BT Complaint – Best Contacts To Get Your BT Complaint Resolved

One of the most frequently asked questions on this BT complaint forum is customers asking for a BT complaint contact number or address other than the contacts that BT provide using 150 or 151 numbers. We’ve read past BT complaints and researched other forums and come up with a list of BT customer service numbers, BT contact numbers and BT complaints addresses. Please note that we haven’t personally verified these contacts but if you’re like many of us who have been driven to frustration by BT customer service then you might want to try these following BT contacts and advice.

Word of Advice

We recommend you type a complaint letter in a Microsoft Word document (or equivalent), save it and print it out. Then send it to one or more addresses below using 1st class post. You will likely get a response within a few days. Having saved your letter you can also try emailing it to the two complaints BT addresses below.

The quality of information on this page depends on your feedback – if you find an effective way of complaining to BT, or an address or phone number to get through that I haven’t published, please share it with me using the comment bow below and help hundreds of other desperate BT customers who are trying to find exactly the same contact details!


How to complain to BT

Here are a selection of BT Complaints numbers, addresses, and alternatives I found posted on forums.

Customer Service Director
Correspondence Centre
DH98 1BT


You could write to BT Head Office,

British Telecommunications PLC
81 Newgate Street,
London EC1A 7AJ

Or perhaps email The Chairman, Sir Michael Rake

The board of directors names can be found here Our board

The email addresses are

BT High Level complaints: Tel 0800 731 2762


OFCOM Reference Team 0300 123 3333 & 0807 312 762 762
Talk to OFCOM: Tel 020 7981 3040

Might also be worth having a read of this as well: Code of practice for residential customers and small businesses

You may prefer to lodge a complaint with Otelo (providing you have either received a deadlock letter or your complaint has been ongoing for 12 weeks)


Otelo is the ADR that deal with BT. If you complaint is still ongoing you should Read this:
Ofcom – How to complain

If you’ve done everything there then contact the Office of the Telecommunications Ombudsman – Contact Us

Otelo’s contact details are as follows:

Otelo (Office of the Telecommunications Ombudsman)
PO Box 730
Warrington WA4 6WU
Phone: 0845 050 1614
Fax: 0845 050 1615

Tips on how to complain to BT

The best way to get to the high level complaints department is to either write directly to the chairman or a member of the board. Or to the address on the bill. While you are waiting to hear back from these letters go through the normal channels of ringing an advisor and insist on getting the complaint escalated if you are still unhappy with the outcome.

Try and get the advisors name, however they may only give there first name for security reasons (or alternatively ask for their EIN number). Ask for their managers name and a contact number if they say they are going to ring you back, but most importantly you need a reference number for your complaint.

Once again we take no responsibility for incorrect numbers or information on this page as this info was collected from forums but please comment below if any details are incorrect or you found an alternative way to get through and complain to BT.

BT office addresses for sending complaint letters

Customer Service Director 
Correspondence Centre 
DH98 1BT
BT Head Office
British Telecommunications 
PLC 81 
Newgate Street


BT High Level Complaints

One of the best ways to get to the high level Complaints BT department is to either write directly to the chairman or a member of the board. Or to the address on the bill. While you are waiting to hear back from these letters go through the normal channels of ringing an advisor and insist on getting the complaint escalated if you are still unhappy with the outcome.

Contact BT CEO

We’ve heard of BT customers have success with their BT complaint by contacting the email address of CEO of BT Gavin Patterson.

Complaint Tips:

  • Try and get the advisors name. However they may only give there first name for security reasons (or alternatively ask for their EIN number).
  • Ask for their managers name and a contact number if they say they are going to ring you back
  • Most importantly – you need a reference number for your complaint.

Phone: 0800 731 2762



The independent regulator and competition authority for the UK communications industries.

Phone: 020 7981 3040

They also produced this useful step by step guide to complaining worth watching:




Contact Otelo

You may prefer to lodge a complaint with Otelo (providing you have either received a deadlock letter or your complaint has been ongoing for 12 weeks) Otelo is the ADR that deal with BT. Otelo’s contact details are as follows:

Otelo (Office of the Telecommunications Ombudsman) 
PO Box 730 
WA4 6WU 
Phone: 0845 050 1614 
Fax: 0845 050 1615

Once again we take no responsibility for incorrect numbers or information found on this page as it’s not personally verified – only collected from previous complaints and online research.

If you know of any useful contacts for complaining to BT, please leave a comment below and we will include this with thanks to help others.

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    • agents not english—cant understand them—–not helpfull at all——spent hours chatting —-got nowhere—leaving bt soon going to sky

  • BT customer services and billing not fit for purpose. No response from complaints apart from automated phone call asking me to call 150 when im no longer with BT,as good as a chocolate fireguard.

  • I have only been a BT Customer for1 month.? II don't use the house phonemuch as I work. These crafty guys have slapped on next months bill with the one I 'm about to pay now.!! is there a email address to take the complaint higher. Not just talk to a Monkey at the end of a phone, where they tell you, if you want to speak to a manager, there is no Manager.!! Strange.?? Who runs the Compan. ??

