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Today it became apparent just how important protecting consumers is to British Telecom (BT). BT has a specialist department called ‘BT Security and Investigations‘ which deals with corruption, bribery and security breaches within the entire group.

It is a small group that is vastly under staffed and with a work load to last a life time. Logic would dictate that during a recession it is more likely that people are more susceptible to being corrupted or bribed.

So what is BT’s response to this threat?

Make members of this already under staffed department redundant – that is the level of service you can expect. This demonstrates that any bull fed to you is purely lip service.

Anyone reading this should make their views know to the chairman’s office as they are the only people who can stop this!

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  • Hello im Jim Clegg c/o 302/4 Queens Promenade Backpool FY2 9AD a hotel called New Spa and now known as Sand Dancer
    As the owner my previoous tenants Steve Harrison and Maureen Ripley and are not contactable had a B T a/c tel no. 01253 352010. This was disconnected around late 2009
    It has not been reallocated and is crutial to the business of hotelkeeping as you can imagine. In the meantime the most recent tenants attempted to operate with an alternative but proved useless with loss of contacts.
    I have made representations to B T in an attempt to restore this number……………please help

  • On all my bills so far I have been charged for calls made to premium rate number. I have not made these calls. I have had an engineer out to check the line and he has found nothing wrong with the line.
    Please assist

  • I have received an e-mail today that is obviously a scam, please provide an e-mail i can forward it so that you can trace the perpetrators

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