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This BT complaint was sent in today and is a full transcript of the call between a customer and sales staff via BT live chat for a telephone and broadband line for their business. Total call length was 1 hour and 19 minutes!

Dear BT, I ordered a telephone and broadband lines for my business with the help of Samantha on ‘live chat’ last Thursday 8th April.

I was told I would be contacted within 72 hours to be informed of an installation date. By Monday afternoon I had heard nothing by email or telephone. I contacted live chat again yesterday ( Tuesday pm), I think her name was Fiona and was told she had informed another department to get in touch with me, nothing has happened.

I am waiting to open my business in these new premises and cannot even produce any literature as I have no phone number as yet nevermind set up my broadband connection and configure my printer and network. (The BT box is there from a previous tenant and I am sure it just needs turning on at the exchange). Can someone please chase up this matter as it will cost me dearly if this is not sorted out quickly?

Below is a transcript of my initial ‘chat’ conversation last Thursday afternoon.

Chat start time Apr 8, 2010 8:48:43 AM EST
Chat end time Apr 8, 2010 10:08:10 AM EST
Duration (actual chatting time) 01:19:26

Operator Samantha – Chat Transcript:

info: Thank you for choosing BT Business.

A representative will be with you shortly.

info: You are now connected with Samantha.

BRIAN: Aha there you are

Samantha: Hello you are chatting to Samantha, how can I help with your BT Business order today?

Samantha: Hi Brian

BRIAN: If you remember our earlier conversation. What would it be for 2 lines, unlimited broadband and phone etc for 12 months ex VAT?

Samantha: Or rather, Hi again Brian,

Samantha: Sure,

Samantha: Our Phone line and Option 2 package is available for £42.74 per month on a 12 month contract or, £34.45 per month on a 24 month contract.

Samantha: This will give you unlimited use, phone line rental, and a wireless router,

BRIAN: need to include the extra line of £14.45 too?

Samantha: Sure, sorry,

Samantha: The phone line monthly line rental is available for £14.45 per month (excl VAT) on a 24 month contract or £15.24 per month (excl VAT) on a 12 month contract.

Samantha: Installation is £99 for a line on a 24 month contract, and £106.37 for installation per line on a 12 month contract.

BRIAN: But not if a line already exists? Last person only used his mobile the guy that rented the shop before him presumably just disconnected.

Samantha: We’ll try our best to use an existing phone line on your premises, but if we can’t, you may have to pay an installation charge of (£106.37 – 12 Months) or (£99.00 – 24 Months) When you place your online order, an installation charge will be added. However, if existing lines can be used and no engineer visit is required, then we will not charge the £106.37/£99 connection fee. If you require multiple lines, there may be a charge per line.

Samantha: However BT will inform you if they are able to use an existing line when they contact you about your order,

Samantha: Reconnection is then £19.99 excl. VAT

BRIAN: Ok, now the crux of the matter is when they can do it. Post code is FK8 1AX someone would have an idea of when? The unit is surrounded with other units obviously using BT lines so it should just be a reconnection.Do they charge for putting the other line in?

Samantha: This is around 8-10 working days, however BT will confirm an exact date when they contact you about your order,

Samantha: Each line will have an installation cost, BT will inform you if they can connect using an existing connection.

BRIAN: Problem is I don’t want to order if it takes that long?

Samantha: Unfortunately this is the lead time Brian, regardless this is the lead time for this package, and the sooner you order the sooner you will get your install/connection date. If there is an existing line, as in the last chat we had, we can reconnect the line and allocate a number fairly quickly.

BRIAN: I understand but roughly what is fairly quickly. I would be mad to agree a contract and then find out it would take as long for BT to do it themselves rather than BT doing it through another operator ( at obviously a cheaper call plan ). Isn’t that a fair comment Sam?

Samantha: I’ll be right with you.

Samantha: Fairly, as it is limited, regardless our timescale is 8-10 working days, you would still need to install a BT line to have most other ISP’s products, and if we are able to connect earlier then this would obviously be for less than the lead time, so you can expect anything up to 10 days.

