from ‘the executive office’ will contact you, however don’t be fooled into thinking you are corresponding with a ‘higher chamber’, as you are simply rerouted back to the call centre.

    There are no excuses – other large organisations provide great customer care – Apple for example, yet BT keep taking customer payments in full for services at best provided in part.

    Be prepared to be targeted for complaining – don’t say you were not warned.

  • I have been a BT CUSTOMER FOR EVER!! and at the moment I am the closest to going elsewhere, I have been treated so badly and I am so so angry.
    2 Weeks ago my broadband started going slow and then last Monday 31st July 2017 the pages kept getting stuck because it is just not working correctly. I rang and spoke to a young lady and she said the HUB is at fault, and she would send a new one, I did ask if it was possible to have an engineer to help me sort the new hub as my Family do not live with me and I am a Widow and 71 years old, she said no I have to do it, then I lost her. So I went a chat room and the man I got through too said that he would ring me back at 4pm on the 3rd he never did! today I tried to have a go myself and because I am waiting for a new hip and unable to get down under my desk to take out the 2 grey wires from the openreach box and put in the back of the hub, so I thought I would read the leaflet and it does not mention the openreach box, so I rang 150 and spent 15 mins trying to get help, to be told if I want help it will cost me £129. WHY WHY it is a BT SYSTEM WITH AN OPENREACH BOX and I am paying each month for a system that is not working, I am so angry I asked for a phone number but he did not have any. a very angry customer and fed up.

  • POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE : Our broadband stopped working on Sunday 30th July @10.30, to date we still have no broadband, this is the second time in six weeks we have had no broadband, each time we have had to wait in excess of 8-10 days. What I find most upsetting is each time I phone into the call centre to register the complaint, I get fed a different story, or is it lies. I trust you will get the service resumed. Having been with AOL for 10 years we never experienced any problems like we have since transferring to British telecom.

  • Very disappointed with BT service. They agreed with the Ombudsman that we would receive small compensation (received) and an increase from 4mps to 8. That was almost 6 months ago. Still running at 4mps or less.

    Just had a BT rep on the phone advising me they may not be able to keep their promise and started quoting small print at me. He them decided to put me on hold for 10minutes while he read the file. Frankly very unhappy that the rep had not done this before calling us and running us around.

    He then said we could leave…. very helpful. BT have lost touch with the real people, their customers, and clearly think we are fools. I will refer back to the Ombusdman if this circus act continues.

  • Can you please address this charity organisations problem asap dogs are being put to sleep because you are not addressing this situation …….PLEASE HELP US GET OUR PHONE LINES SORTED!
    For quite a while now BT has been trying to sell us a new phone system as they claimed the last one was outdated and was no longer being supported. I had resisted a new phone system because of all the problems we have had with them in the past and feared that making any changes would open another can of worms.

    However, after ordering additional outgoing phone lines for the rescue I was told that they could not add them to our existing phone system and they recommended a new system was needed to accommodate the additional lines. So I looked at the new phone system option again and after careful consideration I turned them down and asked to just have 2 new separate lines added to the property. I was told how much more expensive it would be to have separate lines and how much better things would be if we just went with their new system. Again I resisted, but finally they talked me into it and now I HAVE OPENED THAT CAN OF WORMS I WAS TRYING TO AVOID!!!!!

    On 20th |July the new phone system was installed and my life has been full of frustration since then. Now here we are a month later and we only have ONE working line today. I have complained to the sales people, the order management people, and even the faults team. People have been complaining for weeks now that when they ring they don’t even get a busy signal. To them it sounds like the phone is ringing with no answer so they think we are closed or just don’t care enough to answer our phones.

    I just want our all phone lines to work again.

  • After reading these comments I was not expecting such a swift response as I received upon writing to Mr Patterson. I had a reply within the hour – looked like it came from him personally. And then within 2 hours I had a detailed reply from a very senior person in his management team who put an initial fix in place immediately, then had one of his colleagues ring me directly to completely solve the problem. Very impressive.

