BT Broadband connection speed complaint

This BT complaint is regarding BT broadband and customer experiencing slow connection speeds.

Dear Sir/Madam,

Today I spoke to one of your broadband engineers to ask why my new wireless/broadband connection speed wasn’t letting me play videos such as iPlayer. I was told that my connection speed was fine, and that I had to let the videos buffer and load before playing them.

The engineer told me she had NEVER heard of being able to play a video without first letting it load and buffer. Has she therefore never heard of live streaming!? On my previous BT Broadband line I was capable of playing multiple iPlayer videos at the same time without any loading or waiting time, and I’m told I actually have a faster speed on this new line!
Currently I have to wait more than ten minutes to load an iPlayer or similar type of video before playing it. I haven’t yet been able to check if even this waiting time loads the whole video for uninterrupted play as I don’t see the point of wanting to watch a video ON DEMAND and having to wait. For some reason my connection speeds are just not good enough and after 50 minutes on the phone at my own cost (I had to call from my mobile) there was no resolution to the problem. Speeds seem to actually be worse now.

Furthermore, this was the second 50 minute phone call I have had to make to your teams in recent weeks to resolve broadband issues. Both were at my own cost. While usually I find your customer service good, the engineer I spoke to today was condescending and abrupt. To add to this, we have discovered this evening that the On Demand service on our BT Vision also seems not to work.

I have been a customer with BT for over a year now, and after recently moving house and trying to set up a new system I have found the experience far too trying. If the various issues are not resolved soon, I will have to consider terminating my contract. As you can understand, I have already been on Twitter and the Blogosphere spreading the news of my bad experience and will continue to do so until the situation changes.

Many thanks and kind regards,
Patrick Loughran

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  1. BT are really rubbish. Really really rubbish. Their customer services department are really unhelpful and even more ignorant than most.
    I can only advise you to leave BT and go with a decent ISP.

  2. I have to agree with Paul's letter. I've had the same experoece with BT & connection speeds both on the 19th of August & the 4th of July. It took them 6 days to reslove the problem on the 4th and I've raised a formal complaint on the 19th but have not had a reply and spent 2 hrs trying to get through to complaints with no luck. BT are now getting to be the worst ISP around.

  3. My broadband was "upgraded" to ADSL2+ in July – used to get a reliable 6Mbps connection – now lucky if I get 2Mbps – sometimes as low as 500kbps. Numerous phone calls and visits result in nothing – the problem is undoutably at the exchnage / backbone netweork. BT don't have the infrastructure to support all these new higher speed lines. What a rip off. i suggest everybody refuse to pay for their terrible servcie and move to someone else.

  4. Last year I was able to stream BBC i player, and had been told my line speed was 2Mb. This year I can't and I have been told my line can only support speeds of 0.256 mb. My local pub is further from the exchange and comes in on the same line yet gets 2mbs. What on earth are BT doing.

  5. test your connection by going to the bt tester site (then its logged) make a note of the date time

    then complaint.
    I have the same problem in that the acceptable range it says is 600-7150 Kbps. Try watching the iplayer on 600kbs
    BT are an utter joke

  6. I would like for you to look into and investigate please the service of BT. I changed to BT a few months ago and ever since have constantly had problems with internet connection. The last time it went off it was out of order for a week. This has happened quite a few times in the last couple of months and has I run a business it is affecting my work situation. I cannot e-mail or go on line, this has not been working now since last week. I have spoken to the repair team who were looking into this and supposed to be phoning back I am still waiting for their response. I am fed up with paying for something that we are not getting I seem to spend all my time on the telephone to BT. We never had any of these problems with othe previous provider. Please can you look into this matter urgently!!!

  7. I am disappointed that you have decided to charge me a cancellation charge of £25 for cancelling my BT Broadband.

    I've been with BT for over 7 years, ( so I cant still be in contract ), and I've been paying £27/mth then £17/mth ie full price as our OLD BT EXCHANGE did not give me any other option. I've moved to TalkTalk as they've offered be a better service for £6.99/mth with cheaper line rental and inclusive calls which you could not offer me.

    Being charged £25 to cancel after I've paid you thousands of pounds over the last 7 years shows a lack of respect for my loyalty and has reinforced my decision to move away from BT. And I doubt I'll ever return !

    Mr P.Armstrong

  8. Dear BT

    I had bt broadband installed in Aug 2009, for which has unitl recently been satisfactory.

    However, we called a few weeks ago to complain that the broaddband has been a lot slower than normal and an engineer visited my premises. He ran some tests and advised that the hub was faulty.

    When the new hub was received a 2nd engineer visited to instal but we had it up and running which was fine. However, a couple of days later we were receiving intermittent broadband and now none at all.

    On trying to get this resolved with your customer services team we are told that we live too far from the exchange to receive any braodband and we could either cancel the service or put up with it. Disgraceful advice, firstly because we had permanent broadband for almost a year and secondly because other homes in my area receive bt broadband without any problems.

    Please can someone rectify this fault immediately or at least explain to me how i was receiving my broadband and now i'm not! I still live in the same home that BT originally installed my line so the only explanation I can think of is that BT has move the exchange?

    Thank you in advance

    Sharon Henderson (MRS)

  9. 3 hours on the phone last night….8 different departments… 2 of which hung up on me and never bothered calling back!! It appears the Broadband account that I've had for 12 years has disappeared and has no line connection…funnily they still took the payment!! They have to be the worst customer services company i have EVER dealt with

  10. I live in a rural area and am sure this has something to do with the overall position. I moved to BT, reluctantly, having constantly had my speeds capped by other ISPs. I went for the cheapest package as I don't use iplayer etc. and in less than a month got a pay up or else email because I was going over my limit. I moved to the next package and got another pay up or else letter a few DAYS later. So now I'm paying more than I pay on my house insurance…. BT continually cap my speeds when it suits them-nothing to do with time of day or my usage (I have unlimited, apparently). Every help desk call is useless – they don't admit to line speed capping and act as if I'm fit to be sectioned. I am in despair and the only charitable idea I have is that the lines here in the sticks don't support the number of users so they cap speed when BT want the capacity for something more important that us paying customers.
    I'd really like a chance to talk about this with someone from BT who is not working to a script and has a mind that can encompass possibilities outside of what they've been programmed to understand. That's not going to happen though, is it, as their customer base must be kept ignorant because otherwise they may demand real value for money. The best way to do that is to keep the staff ignorant too, it seems. Congrats on having a job, all you BT employees, but get out and get something worthwhile as soon as you can.

