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I wish to complain in the strongest possible terms about the service, or lack of it, this company has received following what should have been a routine procedure. I telephoned your business sales team in Manchester sometime in March simply arrange to renew our broadband service on 0161-226-xxxx which was out of contract. I also requested a new router as our existing one was the initial modem from start of supply and wireless would be preferred.

The chap I spoke to named Taylor (Christian name) explained to me that the best way to deal with this was to treat it as a new order which would involve giving the 3773 line a new number which could be changed back at a later date to the 3773 number.

At the same time I also requested that the main business telephone lines, 3 of them, on 0161-226-xxxx be changed over to the featureline system. I was told by Taylor and subsequent people when checking the progress of the order, that everything would be organised remotely at BT’s end as the telephone lines have been in place here for many years.

Therefore I was very surprised to be telephoned on Wednesday morning to say that there was a BT engineer at our premises to “install a new line.” I spoke to the engineer to explain this was a mistake as the line is very clearly already here as everything has been working fine for a very long time. I explained what Taylor had said to me i.e the 3773 line was being re-numbered to 0161-227-xxxx for a short period before being changed back to 0161-226-xxxx?

The engineer, Neville, prior to leaving told the staff that he had “diverted” the new number to our main business number 0161-226-1834? Why, god only knows.

It very soon became apparent from irate customers, who did by chance manage to get through to us, that our phones were simply ringing out to the incoming callers if one of our lines was in use. It also became very apparent that the line that comes into the building for the 3773 number had been disconnected.

Prior to the engineer calling we had 3 working voice lines coming into the sales team on 1834, a separate fax orderline on 3773 and broadband also on 3773. When the engineer left, presumably without checking his work was correct, we had 1 sales line, no fax orderline and no broadband.

To explain the seriousness of this engineer’s howling error we are a builder’s merchant. Customers call in or fax to our sales team the goods they require that day on their various sites. These calls come in all day everyday, if the customer cannot get through they simply call another merchant i.e Travis Perkins, Jewson’s etc.

Our customers cannot afford to have their staff standing around on site without the raw material’s to do the job. Therefore they cannot afford to wait to get through to our one functioning line, they have to go elsewhere, no choice as they all operate a “just in time” policy for our goods.

I sit here now with two flat bed crane trucks stationary in the yard with 5 members of yard staff twiddling their thumbs through lack of work. I also have 3 members of office staff unable to do their respective jobs as they are unable to make outgoing telephone calls to avoid tying up our single incoming line to customers. This is literally costing the company £1000’s per hour in lost business.

It is now 1pm Thursday 15/04/10, we lost service yesterday 14/04/10 around 9am. We have already missed today the huge influx of business starting at 7.30am when our customers arrive on site not to mention the vast majority of yesterday’s business and there is still no sign of a BT engineer to rectify the problem. No member of staff will be paid this week as the wages have to be done online by Wednesday.

Now the really frustrating part. I started at around 11am yesterday trying to get the problem resolved. I then spent the next 6 hours going round in circles speaking to many people within BT and getting nowhere. On numerous occasions I was given telephone numbers to call only to ring the number to get a recorded message saying “this number has now changed to 0800 800 xxx.”

This number takes you back to the start of the whole bloody process of press one for this that and the other. Other times I was just left on hold for long periods of time listening to “please hold, please hold” repeatedly. Eventually at 5pm I managed to get through to Chris Flanagan somewhere in your organisation who was fantastic. He knew instantly what errors had been made by the engineer i.e the engineer had pinched our main 0161-226-xxxx number to install the new line we neither wanted nor needed. He attempted to contact the engineer there and then but he had by now finished work. Had

I not been given the run around with false reasons for the problem throughout the day then the engineer would have been able to come back and rectify the mess and avoid the total loss of business this morning, today and yesterday. As promised Chris was on the case again first thing at 8.10am this morning on to the Manchester installation team to get someone out to the premises.

Job done he thinks, no way! When I chased him at 11am this morning to find out what’s happening and he contacted the Manchester team again we find out they had neglected to tell Chris that the engineer assigned to come to us was on annual leave today until 1pm. Absolute bloody shambles! Knowing the seriousness of the problem why not send another engineer out to rectify the problem?

I want compensating for our considerable loss of business and wasted staff hours. I calculate the full loss based on daily sales figures and staff wages to be circa £6,400. I demand to be reimbursed at your earliest convenience. Business is hard enough to come by without spending two days dead in the water.

The engineer finally turned up at the premises around 3.10pm today and things were eventually put back to how they were prior to the engineer’s initial visit by 5.30pm, we closed at 5pm. I am told that the whole order has been aborted? Shambles!

Nigel Reed

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  • We purchased a BT Versatility system through Jim Lee at BT Sales Office in Plymouth. Things went wrong from the very start and it would take me hours of sulphorous commentary to list all the disasters. Eventually things got so bad that I escalated the problem to Tina Purchase who was the Area sales manager who kicked some heads and got the system working properly…but that took about three months all told.
    We have continued to experience problems with the system and our VOIP phones keeping tripping out. Initially there was a helpful Versatility Phone Desk that solved many problems and was staffed by people who knew what they were talking about. That got closed down and we now deal with a Help Desk somewhere in india where sometimes they know what they are doing and sometimes they don't. However making a call to that Helpdesk takes usually at least 40 minutes….just what you need first thing in the morning when you're trying to run a business.
    The latest problem that we are being told is that we need a Static IP address. Can we find someone to sort this out? Good God no! the Plymouth sales office are worse than useless and all they seem to be capable of doing is answering phones and transferring you to the wrong department somewhere else in BT who then transfer you back to the Plymouth sales office again. It's a complete nightmare and I have never come across a more useless bunch of people. Noone in the Plymouth office seems to know what they are doing and all they seem to want to do is transfer the problem away from their desk so presumably they can get back to staring at their facebook profile and eating their creamed doughnuts. Today I have spent almost three hours of my working day getting precisely nowhere. Chris Parkes is the man in charge of the office and he never returns calls or solves the problem. Meanwhile each call I make costs me 20p per minute and takes up my working day. Frankly I wish I had never invested in the system or dealt with BT…utterly hopeless is my verdict.

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