  • To any CEO
    My name Julie I’ve had an ongoing complaint since may this year. I’ve had no broadband from time to time ,on which I have phoned by several times they sent out 3 engineers ,not one of them could find a fault, so I phoned again they were going to send out another engineer, in the mean time I had a phone call off one of your employers saying if I switch to infinity the problem should be better, I asked about all the engineers that had come out , she said I wouldn’t have to pay as they couldn’t find a fault in first place ,I asked about the one coming out again ,she said she would cancel it as they were not needed ,so I said I wouldn’t have to pay for any engineers ,the employee said NO, couple weeks after I got charged for an engineer, so I phoned again one of your employees gave me a good will gesture of £20 but couldn’t reimburse me the engineer fee as they had to listen to the convosation . He then said that I would have a phone call after 5 days ,nobody phoned so I phoned yesterday, I got cut off so I phoned again they said Again that they would have to wait for the convosation and someone will be phoning me today. Nobody phoned me today either ,so I phoned again today they said that someone was going to ring me today and I would have to wait as they were working till nine tonight, but I still haven’t got a phone call. I can honestly say how appalled I am about the way Ive been treated , and the amount of stress I’ve been put under ,haven’t even had the broadband a year yet and I’ve had nothing but trouble since I feel like giving it up altogether, I would be very great full if someone could get this sorted

    Thank you
    Mrs Julie shotton

  • BT are an absolute shower of liars. No one takes ownership of your complaint and always fobbed off. So I ordered my new phone line in June with BT. Moved house end July. BT never turned up. No phonecall to say they wouldn’t show. I called them 5/6 times….. passed to 5 home moving departments. What a joke. No apology. No explanation. No update on when I will get my phone line. And they are still taking money from me and billing me for broadband and a phoneline! BT are so unprofessional. Disgraceful customer service.
    And my neighbour moved in after me and has her phoneline no problem. What a cock up……

  • We ordered a new contract. My partner wanted to move from
    Iphone and the s7 seemed like a good transiction phone! We received it set it up and had 3 texts messages from
    Vodafone come through… and then the internet home button was Asda mobile…. hmm not bad for a brand new mobile phone! So of course we called said we would get a door step exchange and guess what!! Yup ding ding ding we have a winner folks yet another phone with Asda mobile as internet home screen and Vodafone text messages!! Well that’s a second phone that is “new” with messages dating Feb 2016 and July 2016 (don’t worry we have the pictures)

    So again I call up spend an hour on the phone to someone who quite frankly messed it all up and didn’t cancel the phone NOT he contract… I call again and well that was another hour and I’m waiting for a call back to even cancel this contract… We wanted the phone and the contract but refuse to have a used phone that has another providers texts messages all over it!!! As for a resolution we pay to return the handset and we also pay a months contract for a phone and number we will never use or make use off as it’s all going back! I Have been told the other companies fault that handles the handsets for you and you have no control but you sell new it should be new not used and refurbished. I’ll be talking to offcom with an official complaint. I have made an official compliant. The CEO will receive my complaint as this will be sorted out. Selling brand new phones and sending out second hand phones bought cheap from other providers is Miss selling. These phones are clearly refurbished and aren’t brand new. I’m quite frankly disgusted with this and 2 hours on the phone and still none the wiser.

  • Yesterday Wednesday 30th August I was called from one of your call centres by a male operator whose name I did not get, it was about 9.30 am. He said I was due an update to make sure I was on the best contract.

    He proceeded to quote me figures from my account and queried my internet usage and then give verbally some new figures which I made a note of but at the time meant nothing as I did not have my account to hand. I said would it be possible to let me have them in email form so I could see them in writing, he said no, but he did say he could include them in a contract and if I signed and subsequently wanted to cancel I would have 14 days to do so without incurring and cost. I said no and he then said that the figures would have to be in a contract ‘today’ and might not be repeated in the future. I again said no and rang off.

    I am 83 years old and not as quick as I used to be, I call this a hard sell to someone who is now more vulnerable. This is unacceptable

    I have been a BT customer since it was GPO well over 60 years. I should probably report this to Ofcom but I await your reply before considering this. I will give my account number if necessary, but I am sure you can get this from your records and also you will know my age!!

    The telephone number calling me was 08001691608

  • Today 4/ 9/17 I received an email from BT offering me chances to enter prize draws.With a closing date
    of 31/8/17.As a share holder I wasn’t amused.But no doubt someone will have a lame excuse.

  • I moved into a new build property in Lostock Gralam, Northwich only to find out that Fibre was not available into the property. In fact I had to wait from the beginning of December until the beginning of February to get any sort of communication line. I am now trying to work with a broadband line that offers me approximately 1.2 mb, not much better than a dial up line. Every time I ring BT I am I informed that Fibre is not available to our property, however people that have moved into the street after us have been given Fibre. I know this for certain because I spoke to the BT Openreach engineer this morning that had just finished installing Fibre a few houses away from ours. So frustrating.

