BT Complaints Procedure

We (BT) are committed to providing the best service to our customers. However, sometimes things go wrong, and when they do, we want to put them right as quickly as possible. When a customer calls BT, an adviser will try to solve the problem there and then. If this is not possible, we will agree a course of action. Billing queries are more complex and may take a little longer to resolve.

If a customer is still unhappy they can ask for the matter to be referred to the appropriate senior manager. If the complaint still cannot be resolved, the case can be taken to the BT Complaint Review Service. The Service will review all aspects of the case and strive to resolve the matter to the customer’s satisfaction.

More information on BT’s complaints procedure is provided in the back of BT Phone Books and on our website at Complaints about our Service. Ofcom, the regulator for the UK communications industry, publishes advice about how to make a complaint to a telecoms company.

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  • I love your logo/banner at the top of this website. However, you missed out "Lie", "Lies" & "Liar" because that's what BT promises when you get through to Indian call centre.

  • hi I HAVE BT BROADBAND AND i PAY FOR 8mega but I my speed is not even 1 mega and they told me that is ok I am seriously thinking to switch

  • Correct.
    ive been lied to for a week by indian call centre.
    They havent even requested to switch my line yet the indians were telling me an engineer was working on it.

  • They should change the name to BT Customer LACK OF Service. They have a very simple customer care ethos – we're the customers and they don't care.
    I've been trying for 4 months to clear up a bill query (which I paid but they posted the payment to the wrong account, then sent me a cheque, which I returned, and they now say I banked, but I didn't and they've now asked to see my bank statements!!!)
    Despite writing to the customer complaints review manager A MONTH AGO I've had no reply. DISGRACEFUL

  • I have had a bad experience regarding direct debit payments – and want to complain, but theire website shows no name or address to which I can write. I do not wish to phone or us their website but they do not offer an alternative. This will not stop me complaining & copying my letter to all parties I think will be interested – something telephoning & using their web page won't allow me to do!!!

  • I also have had nothing but lies, I dread phoning customer services with problems (that constantly arise) because it seems that the agents in India just read from a script and cannot handle anything that is not on it. I am desperate for my contract to end now so that I can go elsewhere, and I'll be making sure that whoever I go with has their call centre/s in the UK!

  • i totally give up with bt!! how many times do u speak to someone who doesnt understand what ur saying!! then get a bill for £95.00 when u have explained many many times ur service isnt working and u have no phone line or internet so why should i pay??

  • Twelve months trying to get an account closed and then threatening letters and more bills. This must be the worst public service in existence. Those responsible for running this pathetic excuse for a business should be sacked immediately. All those who find it necessary to comment in this forum should do themselves a favout and switch to Talk Talk.

  • BT service is a joke I made one order I now have three numbers and every time I dial the Call Centre things get even worse. I have been charged £80 for cancelling an order when all I did was order more from them BT are a shambles

  • I agree with everything said in all these comments. My only mistake was to transfer my package to a cheaper one being assured by the salesman in the shopping centre that "I wouldn't notice a thing" The new modem was sent to the completly wrong address which I had to ask them to change twice. Now we are getting letters saying they will take legal proceedings if we don't pay the Direct Debit on the old package. I feel very sorry for the staff on the other end of the phone who don't seem to have any information on other parts of the business and have to keep transferring you or even cut you off completely. The management are a disgrace. Go somewhere else.

  • I have a technical issue with BT in being unable to access the gateway server of one of the U. K.'s biggest education providers, which is essnetial as part of my work. I have spoken to the firm concerned and they tell me it is a BT problem and that others who have BT as an ISP have the same problem. I have spend hours on the phone to BT, checked out my own equipment and also wasted time speaking to BT staff in India who did not even understand what I was talking about, although to be fair to the Indian side, they have been helpful in the past. Today I spoke to a UK based BT engineer who admitted they did not understand the fault but suggested an experiment, which was to try accessing this gateway through a 'proxy server'. I did this today through using 'proxify' and successfully connected, proving without doubt that this problem is caused by BT network or server settings somwhere. I suspect this problem is caused by BT being too clever with filtering software but cannot get any high level contact to sort it out. I look forward to my broadband contract finishing when I can leave BT.

  • BT dug up my road unannounced, preventing me from parking on my own driveway. All this without any notification in advance!

    Angry Customer

  • Ordered new business phone line and broadband 3/4 weeks before moving premises. Arrived and unpacked, BT should have been on site doing their thing. No sign of them. Checked with them to find they had not ordered an engineer to site as the credit check did not go through, they had got my date of birth wrong. Did'nt bother to ring me and ask again – only a customer why bother. They apologised profusely (really good at it) and a line will be in within 8 days. The BT customer complaints branch would be contacting me as they have 4 hours to do so. Guess what – not heard anything and its now 8 working hours since their last communication.

  • Ordered BT phone and Broadband package… Rang back to pay and was told after I had paid £25 that that was just the phone line!!! Had to wait for broadband. Was told couldnt cancel within the first year otherwise would be penalised. Have now moved and they are trying to charge me £55 for early redemption even though my tied in period was Jan 10!!! They turned off my broadband and are now trying to charge me £165 for that pleasure. Icing on the cake letter came thru off bank saying they were charging me £15 for BT direct debit that failed, well it would as I cancelled it!! I'd earlier paid 17.50 by debit card so was quite shocked especially as they tried to take 29.50!!! According to the bank it is very naughty what bt done but you speak to asian call centre and end up putting the phone down!!! Well done BT you are really good at looking after your customers!!! I am seriously considering letting them take me to court and maybe a judge can get through to them

  • i would like to say that bt are robbing gits thats putting it nicely !!!! after robbing me of £200 have now sent debt collectors for admin fees that dont even excist !!!

