BT India call centre don’t understand customers

Many of the BT complaints sent in from customers relate to poor customer service and BT getting it wrong or not understanding the problem. Lots of these cases can be unfortunately be put down to the BT call centers being based in India with many of the staff having very poor English. Here is just one example of this and how it can lead to incorrect orders and billing.


8 weeks ago I cancelled a secondary BT line into our house. It had only been used for a fax machine and was no longer needed. This process in itself was fraught as it transpired that the secondary line had broadband which had never been requested. However I thought all had been resolved until I received a bill for broadband on the now defunct line. I duly phoned the relevant 0800-800-150 number and spoke to several polite operators in India. No one could tell me why I had been billed for the dead phone line. Verification of our existing line was ascertained that does carry broadband and I was left thinking that compensation would be offered at some point.

Half an hour later the Broadband on our sole phoneline became unavailable. I phoned again and spoke again to several helpful and polite Indian operators. Eventually I was told that there’d were ‘difficulties in our area’ having tried to reboot the router several times. I tried later to no avail, no broadband. Again half an hour speaking to more operators across the globe to eventually be told that for no apparent reason the broadband had been cut off. I was informed that I would have to apply to have it reinstated, a new order would have to be raised and worst of all I would have to wait until June 7th. No amount of reasoning, incredulity and finally rage could exact an explanation as to how this had happened.

Enter one irate husband who takes on various supervisors… to no avail. He spoke to the Glasgow call centre who said that they had to refer him to the call centre in India who would not speak to us until they had received an order. However much he fumed that we were losing income, communication with family members living abroad, there was no giving way and what appeared to be an action taking simply seconds to cut off our Broadband could not be reversed without mountains of paperwork, we have now received a new order number text messages and emails to welcome us to our new service. The last supervisor said irate husband talked to, a Mr. Mohammed, cut him off mid flow and put the phone down.

We have no recourse seemingly and have to sit it out. The final straw will be if we have to change our email address as a result of this gross incompetence of BT. It should have been so simple for the system to check why we had been charged for a dead phone line and if dare I say it, English had been the first language of the call centre operators, we may not be in this mess.

Caroline Temple Cox

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  1. my ex wife has had nothing but trouble with bt people in india,who dont understand anybody in the uk it is a joke.they are trying to rip her off.the people in the call centre are rude and very unhelpful.

  2. just got off of the phone to bt automated service which do not take your card details over the phone anymore? but got through to india and there call centre is happy to take details which i had to tell them was not the policy of bt because i didnt want my details sold and my card cloned that was after half an hour using the phonetic alphabet so as to be able for the operator to understand me and the cost of my mobile bill taking a hammering i am not best pleased its no wonder the unemployment rate of this country is so high we give jobs to people who cannot speak the language i am in no way racist but the b in bt stands for british so maybe start getting staff that use english as a first language

  3. I just had a call from an Indian speaking bt member of
    Staff he spoke poor English and far too fast and after asking three times what he had just said
    he hung up on me without warning.great service bt can't wait until my contract ends with you

  4. Agree with all the comments ..have had a nightmare experience with the call centre in India , ..they speak too fast , cannot be understood and after a 3 hour call to them recently I was asked to produce a disabled certificate from my local authority after I explained I could not crawl along the floor unscrewing sockets. I hasten to say I am not disabled . If I call an electrician/plumber out , I do not expect to be unscrewing part of my equipment to test for the problem ..that is their job , not mine . I cannot wait to leave BT after having been in dispute with them for over 2 months ..complete and utter farce and the thought of ever speaking to that Indian call centre again is enough to fill me with absolute horror terrible terrible customer service I would nominate them for an Oscar in totally abysmal service. ..Why is it that they always assume the customer is wrong /stupid/lying or what ever ? Get your act together BT you are just the worst provider ever… I shall be off as soon as I can ( along with many many others )

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