  • After endless calls to BT OPENREACH, hanging on for over an hour -I decided to send a request via internet on 6Th June, it has now been 3 months and other than a confirmation that the email had been received noone has contacted.
    All require is to relocate a main cable out of my part of the building into the communal area – I am loosing income because I cannot finish my work .

    If I do not get this resolved I will just cut the cable within 14 days of this complaint

  • Absolutely disgusted and angered with BT! Myself and my partner were first time home owners and never taken out a broadband package before, we had no idea what usage we would need. We were advised by a BT sales advisor that 25GB would be fine! Our bill for broadband/phone and Tv should have been £49 a month, we have suffered numerous bills of over £100 (highest £144). Because we decided to take the policy out on line instead of over the phone BT claim we cannot say we were miss-sold the product and refuse to compensate any of the extra charges. Over the year we are around £800 out of pocket. The company took months switching us from department to department to deal with our complaint, often promising someone would call us only for nobody to call and I would have to keep calling bac, chasing them up. As young first time home owners, with no knowledge of broadband usage and not flush with money to burn we feel exploited and terribly treated by such a big well known company! I wouldn’t recommend using BT to anyone!

  • BT IS a monopoly, even if you change providers they still have to use the BT cable and therein lies the problem, a private company owning the ex public infrastructure.

    They have the public by the short and curlies an rip us off royally as they have NO competition, just like British Rail and the Post Office.

    Horrendous line rental for an old cable that has never been upgraded and never will but we HAVE to pay exactly the same as some with a brand new modern connection. We pay for fibre optic to try and get a little better connection but that is only to the CAB, over half a mile away.

    Our package has gone up nearly 100% in two years. Their website is atrocious , just no real info on your account like a renewal date and DIRECTLY that date comes up you immediately go onto their rip off default rate instead of their latest similar deal.

    How to contact them and get any sense, some of the poor call centre workers try to do their best but have extremely limited authority and options and I doubt ANY complaints or feedback they do pass on is taken any notice off.

    Our line has been in the ground for over thirty years, I bet the total of the line rental would add up to many, many times the cost of the original installation and the limited maintenance done since.

  • Your standard of service is diabolical it’s a pity you are the sole supplier of telephone lines.
    I have had a fault since August 23′ 2017, two engineers have called and failed to rectify the problem, at present the I have been waiting a week for the third engineer to call, I am still waiting.
    The problem is in a black connecting box attached to a telegraph pole or as one engineer told me a cheap chinese product that BT are now sourcing.
    I am paying for a product that works only when it seems fit to do so.
    I hope you can chivvy them along.

  • My mother who is 87 and has recently had a stroke was left without a phone line from 18th September for 10 days due to an outside fault. She was very scared as she had no contact with the outside world and nobody could ring her.
    She lives 2 John street, earsdon, Whitleybay, Mrs Gwen Gillespie. We would like reimbursement of the line rental for that period and for phone calls made by my sister during that time.

  • Dear Mr. Patterson,
    I’m having a shocking time with your company, and hope you can help.
    Last Thursday I had to wait several hours for a BT engineer to come and sort out my landline. He did eventually arrive, but had been given the wrong number. For some reason, he said he would not be able to look at the correct line, so he went away. I then had to block out another six-hour slot for today. I’ve tried ringing BT to get some info about when I might expect the engineer, but have been cut off.
    I’m self-employed, and can not afford to keep blocking out slots for engineered who either don’t turn up or have information when they do.
    It smacks of gross incompetence, and I’m losing all confidence in your company.
    Please help.
    Tessa Wood

  • After seven calls to BT today I decided to say my bit about BT .
    I have endured four years of very bad broadband service and more off line than on !!
    Constant phone calls to India endless promised that they will improve the service. And if you asked to speak to customer service or compliant department in the UK you are told they don’t have a number for UK BT .

    BT even sold me a new digital box at the time we thought this is great because Internet wasn’t working half of the time anyway also because of are remote location and the winters are so long and we thought would give our young boys BT sports to entertain them .
    After it was installed we couldn’t pick up the singal for BT Sports
    So we called BT and they tould us your to far from the exchange box to receive a signal . You’d think they’d have the technical department that have the ability to check if it’s going to work in the first place before they sell it to you.

    But if BT in the UK need to check how things are going in customer services India .Then call 100 press 1 then 2 then you’ll hear BT is very busy right now please hold . I wonder Why

  • Dear Mr Patterson,

    The stockmarket is now at record breaking levels having risen 20% since your appointment. BT on the other hand have fallen 22% since you took office in September 2013.