  • My broad band service has now not worked effectively for over a month.I must have spoke to over twenty people going no where god only knows how much more i can take.

  • Can anybody provide me with the name of the UK Director of customer services for BT? I am about to loose my temper with there slack attitude and inability to listen to their customers (me!) and am taking this to the top, I will not rest until I get the outcome I deserve!


  • Due to the promotional campaign run by BT regarding the efficiency of their broadband provision and the fact that you would not lose wireless connection. When I moved to our new hose in February we changed provider to BT. To date I have contacted BT to complain about the loss of wireless connection over fifteen times. As mainly use this service at weekends I feel that I am paying for a service that at best can only be described as poor. This is a far cry from the aggressive advertising and promises that BT are making to millions of potential customers every day. On each occasion of complaining I have been promised faithfully that the problem has been resolved and will not happen again. BT do not seem willing to resolve this.

  • Bt phoned me asked about my current telephone company and when i said im not sure off hand they just hung-up on me how rude they were the ones that phoned cheek, never again phone me as you are really rude

  • I have just spent all morning waiting in for a BT Engineer who was supposed to be here between 8am and 1pm. I phoned to see where he was and was told he isn't coming now as it's an exchange problem. It's been an exchange problem since last Friday. I do my job from home and this is affecting my job very badly. My broadband fails every half hour or so. Once my contract is up I am moving away from BT, they are useless.

  • I asked bt to move my account to my new home,
    Instead, they:
    CHARGED ME FOR £ 157
    CHARGED ME FOR A NEW ORDER £74 (which I never placed)

    The list of cock ups is 3 sides long, I have closed my account
    ( really )and gone to cable who got me up and running in 2 days

    B. T. stands for Bloody Twats!

  • I have just read the customer complaints section and it affirms my own justified frustrations. I set up a home move, got my new number which I issued to friends, family and business contacts and organised the B.T engineers visit to my new home to install a BT line at the princely sum of approx £127. This was all done 10 days ago and I rested on my laurals believing job done. Yesterday I decided to just check that all was well but was advised that the order has been cancelled (not by me). I was told that the telephone number I had been issued with was null and void as was the engineers appointment. The chap I spoke with re-booked the order and is trying to get the number I had been issued with plus his manager is trying to get the engineers appointment brought forward. As I couldn't do a trace on their booking website I rang tonight and again the person I spoke with has tried to be helpful but kept irritating me by saying not to worry and to have a good evening etc etc and I felt just wanted me to lie down and rollover. So it will be interesting if BT do keep there promise as so far I am totally disillusioned with their service and I have to say that 2 years ago I had a dreadful experience with Talk Talk which resulted in my cancelling my contract with them. So watch this space……….

  • For a communications company they really are crap at it. I've been with them for years and years but had to leave. I have not had a service since May. I have spoken to them over 50 times. They even left me a message one day which was 2 minutes of their "on hold" music – no talking, just music. They were even crap at terminating my contract and are still charging me. Bucch of liars

    Trust me – go with O2 – fantastic customer service

  • I first registered with yourselves on the …………, the Customer services advisor checked my phone line and ran a test to see what speed I could achieve in my area and I proceeded to set up my account, it was confirmed that the broadband would be set up on the 20th July 2010. Everything arrived a day later than promised, another error on your behalf that I feel is unacceptable, later on the 21st I received a phone call informing me there was not enough server space for my connection, and that I would have to wait until August 10th for space to become available. I expressed my concern with the advisor as my partner and I require broadband to work from home on a daily basis. I said that this was not satisfactory and that I would try an alternative supplier, the advisor proved to be of a rude manner, stating “you can if you want but you won’t be able to as they need to access they same server so you might as well wait”. I do not feel this is a professional attitude to have with a customer.

    I now have to commute a 30 mile round trip to access the internet, and my partner has to travel a similar distance regularly. If the advisor checked my line and broadband speed, why was I not advised at the time that there wasn’t enough server space? I am appalled by the service received and the attitude of the BT representatives. I expect to be compensated for my inconvenience, especially as this has proved costly for me due to my extended travel due to not having a connection. I expect a response from yourself within the next 7-10 days with a reason for this delay and a compensation I feel balances the issues I have faced.

  • we came back from holiday to find a letter saying sorry your leaving BT. Was news to us as we didnt ask for service to end. Its been a non ending round of calls to their lovely indian call centre with us having to explain the situation over and over to different people with limited knowledge of the english language and no idea what is going on. We have been told we requested the service stopped ( no) , that someone else requested our number and we didnt reply in time to stop the change ( no) , that we owed them money ( definitely no) . We have received a 166 pound bill for discontinuing our service before the contract ended ( we didnt they did!) . A letter from BT in the post makes us both shudder with fear now and neither of us can face ringing them again. Not to mention the cost of phoning them over and over from our mobiles to try to fix this situation they also promised us our old number back and havent done so. I cant wait for the contract time to end as we will go ELSEWHERE. There doesnt seem to be anyone to complain to or anywhere to go to speak to English staff who might be able to comprehend the problem and solve it. Customer service? There is none and no one cares the least if your unhappy or overcharged or have no service. BOOOO HISSSSSSS to BT for their lack of professionalism .

