BT Infinity – Super Fast Broadband Complaint

Here’s a recent BT complaint sent in about BT’s super fast broadband service BT Infinity. 

Dear sirs,

At the beginning of January a letter from BT came through my door stating that BT infinity superfast broadband had arrived in my area!! As the normal broadband speed is very slow ( 1-2 mb ) in my area I was excited to think that super fast broadband was coming!! The lady on the phone said yes I could have it and my speed would increase to 21.9mb. I was delighted with this news and signed up for BT infinity.

The engineer called on the 18th of January to connect BT infinity but could not get the speed I was told! He said the overhead lines to my house were badly degraded and need sorting out! He did not have the skills to climb poles and fix this so he said he would tell control and another engineer would call to sort the overhead lines.

On the 2nd of February another engineer called but had no idea about sorting the overhead lines and thought he was just doing a standard installation, needless to say he could not achieve the promised speed and left my house leaving behind a second hub box? Wires and mess and no working broadband at all!! After about an hour of telephone calls to BT I have been told that BT have no intention of sorting out the degraded overhead lines and I would only be able to have a max speed of 12mb!! I have cancelled BT infinity as I am not paying for super fast broadband that is slower than standard broadband!!

I still have no working broadband and after another hour long conversation I have been told an engineer will call to my house in the next 24 hours to sort this!

I am appalled at the very poor service from BT and can inform you that at least 6 potential customers in my village will not be signing up for BT infinity as I have told them about lack of care and interest shown by BT. I have also put a warning on the village website advising potential customers of BT not to bother!

I doubt I will get any response from ” customer services ” as nobody seems to care. Now I have informed you of this I take you will not be offering BT infinity in this area or if you do customers will be told before they sign up that super fast broadband is very slow broadband and is not worth the extra money!!

A very upset and disillusioned customer.

Karl Oxley

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  1. BT infinity is one Big joke,super fast broadband
    I can shit fast then this crap super fast broadband.
    BT you are just tacking the piss….

  2. Its typical of BT – I live in an area where apparently BT Infinity which be made available in 3 to 4 years time – like we can wait that long to access a service that is commonplace in more developed countries like South Korea. I have just left BT Broadband and joined Virgin. Virgin may not be best known for their customer service but are offering Broadband speeds on average 6 times faster than BT.

  3. BT are awful, I had my broadband with them and had to buy myself out of the contract after 5 weeks, I could not take the awful speeds and throttling.

    My local exchange is activated for Infinity, BT Infinity is not going to come to my home. Not sure why, if the exchange is activated.

    Virgin wont come to my area also, they say too expensive. We are a new development and they wont install new connections.

    Used my friends 60meg Virgin connection at the weekend to download some files from work. Assumed 60 meg would be faster than my 11meg connection.

    Virgin was faster for 5 minutes and then the speed dropped off. Gave up and came back to my bethere connection. Unthrottled, unlike BT and Virgin

  4. i dont understand why they dont put cable in the ground the lazy sods…its 2012 for christ sake…we are in another century and we have to complain about something a smart phone gets faster…i say we all sign a petition and start a civil suit…coz their incompetence is causing me a lot of stress…all i know is 3rd world countries have faster web speed than THE THIEVES CALLED BT

  5. just had a very frustrating morning with BT. I should learn from past mistakes but got suckered in again by the sales team for BT Infinity, does it work, no it doesnt. After spending 2 hours on the phone trying to talk to the tier two technincal team, when I fininally get through to them their solution is we have to send an engineer. Please if anyone is thinking of gettint BT Infinity save yourselves the frustration and don't. The biggest part of the problem is the lack of customer service. I will never have anyother service from BT except for a phone line

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