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Do you have slow BT Broadband speed? This complaint is one of many BT complaints regarding slow broadband internet speeds.

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My name is Andy Elvin and I live in Carlton Colville just outside Lowestoft Suffolk.

Briefly my compliant is that I cannot even after 6 years of asking find out a date when the local exchange will be upgraded to allow a decent broadband service. Currently I receive 0.6 meg on a very good day.

Worst of all if the several thousand of us lived a mile up the road we could receive at least 7 megs. Today I have been on the phone to BT again for nearly an hour through god knows how many different BT departments who all know nothing. Worst of all is the fact that when I did ask to be transferred to a BT customer service complaints department I was cut off.

I would not mind if I lived in the outback of nowhere but there are literally thousands of properties here. HELP! At least a date would be something to hang our hats on!

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  • Hello,

    I live in Oulton Broad, outside Lowestoft (not far from you Andy!), and the broadband speed that I can receive here is a fairly paltry 1MB (it used to be half that figure a couple years ago).

    It's incredibly frustrating that living in such a busy urban area can yield such a modest connection, whilst folks in city centers enjoy comparatively huge download speeds. I can only imagine how annoying it must be to live in the country and get no broadband at all!

    I fully understand that upgrading the infrastructure to provide better speeds for everyone will take some time, but it would be nice to have a rough idea of when this is likely to happen, if only to reassure people such as myself that something at least is in the works!

  • We live 2 miles from the exchange and our speed on a good day is 1mg… but mostly its half.On complaining we are told we have a "dirtyline".we are paying for 8mg.We are fed up with talking to India….they told me to totally unistall my internet browser,then contact my Pc supplier to reinstall my softwear !!!

  • I also live in Lowestoft and only a couple of hundred yards from an exchange box yet only recurve 0.7 meg if I lucky this is rubbish service that we pay for

  • I live on the south side of Birmingham – second city and all that – and on a good day I can get 1.3 MByte download speed. BT checked my line and told me it was the distance I was from the exchange. I ask for a price reduction. They stated I pay for the size and not speed of download. If that is the case, why do they continually advertise there up to 20 Mbyte download speeds on TV? It makes me furiuos as I pay for an up to 8 MByte download speed. I suggest, as I have done, that you add a free download accelerator like Orbit.

  • My parents live in Oulton Broad and have the broadband speed they receive is absolute rubbish. In fact, on testing through they appear to receive a marginally higher UPLOAD speed than download?!

    They have also been told they have a dirty line, nothing can be done, etc. etc. It's time there was some honesty from BT regarding the terrible quality of the exchange, but more importantly, time something was done.

    If you have a similar story, please add it here in the hope that eventually BT will be shamed into taking action. We can but hope…

  • I too live in Carlton Colville
    I can just about get 1mb (although according to the broadband checker I shouldn't be able to get broadband at all!!
    Guess I should consider myself lucky
    About time BT did something to this area, as has been mentioned it's not a small village in the middle of nowhere.

  • I too live in carlton colville and considering swapping everything to sky. My download speed with my bt option 1 is around 356kbps. According to sky I'll be getting 0.5mb off them….can anyone tell me which is better????

  • We also have BT spped probs and have since the day we joined, we pay for 8mp and i get 2 if im lucky, BT gave me two reasons for this, forst i lived to far from the exchange (1.6 miles) and secondly my computer was to slow, when i told them i have a 1.5T I7 processors they cut me off!!! i have now changed to Virgin which is being installed in the next week, as soon as i told BT to go shuv there net where the sun dont shine mysterioualy my net got slower, im currently getting just under 1mb and im no longer allowed to use BT's own spped test programme even though im a paying customer for another week

  • I'm so unhappy that I swapped from Demon to BT to save a relatively small amount per month. I had unlimited downloads without any restriction and average speed of 10mbps. I could download a music track in seconds and a film in an hour or two. Now I have a service that is so throttled until midnight that it takes an hour to download a single music track and speeds at busy times as low as 1mbps. I've been a chump and am tied in to this awful service for another 14 months. I'd urge anyone thinking of moving to BT to google "BT peak time throttling" and then think twice.

  • Well I also live in Oulton Broad and all I get is a very unstable 1 meg at the very best and it's with BT. Continually on the phone to them with never a real answer of help from them. Now they keep saying "BT Infinity Is Coming" yet you go onto the infinity website and they don't even give a decade let alone a year for when those of us in the Lowestoft area will get it. It's about time one of the big cable companies realised that they would make a killing in this part of the country if someone had the guts to came and lay cable here.

  • Carlton Colville with SKY, I get 0.5MB. Considering the UK average is 6.5MB this is terribly outdated. The first high speed broadband company to move in around here will make a lot of money…

  • I live in London, E16. Paying for UNLIMITED! up to 20meg, blah blah blah. usually lucky to get 2meg, but the last week is 0.6meg!! the exchange is literally half a mile away, and the buildings are 20 years old (if that).

  • I also live in Carlton Colville. I have also left BT due to downtime reasons and slow Broadband speeds. Currently with Orange. Still slow speeds, but pretty much no downtime.

    The problem is the Lines itself are outdated. What's the point of paying for a service when the lines themselves are barely capable of delivering a 240p YouTube video? This place isn't in the middle of nowhere are we are a richer area than Lowestoft up north, who get up to 10 times faster connection up there.

  • Erm… What's the point in this site??? Do BT even monitor it? Just loads of people from Carlton Colville and OB saying how bad their speeds are, and BT ignoring them. Clearly BT have nothing to say about it.

    I'm getting an impressive 0.4mbps in Carlton Colville today (with TalkTalk).

    The joke is that I get a faster connection speed with my mobile 3G wireless connection, and that's a FREE extra on my mobile contract; not £20+ pm!

    First comment above was July 2009 – And by 2012 nothing has been done! Now that's service worth paying for…

  • I echo the last posters comment, only another year later!

    It's January 2013 in Carlton Colville.

    Situation : No improvement & no hint of when, or IF there will be any.

  • Broadband speed in the lower end of Castle Bytham, Grantham is a joke, the fastest broadband speed we get here is 0.75mbps per second during the quiet periods! When the neighbours get home in the evening and at weekends, it is totally pointless even trying to use the internet at all, as the speed then drops to such a slow speed that even google takes minutes to open!

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