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To whom it may concern,

It is with distress that I write to you today regards my BT account and the way I feel duped into an uncompetitive long term contract.

We had a visit from BT Local Business who it is only recently I have been informed are not actually BT at all but an independent sales company. This visit was in May 2010 and was to talk about some modules for our Meridian telephone system and maybe some extra handsets. We were sent through some e-mail correspondence after the meeting and decided to just buy a new handset and not the additional modules.

Very recently I have had occasion to do an audit on all our supplies and have been advised we are on a 60 month contract for our ISDN2 lines.

It turns out that some of the e-mails we were sent in 2010 were contracts for line rentals and not just information about our system requirements.

Our 2016 Recommended Provider is: Sky

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I would never knowingly sign a 5 year contract for anything to do with the business – unless there was a very good reason for it and I was satisfied I had done my due diligence and got the best price.

The actual price I believe we are paying is more than before this new contract was started and is certainly not competitive – not even by 2 years ago terms. There is no way I would have agreed to this and feel mislead by BT and this Local Business Company.

I would like to be freed from my contractual obligations regards the line rental on my account regarding 01271 375xxx. 01271 379xxx should already be out of contract and if it is not for whatever reason then I request that be released too.

We are a close knit community in North Devon and I feel cheated by what was a trusted supplier, and mislead by your agents who pretend to be BT employees and use dubious sales tactics which involves smoke and mirrors.

I look forward to hearing back from someone at your earliest convenience.

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  • Complaint Details:

    In November 2015 we met with Kate Berry at BT Local Business to discuss continuance of the contract we had for Telephone systems and Broadband. Costings were given and a new contract and system were agreed. We discussed with Kate the previous poor service with a BT installation where we were left with no telephones for a few days. Kate assured us this would not occur and we would receive a good service going forward.

    On 21st January 2016 the installation was due to take place. The first error in a catalogue of errors was that the job had been booked to Sussex Health Board which was on all the engineers paperwork. The engineer had a problem finding our address and starting the installation. This had to be addressed as billing would have been affected.

    We had our first bill which did not agree with the original discussions with Kate. We attempted to address this with BT Business in various conversations and emails with Catherine Akinyi, Matthew Evans and Panteleimon Damigos.
    We were asked to complete another contract so that the agreed rates and discounts were applied.

    This problem continued with bills being received which were incorrect. BT were chasing for payment. In June we were asked to pay for Broadband separately which in the agreement it was agreed that one bill to cover telephones and Broadband. At that time we were at threat of the service being withdrawn. This eventually happened and our charity was left without Broadband after speaking to BT Accounts who demanded payment over the phone and found it difficult to understand how staff could not make a card payment over the telephone. We were forced to ring once again with a complaint and spoke to Jessica Jones. Jessica is the only member of staff who actually listened and acted by reinstating the Broadband.

    Since then we have had further conversations with Tawanda Motsi who was taking over as BT Business advisor, via email, telephone and at a meeting with myself (Centre Manager) and Sue Evans (Administrator). Once again we received promises and assurances that the problem would be resolved.

    We have continued to ring, leave messages and Tawanda has not responded. He had promised to suspend the billing but once again we had demands from BT Accounts for payments.

    We have been very patient. We want to pay a correctly rated and discounted bill. This issue has not been resolved in almost a year. Surely there is a member of staff that can resolve the proper rates and discounts and issue a correct bill.

    My next step is to contact OFCOM to demonstrate to them what an incompetent service BT is providing.

    BT Business are not meeting our charity needs as a small organisation that supports vulnerable people who rely on our service. Our beneficiaries rely on information and contact via telephone, emails, social media and website. We need support to enable us to provide a first class service to them.

  • I sold my buisnes property and moved to my new address in February 2015 I had been trading for 5 years all I wanted to do was take the buisnes number with me phoned bt business and as far as I was concerned everything was fine 6 weeks later still no transfer of number I had no option but to change providers butt could not keep my number that I had for 5 years all my regular costumers I lost and caused me my thriving buisnes to go under all because of BT I payed 3000 to readvert I lost the lot and still struggling to this day I was told I was getting a compensation pack I’ve never heard of them since BT COST ME MY BUISNES apawling is not the word


  • After initially finding the set up of our broadband very quick and efficient, we encountered a number of problems once the set up was complete.

    Firstly our line was cut prior to the new one being installed and consequently had no internet or phone for 2 weeks, BT said this would be solved in 48hours, it was not. We then had to go and buy dongles from EE to use the internet and use our own mobile phones to make business calls- this created a loss of earnings and wasted alot of time- which BT local business said we would be compensated for (have not yet received this!)

    Secondly, I have been trying to contact Thomas Pearce at BT local business since we received a big bill which we did not understand. Since receiving the bill back on the 18th April we have tried every method to communicate with Thomas Pearce to try and resolve the issue. Numerous phone calls and emails have been sent to try and get hold of him- all ignored! Which funnily for a communications business it was ridiculous that we never received a response.

    We were cut off by BT for not paying said bill and again contacted Thomas Pearce to get this resolved he again like at the beginning once receiving the bill said he would get back to us- which again has not. After speaking to the billing department on the 21/05/18 to discuss what the bill entailed it turns out we have been billed for many items we one, did not ask for and two, were not consulted about prior to signing up. Today 22/05/18, we eventually got hold of Thomas Pearce whom again gave us the same excuse that he has done throughout this ordeal that he would sort it, unfortunately after our threats to leave BT and find another business we could work with.
    This has been a very stressful and ridiculously lengthy ordeal, which quite frankly has been totally unacceptable, not only have we had to waste time and effort but also money trying to sort something which should not have been a problem.

    Unfortunately if this is not resolved by BT local by Friday we will be cutting all ties with BT and claiming compensation for the time we were cut off due to one mans incompetence.

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