BRIAN: Well I know another ISP provider can do it for 23rd but you can’t name a date at all?

Samantha: Not until your order is processed, BT will contact you within 72 working hours of an order and confirm the next available date then.

Samantha: Would you like me to help you set this up?

BRIAN: Can I cancel if the date given isn’t good enough for me?

Samantha: Yes, as you have up until activation to cancel.

BRIAN: At no charge?

Samantha: Correct, up until activation.

BRIAN: ok phew, I’m tired, let’s press ahead then.

Samantha: Ok great, no problem, the order form is quick and easy, it should not take you long to do, I will be here if you have any questions or problems along the way,

Samantha: Please click the following link and click ‘buy now’ to start the order:

Samantha: Please Click Here To View Our Phoneline And Broadband Options

Samantha: Please keep the window open while you order, I will be here to help you if you need anything.

Samantha: Let me know when you are done, and I will send you through the phone line order form.


BRIAN: option 2 doesn’t include unlimited calls?

Samantha: You just need to please add this in the first page of the form, this is £49.45 per month excl. VAT on a 24 month contract.

BRIAN: okey dokey

Samantha: Ok great,

BRIAN: only want 12 months so ticked that, what about extra line

Samantha: Let me know when you are done with this form, and I will send you through the phone line order form.

Samantha: Unfortunately unlimited calls are available only on a 24 month contract.

BRIAN: jeez unreal

Samantha: I understand there is a lot of information at one time, let me know if you have any further questions along the way.

BRIAN: whats a static ip?

Samantha: A Static IP is a permanent IP address which is available on Business broadband. Its used to run a local e-mail server for your inbound or outbound mail, Run a local web server, Run Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) and authentication for secure access to protected web sites & access your PC from anywhere with remote desktop software.

BRIAN: this plan is a bit rigid. I don’t see why you can’t have unlimited mins on a 12 month contract.

Samantha: Unfortunately that is the terms of our plan, this package is only available on a 24 month basis.

Samantha: All ok with your order?

BRIAN: getting there, where exactly does the extra line part appear?at account set up stage?

Samantha: No please see as I have advised above, Please let me know when you are done with this form, and I will send you through the phone line order form. This is a separate order form.


Samantha: OK great! I will send you through the phone line link now, nearly there…

Samantha: Please click the following link and click ‘buy now’ to start the order:

Samantha: Please click here to view our Phone Line options.

BRIAN: Am I selecting 1 want a new line or I want to add another line to my account

Samantha: Please click ‘I need a new line’

BRIAN: and the bt answer 1571 what is it

Samantha: That is our voicemaili system.

Samantha: voicemail* sorry

BRIAN: so i can use this new line for phone and internet rather than the merchant machine presumably?

Samantha: You do have the option to use this line for broadband.

Samantha: But, you have already setup a line and broadband package.

Samantha: So, you do not need broadband on this line too.

BRIAN: i wasn’t asked if i wanted 1571 or all the other features on the first one was i?

Samantha: This is not an option on the line and broadband order form, you can add this to your account at anytime.

BRIAN: when?

Samantha: Once it is active Brian.

BRIAN: so this is saying i will/may get charged £99 for each line?!

Samantha: Yes, as above , that’s correct.

Samantha: However BT will inform you if they are able to use an existing line when they contact you about your order.

Samantha: Reconnection is then £19.99.

BRIAN: so likely £99 and £19.99 cheapest it’ll be

Samantha: That’s correct,

BRIAN: ok at long last, so bt will ring me?

Samantha: BT will contact you soon to confirm your order, this is usually by email.

Samantha: Ok great, that’s you all ordered, BT will be in contact with you soon.

Samantha: Is there anything else I can help you with?

BRIAN: nope thanks for your help Sam

Samantha: You’re welcome Brian, enjoy the rest of your day, and the sunshine if you have it!

Samantha: Brilliant, well enjoy the rest of your day. Please can you click on the “close” button on the top right of the chat to finish. Take care

Samantha: Bye

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