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Another frustrated and angry BT customer here because they feel they were ripped off. Read the full story below. If you have any advice to give to this customer, please use the comments. Alternatively, send your own BT Complaint in to me to publish on both these websites.

I have a recurrent problem with BT landline. It all started at the beginning of this year and I have been a BT customer for years now. I had lost dial tone and I phone up the BT fault line. I was lucky this time and I was told by the advisor, the fault he reckons is at the exchange and the line would be fixed in two days. That was fine but then the problem appeared again several months later.

This time it was no that easy, because I swapped BT for Talk Talk for line rental. After long conversation with India in confidence the engineer will find no fault on my premises keeping in mind my previous experience, I naively arranged the BT man to visit.

When he arrived he just dis-conneceted my phone from the socket, plugged in the analog phone he had with him, punched some numbers twice (it did not work first time) and my line was back. When I asked him what was the problem he said ‘no idea!’. And or this ‘service’ I had to pay £99!!!

My handset is OK, I tested it on the other BT line we have in our house and it was working fine. Therefore there was no faulty equipment. Also I use this socket solely for the phone, no other equipment plugged in.

All was fine working for several weeks and bingo, one day my phone again lost dial tone. This time I decided to do some more research and see how I can and if I can test me line myself. I found instructions on the BT website and also on bbc/home webpage suggesting that I could test the line by removing front plate from my nte5 socket and plug in working handset into test socket.

Two working handsets did not detect any dial tone in the test socket. I was advice by some BT usergrop that it is the prove that this is the BT problem not mine. All so good so far. Armed in all this knowledge I rang up BT customer service and was repeatedly bullied by BT Supervisors (two of them) into inviting again a BT engineer and check my equipment for as they say ‘line test is OK’.

Now I am waiting several hours to obtain promised call back from line manager. I know that it will never happen. I did search what does it mean when the line test is done, and come up with explanation, that it simply testing my side of nte5 socket, and conclusion that no fault is found simply means that my side of nte5 is OK. That is why they probably insisted on checking the equipment. But now I feel like fraud for lady supervisor told me that she has no other test but my words that the equipment is OK (handset). I am paying my BT bills with direct debit and I feel bit angry at the suggestions that I trying to lie.

I am exhausted by all these problems. And although BT itself says that no dial tone at the test socket means no fault of mine I am still pushed to fix BT man coming up, and I am very much afraid of doing so because it can happen again, ‘no idea what is the problem and this time charge of £116 as they increased the rates. Any suggestions will be appreciated. Should I invite the engineer and risk being charged again for possibility that my line side at the exchange is for some reason disconnected from time to time and the BT man just need to reconnect it, and to show up come to my house punch the digits and Tada! Please help.

What should I do with all these mess? Please help?

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  1. 1. I place my order on 10 th of May and sales persone said it will take 5 working days for all broad band and land line.
    2 I received SMS on My mobile the number is 07872050264 i.e. I "our supplier has informed us of a new date of 24/05/2010 for your order XPX694LW. plese call us if this is not suitable."
    3 I called BT customer service and they issued new date for my order which is XPX694LW which is 13/05/2010.
    4.I Recevied post from BT which clarly metion that boardband rady on 17/05/2010

    5.on 13/05/2010 which is today i called and still you confirm me that 24/05/2010 which is only 2 line to be installed and you dont know the broadband installtion date

    which is unaccetable as a customer.

    I complain to offcom for this and number is

  2. I am sick to the back teeth with the so called service from BT,i have been a bt customer for many years, main problem started around march this year when they apparently started new billing system,this is how it began they would close present account ,open new account on new billing system, I would get an odd bill with advenced charge on it for new account for quaterly as thats when i pay,[OH TAKEN INTO ACCOUNT LAST BILL I PAYED WAS ON 9/2/10 sum of £107.85 £46.43 rentel charges in advance from 1/1/10 to 31/3/10, so this odd bill arrived to 20/4/10 sum of wait for it< £103.42 [£38.79 was for advance rental charge from 6/2/10 to 31/3/10 and £10.20 evng/wknd in advance.PAYED this bill then got another bill for £16.89 on the 30/4/10, PAYED this THEN got another bill sum of £34.22 for advance rentel dated 1/4/10 then another bill on 1/5/10 for £61.50 THIS I WAS SO NOT PAYING bt already confirmed that they owed me £52.00 + £16.89 .Anyhow had to write to Colleen McElhatton Durham confirmed my account was payed cleared and they owed me. was fine untill the next bill billed arrived for £61.50 then another for £16.28 then a red letter sum of £34.22 then another red letter sum of £61.50 then a bill for £66.42 sorted this mess out again hours on the phone trying to understand what customer service was actully saying.23/8/10 bill for £61.43 with a paragrath saying you have not payed your last bill of £66.42 billed arrived for july to october sum of £104.51 in this they added reconection charge of £17.62 I HAVE PAYED THE £86.89 I OWED I WILL NOT PAY FOR SOMETHING THAT DID NOT HAPPEN/USE/HAD I DESPAIR NOW ARRANGING TO MOVE TO ANOTHER PROVIDER BT I WOULD NOT ADVICE ANYONE TO TAKE ANY OF YOUR SERVICES.

  3. We reported a fauklt on a BT line on 7th June. Today is the 10th June and a check online with BT says that the fault will be dealt with on Wednesday 13th June. Is this with time span within customer service limits. The subscriber, a 95 yearokld ladfy, relies of Air Call for any emergency, which relies on BT… this plea for urgent help has fallen on very stoney ground… i.e. none.

  4. Called BT on 25th Aug about fault on landline cannot ring out or receive calls. As this is an automated service was text back with a date of 30th aug that my line should be fixed. 30th came and went as did 31st 1st Sept and 2nd Sept still no working phone had to ring three times have received today 2nd Sept a garbled message on my mobile I have given up the hope that my phone will be working within the next few days. I am an OAP and live on my own is this the so called customer service I can expect from BT??

  5. I am supposed to have itemised billing online and it even says I do when I log in at My BT but I cannot view fully itemised bills! I am needing proof of a phone call I made to Tesco Credit card which the financial ombudsman have requested for a case they are dealing with on my behalf.

    This is their error and they have admitted it in an email to me and agreed I should not have to pay the £10-00 fee to get this info, they even emailed their DSR team explain this and I have a copy of that email explaining the situation and I got a letter from the DSR team stating I have to pay £10-00 for this info under the Data Protection Act 1988 THIS DISPITE THIS BEING THEIR ERROR!!!!! The Ombudsman Service of Communications gave a Complaints Phone number of 0845-600-6156 this is not a number for complaints it is a number for BT Business Customers only and NOT A COMPLAINTS NUMBER I got put through to an Indian Call Centre and have hearing difficulties and cannot understand their accents. and I called them and advised them so and told them they should be checking that phone numbers they give out are what they say they are for!!!!!

    When is the regulator going to start Regulating BT properly and fgorce them to have a proper complaints procedure!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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