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Dear BTcomplaint.com

Yesterday our business neighbours were having some maintenance performed on their telephone lines. During the day, our phone lines were cut off (at approx 11.00am) and after we complained we were put back on line again. At approx 3.30pm the engineer left our neighbours and our phone lines were down again, but this time we were not able to alert the BT engineer.

We than rang BT and were told that even though a BT engineer had caused our phone to go down, that BT could not act for us and as we have our telephone calls and ISDN lines provided by another company we had to arrange repair of the BT engineers work through them, which I was extremely annoyed about.

I rang my supplier only to be told that we would be without telephone for most of today (Thursday) and could not guarantee a time when service would be resumed. This is totally unacceptable!

My company is an internet company that has a substantial telephonic support operation which we have not been able to deal with by our normal telephone facility today or late yesterday. On top of that, we have today had difficulties with our internet servers which have resulted in downtime to this service also and many of our clients have been trying to ring us to see what was happening, but have not been able to get through.

Because we have not been able to answer the phones, many of our clients have assumed the worst and think we have gone out of business and this will have a profound effect on our business and we may lose clients as a result.

Therefore, I think we are rightly justified in claiming compensation for business interuption and also for business credibility loss caused by your engineers inefficiency; and would welcome your comments and also proposal for compensation that will award.

As at 5pm on Thursday 17th March, we still have no telephone lines nor have seen an engineer arrive to investigate the failure of our system.

I look forward to your urgent response to our compensation claim as well as furnishing us with details of when we can expect our telephone lines to be renewed.

Yours truly

Kevin Evans

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  • We have had slow broadband problems for a period of 2 months on & off. BT are useless, you try and run a busy office without internet connection. it is so slow you can not load a page.

    I have come home but wanted to work tonight on the server no chance managed to get on for 5 mins now cant get on again. Technology stinks.

  • our telephone line was down from February 5th to March 7th the line is now back on but BT has offered compensation of £25!!! which is an insult we are still disputing the compensation .

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