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Submitted by Dave in November 2016

No BT sport continuos since August 2016. 2 wall,adaptors sent One new hub sent. One remote hand set set. Two.

Separate engineers sent. Loads of cables as welll. Lot of the work I was told to set up myself. Been through to India about 20 times and also Glasgow as well.Lots of over 20 minute waits and also then being put through to wrong extensions and eventually the phone goes dead or am told another long wait.

Getting no where with what I consider a very very poor service. Any ideas please?

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  • Send the issue to BT CEO and your issue will be immediately escalated to executive support team.

    It would be good if he occasionally looked at his mails and saw the issues customers are facing.

    Also a post on BT Facebook seems to get a response

  • My BT Sport channels aren’t working . I ring BT who tell me that it must be a problem with my sky dish and they can’t do anything to help . I query that I pay BT to provide a service and surely they should take ownership of the service no matter who they subcontract to, to get it supplied by . I then phone Skywho confirm all is fine with my dish and signal , which I said was the case to but given every other channel is working fine . I’ve now missed most of the rugby semi final and I’ve been on hold for nearly 2 hours this afternoon . It is beyond my comprehension that a business can exist today that provides a dreadful customer service and experience . Im still waiting !

  • I watch BT sport on a Saturday afternoon to watch the football, not to see fucking male prostitutes taking their clothes off, dirty bastards would never do that with women, sickiened for the night while just wanting to watch the football, you dirty fuckers.

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