BT tops Ofcom list of broadband complaints. Sky broadband winning

Ofcom this week published a list of the most complained about broadband providers and BT is featured a lot after receiving 33 complaints per 100,000 customers between October and December 2016.

Plusnet (also owned by BT) is 2nd most broadband complaints on the list with 30 complaints per 100,000 customers and EE (also owned by BT) is fourth with 26 complaints per 100,000 customers.

3rd in TalkTalk with 29 complaints per 100,000 customers.




Sky along with Virgin Media were the only providers to receive fewer complaints than the industry average of 21 per 100,000 customers.

This complaints list issued by Ofcom of broadband complaints comes just days after Ofcom fined BT a record £42m over delayed broadband installations and a week after Plusnet was fined £880,000 for continuing to charge customers after they’d cancelled.

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  • Yes that’s right Zero point eight Mbps, 20 Mbps is recommended if you want to watch Netflix for example. As a director of an oil service company reaching around the world its Embarrassing to tell my clients I live 20 minutes from Europes oil capital Aberdeen but I can’t open any attachments they are sending me by email. BT super fast broadband is not planned for my street now, or any time soon. AB51 0 AB

    All other providers still have to use the same exchange as open reach so moving provider is no gain. The big green box at the end of my street has an advert on it enticing me to join the super highway of fibre optic broadband. However I’m promised an email if BT rethink or are forced to provide my street with fibre optic. Wonder how that email will arrive. I don’t even bring my laptop home. What’s the point.

  • Its nice to be told things you learn. But why tell us something we already know. BT have not been hurt by the fines they get monthly payments fron customers that cant use the service they are still quids in

  • I am sending this email on behalf of my friend Mrs Y Sargent of Ruislip she has had enough of BT one minute she has Broadband next minute nothing. She has rung but they do not want to know. Why should an OAP pay for broadband when they are not getting it. I think she should get a refund at least until you send somebody out to repair it.

  • I disagree that BT are a little bit worse than other providers. I recently ordered a 4Mb service from Talk as this was the fastest available. After a few days I was offered an 8 to 18Mb service from BT so I cancelled the Talk Talk order and went for BT, Talk Talk took the router back and cancelled with no issue. When the BT letter arrived it stated 4Mb speed but I phoned them to be told it would be an 8Mb to 18Mb service. After installation it was only working a 3Mb so I phoned BT support for help, they were also convinced it should be faster but after quite a bit of time the support desk had to admit it was only 1Mb to 4Mb on the line.

    If I had been told this from the start I would not have cancelled the Talk Talk order which was going to cost me £19 a month. The BT broadband at 8 to 18Mb was to cost £26 a month but wen the service was supplied it was only 4Mb and cost £30 a month. BT are trying to tell me that is what I ordered and they refused to cancel even though it was only a few days, well within the 14 days. Now they have accepted the cancellation but they still want me to pay the £92.31 for the router and the first month. I will go to prison before paying these BT con men and demand the authorities do something about the number of complaints against the rouges.

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