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A complaint here sent in about poor BT service from BT Vision and the problems this customer received.


I have read your blog with bemusement over the last 24 hours regarding the awful level of service people have received from BT, and thought you might be interested in my latest complaint, of which I have sent an email to Ian Livingston and Warren Buckley. The email follows….

Dear Sirs,

Apologies that this has had to come to you, but I am writing to express my complete displeasure at the service I have received from BT over the past 2 weeks or so. I will attempt to keep it as brief as possible, as I am aware that you are busy people. I’m not entirely sure of dates before last week, but I have been told that you will have records of them.

On approximately 21st March, I decided to return to BT after briefly considering Sky and Virgin for my TV and internet provider. BT Vision had served my needs very well up until this point, and my broadband download speeds had been nothing short of excellent.

On the aforementioned date, I placed an order to have my BT line reconnected, and to take up a new broadband Option 3 and BT Vision Bronze package with yourselves. I was assured that this order was successful and that within 3 days I would have my line reconnected. After the 3 days had passed, I contacted BT to check on the order and was told that the order had not been placed, and that there was no record of it having been placed and that I would have to reorder and that it would take another 3 days for the line to be connected. The order number for the second attempt was VOL011-3107 *******.

I received my new BT Home Hub 2 approximately a week later, and the Broadband service was resumed with no problems whatsoever, of which, again, I have no complaints at all.

On Monday 12th April, I received my new BT Vision Box, connected it up as instructed, only to be greeted with C03 error messages, and a red cross on the screen.

I decided to wait 24 hours before calling, so on Tuesday 13th I called the number given to me by the C03 message (0800 111 4567) in order to check what was happening. After 90 minutes of being shunted about and given a further 3 different telephone numbers to call

0870 240 5030
0808 100 3221
0800 800 900

I was finally told that the order needed to be closed manually and that my Vision service would be activated within 24 to 48 hours.

I called again yesterday to check the order, and was told that it had been cancelled and was not given any further information as to why, so after what seems to be the obligatory 90 minute shunting about, was told that I would have to call back within office hours.

This morning, I called again and was thankfully put through to someone who helped me immediately. I have had to place a new order for BT Vision, and have been told that it will now take a further 7 days for the service to be activated. The new order number is VOL011-3190 ********.

After receiving the new order number, I asked to be put through to Customer Services in order to make a complaint about this, and I was, only to be told by the person I spoke to there that it would be dealt with quicker if I complained online through the BT website. And it is due to this lack of personal service in trying to complain over the phone that I felt the need to mail you today.

I really don’t know if this email will be followed up today, or indeed in the future, as I seem to be getting passed from department to department whenever I call BT, but I am deeply unhappy and dissatisfied with the level of service I have received so far. As well as the original order going missing, and me receiving no information about why the BT Vision service was not activated originally, it is now going to take 10 days after the original BT Vision activation date for me to receive this service, and I feel that this level of service is completely unacceptable.

I apologise for the lack of promised brevity of this email, but before I close I wish to express my thanks to two people who I have dealt with so far. Although I have not received surnames, I am assured that you have records of who they are and I would be grateful if they could be given some recognition for the service they have provided. The first was Kyle from BT Sales and he helped me with the VOL011-3107 ******** order, and the second is Dawn who I spoke to this morning regarding the new VOL011-3190 ******** order.

I have forwarded a copy of this email to Ofcom complaints.

As previously stated, I have received excellent service from BT in the past, but as a customer, I will not be recommending BT Vision to anyone else in the future due to the service I received this week.

Yours Sincerely,

Andrew Fallon.

Keep up the good work!!

Andrew Fallon.

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  • After receiving the BT Vision on Tuesday 27th we are still waiting for a solution to the problems that we are experiencing trying to get the system to work. Since Tuesday we must have spent 10 hours on the phone trying to find the technical help to get BT Vision working. After all this time we have now been told that they have passed this information on to another department, but he cannot promise when or if they will get back to us.

    As an old BT customer for about the last 10 years, I find this service deplorable.

    The fact that there is no direct contact with the technical department, is both frustrating and unacceptable.

    When posting this comment I hope that at least someone will take notice and act.

    When you pay for a service you expect "SERVICE"!

    Signed one very irrate, frustrated customer.

    Don Roberts

  • I have to make a telephone call to BT Vision at least once a month because of error messages/failure to record/'no information available' messages when I try to access programme details and so on. In the last two weeks I have been told that my aerial might be to blame or, even more bizarrely, the electricity supply in my home!!! Time for a letter methinks.

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