  • Signed up for phone and broadband…had no broadband even though it's now 10 days after they sent modem via mail (no engineer). used up all my mobile phone credit trying to get this sorted. then used the landline they connected on Tuesday trying to get this sorted. the telephone number I gave them was wrong even hough I was phoning them from it..and had the number checked by my mother who phoned me…they have lost my contact details and promised twice it would be working in two days time…twice! They put me through to India ( I will refuse to pay for this call as they are breaking their contract with me to supply broadband services!) Again promised to be working by now but it's not,,what's going on with them..maybe it's because they're not charging me the 120 odd pound to set up like I paid last time! What a lousy not gonna keep wasting my phone credit calling this them..they'll get a shock when they want cash for billing me for non existent broadband..they emailed me saying service is active but I ain't got any service..what do I do now?

  • The worst company ive had the missfortune of dealing with. Total abuse and misstreatment of its customers, I spent countless pounds on making mobile phone calls to the customer service line as my telephone line was dead, 90% of the time the person had trouble understanding what i was saying and I couldnt understand what they were saying as they were not speaking in a clear english accent – im not racist, just pointing out the fact that if youre going to have a customer service line in England – make sure the people picking up the phone can talk english clearly. The fault status report system is a joke, at one point i waited in my home on a saturday morning waiting for the engineer to turn up, only to receive a message on my mobil stating 'Sorry, we need a bit more time to fix the problem', I called customer service and they confirmed that noone was going to be coming to my property!!!!!! This is after they told me there was a suspected fault with my equipment and that they had to visit the property. After 2 weeks, the line was fixed but the broadband was not, another two weeks passed and my ISP finally managed to get BT to fix the fault. Terrible terrible customer service, apawling behaviour for such a big company. What a shambles!!

  • Rubbish service – taken 5 weeks so far to try and get change TO BT, various failures on their part. Best bet to email (group CEO) – they do actually respond from the Chairman's office (but still struggling to get service I ordered). Offshore Customer Service completely crap!

  • BT are total crooks! I'm moving house and want to change my broadband and phone providers as I do not feel i've been getting good value for money from my BT broadband package over the past 4+ years I've been with them. BT really don't want to let you leave!! I've spent practical the entire day trying to end their services; they claim there's a £25 end service charge even if you're out of your contract period. Yes – they'd offered a tempting competitive broadband and phone package to try and keep me with them only to tell me that I'd have to pay £127.99 once I move to get the line reconnected at the new place… I just don't want to have anything more to do with them!

  • well time to add my bad service story to the pile.

    Back on july 26 2010 i phoned bt to request my mac code , The sales agent retained me offering upto 15 meg bb speed (i get 7 meg outt the 8 meg so speed woulda been good) a reduction in the line rental for both my broadband AND my phone line.

    However I never recieved and confirmation ,order number not jotted down as i stupidly did it via my mobile walking back from work , After 2 weeks i contacted bt who said that i wouldnt recieve confirmation untill my next bill…… funny that doesnt adhere to distance selling regulations.

    Now the seconday issue is im on online billing and for 8 months BT have been unable to let me see my bill , So i called up when i got the new one , Queried it and found this renewal offer hadn't been done and when challenged they put me to a "manager" who stated they dont know why it wasnt done and i HAVE to pay my bill even though i have not been allowed to see it nor upgrade done.

    I emailed bt customer complaints about this on the 7th august….. guess what still no reply.

  • have just ended up in tears yet again, whilst on the phone tp BT call centre in India. Two months ago I relocated leaving member of my family at home address. Contacted BT to instal phone line and internet at new address. Confirmation received on phne of price and installation date. The offer I was quoted finished that day. Was also told no installation fee would be charged and that at my old address there would be no lossof service if new bill payer contacted them within a few days. OH no, not so, prvious address was without internet for 5 wks, causing loss of earnings.
    The next day BT confirmed my connection, but was put on different contract and higher charges, as offer hadd finished. The contacted a wk later to say installation had been cancelled. After contacting India, this apparantly was not so and order put through yet again, and yet again delaying installation.

    after 5 weeks my previous house was back to how it had been for the last numerous years, with both phone and internet, but leaving a lot of upset and loss of earnings.

    My phone was installed, but then had problems for 4days getting on internet, but still charged from original date.

    Then the bill arrived stating I had been charged connection fee in excess of £127. Phoned India again, even though I haad the contract in front of me, they insisted I would have to pay this fee. After checking with colleague, this could then be taken off..SURPRISE!!!
    checked on-line account few days later, still showing I owed this fee.
    Called India again, to be told I would have to pay this fee as there was not 10 days to cancel direct debit, even though it had been 13 days since first call, but they had forgotten to amend direct debit. After absolutely blowing my top, they have now cancelled my direct debit, will amend the fee, and then set up again after 4 days.
    Ended up in tears yet again..cannot take much more of this. How can they keep getting it so wrong. I have had not one tiny hiccup from any other service provider in connection with my move.

