BT Movers Department complaint

Yet another moving house complaint when dealing with phone and broadband BT movers department.


This saga begins Thursday 15th April I spoke to the home movers department at around 9am requesting that my telephone be disconnected at the end of April. I returned home later that day and to my dismay to discover that my phone and Broadband had already been disconnected.

I immediately contacted BT and after at least 9 transferred calls one of which I was told I would have to make another order as my phone had been cut off!

Finally on Friday morning after many more phone calls I spoke to some one named Pauline in Aberdeen on Friday who assured me that I would be reconnected within 24 hours. Needless to say this has not happened.

Again on Saturday morning I tried to get some sense from BT first I was told twice that the phone had been reconnected rubbish of course and then to add insult to injury my wife ( because I had enough by then ) spoke to some one in Mumbai who promised to phone her back immediately on her mobile, needless to say this did not happen !! . I am in the middle of moving house and had important e mails and phone calls to make on the Friday in connection with this.

I am also in touch several times a day with an 91 year old relative who is partially sighted and suffering with Parkinson’s Disease. This has caused tremendous stress to all parties and considerable cost in the use of our mobiles .

The fault lies entirely with BT I expect to have this resolved immediately and to be recompensed for for the stress and upset this has caused. I do not under stand why if you can disconnect some one so quickly ie 2 hours why the same why reconnection can not be as quick.

I hope that this will be resolved but from what I have read about this procedure and the inefficiency of BT I am not optimistic.


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