BT Web Clicks Complaint

Complaint here about BT Web Clicks which is part of BT Customer Street, the Internet service we have been emailed with so many complaints about from customers. 

Dear Sir

I have just had a look at your website and was interested in people who are obviously unhappy with the service they have received from BT Customer Street. 8 Months ago I signed a contract for BT Web Clicks to manage a pay per click campaign for my very small business with promises of better quality clicks than I currently could do for myself through a Google Adword Campaign.

They failed dismally in being able to professionally manage this campaign so I requested it to be canceled. It now transpires that the business is actually part of BT Customer Street.

They obviously were not happy to cancel my contract claiming that they have kept their side of the bargain. That is giving me 40 clicks a month for £40 a month, yes that’s right £1 a click. The reason the clicks are so expensive, so they claim, are because they are targeted high quality clicks. Why are they high quality links? Because of the Keywords they use on the campaign. Who supplied the key words? Yes you guessed it, ME!!

The campaign also bombarded all the clicks into one week of each month, not spread evenly over the month. Why? Because some unknown third party company manages this for them.

I also get an advert on the associated directory sites where potential customers can phone me free of charge. I have received a total of 8 calls, 6 of these from XLN Telecom at around 8.00pm trying to sell me alternative phone packages, not potential customers. The other 2 were also late in the evening and only one could possibly be a potential customer, but very unlikely as they did not leave a message on the answermachine, which you would expect to get from a business 10.47pm!!

I would seriously recommend that no one should enter into any sort of contract with BT Customer street in any of their cleverly cloaked disguises.

I will say that they did finally agree to cancel my contract but only because I pointed out serious failings in their service, and through clever manipulation managed to get members of staff to admit them. But even with this they were only prepared to cancel the contract from that date and not the date, a month previous, when I initially asked for the account to be cancelled.

For my own sanity I cut my losses and ran. I hope this prevents other people making a similar mistake. Beware of anything with ‘BT’ put in front of it, it may grow the coffers of BT but it will seriously damage your bank balance with nothing in return but stress.



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  • I started my business last year on a small budget. I was advertising in the local paper. BT customerstreet said all the right things and I signed up. What a waste of money !!!!
    In 7 months I,ve had 3 enquiries and not one penny in work. They now tell me it's my web site and want more money to upgrade it.
    Like many I've read about since, I thought BT had some integrity.
    BT customerstreet have none.

  • I would like to complain about the old phone lines in our village, not only is the phone quality poor but the Broadband max speed is only half a megabit, totally unacceptable in this day and age as the size of the village increases the speed gets slower. I have to pay the same as others getting several times the Broadband speed outside our village I get.
    Come on BT upgrade the phone lines NOW.

  • We've got the same problem. Not advertsied on UFindUS, MoreUK or Smile Local as promised. The email contact from BTExchanges does not work and we're not receiving any phone calls from the contacts as promised by the salesman.

  • I used to sell the BT Webclicks product. I have experience in on line marketing and I would advise anyone not to go ahead with this product. This isn't sour grapes, I left BT ages ago of my own accord. BT are taking advantage of small businesses who have little understanding of how pay per click works. The product is extremely flawed and is not cost effective. The web stats for their online directories are very low and this is all part of what you pay for. I would advise using a professional SEO company or setting up Adwords on Google yourself, it's not that difficult and will save you bags of money!

  • BT webclicks complaint.

    I run a small business and was aproached by BT and told about webclicks and how it will increase traffic to my website, so far I have been with them for 2 months and have noticed a dramatic decrease in response to our website, compared to when we run our own adwords campaign via google. Beware they will stick you in a 12 month contract…if the BT webclicks campaign was that great they should not have to make you agree to a 12 month contract, unlike google!

    I have given them 2 weeks to prove that this BTwebclicks is doing the business, at the moment I have been promised 450 clicks per month and have had 4 calls via BT directory 2 calls came in at 8pm?

    BT webclicks will put you on yahoo, google, msn, bing and bt directories, but what they did not tell me when they sold it to me that google conducts around 80% of customers business searches.

  • I sign up to Bt on the phone, then after a few days changed my mind, as you have 31days option, they want me to pay them £4.55 for sending me their package, can they do that? as they never said, anything about paying for their package on the phone, if I don’t pay they will be putting in the debt collection agency.

  • I have been fighting with BT Webclicks since Feburary to cancel my account and they keep insisting that I have a contract but they won't provide me with a copy of it ( which they can't do as it does not exist ) and now they are sending me statements for page views months after we have closed our online business.
    I would like to know how BT webclicks is bringing thousands of visitors to our site when it no longer exists.

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