    Do I believe they will get it right…WHAT DO YOU THINK

  • returned home 14th december answerphone message from bt asking me to phone confirming my house move to windsor quoting order ref windsor 100 miles from where i live i tried to phone stating i had at no time placed the order but phone dead- already cut off phoned with mobile quoting reference – was told order details seemed iffey thats why they had phoned felt reassured not moving house 3 days later phone not reconected long phone call to bt on mobile passed from person to person until eventually told phone and account were working at my new address in windsor reittereated had never placed order bt unable to open old account as they had closed it they agreed that new account would be same number but not treated as new as 10 year customer had to wait 5 days for account to be set up when eventually set up they had given me new telephone number had to phone back and was given old number again in january several answerphone messages from bt to sort out my move to winsdor phoned back and was promised that all reference to windsor was removed from my account on return from holidays in feb line was restricted when i phoned was told that i had not paid the bill i replied had not received it informed that bill had been sent to my address in windsor callcentre was adamant that i had requested be sent to windsor would not reconnect unless i paid there and then no hint of apology i wrote letter to complaints in durham reply was standard letter we have done retraining etc basically telling me piss off i wrote back demanding detailed letter and acusing bt of fraud with my line bt accepted they at fault and they had moved the account however no offer of compensation for mobile phone bill or my time
    next bill charged me late payment fee and reconnection fee for privalage of bt sending my account to wrong county told them where could stuff their account/disconnected immediately they sent me bill plus £60 early cancellation of account charge only been with them 10 years after further phonecalls they promised to phone me back but received letter to phone them agreed to drop bill but refused to give compensation for my lengthy calls received final bill of £20 when supposed to be £0 had to phone up again and grudgingly they cancelled it 5 months of indian waste of time call centtes more-than just as bad

  • I'am disgusted with the way BT have treated me ,i have had a cross line for a week and every time i have contacted them they just tell me someone will be out to fix the problem .The problem is nobody seems to listen to you. I am going to change provider and not recommend anybody else not to go with them.

  • The worst customer service I have ever experienced. Also the most over priced Broadband and phone service, the BT talk system is extremely unreliable.

  • Despite numerous emails and telephone calls, my bt broadband is configured to receive 250 kps max but is usually around 50 kps. It's disgusting. I have an i7 processor and 4 meg and takes about an hour and a half just to download itunes. I can't use the i player to watch anything… any normal website page is about 20 secs. I might as well go back to dial up.

    They just keep ignoring me hoping I will go away.

  • BT are a trainwreck. I cancelled my service with them and they continued charging me for 6 months after (no contract obligations just very very poor customer service). I am currently fighting to get my overpaid balance refunded, so far it has taken me 17 phone calls to an indian call centre, four emails and a written letter to get absolutely nowhere. Avoid BT at all costs people. They owe me over £300! Madness.

  • Two years of NO service, phone crackles never works. yet, they continue to take money off me. BT engineer didnt show up to sort problem out. Rang to complain, got India who did not understand me and I could not understand them. May as well throw your money on the fire as it would be more interesting watching it burn than attempting to decipher multiple Indian languages and wasting more on mobile calls. Surely, this is illegal, extracting money from people and not providing the service that they are charging for. Extortion, fraud, call it what you will, this is not right!!!!!!

  • found it in my interest to leave bt,found out that my contract had been renewed without me knowing it was coming to an end,now on leaving i have been slapped with a £65 fine.when i explained i had not received any letters regards the renewal i was directed to the print on my bills which i receive by email and then offered cheap braodband cheap tv and phone line,because i refused the manager then told me there is nothing he would do…..7 years of being a customer and because i want to save a bit for money they punish you…

  • I am in my third week of waiting to have my phone line repaired. Fortunately, my internet is on another line so I am not completely cut off from the outside world. BT's engineers have been excellent – it is a complex fault – but the communications system within BT is hopeless. Their call centre staff just read from scripts and do not listen to the customer nor do they know what is going on.

    One Saturday, a chap from the call centre rang to ask me if the phone line was better (the second such call) so I told him in no uncertain terms that it would not get better till they fixed it. He arranged for an engineer to call on the Monday in spite of my telling him twice I'd be out (I rearranged online as I felt sorry for the engineer). I got a text two hours later on the same Saturday afternoon telling me the fault was fixed (it wasn't) and I had to reinstate the fault online. So it is a good job that my internet is still working.

  • Dear Sir,I am totally and utterly disgusted with the way your company has treated me.I was a loyal customer of yours for 6years and always paid my bills regularly and on time.Recently i did a home move and wanted Bt broadband vision and phone line to stay with you.This package was to be installed free of line installation on 24th of august 2010 and the phone line was installed but the others got cancelled your end so i was sent a Bt dongle free of charge for the incovinience and so that i could use the internet for work whilst waiting for the new date to be installed.The signal was so weak on the Bt dongle it was useless and wouldnt connect to the internet.I was then i was given a date for the 3rd of september 2010 and it got cancelled again,so i was given another date and it was cancelled again. I have lost important work and earnings over this.You then put a specialist team in scotland on to it and nothing happened so i cancelled bt broadband and vision and for the inconviniences was charged nothing for cancelling.Then my partner had £60 taken from here bank account for bt broadband and vision which we didnt have and then a few days later i was sent a bill for £180 for bt dongle which you gave me for free for the inconvinience,£127 for line installion which i was being charged for and on top of that you tried to charge me for equipment e.g bt router and vision box which you hadnt even sent as i had the old ones from my move of address.

  • Why is it that BT does not take complaints seriously. It seems they onlt too willing to pass you on to another operator. My complaint is ongoing since July








  • I wanted to move our church office. I rang BT twice and both times they confirmed we could keep our old number as we were moving in the same exchange. As a result, I got new stationery printed and sent off all my change of address letters etc
    They rang back today to say they have got it wrong, we can't keep the same number.
    HOW INCOMPETENT IS THAT? I was so angry I couldn't continue the conversation. Our whole move and continuity is now ruined!!!!