  11. For a start, to Mr. Armstrong. DON'T PAY IT! I'm pretty sure they can't charge you a cancellation charge if you're out of contract. Secondly. BT cut my line speed down from 2mg to 0.1mg without a letter, email, or any kind of explanation, literally overnight, I'm a web developer, who now doesn't have a working broadband line.

    I'm changing to Sky, as I can get the same service I get from BT 5 times cheaper!!!

  12. i hate bt. why am i only getting a broadband download speed of approx 33k during the day and at weekends?
    im just about ready to scream

  13. I have been a BT customer for more years than I can remember. About 3 years ago I took on broadband and have had nothing but problems since. The download speed is dire at times in particular for their own website and billing system.

    Last year I signed up for a further 12mths with the incentive of £5 per month discount. This was advisertised as including vat. However when they increased their line rental by a £1 to cover the cost of free o800 numbers this was plus vat.

    I also discovered that they were not giving me the full £5 pm discount and it took me numerous emails until this was resolved.

    This year has just got worse on 21st April I was offered a further 12 mths contract. With discount on my landline, unlimited talk package. Total package was sold to me as £36.87 including vat.

    I have just been billed £75!!!! This is due to firstly them billing me £17.78 for my landline not the £13.53 I was promised. Secondly they have changed their billing structure and I have been billed for an extra 26 days. The communication I received about changes in billing structure indicated that I would be billed for 2 -3 days extra.

    I spoke to someone last week who assured me that I had been overcharged and my bill would be amended. Guess what I am now being told that my bills are correct. Ofcom here I come!

    In addition to this I can no longer access previous bills. After an hour long telephone call one of the IT guys identified that their new billing structure does not allow custs to view previous bills the timescales to resolve this could be weeks.

    One very frustrated customer.

  14. Recently my phone line was inadvertantly given to another user, when BT realised they reconected my line. Since then my broadband keeps dropping out. They have sent Engineers who say there is no faulty. But when I call the Broadband Service Team they run a check and say there is a fault on the line. Eventually BT said it was by Hub and if I resigned for a year I could get a new hub – I did thjat and still my broadband drops out. They are sending another Engineer. It seems the 2 departements do not communicate with each the visiting Engineers say that when the fault is reported to them the Customer Services Team do not send details of their test – APPALLLING

    Marilyn J Melville

  15. My broadband had work well for a longtime last 16th may 2010 it slows
    when the very good engineer calls on 20th may she can find nothing wrong she goes to the exchange calls the provIder BT and they ask her Does the customer turn their router off, because this is causing problems as the new system they have works best if the router is on all the time. I AM SO ANGRY NO ONE TOLD ME I HAD TO WASTE ENERGY HAVING MY ROUTER ON ALL THE TIME. WE ARE SUPPOSED TO SAVE ENERGY. YOU CAN'T TALK TO ANYONE ABOUT THIS AT BT SO I HAVE CONTACTED MY LOCAL TV NEWS. IT LOOKS LIKE MILLIONS OF ROUTERS HAVE TO BE ON EVEN WHEN NOT IN USE. THIS IS AN OUTRAGEOUS WASTE, NEXT I WILL WRITE TO MY MP BT IS ENCOURAGING PEOPLE TO WASTE ENERGY

  16. For the last week I have only been able to get speeds of .013! The engineer who came out said I should be getting speeds of 18 as the exchange is at the bottom of my garden. I am disgusted with the service I am getting and will cancel my contract if BT do not sort it out. They advertise speeds of 20 but the most I have ever achieved is 5-6.
    False advertising and the worst customer service !

  17. Hello!

    I work for a company in the guildford area which has many phone and broadband lines, the phones are fine but the broadband is terrible!

    This is a very long winded story so I will try and keep it short and sweet!

    Our head office is in a large barn away from any major broadband lines, so we have very VERY poor connection speeds around 1mb-2mb… OKish but not if you have your companies emails coming in through it!
    Anyway to get around this problem we have had another broadband line come into this building so we can link them both together with our shinny new Draytek routers to get around 4mb – this should make the lines much more stable.

    This was not the reason however for us to do this! The original broadband line we had coming into this building was on our main office number, one day BANG! it stopped working!!! So I phoned up BT (took oh…. around half a day!!!!) when I got through they said we had never had broadband on that line and that it was on our fax line! Very strange since we have had it running from that number for like 3-4 years! Anyway I ignored that comment and slapped it onto our fax line and low and behold it started to work.
    But not for long! We started to getting more BANGS! from this line, constantly disconecting and leaving us with missed emails and were unable to remote into our server from out of the office. This was unacceptable for our company to carry on with a line that was not stable enough for us. So back to the begining part I ordered another line to make the 2 work together and reported to BT that our first line was being twitchy!

    After 3 calls now and them saying there is nothing wrong with the line I was informed that they are escilating the fault to there technical team which will contact me in the next 48 hours… well its been about 2 weeks now…. how many hours is that?

    Even though we have the stable broadband propping up the crappy one we still need both of them to work for our company to run efficently!

    One more thing to point out, I know its not the fault of the poor guys you call up as they have been trained to say this that and the other to you… but what anoid me on the phone to them was they said there was nothing wrong with our line at all, I then mentioned the new routers (which are all set up perfectly fine!) All of a sudden the line check came back saying the problem was because of the new routers… strange that isn't it? I said no that is not the case as they are brand new and in full working order, preconfigured before being installed to the previous routers setting. So they guy escilated the fault to the MUTE technical teams.

    Maybe the technical team are having problems with their BT phone lines to be not able to call!!!!

    I believe after this little/BIG spell of BT's incompitance I will be seeking out alternative suppliers for the companies broadband as well as phone lines!

  18. Had my BT Broadband speeds slashed about a month ago, stuck with 16kBs down and 44kBs up (on an 8mb line).

    No matter how many trips i take to India over the phone i keep getting told the same rubbish "BT are currently making some changes to the line in your area to improve speeds…it should take around 2 weeks) well.. after a month im pretty fed up. Even when i try to try to access the website to get help from (hopefully) someone in the UK, when trying to log in im told my account doesnt exist and when i try to sign up again (thinking maybe it was deactivated/lost etc) i type in the account number on the BB bill they sent me but apparently it doesnt exist either… >.>

    Whenever i google BT Broadband all i see in the result are sites and forums detailing how cr#p they are. I don't understand why they havn't been overhauled by ofcom or something by now…

    As someone stated earlier… if you are with BT for BB and your contract is up soon DO NOT RENEW try someone else i was previously with Eclipse and wish i had stayed with them, never had any problems whatsoever in 2 years.

