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We’ve received many BT Vision problems sent in by customers experiencing problems with BT Vision Box equipment.

Dear BT Complaint Site

I write to ask advice on the constant problems I am having with by BT Vision Box. For some 6 months now, every so often, my TV keeps showing the ‘Please wait five minutes, if this screen still appears please carry out the following check’ and proceeds to list different things to try. 
This is getting more an more frequent, namely 3 times this week alone.

I am constantly carrying out all these checks, sometimes with success, others not so successful. When they do not work I then have the tedious task of phoning an out of UK call centre, and asked to transferred directly to the BT Vision Department, apparently this cannot be done, I have to be transferred from one department to another, each time explaining my problem, each time answering the same questions. This is extremely annoying.

To add insult to injury, each time I go through the process of resetting my home hub, my telephone line reverts to my broadband line, this is not so much of problem but causes confusion when telephoning people as it shows the broadband telephone number and not my land line number. This also creates confusion when phoning BT for help.

It seems to me that BT are failing to provide the service for which I am paying and I am now at the point where I am considering contacting trading standards to see what my options are.
I am now at my wits end with this problem and would like any help possible on cancelling my BT contract or at least reducing it to the minimum possible package. I also feel that some considerable compensation is required.

All I have wanted from the beginning is for an engineer to come and check the equipment. This was arranged only once and even then the engineer failed to turn up which left me waiting in all day for nothing.

Kind Regards
Beverley Downes

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  • I have recently set up my BT telephone line, broadband and vision and have got to say that so far my ecperience with BT has been SHOCKING!!

    The first time i attempted to set the service up the order was placed incorrectly and to the wrong address! When this was finally picked up the order was cancelled and i set up the order again with a lady who assured me everything had been done correctly and she would now manage my account and ensure everything ran smoothly… only she again set up the order wrong not replacing my vision order , i was advised by an advisor that i would need to be in on the 28th for my vision to be fitted, when i phoned customer services very unhappy as my partner had taken the day off work UNPAID to wait in for bt to come i was advised that i wold recieve a box and set up the service myself (but they would still charge me a £40 set up charge?!)not only that my bt vision hadnt even been ordered! – why the advisor told me to be home on the 28th is a mystery??

    at this point i was one very unhappy customer and asked to speak to a manager to give feedback and also get reasurrance that this time my order would be placed successfully.. the manager refused to speak to me and i was advised that i wouldnt get a call for 2 working days (usually 5 however they had made "allowances" for me?!)

    my bt vision is now set up after 2 weeks of tiring phone calls and a week later i have yet to recieve a call from a manager.

    If it is so hard to set BT Vision up how hard is it going to be if i have any issues with the service??

    BT you are a joke and your customer service is SHOCKING.. i will definatley not reccommend you and would advise anyone DONT USE BT!!!!!!!

  • Re: BT Vision Plus service. Virgin Media forgive me, although it's only been 3 weeks PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE! can I comeback to you?
    Their are loads of words that I could use to describe BT Vision but "Dire" is to be fair the most appropriate right now.
    Why? I settled down to record over Xmas and use Catch up TV on my brand new BT Vision Box.
    Well half the programmes I wanted to record would not record? apparently they were not even available on Catch Up? so BT together with my an upto 40 mb broadband have managed to unleash a pile of outdated rubbish sadly I cannot even call it technology? well clearly because it's not.
    Right unfortunately it does not stop there because BT still has a another trick up it's long droopy sleeves. Watch TV normally not through box and the TV is as normal perfect however switch and watch TV via BT's magic box and the picture freezes and pixalates badly so all in all a totally useless addition to anyone's viewing pleasure. Thanks BT now how do I cancel?

  • Who ever made the bt vision box needs to be made to have one and try to make it work as it
    should. It is rubbish bt must have paid very little for the boxs the one we have has never worked
    proberly,it will not record,loses program memory,and smells very hot.Do not use bt vision it is a
    total waste of time.

  • My vision box keeps freezing and I have to switch the power off and wait ten seconds and repower it up then wait 10 mins for it to re boot this happens several times a week I am going to get rid of bt its too expensive and the after service is absolutely diabolical BT garbidge

  • I am on my second bt vision box that does not work either screen frozen what a load of rubbish these boxes are.

  • I have a complaint about your complaints procedure; it does not work. I have identified that the equipment is not fit for purpose and have decided to change to Virgin. As the box complete with its software still exhibits a range of faults, which you seem reluctant to remedy, the decision to change supplier was hastened by you operatives' insistence on a factory reset, which I did under protest, thus losing my archive of programs and films; this was the last straw…The phrase "not fit for purpose" indicates that you have not fulfilled your side of the contract and therefore I should not have to pay 'till the end of it.

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