  • They are billing me because THEY did not cancel my FINISHED CONTRACT at my request…. No one knows what they are doing!! They just LIE to get you off the phone….. TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE

  • BT a total waste of time 2 years, hundreds of pounds in bill and the broardband and phone still do not work now I have a £169.00 bill for an engineer do no switch to BT you will regret it dearly

  • BT use to be a caring company many years ago where did it all go wrong they are now nothing more than a money grabbing unsympathetic company.I would never recommend them to anyone

    • it all went wrong when we had to speak to people in india——who don’t have a clue—leaving bt soon so are many friends of mine——try sky or virgin

  • Dreadful company – decided to come back to BT…was assured that everything was correct – canc my existing contract with Talk Talk was told the BT service would go live – now I have found out they have cancelled the order without telling me due to the line being with talk Talk…but what the heck of course it is…that is the point of moving back!!!!…so now without BB or phone until they pull their fingers out of their stupid bums and start working for a living…am now told service will be live within a month!!!!!!

  • After 40 years as a BT customer I'm told I have to pay a £140 penalty to close my account (Two lines).They then had the nercve to ask if I would sign up with them at my new address… the sheer stupidity of the question beggars belief.

  • I have just spent over two hours either on the phone or on a chatline but nobody has been able to work out why I can't access my bills online. My screen does not give me the login box for me to fill in my details. Everyone I've dealt with this morning just takes me through the same sequence and will not accept I can't see what they tell me should be on my screen.

  • worst company ever….. escalted to hiher level twice and they dont want to hear the problem, just what they think it is!!
    So many things happened to my a/c with sport channel, including them not setting up direct debit, and even after i rand to amicably sort things , they slapped another charge of £30 for reconnection when they knew its their fault…….so when i complained about this new problem, they said they would refund the £30 as long as a/c paid……….i said we havent even sorted 1st problem and now there is a 2nd problem in charging me £30. The complaints team cxame back and said they would offer £30 as gesture and nothing for original complaint…… I said its like u charging me £30 and then telling me ur so lovely that UR GOIN TO HELP ME AND refund the £30 as a big favour!

    I also told them they had not connected me 2nd time and didnt know till 3 weeks later that im getting chagred connection fee and rental as nit got channel. they said u wouldnt get the channel till u paid the 1st a/c, and reason why not got channel!! But they will charge me from day 1 , cause i should have known u cant sign up again to another a/c til 1st one paid……I didnt or no brainer as wasnt goin to pay full bill till problems sorted. even though they know i didnt get channel, they dont want to help and say i have to pay $3.59 for 4 weeks of channel i havent seen once as not on but on thier side it says active!!

  • Have had problem with broadband staying on line when it rains heavily it keeps cutting out, going on and off line. I have advised them about this now for a fifth times and keep geting told problem inside the house! AOL, who I had previously been with phoned me to tell me I had a fault on my line casued by water. Better service than I get from my present supplier!!!!!

  • Just settled my battle with BT on broadband after 2 weeks of calls, sitting in call queues, endless music, cutoffs, lies, non-returned calls – the lot !

    I asked for improved speed. They said "No" for hour after hour of phone calls, even locking me into new contracts, just to quote me contract terms when the improvement failed to materialise.

    What settled it? They made ONE SMALL PROCESS SLIP UP and I had them nailed for a FORMAL, REGULATOR REFERRED COMPLAINT. They HATED IT but the speed miraculously improved a few minutes later!

    What sad, depths this once great company has reduced itself to!

  • BT have intentionally built processes to put people off at every stage. It is a cost reduction measure.

    The trick is to refuse to accept their excuses as reasonable. Keep asking for it to be escalated to the next level, at each call, noting the day, time and who you spoke to – preferably (don't tell them until you need to) record the calls on your phone voice recorder (they HATE that!). At the end of this process, ask for a formal complaint to be raised, saying you have all the evidence you need that they are fobbing you off.

    BT have to log and report EVERY FORMAL COMPLAINT to the regulator and they HATE IT, when you do that to them!

    Something very important to know. The regulator charges BT for every complaint they have to review. It is somewhere between £500 and £750 per case, just to open it,plus the cost of losing the complaint, fixing it and paying compensation. So, BT's bill suddenly escalates massively.
    So, very often BT staff are empowered to resolve the problem rather than letting it go to the regulator.

    The video above gives a great summary of what to do.

  • I've been held in a non existent contract for 5 years! And the broadband and phone haven't worked properly in that time either! They have lied to me saying I was in contract when I kept telling them I wasn't I've mentioned the Ombudsman (who are more than willing to take the case on) but I may by pass the Ombudsman and take them to court!

  • appalling service. contacted them on behalf of my 85 year mum. Promised return phone call never occurred Friday. Promised engineer visit didn't happen Saturday. Promised return call from complaints didn't happen Sunday. Disgraceful.

  • BT Sport came free with BT internet on a 12 month contract. Check your bills. I have been charged £5 per month since August 2015 for a service I didn't ask for and never used. Will they return it to a free service – yes, and refund my money – NO – not yet!