  19. BT are kunts. I dread having to call them to report a problem because it is always like talking to an infant who cannt understand what I am saying and has no desire or ability to understand or help. I would rather ignore the fact that my BT service is poor and just live in hope that one day I will be able to sign up with Virgin cable or something else which doesnt use any BT infrastructure whatsoever. I feel myself getting angry and anxious now just by writing this email.

    I hate wasting time with BT and I cant wait for them to go bust. Without fail, every service that BT provide, be it home or business, is poor.

    Just like most things British, it is sh*t.

  20. Also, incredibly frustrated by the amateurish approach of BT. To save costs they outsource their help desks to people who can only use scripts. After 45 minutes of incredible frustration having to confirm my phone number no less than 6 times (apart from other annoyances) I get connected to a supervisor who starts off with "How are you today?"

    Has no-one told these poor people in the call centres that an appropriate first question might be "I understand you are pretty frustrated with us today, where would you like me to start to resolve this?"

    Oh, but to teach them that would suggest that someone more senior actually cares what the great paying public want. Like ANY supplier, the customers want to be recognised, their issues understood and to get service. I guess 3 concepts might be a couple too many for many at BT. Have all the decent managers now gone to the competitors?

    Who knows of a service that offers service?

  21. I am sick to the back teeth with this so called Broadband, it's supposed to be a reasonably high speed line but I've lost count of the times I've got up and made a cup of tea waiting for the damn thing to download or my server timimg out because nothing's moving on the line. I've ran umpteen spedtests and 5-10kbps isn't unusual. BT are taking money from me under false pretenses in my opinion and my next stop is trading standards. BT don't make it easy to complain to and I've had enough of this crap.

  22. My broadband keeps disconnecting. Had hours on the phone but cant get any sense out of their Indian call centre. Any time it is too complicated for them to deal with they just hang up. Eventually got them to send an engineer and they sent them to an address in Wales (we live in Sheffield). I would strongly suggest to anybody to keep away from BT for broadband. Useless!!!!

  23. I live in Rural Norfolk, where my BT line gives me a maximum 200kbps internet speed. Over 1 1/2 years BT have been out to check my line for faults 5 times, checked the low speed off my line twice and BT kept blaming the Orange IPS Router and my Computer!
    Absolute rubbish!
    After I finally got a BT engineer to check my BT line at my house, he said I was only connecting at 111kbps, this is not what BT told me the speed would be when I first agreed to sign up for Line rental so I could use my existing ISP Orange Broadband. BT told me my line was a 4MB line and I should have no problems whatsoever with Broadband at my new home. So I agreed and signed up for the line rental.
    1 1/2 years down the road, BT will not talk to me or give me any idea when their line will improve as I am not a BT Broadband subscriber but an Orange one. I have to get Orange to request BT look into my line all the time, Orange as well as myself are at the end of our tether with BT, as every new request always comes back as Faulty PC or Router Equipment. They don’t even have the courtesy to admit I can only use my line for up to 512kbsp which I would be happy with but it is only 111kbps at the fastest and as low as 12kbps.
    I want BT to install a new line in a more direct pattern to my house from the exchange, rather than the massive horseshoe shape from the exchange to my house when I direct line between the Exchange and my house is possible.
    The cost of this say's the engineer would be several thousands of pounds and BT would not do it just for a small hamlet of 6 houses.
    So much for all the TV advertising about BT upgrading the Country to super Fast Speed Broadband!
    I will still have a low speed of 111kbps for the next ten years! BT will never update my line to increase the speed as it will not be financially viable to do so.
    I want BT to hand over lines to another Telecoms company that will update the lines and they can then profit from my custom and not BT.
    I will never trust BT again, they pass the buck to anyone else without taking responsibility themselves for their failures.
    I recommend anyone in the City's or towns around Britain to change to BT competitors who have their own Telecoms network and let BT lose all our custom, only then will BT realise they do not have a monopoly on Land lines and will have to be more upfront with their dealings of complaints.
    I have no speed to the internet and never will according to the BT engineer who came to investigate my line. He said City’s and towns will get priority and I will just have to wait till last and that may be several years!
    Not good enough from a company who is the only land line provider in most of if not all of Norfolk.

  24. I would like to complain to BT about the lack of MAC Filtering on the home hub 2.0

    This is a good security feature which helps to prevent unauthorised persons accessing your network.

    Access Control as is now used, only prevents users between certain times which is a fairly pointless exercise.

    Also, capability for control of bandwidth sharing by network administrator would be an ideal tool to prevent someone from hogging it all

  25. i am absolutely sick of my BT broadband, it often takes ages for it to actually connect and once it is finally connected it doesn't stay connected for very long. it will often go off several times whilst i am on the internet which is extremely frustrating. we have had several engineers out on numerous occassions and have looked at several factors which could be causing this problem but as yet there has been no resolvement to this, we are just told that there is nothing wrong.

  26. I've had same issues, except in peak times games become unplayable and even out of peak times the issues seem terrible – they have made no attempt to contact me if I was near or over 100G (on "unlimited", sucha joke) and the worst part is that it use to be fine when I was downloading more?
    – Bt sort it out, thanks –

  27. The worst service i have ever had the privelage of accessing have spent over 9 hours on the phone with no outcomes and a competely screwed laptop no one knows what they are doing and when you ask to cancel the contract due to poor performance/service they refuse and ask you to hang on while they try something else. For the avoidance of any doubt 15 years with AOL and no problems. I am the single parent of a child wiht complex disabilities i have neither the time to waste nor the money to pay out cancellation fees if i try to get out of this restrictive contract this is coporate abuse on a grand scale and needs stopping now

  28. bt are s**t i only get a half a mb download speet they wont up date our exchange and i live right beside it so thats what i call b**l s**t.

  29. BT offer a terrible sevice, my BT broadband has a mind of it's own, one minute it's 65.0 mbps and drops to 6.5mbps and alternates anywhere in between. They have lost the plot, bad customer service, bods in india who you cannot understand, staff who are clearly not trained to understand broadband, all in all BT are are a complete shambles and it's no wonder their profits are down …. WAKE UP BT, this is 2010 where the consumer has many options. The way BT are going, they have become a third rate telecom outfit.

  30. After returning to Bt I have been appalled at the way they treat their customers. I have been passed from pillar to post. Every person I spoke to however was polite and helpful but one department just doesn't know what the other one does! I have been on the phone today trying to sort out our constantly dropping broadband connection and have been told that the broadband is available but because we are moving in mid July I can have no help from their technical service as to why my broadband keeps dropping out. after 2.5 hours on the phone and getting no result I tried another modem. No one at BT had offered to check the BT hub for faulty had they!finally when there was no other option I suggested a new hub which they are posting to me but altogether useless service all round

  31. IF British Communications cannot offer the speeds advertised, then EVERY BT CUSTOMER should pay them "Up To" their bill ammount.