    Is in not time that you considered your position and did the honourable thing.

  • Open Letter to Gavin Patterson, CEO, BT:

    Dear Mr Patterson

    I am writing to complain in the strongest possible terms about the desultory level of service provided by BT Business.

    Last Friday afternoon we suddenly lost our broadband connection and after checking everything thoroughly, we called BT Faults and reported it.

    I called again at 0605hrs on Saturday as it still did not work and was told there was a phone line fault and that it would be repaired and operational by close of play on Monday.

    This never happened.

    I called again on Monday afternoon and was told that due to an internal communications procedure error the fault was rejected as invalid.

    On Tuesday I received a call to advise that an engineer would be out between 1300-1800hrs on Wednesday.

    An engineer did turn up and confirmed that the phone line had been restored by replacing hardware in the exchange. But the broadband still didn’t work.

    I then got a text telling me:
    Hi it’s Kyle from BT, I’m still in the process of removing a line cap but have raised an escalation regarding the Static IP issue. My TOU team will be contacting you back regarding this but until then I have a Static IP address for you which is and your current fault reference is – 1-103194xxx.

    I have texted and emailed Kyle several times since then without response.

    However, we already have a static IP address which is 81.137.220.xx which needs to be restored. If we do not get this restored it will cost us £200 plus VAT to have our servers reconfigured to use the one Kyle reserved for us which is unacceptable and which we should not pay as we have never asked to have our static IP changed to a dynamic one!

    As at today we are still without broadband and as an internet centric company this has cost us dear in the seven days we have been without service so far. Not to mention the enormous mobile data usage bill we have racked up with Vodafone to enable us to keep in touch with clients!

    It seems we are being punished for asking that a monthly maintenance charge of £14 be stopped a couple of months ago which we never used the service for. This is irrelevant to this current issue anyway as the hardware fault in your exchange was not our responsibility anyway.

    I need to get your intervention without further delay as we are now desperate. We can only think of contacting Trading Standards and Jill Isley of The Sunday Times Money section currently as we are getting absolutely nowhere!

    As a very longstanding customer of BT business we should be able to expect a service that doesn’t resemble third world levels.



  • Customer service in help and repair person called nelson wouldn’t give his second name when I ask was appalling not good customer service skills left me feeling very talk down to

  • I’m a long standing BT shareholder and customer…….finally though, I’ve had enough of BT and its Indian call centres! I have recently ditched my broadband and phone package but want to retain my email address…….so I’m trying to set up premium mail…….against my wife’s advice! She thinks I’m mad after all the problems we’ve had! I suppose it’s inertia…….and we all know how companies like BT trade on inertia. Top and bottom is that this week I’ve probably wasted 7 or 8 hours of my life and untold frustration just trying to sort this out! I was promised a call for today but it never came….surprise surprise! I’ve emailed Gavin Patterson…..even gave him my phone number if he wants a full and frank discussion…….of course, he wont bother! I’m done with BT……the shares, I’ll off load those when it suits me. I will never ever have another BT package and when it’s convenient, I’ll ditch the email address too……that’s if they ever get premium mail set up! Mr Patterson…….hang your head in shame!

  • I placed an order for BT broadband on 18th September and appointment arranged for 25th September. This was cancelled and another one made for 19 October, this was also cancelled. I was informed by BT that a case manager would call me on 21 October which I never got. I phoned today and was informed that I would need to place another order which will take 4-5 weeks.
    This is just not acceptable.

  • I wish to bring to your attention the disgusting service BT gave to my 84 year old father a Bt Customer for over 40 years. My father who has a stroke and is deaf brought to my attention that his phone had been cut off (his life line) apparently for not paying his bill first time in 40 years due to absent mindedness. it seems his bill was misplaced so wasn’t paid at the usual time. He had no reminders through the post, having tried contacting contact centre was passed to totally unhelpful operators who were only interested in getting the bill paid and would not pass myself onto any senior line management to put my complaint forward. I have since paid the bill and now wish some one to contact me regarding this matter before I pass onto the ombudsman.

  • I followed your link this morning to Gavin’s e-mail and was promptly responded to by Gavin himself within 20 minutes – from this point he has allocated a service representative who has already been in contact to deal with my issue so i can only say how impressed i was.