  • BT installed landline and Broadband on Saturday 19th December at 06.30. I wasn't asked where I wanted the equipment situated. The engineer put it in the hallway, the job took a matter of minutes. phone plug is on one side of the hall and electricity socket the other with the adjoining wiring sprawled across the floor, I am 71,& extremely short-sighted so I asked him to sort this out so it was safe to which he replied "not my job, another engineer will sort this later. I have been given dates for this to be done via at least a dozen phone-calls and texts. I just keep being fobbed off by people with Indian accents who speak too quickly to be understood properly. Tonight, Jan 11th I was given a date for the wiring to be sorted out on Jan 26, apparently a previous promise to do the job on Jan 18th didn't have an engineer available. At 19.54 tonight I received a text to say to expect a phone call within 5 minutes from Customer Care to discuss my order. It's 22.15 and I still await this call! I have specifically asked to have all BT equipment removed from my flat and any monies paid to BT refunded. This has been completely ignored. There is no hesitation in them grabbing client's cash! I am at my wits end and would simply like to speak to an English customer care staff member. Help please.

  • My order for installation was March 3rd. After 2 missed appointments an engineer came April 20 & half fixed it but couldn't connect due to no hoist for outside work. I am disabled, have no nearby cellphone access & so am vulnerable. Absolutely appalled at this lame service & writing complaint.

  • The thing to do is leave BT as they are no longer the reliable company they used to be. They have sold out and the high standard isn't there anymore. They only understand money not quality of care or service so the more ppl leave them the sooner the will realise ppl have a choice. There is no loyality to their customers anymore because it is not British anymore. When ppl leave in big numbers and their profits are hit that is the only time they might improve and there is no guarantee they will ever improve because they no longer care they are no longer British.

  • Utterly disgusting company. They did not turn up today to fix our 3 week fault. Both phone line and broadband. Appointment cancelled without telling us. We stayed in, missing important assignments. Crackling phone line and intermittent Internet. I can't say how disgusted I am.

  • I had been out of contract and was looking for a new deal. I trusted to get guidance from the BT sales team. Instead I was tricked into a contract by saying I need an additonal line to operate the cloud phone system. Only after the conversation with the sales agent I found out that this was not the truth and infact I could work with one line less. When I rang the following morning I was given a and I was told the sales agent would ring me back within 48 working hours. I had to change client appointments and travel arrangements to be able to take the call on the landline. Of course nobody called. When I complained – the sales agent was given further 48 hrs to ring me back with a note 'matter of urgency'. If I have a note on my desk saying: 'urgent' I try my best to do so. At this stage I am waiting 10 days for a call. Which proves that this person has absolutly no interest in ringing – or his definition of urgent is distorted…. not being connected to a mangaer either.

  • 6 years after cancelling my braodband and phoneline with BT, i receive a letter from a debt agency as unknown to me BT have been charging for an email address, no communication from them what so ever!!! yes now this has affected my credit score and quess what, trying to resolve this, BT never call back when they promise or are their staff empowered to make a decision. never ever again will i have anything to do with BT.

  • Agree with most of the comments. Switched back to BT from Talk Talk a month ago. Problems ever since and can't get any satisfaction when I eventually get to speak to someone. I won't be with BT much longer. A complete joke.

  • Agree with most of the comments. Switched back to BT from Talk Talk a month ago. Problems ever since and can't get any satisfaction when I eventually get to speak to someone. I won't be with BT much longer. A complete joke.

  • My parents have been customers for 35 years – they moved 500 yards from a house to a bungalow and have waited 4 weeks for their previous number to be reinstated. Yesterday, they were promised that it would be sorted. Today, they have been told that it's impossible as there is a problem with the connection line on their property (probably) and they need to pay 129 pounds to an engineer so this can be fixed. There is no problem with connection as BT have given them 3 temporary numbers (one they did not even tell them about) – and these connected fine! My poor parents – my mum is a cancer patient and is waiting on results. Yes, they are using their mobile, but this is not the norm for them and of course there's an expense. They have just moved house, are in their seventies and having to deal with BT every day with no results. How appalling to be told of this further cost today after 4 weeks without their number. Where is the customer-care? When I told the last person in India that my parents would not pay the £129, she told me that she could no longer help me and ended the call. I shall be now contacting the CEO and the Ombudsman and if this problem is not rectified today, I shall move them to Virgin. I am now going to make sure that my wide network of friends and colleagues are aware of what my parents have been through with BT.

  • I always kept away from BT as they have a terrible reputation. I made the mistake of going back to them after many years as I wanted to receive the rugby broadcasts. In early January I have bought a Youview box so that I can watch BT Sport through it. After a total of about 4 hrs speaking to many BT representatives and a supervisor, and placing orders for infinity, each of the orders has been cancelled with no explanation as to why. I am still unable to receive the infinity which was promised. A truly appalling company to deal with. How can their directors not be aware of their lamentable performance !!!

  • Sheer liars from top to bottom. Every single person I have spoken to, from the person who sold me the Infinity deal, to the engineer who, looking back, clearly knew the set-up hadn't been done properly, but lied and said it would be okay within half an hour of him leaving, to the call centres in India who throw jargon at you and do nothing. Every time I contact BT my account takes a step backwards. I've gone from having broadband, TV and phone that worked, to having no connection, to there being "tags on the line" and an account that would take a week to be working properly, to an account that would take 2-3 weeks to set up properly, to now being told that I don't have Broadband, and it's entirely my own fault because I apparently never ordered it in the first place (!) despite the fact that I am being billed for it and have a bloody home hub that the engineer brought with him and set up. Really considering going to Ofcom with this, as there seems to be a wilful intent to deny service to people due to a mixture of laziness, incompetence and spite. The customer service side of BT's operation is tier after tier of unmitigated bullshit. Steer clear, I'll be cancelling as soon as I can get out of my contract.

