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I have a BT Yahoo account that works without any problems when I sign directly on to it on the web. However, for the past ten weeks when I have tried to log on through my Mac iBook G4 the password is rejected either immediately or after up to 2 hours use.

I have phoned Customer Services nine times and they use remote access to check my web account is working then sign on through my Mac. As it usually works briefly they then say there is nothing they can do. Invariably the password from the Mac has later been rejected. When I pointed this out on the fifth time I rang I was informed by Customer Services that the problem must be due to Mac software.

I have had the Mac Mail checked by Apple and they confirmed that it was definitely not a Mac software problem. When we checked the BT Care Community site there were 66 pages of people complaining of the same problem as their passwords were rejected from various sources such as Blackberry and Lynx. I was the third person seeking help with this issue on the day I went to Apple.

There appears to be a major problem which BT does not appear to be acknowledging. On the last 2 occasions that I rang I was was told by the person that I spoke to that they would ring me back at a mutually agreed time to check that the fault had been fixed. I was not rung back by either person at the agreed time or any time after.

This is extremely discourteous and appalling customer service. The problem still has not been fixed. I received my bill from BT this week charging me over £200 for this quarter for the use of a phone line and BT Total Broadband Option 3. I am not receiving a service to this value. I am not happy with the response that I have received from your Customer Care service and I would like to register a complaint. I would also like this continuing problem to be sorted out immediately. I look forward to hearing from you in the near future

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  1. This is exactly what is happening to me and my brother, who lives the opposite side of London.
    BT keep blaming 3rd party software, and its clearly not that.
    I have no problem if I log in at about 6am, but at other times, my password is being rejected. Does that sound like its my 3rd party software? NO!

  2. My partner and I have been complaining for a week now about having suddenly no aqccess to our email – account compromised it tells us online. Several calls made to India resulting in promises to call back that never materialise. Still waiting today for a call back to resolve the problem. Just who do you talk to? We just want to get our email working – we have flight tickets to print off so will sending BT a hefty bill if we cant get these printed in time. Does anyone have a clue in plain English about what prevents us getting inot our email. We have been advised to change passpwrds but the adivors couldnt get this working – thye will call back, but they dont. Once this is resolved/if it is we will be leaving BT. Help

  3. Been with bt for over 50 yrs,,yet my tablet (samsung) keeps saying fault with au
    thentication, ,can't use it to connect to friends,,then it comes on ok,h,,very annoying

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