  • hi on the 20 steptember irung bt to cancel broadband and phone line on 14th october given more then the 2 weeks notice required , they said i would have to pay £25 to leave even though countracts up,
    and unable to have landline where we are moving to, they closed and stopped line that day half hour after my call, after maney hours of calls to india and scotand ,they said i could have my phone line back but not the same number , enternet would take 5/8 days by that time it would be time to move house , i told them to leave it , but i wanted to speak to manager , told they would ring me back in about 1 hour , 24hours later i rang them back , they didnt have a record of my call , spoke to a manager told by them i would not have to pay for disconection fee , bill came today and yes still has the £25 fee on have yet to ring …. if i didnt pay a bill bt ring you very quickly and want you to be quick in dealing with your payments ,, so they should take a leaf out of there own book and do the same for custorms
    deal quickly with our complaints , i would have returned to bt in a few months when i have my new home but now no way ,, now bt only sands for bad treatment

  • i work for bt openreach, i am the engineer that comes out to install, fix and work on the broadband. I call the centre as I needed to have a fault raised to carry out work on the line as my speed had dropped from 1.3 meg witch is the best I can get for where I live to 0.3 meg.
    1st call they said some one would call me back as they need to carry out tests on the line…….they didn't
    then they said the system????? has been reset and will take 48 hours
    after 3 days i called back to have some one say that it says on the system that some was to call me back 2 days ago and wonders why im getting irate.
    Over 1 week now and there still is no fault raised on the line so a engineer can call out and i have been told that the line is fixed, the line is now running at 0.890 meg and now the most my line will run is 1 meg

  • Swapped from Talk Talk to BT, been a nightmare ever since, I was promissed i could keep my number,lie i have had 4 different numbers in as many weeks.
    Again i have been promissed this will be resolved in the famous 7 days,Customer services should be ashamed of themselves its so bad i thought about going to Durham offices to complain (about a 4 hour drive)possibly quicker than the ammount of time i have been on the phone complaining to supervisors in India that cant understand you, I wonder how George,Rashid,Mohamad are today bless them.
    Watch my comment in 7 days.

  • Call Recordings
    Most of these jokers, such as Home IT, make call recordings. When you ring them you should confirm whether they are recording the call. They can hardly then object if you do the same. It's easy to do and not too expensive (look on amazon). I was just listening back to some of our attempts in June to contact some BT gang who call themselves the Digital Care Team, who had rung us with regard to a complaint we made about Home IT Support. The first joker in India gave us the number of a call centre that no longer deals with BT issues. Went through the rigmarole again. We were then given 2 numbers to ring. One was a discontinued line. After waiting in the queue for the second ('your call is important to us' – is this some sick corporate joke?), we were finally asked what model of handset we were ringing about. Model of handset???
    These people are actually paid to f**** things up. They get money for it. Therefore their time is important. Their customers have endless time… Who cares about them?

  • had bt open reach install a new bt line for sky back in may 2010, the installer was at my home from 10am am to 4pm, and totally desroyed my new render outside and to top it all off left the mess on the pavement

  • apparently when i changed to bt for my internet i was told it would be simple,better and cheaper for me thn my last provider . but i have had nothing but letter after letter of cock ups . when i try ringing i get indian call centre. and im not racist but they havent a fukin clue what im on about and i certainly cannot get across to them what i mean . my payments r all messed up they try takin more money out my bank than what was agreed and again this morning another letter demanding money or my service will be restricted . so by this time im fuming and my language isnt any better by the time im trying to explain to yet another indian call centre employee what a complete fuk up this is and im seriously thinkin of tellin bt where to shove it ,contract or no contract . but im sure this comment along with alot of others on here will not be read or dealt with and brushed under an almost hilly like carpet . im considering taking up a foreign language cos that way maybe ill be understood .

  • Ive had same problems with moving house with BT now theyve even blocked any other provider i want to go with how dare they someone should do something about it cause while the dispute going on there taking money out of my account





  • I just really really hope the competition ANY competition gets access to the grid, then at that presice moment BT will implode and I pray to god be be destroyed forever

    I cant imagine in which universe or hell this kind of TOTALLY INCOMPETANCE which they would call 'customer service' could ever be acceptable

    BT HATE customers they truly HATE us

  • I have just phoned BT for the 4th time since July, they changed the junction box in the pavement outside our house, without telling us. Since then we have had slow speed, crackly phone line and disconnection of Broadband. They keep checking the line and stating that the fault is at the Exchange. I keep asking for someone to check the Junction Box, at the time they checked my line it was ok so they would not send out an Engineer otherwise we would have to pay for one. Tonight we have lost our Broadband 4 times since 17.00 hrs, it's a joke. You can't understand what their employee says as they are Indian and speak to quickly. I had to get really angry tonight and was then transferred to line faults, they tried to put me back to Broadband and that's when I really lost my temper and demanded to speak to a Manager. He told us that he would do another line check, line fine YEA RIGHT. He said he would send out an Engineer only after I had taken the front off the BT phone box, NO WAY, that's BT's property not mine. So the Engineer is coming out on 22 November between 13.00 – 18.00 hrs, unless he finds the problem at the Exchange !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have informed BT that I'm now taking this to Trading Standards as they are now in breach of their contract, and was told I can't do that ………. just watch me, they are open tomorrow morning lets see what they have to say. I am fed up with being fobbed off, transferred to useless people who don't have a clue and keep telling you that they "Understand" how you feel. Lets see what they say on Monday.