  • I am in a similar position, move to a new estate and the broadband is virtually non-existant….. Being passed about through by their call centres, who appear to be reading from a script! Paynig for a service that is not providing. POOR After Service from BT.

  • BT is the worse group you can go with it is the arrogance of the group from top to bottom who feel they are above the law of the land
    I moved one business line to talk talk it took 2 talk talk engineers plus one seconded Bt engineer plus 3 brand new routers and a 7 month delay for connection to internet.I had a fault on same line for years of lost business through call drop outs. The whole system is corrupt were BT place you in deadlock to save face when it is their fault and send you to Ofcom same as police that's why no police prosecutions take place. Please BT Mr.M Rake CEO Of BT Group please take control fast as you have been running a two tier service for years we can't all be members of the closed society

  • Having had enough of BT, broadband going down on an almost daily basis, speed which a pigeon could overtake and the final straw, fibre going through the village, but being told none of the households would get it as it was not financially viable, I decided to leave. Today I have received an email telling me that my final bill is overdue and threatening me with debt collection which could affect my credit rating.
    1. The phone number which they state is mine, IS NOT, so they are in breach of the data protection act.
    2. The final bill of £4.97 I have never received.
    3. My online account with BT (as of today)states "Your final bill was £42.88 in credit".
    4. The links in the email, when you click take you to pages unavailable.

    The biggest mistake of Ofcom is not breaking up BT and making Openreach a separate company. But then why should we be surprised, Ofcom, Ofgen, Ofwat, they all seem to be run by people with no vision, ideas or backbone.

  • Welcome to the club! I'm currently fighting on behalf of my 85-year old father-in-law – full time carer for my mother-in-law who has severe dementia and arthritis. He uses his laptop around once a fortnight, but seems to have downloaded 16GB in the last 2 weeks! BT are refusing to waive the charge despite an assurance that they wouldn't enforce it while it was being investigated. I'll be taking this all the way to the top – the only response from BT is for him to pay to upgrade his account to unlimited broadband (and sign up to a 18-month contract!).

  • There playing with my life. Ive missed two occasions when the hospital has rung repeatedly to get me to go in for urgent treatment.My phone does not ring to tell me of incoming call. I report this on fault line which says it will check line and ring me back in five minutes. But not having a ring it does not ring. If you ask for report it says put phone down and it will ring you back with result. Ive tried 5 different phones two brand new ones. The brand new one lasted a month before it no longer rang. Last week had ambulancetaking me for urgent consultation to hospital try to find my house but fail so they rang me but got no answer due to me getting no ring. They turned back and will have to try get another appointment another time but still not able to accept incoming calls. (it could be cancer im being examined for ((saw 24hrs in A/E and the refereral is to find that out). Another rub is trying to get it fixed via 0800 800 151 they insisting on very minute detail of me all my christian names and full address and post code and more to take my fault. One problem had Indian woman a month back try to sort out my computer which apparantly causing a problem and she quoted my phone account no for Bt.When looking for a phone bill to check it was my number she rang off. IT WAS MY ACCOUNT NUMBER. So im very aware of excessive questions being posed by "BT " staff in India possibly helping them in thier criminal operations of identity theft. Because i would not fully cooperate they cut off taking my fault.

  • Up until 3 weeks ago we had 76mb BT fibre broadband, was running between 68-70mb all day every day, I then recieved a letter from them telling me that they were increasing the price by quite a bit so I could leave without penalties. I shopped around for a better deal and found one with ee so I signed up for it and set the ball rolling. I then received a call from BT bettering the deal I'd got shopping around and I would have no interruption to my service. I phoned ee and cancelled the change over. Everything seemed fine, until a week later when my speed dropped down to 4mb! I called BT, after 7 different departments and nearly 3 hours on the phone they told me that their computer system had "glitched" and I had been disconnected from fibre and it would take 2 weeks to reconnect me, I wasn't happy but there wasn't much I could do about it so I waited 2 weeks. 2 weeks passed, but no joy, checked on line and the order had been cancelled so I gave BT a call only to find out that there is now no room in the exchange and I can't now get fibre broadband even though I have been paying for it for over a year and am still in contract and still paying for it! As BT are breaching their contract does anyone have any advice as to what I can do?

  • BT website, telephone contact and customer service – TOTAL NIGHTMARE! And what's with the email translator that converts my reasonably good English language skills to complete rubbish!

  • Similar problem with my aunt who has had to move house been with BT 40yrs tried to get phone up and running since 13th May its now 25th May 5 phone calls later no one phones back three times they told me it would be done that day and been on the phone again now they are telling me it will b fixed by June 9th ! I asked them if they were having a laugh ! I have explained to them every time l have phoned she is elderly has ill health and is vulnerable as she has learning difficulties and has never used a mobile! Its disgusting how they treat customers they have caused her terrible stress they just don't care,l have sent a e-mail to oftel complaints.l would never ever tell any one to go with them l am going to leave when my contract is finished.

  • Without doubt, the worst company I have ever dealt with! You would think that I would learn my lesson as I got rid of BT a year ago but stupidly decided to return last month. The result? Intermitant or no broadband service for a month! Hours and hours of phone calls to India. Lots of cut offs when speaking to them. BT chat useless, have even sent an email to the CEO.
    I have a Smart Hub 6. I added to BT (yes, their own brand) wifi range extenders and the problems begun! Since removing the extenders, the Internet is back and working well! Go figure that one!

