BT Engineer Complaint

Here is a complaint sent in about engineers from BT messing a customer around. It’s not by any means the first complaint we have read about this type of problem, this is unfortunately common.


I have had two visits by the BT engineer without appointments, 19/4/10 to check my installation and 20/4/10 to check if my line was working. I believe the line was made worse on the 19/4/10 by the BT engineer, as I had no incoming or outgoing calls after that. I was told the fault is on my premises and it needs to be accessed by the BT engineer.

On 19/4/10, I received a call from the BT engineer saying that the fault was inside my premises and they needed access to sort the problem out. I tried to cancel this appointment but this was not accepted until I made another phone call later that evening. After having checking my installation by a private engineer, I made another call to BT to inform them that the fault was not inside my premises, as the voltage coming in was 29 instead above 50 as it should have been.

As soon as I mentioned to the voltage, force department said the fault was outside the premises and they do not need access to my premises and the fault would be resolved as soon as possible. I feel that I have been messed around by BT and I would appreciate it if you would investigate this matter and inform me of the outcome. I have tried reporting this over
the phone however; I have not got an adequate response as I was told numerous times that I had phoned the wrong department.

Hope to hear from you soon, if not, the matter will be reported to OFCOM

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