    Ok, so here I go…After 20 years of being with Virgin , we decided to change to BT as we were struggling with false promises of higher broad band, as we were paying or 50 meg, we were only getting 20 meg
    So as BT verbally informed us , oh yes sir, you will get an absolute minimum of 14 meg.
    Hahahahah what a joke! So BT planned to come one Friday morning 9am, to fit new landline phone line and BT broadband.
    They never turned up as we checked security cameras.
    Contacted BT, they said they knocked on the door and no one was in Hahahahah.
    My daughter was in and we have 2 sheep dogs with very good hearing.
    So they planned to come the following Friday morning, so took the day ensuring I was in
    OMG, a BT engineer turned up on time
    I invited the engineer to access the house to do the work Phone line and BT broad band
    A hour later, the engineer said he had completed the work and all is working
    I asked him about the BT hub ,where is it
    He informed me that it will come by post that day or Saturday morning
    10 days later the BT hub arrived,
    Great at last we have the internet …erm
    We had to wait another week for the hub to be logged and switched on
    By this time we had just given up with BT, and lost all confidence in them
    So now 25/10/2017
    Status of Broad band, ranges from 0.69 to 4 meg
    Status of phone.. not working
    If any BT managers or CEOS see this
    Maybe its time to honour your commitments
    Oh of course your still taking the direct, that’s the only thing you have right
    Awful service, awful company
    Going with SKY

  • BT used to offer free email accounts. I signed up in the 90s to the Talk21 account.Last week BT deleted this account saying I hadn’t used the account in 90 days (total fabrication), then they sighted an email in 2013 requesting I sign up to Premium Mail of risk losing everything. Obviously sounded like an email from Nigeria than a huge company like BT. Now I have been told the account and data is gone and can’t be retrieved as I am not a BT customer.

    Is this correct behaviour?

    Your truly,

  • BT used to offer free email accounts. I signed up in the 90s to the Talk21 account.

    Last week BT deleted this email account saying the account hadn’t been used in 90days (fabrication). Then sighted that an email in 2013 requested I sign up to Premium Mail or risk losing everything.

    Obviously this sounded like a scam email from Nigeria , than a huge company like BT.

    Now I have been told the account and data is gone and can’t be retrieved as I am not a BT customer.

    Big company. Small minded mentality.

  • I was trying to renew my BT contract yesterday. I thought I had done it but realised when the email came in that I didn’t agree with it, so I cancelled it. I was asked to provide feedback on the person, obviously I gave 0s. Tonight I took a call from a team leader regarding my scores. I gave him evidence of why I gave the score I did. I have now been trying to use my broadband only to find out I am getting 0.2-0.5 Mbps even though I have the infinity package 2. I am still paying for my old package. It seems too coincidental that my broadband has crashed, since I gave poor feedback. I sent an email to the BT chief executive. Hopefully someone from BT will look into this. My broadband is basically unusable but I am still paying for it!

  • I changed to BT a couple of weeks ago – it was THE worst decision ever. I have just been cut off the call tonight by a – laughing- ‘customer service’ operator who was trying to tell me that I needed to call Channel 4 if my More 4 wasn’t working – absolutely disgusting service!!!!! Promised fibre – but actually only fibre to my nearest BT box???? Never even checked if I had a BT line???? Cannot even watch catch up on normal tv anymore??? Ridiculous service !!!! Do NOT use!!!!

  • Dear CEO, We have had trouble with our internet and have no dial tone. We have had an engineer come out on Tuesday 24th October and say the fault is internal We now have had another call out today (the engineer was really helpful and was completely shocked at the speed we were getting, 17.2mega bites per second, our point of sale speed was 74, with a sync speed of 25), the engineer has phoned our BT residential to run tests and they have confirmed that there is a disconnection in the network. WE now have to wait until Saturday as I cannot take anymore time off work to wait for engineers to come to my home. The engineer has requested they look into asap. We have been paying over £60 per month for what we consider really poor Service, I would like someone to advise some form of compensation for the loss of internet speed and phone lines services. I would not expect this level of service from BT and if someone could please give me a call to get this resolved asap. If I fail to get a call or this resolved in adequate time I will be contacting the ombudsman to take this up on our behalf.

    Your truly


  • I have been with BT nearly 20 years .l have high speed broad band on the telephone pole opposite my house ,which my phone line is connected to and yet dispite me paying for unlimited broadband my down load and up load speeds have decreased to 0.76 and 0.50 , strangely ever since we have been asked to enter into contract with BT it has at least almost halfed to this .We have been informed the price is going up anyway .We attended a village meeting in essendon with our MP and BT reps .The BT reps promised us improvements at beginning of the year . why would anybody want enter a contract with BT .