    So if when I pay monthly for 20mb service, and they provide me 3mb service and it costs me £35 a month.

    I should only pay them £5 a month.

    If everyone decided that they would follow this system it would work in no time, showing those greedy fatcat BT boss's that they cannot lie about their service anymore and get away with it, with no repercussions.

    Regardless of "up to" do not say 20mb connection if not evan 2% of your customers are receiveing it.

    BT is a major company, one of the biggest in UK.
    Its ok for major company to scam everyone around them is it?

    Class Action Law Suit. 30,000 people.
    Sue BT for every peny they steal.

    Recent polls and surveys showed 85% + of BT customers were being scammed by the "Up To" on every BT package deal.

  32. Biggest bunch of w"!£"ks!

    Dont expect any better service for business we spend 1000's with these guys and get treated like crap!

    Virgin and other competitors of BT do us all a favour and wipe this company from existance!!

  33. 3 weeks ago I complained about our broadband speed, (320k) following this we had a call to say there was a problem. Whilst I assumed this had been resolved as I was able to get 1.7Mb download in a speed test. I later upgraded the account to 40G download at £20.00 per month. Now I regularly have no connection at all, and when connected I am back to 320K. I have asked my account to be returned to as it was before the "upgrade" as I am in the cooling off period, I will now be contacting Virgin as I do not need a MAC code from BT to migrate to a cable provider, I will stop the DD from banks to BT then they can contact me and then get a taste of their own medicine!

  34. Back In March I complained to BT regarding very slow internet speeds. After lengthy telephone calls with UK and India I finally got an engineer visit. The bottom Line was my line profile at the exchange needed to be sorted. After a further 48 hours finally got a line profile of 3500kbps with a download speed of 3300kbps. I check often and noticed this month a decrease in line profile from 3500 down to 3000 and now down to 2500kbps. A week has gone by now with numerous calls to India. I even had an engineer visit booked. However he never turned up and when I rang to complain I was told the engineer had been booked to visit the exchange and would only come to the house if he thought it was required. Not told that so wasted a whole afternoon sat around waiting for a visit that I obviously wasn't going to get. After ringing a number that put me through to an operator in Ireland I was told that they could do nothing as they hadn't booked the engineers visit. However the lady gave me a number to ring and also gave me a pin number as this would priorotise my case. Was also told it was to a number in England. WRONG Back to india. Told me he would be in charge of my case and would deal with it as a matter of priority. He was going to ring me back this evening between 7-8 to inform me on progress. Now quarter past eight and still waiting. Guess I won't be a customer of BT for much longer.

  35. Dear sir/madam,
    Bt sent my router to my 3 year old last address and turned the internet on there!,even after hours on the phone asking why it is not working they still put the blame on us. They lied and said the phone was not working when my son in law rang the phone and it worked fine. A man lied and said he had booked an appointment for them to come round and fit the router and when we rang back there was no appointment booked! the engineer arrived the internet was still working at the old address and had still not been put through to our new address. Why is everything so complicated!!!

  36. I was very lucky after hundreds of hours for over 6 months, on the phone with ill-educated..arrogant,rude..advisors that thought the objective of b.t advisors was to win a slanging match, and try to get a customer to argue back with them slamming the phone down on customers and then entering false records into customer accounts because they are like spiteful kids because you amke a complaint about their behaviour…entering false information into any customers records IS ILEGAL! Advice also record every phone you make to them although they will deny the evidence in any playback to them denying its them still have the legal evidence to prove they are liars. ..
    So for me to get it investigated by a manager was very stressful who gave me her first name but was reluctant to give me a ref number for the complaint or would tell me exactly which dept she was from, i was suspicious as its usual for b.t to be dishonest and give false names etc, i have since found there has been no record left by this so called manager and she has not even looked into the matter…which has meant b.t will not reconise the issues..even though they admit this isnt for the customer…to get the blame for they still become aggressive.The reason why i asked for the matter to be looked at…is that they had no idea why their system or who was responsible for cancelling broadband talk every 2 months..and had cancelled another account that had been opened in my name for a reason unknown…this is still happening…they still wont look into it.
    They are instead asking me to open multiple accounts which i was charged for….and requested i continue to open multiple accounts…every 2 they cannot be bothered looking into what has been happening with multiple accounts..and they were extremely aggressive and continued to insist i was not a customer but were happy to continue to bill me.!
    I provided proof for these issues…and their arguing continued…I have experienced some much aggression and abuse…that i now have gone to watchdog..i spent 9 and a half hours a day trying to reason with these ignorant people ,,very calmy and ploitely were int the end i did loose my temper and was straight enough to say 'no more ive had enough im off to watchdog'..i have had threatening letters to ask me not to ask b.t to look into problems with my account/ they will consider me a nuisance!…however they and said if i ring in so many times then that must mean theres a problem with service!..WOW! ..they are.. so clever! ..their aim is to make life as difficult as possible for customers..they are impossible to be reasoned with..they dont understand logic!.
    I am sick of the fact they dont listen to what you are saying and continue to PARROT every word because they dont understand the english language..After you spent over an hour finding the last hours description of the problem you have takes another 20 mins to have it repeated back to you word for word like a machine..and when you ask them do they 'understand what the issue is and what you have just said'..they dont know how to answer literally because they have dont have a script designed to respond..
    Why dont b.t employ people that speak english..people that know how to treat people with respect..and teach them how to interact respectfully with other people they come into contact with.Now that i have mentioned WATCHDOG b.t are suddenly concerned and want to resolve the issues so i have expressed its to late..i would advise any customer who cannot got anywhere with these idiots that they immediately contact watchdog and it will scare the cr*p out of b.t so much they do not want their dirty laundry aired all over national tv..especially if a cus has recorded the phone calls for proof!
    I feel these con artists need to be exposed and otelo have suggested hopefully enough serious issues will force the government into investigating these fraudsters.I would much prefer to have to deal with nazis as i feel they would be more reasonable than b.t!

  37. I was sold a BT versatility box in order to have a home worker as an extension of my team. 6 weeks later that poor homeworker still does not have a working IP phone. We have probably spoken to every BT department compaining about the poor service and just wanting someone to get the damn thing to work! I have had 3 BT enginers out and have had to pay for 2 days of IT support from our own IT providers because BT said that it was a fault with our internal server(!). What irks me the most is that there is noone to wants to take the matter seriously or is even bothered to phone me back. I must have 6 different email addresses for BT members of staff 3 of which now have bounce backs to say that they are no longer working in that department. Last time an engineer came out to fix the problemt he left without telling me where he was going…just walked out! I complained to his manager and asked how he had registered his time to my job. I was told that the job sheet recorded that there was no working boradband so he had been unable to complete the job! A blatant lie becuase the task in hand was too difficult. Has anyone got a direct number through to Sir Christopher Blands office in order that I can get someone at a senior level to take my compliants seriously. All I want is to connect an IP phone through my versatility box in order to get a home worker to be able to use her land line. Is that really too much to ask? Yours in frustration.