  • Without doubt worse ever company if your thinking off switching to BT think again, after two weeks with no phone or broadband my 70yr old disabled mum has been housebound after a major op. I’ve acted on her behalf to be told there’s a fault in house not true it’s outside. Upon that I’ve been told there’s an engineer fixing the problem and I will recieve regular calls with updates I haven’t recieved a single call on my mobile number that they have. I’ve contacted them now 8 times to be told the same thing over and over still not fixed. Take my word it’s terrible service.

    • what happend to the BT SHOPS you could go into in all big towns and speak to english people and get things sorted out——-leaving BT soon

  • Have had problems with BT since I signed up with then my bill is always wrong and can’t get anyone to deal with it as customer services don’t know what they are doing and they won’t let me talk to a supervision . Have had a customer service person hang up on me twice . Crap company and I will be leaving them today .

  • Have read above comments. What a lot of sadness because it all TRUE. A once great British company gone to the dogs and held together by deception.
    We have rainy disruptions with the threat of the £129.99 call out fee being ‘deducted’ from our BT account, if it can be shown the fault is your fault. Even if is £129.99, it is over the top. Pity the elderly cancer sufferer above. I do because I am also in my 70’s with cancer and know exactly the pressure of waiting for calls from the hospital. If any BT worker has self respect, change jobs. If an alternative provider can be found change to them. When the employees and customers have gone the BT fat cats will be paid back by their shareholders. SADLYthey still have their jobs.

  • Having recently moved house I have encountered a number of customer service organisations. Unfortunately BT IS THE WORST SERVICE PROVIDER I have come across on all fronts. The adviser who took my order to terminate my BT service at my old address and transfer it to my new address informed me that it would be activated on 17 October. I then received a progress update from someone, who informed me that the progress of my order was IT HAD BEEN CANCELLED! After speaking to BT about this ridiculous update I was informed my order would be expedited and I would have service on 17 October. This did not happy and nobody had the common courtesy to contact me to let me know. I was then told I would get service on 27 October and no matter how hard I tried to get someone to explain to me why they had failed to deliver on 17 October nobody could or would.

    It is now 28 October and my broadband connection is still not working. Again nobody had the good grace to contact me to explain why the service was not working. Having contacted you this morning I was informed the broadband would be connected on 1 November! When asked for a step by step explanation as to why BT had FAILED to deliver on their own delivery date the advisor could not and would not explain. To make matters worse the advisor would not put me through to a manager or anyone else, so that I could get an explanation. Instead the advisor pressed buttons on the phone so that it became an irritant to me and I had to end the call.

    Having placed my order on 3 October I feel as though BT has strung me along and do not have any intention of providing me with service until they feel good and ready. If that is the case I would have appreciated it if they could have told me that so that I could take my business elsewhere.

    After 20 years with BT I am loathed to continue and I will never recommend you to anyone.

    As no one has bothered to contact me to date I don’t expect that will be any different once you read this.

    • Hope you went to another provider. There are plenty to choose from and believe it or not TalkTalk is very good. They do what they say they will and are always helpful. I’ve had no trouble with spam since I joined and I wish I could receive their TV but live in a Freeview dead area. Even BT didn’t realise this and turned up with technicians who were most surprised no one had checked first. So Sky it is at my cost for TV! If it becomes too expensive I’ll learn to live without it. Cut our cloth etc.

  • We are being billed £50 for going over our monthly limited of 12 gb however the times when there was excessive usage we were out of the country and no one was in the house. I reportedly this immediately to BT and initially I was told this would be waived as they looked at our data usage which is normally 7/8gb per month. I’ve recently had an email to say we are going to be charged this month and when I rang to complain although I explained the situation they said there was nothing they could do and we would be charged. The operator was very busy trying to convince me to go unlimited. VERY FRUSTRATED as we were out of the country and could not possibly have been using any data. What do I do now?

    • I had a similar problem with Sky when they changed from Google to Yahoo and made a complete mess of my emails and then overcharged. One of their technicians did mention piggy backing by someone but did nothing to establish who it could be. I live alone. Left Sky phone and BB then found that others were plugging into my sattelite dish for which I pay insurance to Sky Protect (D&G). When one of the people left who live in the same house of 4 flats realized who it was. He had taken my router details and clever man was getting my usage for free and I had to pay for his. Left Sky for TalkTalk and they explained how to change the password on their router. Can you do the same?

  • I am sick of getting letters from bt for a person who does not live at this address,has never lived at this address & I don’t know the person.

    I have repeatedly returned the letters stating not known at this address but it seems incompetent bt cannot get this info into their thick heads.

    Today I have called them 3 times,been cut off 3 times so now it’s costing me money for their total incompetence

    I have no chice now but to go to the media,my solicitor to sue bt for the continued incompetence

    • It seems the big companies are getting things badly wrong. BT have put themselves on my Credit Report 3 times for 2011/2012 yet I left them in 2007. Where do these companies get their facts? Write to head office and go the Ombudsman or/and the ICO by phone or online. If BT say you owe money they are in the wrong and it must be put right or you will find them on your credit report.

