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Here is a good example of how to write a letter of complaint to BT.

To Whom It May Concern:

This is my second letter of complaint, after having given up on calling you. When I call I have to wait on hold for 45 minutes and then speak to someone, who I presume is in an Indian call centre who promises me he/she will solve all my problems and then does nothing.

I have a number of complaints, that have lead me to the conclusion that if they are not solved within a month from the date of receipt of this letter then I will contact Watchdog, the national papers and cancel my contract with you.

I moved into my first home with my wife a week before our wedding. After out wonderful honeymoon we started looking at getting a phone line installed, along with broadband and television. After looking online we found that your BT Value Bundle would be the best deal for us. It offered us all 3 (including free evening and weekend calls) for £6.95 a month (this was half price for the first 6 months) plus the cost of line rental (quoted at £10.50).

So I called your sales call centre, and was told I had to set up a land line first. So we went through the procedure for that and we were told that 48 hours after the phone line was up and running we could apply for BT vision and broadband. On the day our phone line was meant to be up and running, it was still not working. So we called your helpline and they said that it had been cancelled. So they reinstated it and a week later our phone line was working.

However I received a letter that same day that said I had signed up for unlimited free calls that cost me £6 a month, I had never asked for this and didn’t want it. I called and explained this to your call centre who said it wasn’t a problem and she cancelled it for us.

We then called to set up BT vision and Broadband. Thankfully that went fine.

We received and paid initial payments for £50 for BT Home Hub, £30 for BT Vision Box and £17 for I don’t know what as you never sent me a bill for it!!!!

We then received a shocking bill for £260 (approx) We had been charged a cancellation fee for the Unlimited free calls that we hadn’t wanted in the first place! We called 5 different times and each time we were told the bill had been amended to take this charge off, but each time we received a bill with the same amount!!

Our main issue with the bills are that we receive 3 of them. We cannot work out what we are paying for!! By the looks of it we are paying 2 sets of line rental which is incorrect. Also the bills seem to be quarterly when I had requested them to be monthly.

I don’t mind paying what we owe, however I haven’t a clue what we owe, your call centre workers just confuse me further. They each have a different explanation!!

Also for the last 2 weeks our BT Vision box hasn’t worked. We were told an engineer would contact us within 48 hours over a week ago.

As you can see, your company has let us down in every way imaginable. It has caused unbelievable stress on our relationship, at a time when we should be enjoying our newlywed status we are stressing over your company’s incompetence.

My requests are simple.

We would like the BT Value Bundle. Paying £6.95 a month plus £10.50 line rental. With clear bills!

We would like our BT Vision Box to be fixed.

We would like some kind of financial compensation for the stress that has been caused to us by your company.


Please cancel our contract with you immediately, we wish to have no ties to your company.

We look forward to hearing your prompt response.

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  • i have had similar problems with bt we set up an account last septem ber so we could have the internet decided orange offerd the best package for us had bills off bt payed them then the phone was cut off for non payment spoke to lots of people just like you they dont seem to do anything than say yes thats fine discoverd we had 2 account 1 were the money went and the phoone on the other they shut 1 down said thats the end of the problem but still charged me reconection fees which we refused to pay as it was thier mistake that had caused the problem it tokk 5 months to sort it out they said the accounts such a mess it would be easier to start again they did and theyve done the exact same thing again im starting to think that its easier to go to the library to use the internet

  • The trouble with BT is they have fantastic products and services, but complete spanners selling it and in customer services.
    I had so much trouble getting BT vision sorted after I’d committed to it that I ended off writing a 1600 word threatening letter to the chief exec of customer services.
    It got me somewhere, but even after he’d intervened it took another 2 months to get things absolutely right.
    The woman he put me in touch with was terrified every time I phoned her yet she still couldn’t get things sorted through her own and others incompetence. She wanted to, but she just couldn’t!!!

  • I have been through the same experience. I am a student and its even more pressure, when you have less budget and many things going on. I called BT sales Rep as I wanted phone so I could get Broadband.But i asked only for line rental to see how things work. They said that its will be 10.99 per month.And when i gave all my details,the salesrep asks if i need to call international numbers.I said yes since i HAVE to call India.She said that, i have to pay only 6.99 extra monthly so that i could call INdia for FREE as long as it doesn’t go beyond one hour. I first doubted it and asked her over and over again if she is sure. And she said yes very confidently.I thought they must have rules and ethics and they won’t lie. I signed up for it. She said that my line will be up and running in 48 hours, and it took longer than that. Anways, when suddenly after 5-6 days, i realised that the line was running, I started making calls to India and was happily over the moon thinking i got such an unbelievable offer. after two days, i called BT automated service and my bill was around 160. I was terribly shocked, i called them immediately.The rep said that i didn’t sign up for international calls.Moreover, they said that there is no such things as calling for upto one free, the plan that was offered to me by the saleslady. I called later to complain after absorbing my anger and they said they will call me back within 10 days. And i AM COUNTING, its been 10 days already but i should wait for 10 working days.Having loaded with Assignments and course works I couldn’t work and i was really in a mess due to all this stuffs. I think BT should give a thorough training to their staffs. There must be some bonuses or incentives in sales, thats why they are all sweet when they sell, and don’t even care about what they say. I am absolutely not thinking of using BT Broadband and If they don’t call me back,I will see what other legal options are available to us.

  • Hi there,
    I signed up with BT to get a line in the house and then made a contract for line rental & broadband (only one bill and great benefits not offered by BT, like calling the EU, US and other countries free anytime) with another company. I never made a single phone call with BT. However, apparently I was on a 12-month minimum contract with BT and have thus been hit by a 70 quid cancellation fee, of which 45 or so remain unpaid. I was only a BT customer for 2 or 3 weeks and the line did not work because there was a connection problem outside the house which was later fixed after we called in the service. Do I really have to pay the remaining 45 quid? Will BT take me to court or otherwise chase the money? Does anyone have a similar experience?

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