  38. I had a call from BT informing me that my business contract was coming to a close and we discussed different options for a possible new contract. I have been with BT for 8 years, I have 2 business broadband contracts with them. The other account has been out of contract for some time. The conversation with BT didn't go anywhere.
    About 2 weeks later I had a visit from another business telecoms provider (XLN) and decided to move both my accounts over to them.
    The next day I Received an email from BT acknowledging the cancellation. I also received a transfer date from XLN.
    The following day I had a phone call from BT telling me how they were going to charge me in excess of £200 because I was still in contract and £22 to leave them. I explained to the guy that I wasn't stupid and knew that I was out of contract so wouldn't be paying these imaginary charges.
    The next day I arrived in work and none of my BT email accounts work. How professional is that. That's after 8 years with them. A good try at winning me back.
    I will not be complaing because nothing ever gets done. Companies like BT are too big. They are out of control. They are not regulated despite what people may think.
    Steve Walsh

  39. Further to the above post, 2 days later on the 21st July BT changed the password on my business broadband account. I can only surmise they spit their dummy out because blocking MY business email accounts did not provoke the intended reaction from me. i.e. Phoning them cap-in-hand and pleading with them to allow me access to MY email accounts. It really does beggar belief, they carry on like children. The intended changeover date is 28th July. I will be sending BT a bill for loss of business for the ten days. I will also be sending copies of everything to watchdog and dedicating my shop window to BT.


    Steve Walsh

  40. BT have a superb line in ostensive good service but the bottom line is they rarely actually do anything to rectify problems, they just talk about them politely and promise improvements in service via upgrades that only seem to make the problems worse. I really resent the fact that I can never stream material from the BBC iplayer due, I believe, to throttling by BT. By all accounts, they believe that enabling their customers to access this service amounts to unfair usage on our part and that we should be paying extra for this. Forget that we are already paying the highest prices around for broadband and that we also pay a license fee. The service we get is as far from the ad that promises high speeds even at peak times as it can be. Surely they should be held to account under the trade descriptions act?

  41. I have internet with lots of ISP but BT Broadband is the worst. I cant believe British Telecom playing with people. They show something and sell something els. Internet speed is very very slow. I have taken 20 mb speed and unlimited data, BT option 3 and should get min 13 to 15 mb but I am getting less than 500k. I cant cancel it because I am on a 18 month contract. When I phone them they tell me about their terms and condition. When I bought the product they did not tell me about it and they did not even send me any documents. Now they are taking my money for nothing, robbers. If I could I would sue them. Can any one tell me what can I do.

  42. i am in devon now i moved to barnstple where adsl2 as been put in and i can only get 1.5mb internet now back in ilfracombe i can get 8mb on a adsl 1 line this is out of order and i dont use bt but it cos thay have not updated the fine lines in this area and thay dont plan to you go anyware out side the uk and you can get up to 50mbs you can all so get them in the uk if you live in london and the midlands where may i say thay are doing all the updated lines and exchanges this is pissing me off as thay all ready got 50 mb internet so when im i going to get 50 mb internet down in devon as its not in there list of to do so this is realy pissing me off bt are fucking up uks internet cos thay own all the phone lines we need to change this and then and only then we may get better internet all over the uk

  43. Also, you might be interested in my first experience with BT before (follishly) signing up again. The following is a letter I sent to having FOUGHT for a correct refund of a quarterly bill having cancelled my service. I then received a letter telling my the refund would be deducted from my NEXT bill (WHAT next bill – I'd cancelled my service), but only after the following described attempt to get the refund at all:


    Could I also take this opportunity to point out my recent experience telephoning you (leading to the aforementioned final bill) which more cynical people than myself might interpret as downright dishonesty:

    This credit is due to me cancelling internet connection which I'd had for over 18 months. This is after I'd checked on the phone with you that I was no longer under any obligation with you, having seen out my 12 month contract. This was after the BT employee I spoke to when I cancelled the connection had assured me the cancellation would take effect, with no problems, penalties or argument. The only stipulation was that there had to be a 10 day period before my link was actually turned off. I had no objection to paying for a further 10 days if I still had a service – poor though your service may be in the wilds of Cambridgeshire.

    A few weeks on , I found one quarter's broadband rent had been deducted from my bank account. This covered Dec 09 to Feb 10. My link had finished in early Dec.

    I phoned (presumably) India and was told I was getting £6 refund. Why only £6? The – ahem – what might be politely described as excuses went as follows:-

    1. That's all the cost the charge covers.

    No, it covers until Feb. My connection stopped in early Dec. I was put on hold, and then…

    2. Ok, the three months charge only covers a couple of week “service”, but I hadn't seen out my full 12 months, therefore I was charged £21.

    Yes I had more than completed 12 months, I had the bills in front of me to prove it and it had been confirmed when I phoned BT weeks prior to cancel the connection. I was put on hold and then cut off.

    I phoned again:

    3. The new operator said I hadn't seen out my 12 months.

    Yes I had blah blah. I was put on hold and then…

    4. OK, I HAD seen out my 12 months, but I'd agreed ANOTHER 12 month contract in January 09, therefore I'd been fined £21.

    I most emphatically had NOT agreed this. I'd been phoned by BT salesmen trying to tie me to another 12 months but had refused, having laughed myself silly at what counts for a broadband "service" in whatever world BT operates. Dropping signals; speeds slower than the dial-up connections I had in the late 1990s; taking days off work for engineers to turn up and chuckle about ancient copper wire lines and that I was so far from the exchange its hardly surprising the connection dropped for half the week. Ever hear of selling a service you know you can't provide? Illegal, as far I can remember.

    I demanded to be sent evidence of this new agreement. I was put on hold and then…

    5. OK, I hadn't agreed a new deal, but I was supposed to give 30 days notice. I hadn't, ergo, I was fined £21.

    I'm afraid I lost it at this point. I'm sure the operator at least learned a few new English idiomatic expressions.

    Anyway, it was agreed to "refund" this illegal fine.

    Except that now, it seems, I will never get it without opening a new account for the men in the highwaymen masks, aka BT.

    Could I please now have the £31.30 I am legally and rightly owed?