  • Dear all, after my colleague spent weeks trying to sort out the ending and transfer of a contract – we were going to be charged £7oo for the privilege etc. I got fed up, I wrote a letter of complaint enclosed and rang toa sk for email address of complaints department – no one had it, I asked therfore for the CEO – they did not have it and so I said OK I googgled it. The letter below is consilitory offering some good options for resolution, but I copied it to MP and Asembley Member ( Wales) to ensure it would be taken seriously. My colleague got a phone call next day and the matter was resolved within hours. Tip, after the phone call we sent an email stating our understanding of the resolution and copied to MPs – thus giving little wriggle room.

    Dear Mr Patterson

    I apologise for having to send my initial letter directly to you, however, I could find no email address for complaints/customer service/escalating issues, and when I rang your system could not transfer me to anyone to take forward my complaint/issue. The person who I was put through to endeavoured to find an email address for my complaint and then when that was not possible to find your email address on the BT website but he could not manage it either. So here we are.

    Our situation is set out below, and what we are wanting is an acceptable solution to our problem – we think there is one there if BT is able to show some flexibility and effort. There is certainly one there for a company committed to customer care. I have added a number of solutions that we would find helpful and acceptable to move things forward speedily but would be grateful if a BT staff member could sort something out for us very quickly as the matter is now urgent.

    We are a single company, SME dispersed across the country with 4 locations/lines due to most staff working from home. We are going from 4 premises to three at the moment due to a staff member having to move house at short notice – so there is a line spare on a temporary basis ie for about 12 months.

    • Although we are a single company we have to have separate contracts for each line even though we would prefer one contract and the flexibility of changing location as our staff move around. BT insist on viewing each location as a separate customer although it charges us one bill.
    • A staff member who rents their property was given notice to leave and moved into a house where we have an existing line.
    • We are told it will cost us £700 to cancel the surplus line. We were told that we could transfer it for £20, however the location we would transfer it to already has a line and BT has said it cannot transfer for £20 unless that line is stopped first. This means the home and business at that location is without phone and broadband for up to a fortnight – even though it is a BT line and it is one of the family of contracts we have with BT!
    • To have it done on the ‘same day’ will cost £120 because we are told an engineer must come out to ensure there is a line there – even though it is the BT contract we have with BT that is there!.
    • In addition to this £120 cost we would still have the £400 cost of cancelling the existing line or we must transfer this line to another location.
    • We asked to move it to another location which is currently a domestic line, this was possible. But then it was suddenly found impossible to do without changing the number ie putting in a new line no reason given why?! This makes this ideal solution impossible for us as at this location as the number is already well established.
    • We have now been offered the VOIP, BT in the cloud option but BT will only transfer one contract to that line and so we are left with three spare contracts to pay out on instead of one! So this option is not practical for another 2 years without flexibility from BT.

    Why are we using BT when the customer service is so poor? The simple reason is because in Powys BT is still a monopoly so we have no choice. We feel that BT is being so appallingly difficult because it knows we have no choice. We think this is totally unfair.

    • That we are able to move the surplus number to our domestic location and keep the existing telephone number,
    • That BT is able to transfer all the lines on the same day for £20 without sending out an engineer because all the lines are BT lines and two of them we are the existing customer.
    • That BT has one contract with us as a business and does not treat each line as a separate contract giving us flexibility to grow and move around as our business dictates.
    • That we explore moving our entire operation to the cloud – this will mean porting our existing 0345 number to the geographic number we are given and we want this without having to wait until 2019 to the end of all our separate BT contracts.

    We continue to be really upset at the level of customer service we are being provided with and the lack of flexibility being shown to this small business. BT seems to want to charge for everything without providing the customer service to go with it. That we are trapped in a monopoly makes the situation we are in unacceptable.
    Time is running out my colleague David has had numerous conversations with different BT operatives, and now we need someone to take charge of our problem and resolve it in an acceptable manner with us. I am sure this is possible and I am sure that you can make this happen and we would be immensely grateful if you did – and expremely promptly as the deadline is very short. We sincerely look forward to this happening.

    With every good wish.

    Ruth Weston

    P.S. Please note this email is being copied to my local MP and Assembly Member as this issue will be of interest to them.