  • I ordered an advertised on B.T website package deal as a on 18 month contract on 26th October 2010 when they got around to confirn the order they increased it to 24 months it took 5 days for B.T to answer emails and phone calls. When I did make contact I was told that B.T had cancelled my order no reason was given the person I spoke was rude and avasive and said I would have to place another order although they had taken £179 from my account. My attempts to get this money back have been unsccessful I am an O.A.P. and to be turned over by this kind of miselling from an international company stinks.Be warned if your a pensioner B.T have no morals.

  • I have been with BT from 27 October from that day i have been facing the problem to with the connectivity as it gets dropped very frequently and its been a a very big trouble to me when i try to contact customer care they said they cant help what should i do i am really frustrated because of these…kindly need help on these issue

  • We have had BT phone and Broad band for 7 months we are on our 4th Home Hub and our internet connection is unusable. It either will not connect, cuts off when you open a page or is so slow you cannot ever run a speed test!!
    It is ridiculous-I want out but I am told I have to pay to leave my contract.
    Ive made so many calls to the call centre in India we are practically on a first name basis! All calls are over 40mins long and n solution has been offered. I am completing a Masters degree and require the internet for my work- my partner is so upset he has arranged another service provider Virgin Media who have been excellent (very fast and consistent) however this means we are paying for a service from BT that is not even working!!!
    Heeeeellllpppp!! How do we get out of this contract!!

  • I am appalled at BTs terrible Customer Service and customer relations. They have just disconnected my phone without warning because a bill was outstanding for a single month. All other utility providers are more flexible on late payments. I tried to exit when I realised the rates were awful compared to all other phone service providers and they sent a bill for £250 for disconnection after 6 months service.
    Never go with BT! TalkTalk and Virgin are much better!!! Avoid the rip-off and nightmare service BT provides at all cost!!!!
    I am leaving BT as soon as possible. It took me about 1 hour to find a number I can call to speak to someone a while ago. Otherwise you are stuck in a web of robots to listen to!
    Awful service – worst in the world. Plus they sneak extra charges into your internet useage.


  • BT cross cabled my broadband line on Tuesday 30 November to provide a new line to another company in our building. We are an international business who have been without internet/email access for a week so far. BT are the most difficult company to deal with – you cannot get hold of the same person twice – regularly been on hold for 1.5 hours. All staff are very good at apologising but nobody seems able to resolve my issue. This is the 3rd time BT have caused this type of problem in our building. BT fault dept wont deal with it – its a sales issue!! Absolutely unbelievable

  • Recently I have received a number of telephone calls from male callers with Indian/asian accents telling me (a) they are an official internet service agent and there is a problem with my computer. They then ask me to go into my computer system and they will show me the problem. When I ask what the problem is they will not tell me, when I ask what the solution is they will not tell me. When I ask what they really want they end the call. They have all my BT telephone details. I think these are phishing calls to get into my computer. They started after I called for BT Broadband support and an operator took over my computer to conduct a check on settings and connections. I believe these phishing callers obtained details from BT's call centre in Asia. I have heard that other people in the area where I live are receiving similar calls. This is obviously worrying for me and other BT customers and bad news for BT's reputation.

    If BT customer servcie is monitoring these comments I would like to express my concern and ask you to announce if such calls could be genuine and if not to check on whether someone from the BT call centre is leaking customer details.

  • I always think when I read such forums that people must be incompetent themselves, BUT how wrong am I. The senior managers of this company should be reading this with shame! I am a senior professional working for the government and I have never came across such incompetence. You are the worst service provider that I have ever experienced. You really should be ashamed. It is not the fault of the call centre staff. I find that they try their best but don't know how to fix any problems. Their recruitment, training and support must be abysmal. I have been phoning them now since the summer regarding a bill problem. It started of as a simple problem, however not only did they fail to resolve this, but in their attempts to do so they created a monty python situation where everything they touched went wrong. Now my bill is a complete shambles and I doubt they will ever fix it. You caused this complete shambles and my 5yr old could have resolved it with her cranes. I am flabbergasted at this stage how much a mess they have made. They cancel things that you never asked to be canceled, give you things you never asked for and have no idea how any of it happens. They do apologise profusely but seem simply incapable of resolving it as do the supervisors. They don't contact you when they say they will, don't do anything that they say they will.

    What can you do – its a mess. I will be going down the formal complaints procedure.

  • I have been recieving about 5,6 calls a days from this number,
    " 01707 871610 "
    I have now found out that this number is BT. There ringing me from 9am till around 9.30pm.
    There taking the p~~s out of me with these annoying phone calls,BT a massive company and they bug there own customers to the point i dont want to be with them anymore, there a massive joke….. I've told them i dont want what there offering but they still ring…
    If i wanted something from BT i would ring them but i dont but they still insist on ringing, one of the offers is to stop annoying phone calls from companys trying to sell me something, It makes me laugh as BT i making more annoying phone calls than the other companys…
    BT get a life and stop annoying your own customers, it's use that keep your company going by being eith you…. carry on like that and you wont have customers for long……

  • Just when I think it cant get does. I am left speechless by BTs comedy of errors, incompetence, bad customer service and the lies told by the call centres. I have just paid a bill I do not owe in the hope that they will not cut the phone off. Isnt that kind of thing illegal? If not, it should be.