    Pete, South Cambs

  44. I cannot even begin to describe how furious and disgusted I am with BT.

    I WAS a BT customer, but binned them to use an Orange dongle. Also a rip off, but more of my first experiences with BT some other time.

    I decided to return to BT when, noticing their intention to roll out fibre optic to the entire country (will it ever happen?), I checked my phone number on their website. It came back saying I could get 1.0M speeds; that’s double from my previous hair-raising experience with these idiots. “Great” I thought, “they’ve boosted the ancient copper wire phone cables”. I called BT and they confirmed this: I’d get “up to” 1.0 Meg, they’d boosted the lines, and ultra high speed fibre optic was not far down the line; hell…they’d already put fibre optic up to my local exchange, all that was needed was to replace the stone-age copper wire to everyone’s houses – no date yet though.

    I signed up, like a gullible fool, for another year.

    My speeds were EVEN WORSE than my first time with BT. Quite literally, it seems slower than my old dial-up speeds from the late 90s. Websites like the BBC, my bank and local newspaper are frequently unusable. Downloading video? I DREAM about the ability to download video.

    I did a BT speed test: I can 110kbps from a MAXIMUM of 250kbps.

    I was beyond furious. I’d been told by their website and by a BT operative (admittedly in this shambolic “helpline” presumably off loaded to India) that my max was 1.0M.

    A few months down the line and I recheck the telephone number checker: NOW it says my phone number can get only 250k max. Had I have known at the time I’d only get 250k max I wouldn’t have touched their miserable, useless service with somebody else’s barge pole.

    I have been miss-sold this “service”. BT should be sued into a black hole for what they do.

    Why our useless legislators allow them to get away with 1: lying about speeds, and 2: charging regardless of speeds actually supplied is also a scandal.

    Also, ofcom what me to complain to BT first! Why? They are useless, they are crooks.

    Pete, South Cambs

  45. As an update to the above two posts of mine (Pete – Sth Cambs), the following happened yesterday:

    I phoned to cancel my Broadband Account, gave the reasons (miss-selling of the service) and was told I could cancel if I paid £133.

    A mammoth argument followed in which I brought in their conning of people with deflated refunds when the service is cancelled after the required 12 monts (see my second post) in addition to misrepresenting maximum connection charges (see post one). During this I mentioned:

    Unfair contract terms.
    Introducing exclusion clauses after a contract has been made.
    Illegal charges, followed by one bs excuse after another (how many people accept the “30 days notice” con?).
    Changing max speeds without informing those affected.
    Misrepresenting max speeds (illegal selling of a service).

    I mentioned that no test case so far as I’m aware has yet occurred to establish whether their following practices are legal, or current accepted market practices are fair or legal:

    1. Charging regardless of speeds and maximum speeds (the fact you’ve signed for these packages means nothing – first, these are the only options to choose from; second, these are current practices used in the sector that hasn’t yet been challenged; finally, there is a notion in contract law called “unfair contract terms”. If a contract term is ruled unfair in a court, it matters not a jot if 1000s of members of the public have agreed to it).
    2. Selling on the promise of a maximum speed which not only do they know they can rarely or ever reach or, as in my case, they know they cannot reach at all – advertised max 1M, real max 250K!
    3. Selling with no reasonable clause to reassess the contract if the speed is revised down. Assessment of merchantable quality on behalf of the buyer can only be made when the contract is made.
    4. No compulsion to inform users when lines have maximum speeds revised down.
    5. Charging fines for “not giving 30 days notice” when no notice is required after 12 months (one of many excuses made to pull the wool over the eyes). If this is common practice on the Indian side, how much would BT owe in fines and lawsuits?
    6. Sharp practice, to put it politely, that I for one experienced with the Indian operation. A court case is required to force investigation into this and into how much they’ve conned out of people.

    The complaints person (all pat answers – clueless) refused to cancel without the £133 fine but passed my complaint to “a manager”.

    Two hours later a manager phoned (a rather shaken and embarrassed sounding Geordie feller) and offered to cancel my contract at no charge.

    Apparently, the supply to where I live is so bad he personally wouldn’t sell services there at all! The max speed does indeed fluctuate as different engineers assess the line.

    No such information was passed to me. I wonder why.

    Pete, South Cambs

  46. BT – arrogant idiots.

    I live less than a mile from my exchange. In fact I can vitually see the exchange from my house. I have only recently joined BT and am wishing I hadnt. I have been having all kinda problems from speed drop out to disconnections. A BT engineer came to my house and had a look at my set up and said he could not understand why my speed was dropping off and why i was having disconnection problems. He changed my socket and had a word with the exchange and everything seemed to be ok.

    The next day I got home from work and discovered that my line had been capped at 2MB (should be getting up to 6mb+ according to bt's engineer), so I phoned and the muppet in india said it was because I was too far away from the exchange!!! yeh like i'm a mile away and that muppet's thousands of miles away. FFS. I am now having far worse disconnection problems than i'v ever had.

    I used to be with AOL and even they were far superior to this bunch of muppets.


    What I cannot understand is that they are not providing a service which we are all paying for and yet we can't do a bloody thing about it.

    The simple answer is we are all being sold a lie. Our broadband is a bodged up excuse of a product and is not fit for purpose. Of course they wont tell you that cos you wouldnt pay out your hard earned.

    Maybe it needs someone to do em in court before anything is done. Mind you knowing our luck the judge would have BT shares.

  47. I am Having Trouble with the connection .. i ordered the upgrade fom the first package and all i have got is a really bad connection. I want to play Xbox 360 and My Laptop at the Same time .. aswell as My Brother on his Laptop and Xbox 360. Also Since we bought Bt My Sky Box keeps Scrambling and making my music channels fuzzy like someone has knocked down my Dish .. (Dish is in a high and Great location so Signal is Great)
    If anybody can help would help .. thanks

  48. We live in Nantgarw, Cardiff, CF15 and we were promised the new BT 21CN upgrade to our treforest exchange according to the schedule list of exchange upgrades. BT has now decided against upgrading our exchange to the new 20 and 40 Meg super fast broadband with no explanation so we are now stuck on the old 8 Meg service but at best we only get about 3 Meg's. We are only just down the road from the exchange at a distance of 1 KM! BT then sends us a letter to announce an increase in line rental! We also dont have the option of going with Virgin or an alternative supplier as BT is the only provider in this area. Our neighbouring boroughs just half a mile away in Caerphilly and Taffs Well can get the new 40 Meg service!!

    Come on BT!! What are we paying for?