  • To CEO BT
    Trident Place, Mosquito Way, Hatfield, Hertfordshire, AL10 9BW
    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I phoned BT on 13th of August to transfer my line to the new premises as soon as possible. But I did not tell anyone to terminate my services to my existing premises until BT install the same service to my new premises. I begged them on number of occasions not to disconnect my line in my existing location until they install my new services to the new location. But nobody listen to me. When I phoned them they always ask me security questions and passed me from one to another and kill my time and did not allow me to work. About three years ago BT sales person betrayed with me by giving false assurance that I will have my existing number with BT if I move from vodaphone. As a result of their betrayal I lost £60,000 of sales in last 3 years. I am harassed, fed up , frustrated by BT people. It is a mental torture by BT.

    I phoned your customer services on number of occasions but there was no support from your part. It was a chaos made BT and serious harassment by a large corporation like BT.

    I do not know which email or which person of your company I should trust. Always I receive different information from different person, different email with different information. Your company debiting my bank every time and I never stopped payment. I also paid advance to get your line. When I phoned your company they waste my time and pass from one person to another. After long wait they leave without a solution. I have never experienced a company like this before.

    I Hired a large premises with a hope to expand my business and recruited people to work for me. But your company demotivated me so much and disturb me so much and did not allow me to work peacefully. They harassed me, they lied and gave false promises. As a result I could not achieve my sales target. I pay 7 times higher rent to get 14 times higher revenue , but your company did not allow me to achieve this as I heavily depend on internet to run my day to day business activities.

    At a glance your mess:
    1. Your company did not keep my business land line number when I moved to BT
    2. Your company did not install broadband ontime
    3. Your company lied on so many occasions
    4. Your company damaged my business growth and lost reputation
    5. Your company stressed me so much
    6. Your company charged me more and took money and did not give broadband on time.
    7. Your company did not notify, text or email me to visit my premises in November 2017 and charged me illegally. I run training in my client premises most of the time of the week. It is not professional to visit my premises without notifying me and then send me a bill that I was not in my business premises during your engineer visit. Also it is illegal to send a broadband box without a contract.
    8. Your company did not notify me charges when asked. Please remove both installation charges from my account.
    9. I lost £12000.00 in last 3 months as results of your mess.
    10. I lost my reputation during the rapid growth period of my business and my customers moved somewhere else as a result of not having broadband.
    11. I trusted your company so much as a large corporation. Paid them ontime. Also paid extra deposit to get broadband. But they failed to keep their promise. Recently they increased their bill without broadband.
    12. I am happy to negotiate and I do not want to waste court time. In the time of the rapid growth of my business I waited a lot. If you do not resolve this matter in an amicable way, I will have no further option but to take legal action to safeguard my business. As a result of this your company will be liable to pay all the legal costs. If I do not receive any satisfactory solution in 5 working days I will apply to the court of law to safeguard my business and recover my losses.

  • I am fed up with international calls. stating they are from bt saying that bt broadband has had problems
    with viruses and other things the last few weeks and they want to get into my iMac or computer. to show me the viruses and problems. with my broadband.

    If it was from bt surely thy would have said my mane not just mam .

  • Left BT broadband, kept email account. BT only email account was created 4th July 2016, payments by DD set up. 19 payments of £5 taken up to 11th Jan. 2018. Sometime ago my email account was switched to the free BT Yahoo email and my BT account was closed. Money continued to be taken by BT! I can’t get a straight answer from any one at BT . Why was my email service changed without my being asked. Where is the money going as my account was closed – who has it? Every inquiry leads to the call centre in India, they say I’m on the right email service, free email service provided by BT Yahoo and give me a load of guff!

    I believe fraud is being committed, I had a similar thing happen to my mortgage payments a few years ago. Payments were being directed into an account belonging to a person who worked at the bank. There were payments from other accounts going into this persons account too. Many thousands of pounds had been collected in this way, by an employee of the bank, it was found! I believe I am not the only person whose money is being diverted. With the account closed and paid service stopped who will notice money slipping into a fraudulent account?

    I have reported the matter to the police Action Fraud. BT employees are impotent, call center employees say there is nothing they can do – because they don’t want to, or aren’t allowed to, I’m thinking! I’m a 74 year old pensioner and can confirm we are not so dim as some make us out to be!

  • My comment has been removed, presumably, as it is no longer here. It doesn’t take away the longstanding problem I’m having.

    BT is taking £5 a month for providing me with a full email account, k.a. Premium email. BT transferred my emails to Yahoo, a free email service, without asking. and continued to take my money.

    I suggested there could be fraud, if you don’t like the suggestion would you please treat it as awareness. My money is being taken by BT and I am not getting the service the money is intended for. Thank you.