  • Have today found £50+ of calls to France not made by us and when I called to query this, simply told that we must have made them. No-one else to talk to as the guy refused to acknowledge the possibility that the calls might be bogus and wouldn’t do anything but lodge a complaint which is due a call back in 3 days time. Clearly someone has hijacked our number somehow? Don’t know how this happens but it does I believe. My concern is that this could be happening again as I write and they won’t believe me. All I was offered is call barring at £4+ per month. Any ideas or experience of similar welcome……

  • I write in disappointment at some work carried out on one of your junction boxes outside of my property.The work carried out was it seems to replace the the box and tar around it.The work was completed but left some damage to numerous bricks in my wall either side of the box. There was also a disregard for tidying up after the procedure as well.The damaged bricks will now have to be replaced to make good.The work was carried on Friday 25th November 2016 by either yourselves or your subcontractors either of which I didn’t see as I was in work only to come home to see the damage and mess caused.I trust you will make arrangements to rectify damage caused at your earliest.

  • Absolutely poor service from BT yet again they have suspeded my email account without any notice and can’t get it back for me to take things off there that I need. Wouldn’t waste my time with BT , Customer service is a joke

  • BT are like other large organisations.
    We haven’t received the guaranteed 46GD download speed, we only receive 16-20GB, so I have divided my broadband invoice by 46 and then multiplied it by 20. This is the amount that they can charge and I have sent them an invoice for the overpaid amount ie 26GB, which we haven’t received.

    Our phone line was also crackly and we where told it was a fault inside our house by someone in India. The fault was eventually tracked to further down our street. Once again, I have invoiced them for 50% of the telephone portion of our bill.

    I have a previous track record with BA over lost luggage, I used the same process with them and when they didn’t pay, I issued them with a County Court summons for the full amount plus interest and Court fee, which I did online (Google County Court summons). BA paid in full.

    This whole process has a large financial cost and embarrassment for BT and if they dont reply, then they receive a County Court Judgement against them and if they don’t pay, I send the Bailiffs in. If more people do it, then they will change their ways.

  • I am being harassed by a BT customer leaving abusive and derogatory messages on my web site, always with false names and bogus email addresses. How do I find out who this is so that I can report it to the police? Why does BT allow him internet access so he can carry out his attacks? What is BT prepared to do about it?

  • My internet keeps dropping out. I have had telephone conversations with some one in India who has done all the tests and told me that they would ring me back in 48 hrs. I had a text to say they would ring me in 5 mins. The phone rang twice and that was the end of that.
    I’ve done all the tests and the only way to get my internet back is to turn the router off and back on, this suggests to me that the router is faulty.
    Your attention to this matter will be greatly appreciated.

  • BT has got to be the worst service I have ever had.
    We have payed for wifi and line rental and it has never worked. We have 3 engineers sent out and all 3 did not turn up!!
    The complaints superior is a waste of time just goes round in circles. We have asked for a refund and they won’t give us one! Just going round and round in circles. I am disgusted in the way they are handling my complaint.

  • I just had a BT(Open Reach ) engineer call to my house after YEARS of my broad band dropping and several discussions with INDIA to be cut off deliberately because I was adamant that I was NOT going to be pushed into paying MORE for Infinity despite the MULTITUDE OF MAIL SHOTS offering Infinity – with arguments about it being the ROUTER at fault for reduced speed – over the last TEN days discover cannot get BBC i/player – suggestions Its’s in my PROPERTY – and/or suggestions that Copper connections for broadband are deteriorating so better to opt into FIBREOPTICS – TODAY suddenly the engineer introduces a MASTER SOCKET C5 attached upstairs where the main wires come into the house OH BINGO my speed that had reduced to just 1.mghz SUDDENLY JUMPS TO 18.5- and according to the engineer this little inexpensive contraption has EXISTED FOR YEARS!!! I suggest this has been withheld all this time in order to PUSH ME INTO INFINITY! Thanks a bunch!!

  • My BT hub has malfunctioned. I was informed that a replacement would be sent urgently, that is to say within two days. Needless to say this promise has not been kept and nine days later still waiting. Just finished talking to another advisor who said “someone will be ringing you tomorrow about your complaint”. No mention of the replacement hub!!!!!

    I have been a customer for nearly 50 years. What price loyalty.

    Having read through all of the complaints what strikes me is the feeling of utter despair, the feeling that the directors appear to be oblivious to the genuine concerns raised by its customers.

    So what can be done about this flagrant disregard of customer complaints. May I suggest that we (the complainants) get together buy a few shares and attend the next AGM and kick up a fuss. The media can be advised beforehand.

    Despairing BT customer


    • I also have been a loyal customer for 60 years and my father since the early 1950’s. BT do not give fig for loyalty. I soon will be writing to Ofcom and the Ombudsman regarding my problem

  • Why is it so difficult in this day and age to have proper Customer Service Teams all trained and up to date with present day problems
    Staff are not helpful there is no back up with Supervisors or Managers
    There needs to be a Secure Emergency Number for Family to contact when Parents who are elderly and live alone have issues so they can contact immediately if a problem occurs with phone line

    Can the Top Dogs start a new Campaign

    Chat to the Family all of the day but encounter a problem and know you are safe let’s do it BT Director please take note

    BT are here to help give our Emergency line a call we are here to assist and HELP !

    Just a thought please back this new IDEA

  • I have been without broadband for nine days, and there doesn’t look like I will get internet connection back any time soon. I have been ringing now and then, but each time I get given a different excuse. I keep to my side of the contract. But, why oh why is BT not keep to their side of the contract by giving me a decent internet connection?