  49. I have a complete package from BT which includes anytime calls and total broadband option 1.

    This gives me a 10GB monthly allowance. My first 2 months usage was roughly 2GB per month. On the 8th of August, I received an email saying that I had used 7GB of my 10GB allowance for the month. On the 11th of August my wife and I went on holiday for 3 weeks returning on the 31st of August. On September the 6th, I received another email saying I had used 7GB of my 10GB allowance for September.

    This was followed by another email saying that my total usage for August was 24GB!!. I spent over 6 hours last week on the telephone being bounced around by people who appeared to have absolutely no interest in my problem. I asked for a breakdown of my August usage so that I could see how this 24GB came about – bearing in mind I had been on holiday for 3 weeks in August. I was told that this was impossible. I then asked how I could monitor my own broadband usage and was told that this was impossible also.

    I then logged on to my BT home hub (on the 10th of September) and under "internet settings" I found an interesting set of stats. Firstly, my uptime was 16 days and 18 hours roughly, so this means we were talking about a period of approximately the 25th of August to the 10th of September. The router actually has a record of data transmitted/received and this showed a total of 5.2GB for that 16 day period. "VERY INTERESTING" I thought especially as BT had sent me an email on the 6th telling me that I had used over 7GB in September.

    Back on the phone to BT to get them to explain the discrepancy between THEIR router stats and the broadband usage departments records. 2 hours of calls later with absolutely no progress being made I was transferred by an operative to a number which was answered by a recorded message that said "the help desk number you have called is now closed – goodbye". This was midday on a Monday!!

    It appears that BT can arbitrarily decide how much data you have used and charge you for it without having to substantiate anything. The can also ignore their own router stats. The can also get away without giving their customers any means to monitor their own broadband usage. They suggested that I download a third party tool to monitor usage. Can you imagine trying to use data generated by someone else's software in your defence while arguing with BT???

    Next stop for me is Watchdog, MP, Oftel, the Mafia or whatever.

    And I'm going to sell my BT shares…

  50. Add another person to the leaving BT list. I have had slow or non existent internet for 4 weeks. Similar to the original poster, I cannot watch any videos/streams as my date transfer rate is something like 20 kbps.

    I must have spent about 30 hours on the phone trying to get my problem even identified, let alone sorted. One minute they tell me its the exchange, next minute its something else. Today I booked the morning off work to meet with an engineer and guess what….the engineer never turned up at all.

    You know something, it has been one disaster after another with BT. When I first ordered BT internet I had to wait 3 weeks becaase first off they sent the wrong router, then I couldnt get started because of some "technical issue". Then I recieved charges for engineers that hadn't been ordered and never showed up. 3 other times (I can remember) the internet service has just dropped totally in my area. As I recall we were without the internet for 4 days on one occassion.

    The call centre is ridiculous. Now im not blaming the indivdual people, becuase they probably do their best. Its just that you can't get any answers or anything sorted. There seems to be no proper cordination between the helpdesks and the engineers – and you can get told 10 different explanations by 10 different people.

    I've spoken other providers and will be swapping over in the next week or so. If im honest, I probably put up with more than most people would and its over due that i move on from BT. Im that annoyed that im just willing to pay for an engineer from the new provider to sort me out rather than make any more calls to the helpline labrynth.

    Dan White, Birmingham

  51. Add another person to the leaving BT list. I have had slow or non existent internet for 4 weeks. Similar to the original poster, I cannot watch any videos/streams as my date transfer rate is something like 20 kbps.

    I must have spent about 30 hours on the phone trying to get my problem even identified, let alone sorted. One minute they tell me its the exchange, next minute its something else. Today I booked the morning off work to meet with an engineer and guess what….the engineer never turned up at all.

    You know something, it has been one disaster after another with BT. When I first ordered BT internet I had to wait 3 weeks becaase first off they sent the wrong router, then I couldnt get started because of some "technical issue". Then I recieved charges for engineers that hadn't been ordered and never showed up. 3 other times (I can remember) the internet service has just dropped totally in my area. As I recall we were without the internet for 4 days on one occassion.

    The call centre is ridiculous. Now im not blaming the indivdual people, becuase they probably do their best. Its just that you can't get any answers or anything sorted. There seems to be no proper cordination between the helpdesks and the engineers – and you can get told 10 different explanations by 10 different people.

    I've spoken other providers and will be swapping over in the next week or so. If im honest, I probably put up with more than most people would and its over due that i move on from BT. Im that annoyed that im just willing to pay for an engineer from the new provider to sort me out rather than make any more calls to the helpline labrynth.

    Dan White, Birmingham

  52. Put my name down as a complainant! I have experienced similar problems to everyone above; too long/painful a story and concern over my blood pressure and sanity prevents me from expanding. No one in BT seems to give a damn. Time for a consumer revolutions I think. How do we actually get things changed? Isn't OFCOM supposed to help us poor sods who get dragged into these issues? Have we lost our 'consumer champions'? I reiterate, How DO we actually get things changed?

  53. Like a lot of other people, I'm frankly sick to death of BT.

    Unfortunately, I have to suffer with BT at both home and at university. Several times I have had to waste an hour of my life talking to ''Help advisers'' that know less than I do about how the internet works. I'm sick of being patronised and the same phrases being said to me over and over again. They seem to think we're 12 year old children who have no concept of what an exchange is or any of the factors that affect internet speed.

    ''Make sure you are not downloading anything''. Really? Is that really the best piece of advice a customer support agent can offer me?

    I have rang up, and very politely told bt what my problem was and sat through the whole ''what is your phone no./name/address'' several times, they've checked my line speed and said nothing is the matter, and magically my internet is at the maximum it can run at. The next day, it's back to 40kbps and not even being able to load simple html websites. Sort it out BT.

    Daniel S Everitt

  54. This may not be relevant to you but i advise all bt customers to say where you are as much as it might be painful, because i am with talk talk and I'm losing my sanity. talk about bad customer service, try talk talk customer service and i can assure you, you will have the shock of your life.

  55. I had numerous problems outlined above, especially regarding broadband speed. i followed the complaints process then went to otelo (the industry regulator), who took up my case and prosecuted these bastards, who had the temerity to challenge the otelo ruling. so otelo stuck it to them, i got almost all my money back and a repaired line. the line stayed repaired for about 7 weeks, then collapsed again, so i threatened them with the 1982 goods and services bill and lo and behold my line was fixed. for 4 days. now it's collapsed again so it's the small claims court in one week's time, otelo as well and i will stuck it to these pointless, thieving bastards as hard as i can

  56. Here's Gary & Kate's timeline of BT issues (Part 1):

    1st September: No ‘On Demand’. Advised that we required 2MB speed but that we were currently receiving 1.2MB. This would be boosted to 6MB over the next 12-24 hours. In error we turned off the Homehub at this stage.
    2nd September: Still no ‘On Demand’. Rang BT. Advised that Broadband Remote Access Server (b-ras?) would be boosted to 6MB and that there would be a check on Quality of Service. Told that we should not have turned off the Homehub. Asked not to reset Homehub and to wait 72 hours.
    5th – 12th September: ‘On Demand’ available.
    13th September: No ‘On Demand’.
    15th September: Contacted BT. Told that line speed was very slow. Told that Network Fault Team from the exchange would investigate and aim to call within 24 hours. Told to ring help desk once everything OK to have charges for period of problem waived.