  • Good afternoon,
    I have contacted Gavin to make a formal complaint regarding the customer service I have received from BT.
    The email was passed over to the executive complaints team, who were awful. They were rude, arrogant and talked over me when I tried to explain my complaint – they point blank refused to listen to me or offer any solutions to my complaint.

    I have had to escalate my complaint to the ombudsman as I am so upset and angry at the treatment I have received from BT – I am so shocked that a company of this magnitude can treat their customers in such an awful manner.

  • Gavin Patterson, yeah right. More like an automated email pretending you care.

    BT customer service is a joke..

    The policy seems to be apologies constantly until the problem goes away, don’t actually deal with it..

    As for compensation… hah hah Laughable..

    You pretty much have a monopoly on FTTP and I’m now stuck with you for 18 months.

    After that, bye bye BT. Good luck retaining customers,

  • I have had numerous problems with BT with regards to the service provided. I complained so many times And eventually cancelled my contract thinking as the fault is theirs they will not force me to pay the outstanding bill because I haven’t used the service. Now my case has been forwarded to the debt collectors And asking me to pay x amounts. Why do I pay for something that I haven’t used and which they have refused to correct.
    The fact is my credit file will be affected so all in all the customer looses out.
    Someone please help

  • I think we should start off a pertition and get them looked into by government they are just taking money and not providing a service they are a shambles

  • BT get your act together. Yet again I cannot receive or send emails via MS Outlook. Please dont hide behind the excuse that contractually you are only obliged to enable emails to be sent received through web mail . We live in a joined up world !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.You might have deduced that I am not happy. It is worse than than.After in excess of 25 years using BT Email I have been FORCED to look elsewhere with all the hassle that that involved . If management could keep us informed of the steps that are being taken that would be an improvement. One day ????……………


    Nigel Wright FCA MBA

  • As a former employ of aboit 22 years, I am very concerned about the rumours in the press about our pensions. Have taken advice and understand it is legal to change my final salary pension to an average earnings one. I am 55 and considering whether to draw down my DB scheme now. Is there any truth to the rumours spreading in the newspapers and with many of my former colleagues?

  • I bet phone,broadband and sport, when I watch the sport I either get a pixelated picture and no sound or a good picture and no sound, I have complained many times over the last 12months and had joy from by, they say sorry time and time again , they also do a good job of showing sympathy but that is all. I cannot wait until I am out of my contract and I will be off to anyone else but bt

  • truly a vile company

    noone ever answers..bouncing calls..rude customer service..utterly useless engineers and above all they also let you wait on calls for 45 minutes and then shut the phone (or say they will cll back and never do) – boy embarrassment to be a CEO of this company..

    how’s your monopolyscheme going with open rech..oooh yeah..its changed name now so its not yours..ahahaha

    scammers and cheats

    3 will be will see


  • In September 2016, I opened a 12 month BT account at my new address in my sole name. In August 2017 my marriage unfortunatly broke down and I left the family home and moved to a new address and divorce proceedings commenced. As the BT contract at my former home was coming to an end I asked my then wife to sort out her own account with whoever as I would not be renewing the BT account. In April 2018 Whilst sorting out my finances for my divorce I noticed I was still paying for the BT account at my former home and immediately closed it to prevent any funds being taken. I was then served a notice by BT for money for closing this new account early even though I never opened a new account. Apparently my then wife had spoken to them with a view to her taking out her own account but had been bullied to just extend my original account in my name because it was cheaper. At no stage did BT ever speak with me.

    I spoke with BT customer services and explained what had happened and they responded that I was the account holder and had to pay it. I told them I had no intention of doing that.

    Since then until now, I have been subjected to 7-8 debt collecting agencies harrassing me and threatening Court action & or affecting my Credit status. Each time I explained what had occurred and they returned the enquiry back to BT with my response that I have no debt and that they need to refund me all payments unlawfully taken from my account. BT have never contacted me and immediately sent the debt out to an alternative debting agency to continue seeking recovery. This has gone on for the last 18 months. I tried ringing BT but all they ever said was the matter was with a debt collecting agency, they were not involved and I should pay up. I have had at least 2 emails from BT management also threatening legal action/ affecting my credit status with no facility to respond to them.

    I have now written a letter of complaint and emailed it direct to the CEO of BT and within days have had a manager contact me to discuss compensation. I am now awaiting his response. My mental and physical state has been seriously affected by BT preventing me from working in the 2 years + since they renewed my account with a third party without ever speaking with me and without my consent. I fear they will make a paltry compensation offer and am likely to pursue them through the Courts in the full glare of the public and get proper compensation. I will never ever have anything to do with this company ever again.

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