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BT Website Solutions service receives complaints on this website and this complaint is just the latest in a long line of problems people have had with them. The service used to be called BT Web Consult which shares the same feedback by customers which is a poor website offering that is being sold to customers. Read on…. 

Dear BT Complaints

I was wondering if you could post a story on your BT complaints site referenced ‘rip off britain by bt websites and bt customer street ufindus’.

I’m a family man, carer to my unwell wife. I’m on working tax credits and wife on disability income. I’ve tried a bit of self employment via a website or two and also a man and van removals business in Spalding.

We feel BT should not target vuneralble people with miss selling lies. We are still with BT phone and broadband but want to warn people to be aware of very strong and misleading sales pitches. In our case we were told we could get a database with our website. It was fully explained to us by email this is the case and I quote from BT emails below.

These emails from BT website developer james to Syed Haider agreeing to charge more but also agreeing that BT websites can build my website for me. Both people are senior in the BT sales and developer chain and these these following emails don’t say all this can be done without a database so they have missold me surely?


Hi Syed

I have reviewed all the components and feel that this build will take more time than estimated. The time we estimate for a social networking or dating time is normally set. The I Saw U, U Saw Me website is of a bespoke build which will take time. This is because we will need to make sure all component are working simultaneously and also working at a high quality. Evan though the site and the components are from one platform there are cretin procedures we have to follow to ensure that users do not have any problem, which is the most important part of the whole customer experience.

We are currently planning how long the design of the whole site from start to finish will be.

In regards to the costing Syed, the initial cost is not enough as there is more work than anticipated.

Please inform me on what you feel is the next best step?..

James Weaver
Web Consultant
BT Website Solutions

Good afternoon all,

After having the discussion we had this morning around the functionality around the site I am happy to tell that what you proposed us to do is possible.

Now my understanding of our conversation is that you want in a nut shell, “ what you search for is what you get presented back to you” i.e., search for a 6ft man with brown hair that I saw on the train at 7:45 the results will bring us back everyone who inputted that into their profile and from the forums we discussed about.

The design of the site is something that we will work around once we have agreed that the above statement is what you want. It is very much like Google places that you are after just for the whole “meeting people/dating” world that your business operates around.

Because of the geo coding and the advanced search functionality which we will do for you the amended price will be an additional £2799 + vat

We are professionals in what we do and we will deliver what we say but for any reason we don’t you will have a refund in full.

I’m glad that we had the conversation that we had because I feel I have a massive understanding of what the company needs and believe that is defiantly something that will work as there is nothing else like this around that is like this.

Please let me know that you are happy with the understanding of the email and are happy with what we have discussed so we can get the rest of the ball rolling now.

James Weaver
Sales Consultant
BT Website Solutions


Website Overview

  • Customer wants to create a fully interactive site.
  • Main categories of the site is for:

1. Users posting messages in relations to looking for people they have seen on the train, tube, bus, shopping markets or any were else. Etc missed connections
2. Business interaction
3. Dating element.

This website will be fully interactive with live chat instant messaging and forums with 6 live feeds.

Customer wants to be sending out newsletters, each member having their own login (for a fee), members alert for messages and updates etc.

Syed Haider
Sales Consultant
BT Website Solutions


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  1. Anyone with any knowledge of computing, coding or even basic English could never have written that letter… it makes no sence at all.

    "all component are working simultaneously and also working at a high quality"….What?

    "components are from one platform there are cretin procedures"….That really made me laugh

    "I’m glad that we had the conversation that we had"…Me too

    I wonder if Syed with his "man and van removals business" ever got his website with a geocoding database.

  2. Could someone help me to sort out my phone bill as their has been 33 calls made which I have not made and can not get any help from all the numbers bt keep giving me . as they push you from one call center 5 difrent ones . on the phone for 1 .30 mins and got now where

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