  • BT slammed my line taking my calls away from Sky in August when i was out the country(passport evidence). I did have my line rental with BT which is now also being removed from them.
    They advised that an agent called me on 23.08.10 and i agreed to change the service, i have requested that they listen to the call and then tell me that i was on the call and that they have not breach data protection by discussing my account with someone else in the home and making a change to my service entering me into a contract without my permission. They have returned the escalated managers call as promised for a week now and i have started to escalate it through thier procedure to the compalints review team before i head to Otelo.
    The thing that makes even more laughable is i was on a Sky staff account so why oh why would i agree to start paying for calls!!!!
    Well 7 weeks to go before i write to Otelo however as the lines been slammed i will be investigating how i can complain about this unlawful procedure regardless.
    Oh to add to this i have just received a leeter about changing my services back to Sky from BT which states i am due them a termination charge!! i dont think so

  • I have had my calls restricted according to BT for non payment of a bill which was actually paid in full five weeks ago. Despite numerous calls to their call centre (somewhere in India I believe) explaining that the bill was paid via BACS on the 5th January and them saying on each of the last three days that they will reconnect the line they have failed to do so. Each time I call them I have to start all over again explaining how and when the bill was paid but they dont even understand what a BACS payment is for a start, they say they are noting their computers with what I tell them but next time I call they only have half the information they supposedly recorded the last time, and each time I call they say the service will be restored but it isnt. To make it worse they say they will give me the benefit of the doubt that I have paid, it really sounds as if they dont believe me! I am so angry with them I cant believe BT can just cut you off without any warning when you have paid!

  • I was sold this BT.Vision Package, under false pretence.
    We have a Digital Box, that is OK.
    I was told that if we buy this product we will receive all Channels
    that is a lie we cannot.After at least 6hrs.on the phone they told me it was my Aerial.
    They have sent a qualified engineer around to test.
    With my original Digit Box working.
    But with BT Vision Box, it is not good enough.They have told me I must continue to pay for it dispite that it is not working.
    Who are they. BT. Con

  • Paul Roberts Penzance.

    My Parents pay £12 plus per quater to have witheld no.s bared. Last night I answered their phone to find a recorded cold calling device trying to send them a phone package from BT. I dialed 1471 to find the number witheld!!! Bunch of ch–ting Bast—ds,


  • Ok where do I start!!!!Today date 9th March 2011, rang bt to say my bthub is not working properley spoke to an Indian woman who could not speak much english, she put me though to a diffrent department had to explain full story again, she too was Indian yet again had to be put though to a diffrent department as she too could not deal with the problem, Spoke to a woman not sure what language she was speaking something but not English then Oh My God I got put though to someone who could speak ENGLISH he tried everything and said he had done it and would send me a text message to confirm it!!! mobile rings it the person from BT who said he had done it to say sorry but he could not do it and that i had to go online to apply for it, ok i said i do that i have now been on the phone for 1hr 15 min I was shouting at them, went on line to do what they had said filled in all the info they asked me for pressed send, it said just checking said this for apox 3 min to 5 min when it came up with a message PLEASE RING 0800 800 150 as you have one of our great deals and speak to one of our helpful advisors, who will help!! so i rang and you know what I am going to say Yes i had to repeat it all again this time the last person i spoke to said the service is no longer availble WHAT A SHIT SERVICE I OFF TO GET A DIFFRENT SUPPLYER. sorry but i am not putting my name

  • Yes I agree with everyone about BT Service WHAT SERVICE.Call centers in India are a JOKE they do not or will not understand plain simple ENGLISH.A five year old has more knowledge than these INDIAN IDIOTS.
    I thought AOL was bad when I was told F you down the phone because I did not want to renew my contract with them for bad service and then I tried TALK TALK only to be told AOL owned them.BT has a very efficiant billing service always on time and quick to take your money
    anything else forget it.Then try to make a complaint to BT what a run around this has been.
    I would be better off with two tin cans and a piece of string.

  • BT Business – what an absolute joke!!!!!I first phoned back on the 25th January to arrange for the installation of a line and I'm still waiting …… Now we're coming to the end of March,I'm completely speechless and with all the millions of people out of job, there really needs to be a bit more competition out there to give BT a run for there money. I've had to spend a further £15.00 per month using a dongle.

    BT not British telecommunications but rather Bullshit Thicko

  • I had not had broad band access for over a month. I was promised call backs that never came, I was told to call back (I had 8 times), when I wanted to write in with my complaint I was told to use the internet contact us form. How could I if I did not have internet access and that was what I was calling about. In my opinion to survive the trauma of dealing with BT you need a good sense of humour.

  • I can only concur with the majority of comments, although BT contacts can speak English I cannot understand a word they say because of their accent and the speed they talk. Even if you ask them to slow down it makes no difference because you are ignored. Why is it that when BT want to sell something over the phone they have a nice English voice talking to you, try calling back and you get someone speaking English but you can't understand them because they come from a different country.

  • Something came into my house last Saturday night when I was asleep and took my BT Infinity away 'Superfast'! I woke up on Sunday 28/08/11 and switched on my computer but there was no internet. This was the start of the BT pantomime.
    I called India and was spoken to politely on all occasions, even after I started to shout when I'd been let down for the third time; I'd waited from 1-6pm on Tues, 8-1pm on Wed, 1-6pm on Wed (I was assured by the nice Indian man that an engineer was coming. By 5.45pm another Indian man told me that the engineer wouldn't be coming now – they'd been working all day at the exchange. I'd had the 'exchange' story several times. On one occasion it was fixed and so apparently was my internet, except it wasn't! I asked what did it take to get an engineer to my house and eventually I was given 8-1pm on Thursday. The engineer arrived at 9 am with a new modem (the problem that had been identified at the first phone call) and fixed the internet in less than 5 mins.
    B.T. you are a disgrace for a company that is about COMMUNICATION. There is no joined-up thinking. Appointments are made but not acted upon. Do you think people have nothing better to do but sit and wait for engineers who don't honour the appointments? Your system is abysmal. There's not enough competition, that's why you get away with it. If there were 10 different companies out there you'd improve your system 'Superfast'!