  • BT Customer Service (lol) is absolutely shocking. The overseas call centres use scripts, don’t give a shit and are rude because they know nothing will happen.

    BT just don’t give a rats ass.

  • A very unhappy bt business customer here.Problems with line and broadband switching off for months.Trying to get any sense from there switchboard is impossible.on 2 occasions have made appointments for engineers to come to my premises and they just dont turn up.On 1 occasion left without phone or broadband for 3 days.Has to be one of the worst companies in the wonder they are loosing money.

  • BT are a disgrace to their customers i have spent 4 years battling with them regarding changing my HUB over to BT Infinity, this was the biggest mistake and choice ever made. The first two years i had to use a lead to connect to my Laptop for use then after two years i were able to go wireless. Obvious there was not the coverage in my area when sold BT Infinity, however to add to the ongoing saga we have never ever been able to connect a mobile ipad or tablet to the Hub installed. And the hours and chats and calls made to there Indian call centre is atrocious, they speak 50 to the Dozen and i cannot understand them i have over and over again asked for UK based clear English speaking to contact me but NO they do not listen and i have even had one lady very rude and at the end of the chat apologised. They pass you all around the houses and then you have to start explaining all over again and again and again. BT have not ever done any thing for me to resolve their problem and have the cheek to now say it maybe a faulty HUB you have and because i am out of a contract i have to pay them more money. I AM DONE WITH BT AND HAVE NOW SWITCHED PROVIDERS AND LOOKING FORWARD TO THE SWITCH OVER ON 19TH JUNE 2017 WITH UK BASED CLEAR ENGLISH SPEAKING CUSTOMER SERVICE AND TECHNICAL HELP LINE TO CALL. bt iNDIAN cALL CENTRE NEED TO SLOW DOWN AND SPEAK CLEARLY BT’S LOSS.

  • I’m having the same problems with BT. Have been with them for years, experiencing various problems on the line, which they have fixed( too numerous to mention) , but the latest one they wanted to charge me for, saying I had caused damage to the master socket, which is not so( it says in their literature that this should be maintained by them , up to & including the master socket) . They were only prepared to refund me half of the charge!!! I have cancelled my D/D, I shall send them a cheque for my actual phone usage, but I simply refuse to pay the so called home improvement charge!!! Disgusting.

  • Appalling! No phone or b/ band. – spoke to/ online chat to about 14 different people. Call centre put phone down on me. Want to charge ME £120 for cancelling a non existent service!
    Will never use again & recommend you don’t either.

  • We have the Phone and broadband with BT and the most we are getting from the Broadband is 2.6 which it seems this is all we have been getting for a while and did not realise this called them to sort but they more or less told us that’s all we can have and will get Not really good enough did not even offer any assistance or advise they actually told us it was because its through a copper pipe ??? I suppose because they was talking to a woman I would not understand – This should not make any difference at all and we should be getting more out of it they are quite happy to take our money and expect that the 2.6GB is good enough I DO NOT THINK SO Yes folks 2.6 and people are complain about 16GB I Wish

  • you have been disconnecting my line in the night and causing my alarm system to activate this has been happening for over two weeks what is going on ? is anybody there ? your time clock is increasing in time not reducing !!!!! I have had a problem on an order with broadband and returned home to guests that have had there sleep disturbed by bt disconnecting the line in the middle of the night EVERY NIGHT this is without any notification from you please treat this as a complaint on BOTH issues and let me know what you are doing about these problems.

  • Have just spent several hours on the phone to INDIA to no avail .Told tohold but got cut off. Eventually to my great surprise go a uk department. The problem was i am not getting any calls as some so called engineer has crossed my line with someone else , could not speak to a manager as all in meetings probably call back in 24 hours. The trouble is awaiting inportant calls. The worry is will i get someone else bill. This problem started with phone and internet dropping out. Have been with BT some 40 yrs and they do not seem to care.

  • Love it when a bt engineer in dundee fixes a job then nips across the road to sell drugs straight after it! Great company, u should be proud

  • DO NOT JOIN BT! On the 3rd of October we signed up for a BT package including a BT phone line, BT TV, BT Sport, and BT infinity broadband. A confirmation email was sent the same day saying that by the 12th of October the broadband service will be activated. Today is the 8th of November and an engineer is yet to come and fix a “problem”.

    This ridiculous and unacceptable waiting period is about to get bigger since the customer BT has proved incapable of providing a service they have already charged us for last month.

    On the 12th of October the broadband service was not activated. An advisor informed us they just found out that there was a rolling contract from the previous tenants and there was nothing we could do from our side to speed the process. The activation would be postponed for the 25th of October. We complained of course and BT said that the broadband service would be activated on the 17th of October instead.

    On the 17th of October the broadband service was again not activated. An advisor informed us that we would actually have to wait until the 25th of October! The following day we opened a complaint with the customer service.

    On the 25th of October the broadband service was again not activated. An advisor told us that they were not responsible for the delay even though is was them who kept reassuring us about the new activation dates. At this point they also added that it was an Openreach technical problem and that we l we would actually have to wait until the 31rst of October!

    On the 31rs of October the broadband service was AGAIN not activated. An advisor told us that everything was finally done by both BT and Openreach and that the new “final” activation date would be on the midnight of the 3rd of November.