  • All Above is so true, broadband issue, rang multiple call centres to try and avoid the broadband department. I have range and spoken to so many people, and no one to complain to. The majority of calls to the broadband call centre were never recorded, they just talk and hang up with no action. Then i should of received 4 new filters, of course these never arrived. And yes engineers booked after 6 weeks, but where we these magic engineers. Clearly being invisble to the naked eye. What is worse you cannot speak to anyone, unless to want to buy a product from the brilliant UK call centre. I even spoke to the closure department, stated the full case. The call centre was full of apologies and said they would pass me onto a manager, great i thought hold on caller and bang passed straight back to the first number, choose 1 for products and services 2 for faults. Clearly when you have a monopoly for line service what more choice have you, I cannot move my broadband as I am reliant on the telephone line. BT you are terrible, awful, cost cutting to the extreme and offer no service. I only wish I had another choice, perhaps you should invest my line rental into a call centre that cares.

  • order was placed nov 6th 2012 its now dec 18th no broadband no line in the house no tv over £50 wasted on mobiles to call centers just listening to music and someone saying how busy they are family in hospital so on mobiles all the time and no word at all from them to say sorry or explain whats happening this is peoples lives they are playing with and it seems no one cares line was promised 7th december between 8am and 1pm no one called no txt or anything to explain and cheesed right off getting through to india after 30mins and they are no help i am partially deaf and conversation is impossible took my wife 2 hours to get through today from a filthy freezing public call box shame on you BT we were told today it will be done on the 20th dec not holding my breath the biggest communication company in the country and they cant communicate

  • BT Customer services are a disgrace . my bill has been altered from quarterly to monthly without my knowledge-I have been on the phone 3 times to sort this out.
    To summarise – Told bill was altered in error, but before I can be put back onto quarterly billing I have to pay the monthly bill that has been raised.
    Their mistake but they are unwilling to sort this out without being paid a bill that is not due until September..Escalated complaint & will be phoned within 5 working days . GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICES….

  • BT Vision box placed in my HALLWAY on installation, rather than in the living room next to the TV!! Extension cable fitted wrongly (according to another BT Engineer) and house alarm no longer active. Phone line damaged, told by one engineer that my brand new BT phone was broken only for another engineer to confirm phone is fine but wiring wrong. I have now spent 10 months trying to either get a phone or internet service. Spoke to three different people at BT last week all of whom informed me they could not help and passed me to someone else. Eventually told that the problem was caused by me, even though the representative could not see how many engineers visits I have had in the last year (five) and could not access the engineers comments (the last one confirmed it was faulty wiring caused by the previous engineer!). Also informed by a BT screen reader that they are not governed by an independent body and have no complaints procedure. Final irony was being told they can't call or email me back (are they a telecoms company or did I miss something?). Beyond a joke and bordering on illegal. Believe everything you read on this page, this company and their service really is appalling, I just want what I pay for like most customers. Switching providers now, worth every penny to cancel my contract and never have to deal with this company again. Will be doing the same with my business service as well.

  • BT is the worst company I have ever had the misfortune to deal with. They do not deliver the service that the customer pays for, they make the customer do all of the work, then when the customer finally finds another provider for the services that BT promise but do not deliver BT make the leaving process as difficult as possible continuing to take funds from the customer's bank account and refusing to refund them. I tried to leave BT in November last year when out of contract and almost 6 months later I am still trying to stop them taking money from my bank. They have no morals, are fraudulent and lie over and over again and pass the blame and this is shameful.

  • THEY INCREASE PRICES ON THE TV AND BROADBAND. I phoned their customer service and told them I was leaving for another provider as they had broken my contract. A very aggressive guy told me I was still under contract and threatened, quoting a lot of numbers I would have to pay. I had a call from BT a week ago asking if I wanted to renew my contract because of the increases, I refused, they say they have no record of that call. They don't look after their regular customers I am still leaving and would not recommend anyone to join them.

  • Well with all these complaints I wonder how BT are surviving. A letter from my company has been submitted to the Ombudsman Services Comminications, due to the fact that our business line, broadband line, card machine and private line have all suffered various breakdowns since end of October 2016 – end of January 2017 at one time the lines were out for three weeks!! . Being a mail order company several hundreds of pounds have been lost in business, never mind the stress, time, and cost.

  • My 90 year old mother recently moved into assisted living. In 2016 she lost her son and husband within a 4 month period and now has the beginnings of dementia so cant remember many things probably as a result of the shock in loosing a son and husband. Because of her memory loss she forgets to pay her phone bill and I eventually pay it for her albeit late. As she has moved out of her bungalow her BT line and phone is no longer needed so I called BT to cancel her account. During this process BT said that she and my late father had been long standing and valued customers of many years and she could take the line with her. We agreed and an order was submitted. Today at 14.00 hours I received a call from BT from someone who spoke not very good English asking for 70+ pounds to cover the fact that my mother had been a bad payer. Her reasons for not paying were not dishonest but due to a mixture of age trauma and illness. The man from BT was not interested in what I was trying to explain and what a way to treat an old lady who is obviously coming to terms with tragedy. No time for BT anymore as they really do not care about their customers but they really don’t. No need to reply BT as I am sure that you have more important factors to deal with than a 90 year old pensioner with dementia.

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