    On the midnight of the 3rd of November the broadband service was AGAIN NOT activated. An advisor told us that it is too late to contact the connections team who was apparently responsible for this mess.

    On the 4rth of November, after I spoke to an advisor I finally managed to get a manager to call me back. The manager reassured me that they were well aware of this ridiculous waiting period and that everything was properly connected and activated BUT we would have to wait for Monday the 6th of November. On Monday according to him, the connections manager would be made aware of everything and make sure that by Monday midnight we would have our broadband activated… That makes absolutely no sense on BTs behalf!

    On the midnight of the 6th of November the broadband service was AGAIN NOT ACTIVATED. An advisor told us that there has been a fault detected on the line and that the issue now would be passed on to BT’s wholesale department. In addition to that she would book a maintenance team to come and fix the problem within five to seven days. After is stressed how indignant I was as a customer with BTs incapability to provide this service, even though they kept reassuring us for weeks, she magically manage to find an open slot for Wednesday the 8th of November.

    On the 7th of November I explained everything to and advisor and asked to be connected to a manager from the connections team. He told me that a manager was made aware of this and that within four working hours I would be contacted. A manager never called… Now we are completely being ignored!

    Me and my housemates are APPALLED by all this.
    When we joined BT on the 3rd of October, we did not make an informed decision that we would have to wait for 6 weeks and STILL not have our broadband activated! The costumer service kept lying to us all this time.

    Why did BT sold us a package they were unable to provide?
    Why did they not know all along that it would take them more than six weeks and still not have broadband activated?
    Why did they kept reassuring us that the service would be activated all these dates, when it clearly it was NOT going to?
    Why 36 days later your management team ignores us and does not even call us back?

    I am posting this on social media hoping to stop being ignored and lied to!

  • I was left a message on my phone to phone 02085878375 to talk about my horrendous last 2 phone bills, but although the message said she would be there after 11, no joy with anyone at the end of the phone.

  • My 87 year father returned to BT after 6 months of very poor service by a competitor. We decided it was worth paying more for piece of mind and good service. Since requesting to transfer back in July 2017, we have had our account cancelled in error, wrongly charged for a broken contract, re-instated on the wrong contract and despite 3 months of calls, complaint references, a list of names of people I have dealt with and numerous promises of return calls and emails we have got precisely nowhere! We are still on the wrong contract and still await return calls from 16th Oct, 19th Oct, 24 Oct, 26 Oct, 4 Nov and 9 Nov. 20th Nov we were promised an email explanation – nothing has arrived, no contract changed but the bills keep coming. I’m now going to log it all again and pass it over to OTELO as I can’t waste any more time trying to communicate with a communications company. Customer Service at it’s worst.

  • I am writing to you in the hope that this letter will bring me some hope of a resolution to an ongoing complaint which I have had since 3rd December 2017.
    Since the above date I have not been able to gain access to MyBt, BT Sport and my email account as my passwords are not being recognised. When I change the passwords they are still not being recognised.
    I have been in contact with various people but no one seems to understand the problem I am experiencing or provide a solution.
    I find the offshore help Centre very frustrating, as the staff offer the same advice (which is : ” change the passwords”) To repeat myself, changing the passwords is not a solution. Something is blocking the passwords from becoming active. No one seems to be willing to investigate the reason why. I sincerely hope you can offer me some advice which will resolve the complaint.
    I await your reply with anticipation of a positive result
    Best regards,

  • I am continually receiving calls from 0845602111 which I understand is a marketing number of B.T relating sms messaging..these calls are on auto dialing and are on the hour every hour.
    This is outrageous and you must stop this action .
    I am NOT a subscriber to B.T I use E.E which is more infuriating, how can you keep contacting My Number I am ex directory as well . If this continues I will take this matter to my local M.P. and /Or report the matter to the police. What a disgrace your company really is.

  • I have changed my opinion of BT being “customer friendly.” Currently I have a credit balance and HAVE BEEN PLACED on a payment holiday since January, next payment to be debited in May. I initially used the BT chat line and was assured that they would terminate the holiday and start up payment in April-NOT SO. I contacted a free phone number this morning 24/04/18 to be informed verbally- payment holidays are hard and fast-no alteration possible, yes I could make a payment over the phone, but my request -NO CHANCE. THANK YOU BT FOR BEING SO ACCOMMODATING-NOT!!!!!

  • My mum died 6 weeks ago. BT bill (just for BT Sport – she had SKY for everything else) was paid the day after she died. They are now demanding a further final payment as they say their SYSTEM demands payment up to today. Her rented house was vacated over 2 weeks ago.
    Unbelievable nasty corporate greed.
    Libby Barr (MD Customer Care) – hang your head in shame.

  • 16 August 2018 still waiting for a manager to call me back only been waiting 24 hours customer service well there was none worst thing ever going with bt wish I had never changed suppliers stuck in a contract for 18 months bt have not delivered the service I signed up to . They have taken monies from my accout which was not agreed or what I signed up to since I have not signed anything I don’t see why I can’t cancel you take advantage of people shame on you . You all need retraining.

  • You are all frauds and lam appalled by all theses negative comment you have recieved yet you have done northing to put anything right for your customers have bt herd of rip of Britain because it’s rip of bt let’s see how many people we can rip off today if I did not do my job properly I would be sacked you thieving pigs shame on you bt

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