  57. Here's Gary & Kate's BT timeline (part 3)

    3 October. Returned home to find a telephone message left by BT Resolutions at 10.51am, stating that the fault open on our line was, as far as he could see it, rectified. He asked us to call 0800 111 4567.
    Called this number at 1.05pm to be told that there was no record of the call being made. At the point at which my wife had to begin recounting the past month’s issues, she decided not to continue the call.
    Rang Customer Services to find out if we would be held to term should we decide to cancel all our BT services. The Call Handler listened to the issue and, as he did not want us to leave BT having being customers for so long, suggested that he might be able to arrange a weekend engineer and put us on hold while this was arranged. When he came back on the line it was to say that this was not possible and my wife asked to be put through to Cancellations. My wife spoke Cancellations who explained that in cancelling we would be held to term and that our final bill would be approximately £167, this despite expressing our view that the level of service on BT’s part suggests the company have not upheld their side of the contract with us. Lynne explained that while that was the case with BT Vision (hence the cancellation without being held to term) it was not the case with Broadband or calls.
    In a further part of the conversation the issue of engineer time slots was raised. Lynne expressed her view that these 5 hour periods are not unreasonable and the requirement for people to take time off work for the visits was akin to many people taking time off work for dental or medical appointments.
    4 October. Letter received regarding moving phone service away from BT. Estimated cost: £126.22 in termination charges.
    8 October. Phone message and email from Customer Services in response to first email complaint. Confirmed that we would not be held to contract for BT Vision. Apologised for situation: ‘I am sorry to hear of the problems you have encountered during your recent contact with BT. At BT we strive to deliver and maintain the highest possible standards of customer service and the service you have received falls far short of this. I sympathise with your experiences and comments and can fully understand the frustration you have expressed. I would like to assure you that your custom is highly valued and BT is not complacent about failures with our systems and procedures.’
    11 October. After 6 working days from second email complaint phoned BT at 7.15pm. Spoke first to Customer Services then to Faults Department, then to Customer Options. Customer Options were clear that we would have to pay cancellation fee and that the fault was with us for being unable to accommodate an engineer visit during the weekday windows.
    16 October. Call from Customer Services in response to 2nd email complaint. Very sympathetic after having to try calling three times because of issues with line and call being interrupted. Explained situation again. She said she would speak to Customer Options and see what she could do.
    Called back and left message to explain that there was nothing she could do and that they were adamant that we should pay the cancellation fee. She did suggest that she could arrange a weekend engineer and would ring back to discuss this. So far hasn't returned call.

  58. Here's Gary & Kate's BT timeline (Part 2)

    16th September: Contacted by Network Fault Team to check whether ‘On Demand’ was working. I was at work so was unable to check. They said they would keep fault issue ‘open.’ On return home ‘On Demand’ was working but picture was ‘glitchy’.
    23rd September: No ‘On Demand’. Told to take off face plate of BT socket and place connection in Test Socket for 24 – 48 hours.
    25th September: ‘On Demand‘ working. Downloaded movie and watched.
    26th September: Daughter tried to re-watch movie in morning, this was well within 24 hour rental period. ‘On Demand’ not working. Contacted BT. Told we should be getting 7MB but only getting 1.5MB. Asked to change ADSL filter. Had a spare and did so. Told that this seemed to cure problem and that speed was increasing. If it continued to be a problem, however, an engineer would be called. Asked to leave this for 72 hours but to ring after to have charges for period of problem waived.
    29th September: 5.20pm. Still no ‘On Demand’. Rang BT. Checked line again. They commented on poor quality of telephone line. Said they would attempt to organise an engineer and would ring back within 3 hours.
    9.50pm. No contact. Rang BT. Spoke to one advisor, then to another. Agreed to send engineer but said would have to choose a 5 hour visit window. We explained that this wasn’t possible as we both work in schools and cannot simply take time off. Was told there was no Saturday/weekend option. Agreed that engineer would visit within 1pm – 6pm window on 1st October although a note would be attached to ask for after 4pm and mobile would be used to give advance notice.
    30th September: Text to my phone regarding visit. Wife phoned BT. Reminded that request was to contact her. Mobile number taken again.
    1st October: Wife had phone with her on silent (vibrate option) from 1pm. Wife home at 3.50pm. No visit from engineer. Rang BT at 6.10pm. Technical Help Desk could not tell whether engineer had tried to call. Were unable to get supervisor to speak. Said it wasn’t their issue and put through to BT Vision Help Desk. BT Vision said not their issue. Put back to Technical Help Desk. Was told by this call handler that engineer had visited at 3.15pm. But no call to wife’s mobile and no card posted through door to say visit had been attempted. Call handler read out note attached to our case that indicated a preference for after 4pm and showed my wife’s mobile phone number:
    ‘Please contact customer on the mobile number. The customer is not available before 4pm. If possible make your visit after 4pm.’
    Asked to be put through to Cancellations/Complaints. On hold. After total call of 1 hour 8 minutes line was cut off.
    Rang BT direct. Spoke to advisor in Doncaster. Said we wouldn’t be held to term and wouldn’t have to pay from 2nd September when fault first arose. Cancelled BT Vision. Asked for details of the protocol engineers should follow when making a visit. Normal practice would be for engineers to phone on contact number and leave a card if they arrive and find the homeowner not at home.
    Rang Vision Cancellation and Retention. NAdvisor said that he felt that protocol would be to start with contacting via contact number provided. He also read off the screen the details regarding the engineer’s visit being after 4pm if possible.
    Email complaint sent.

  59. After a year of poor phone reception, losing bb connection everytime the phone rings (or even pick up the phone to make a call!), incredably low bb speed, even the old dial up speeds were quicker!! I've had to give up using iplayer because of this. It took 5 hours to download software for my new printer.

    For the pleasure of no longer using the service from bt described above I am being charged a £25 cancellation fee. They say it because I'm closing the broadband account permanently (uh..) and it does leave a bitter taste in the mouth.

    So BT – when will you listen to your current and deserting customers?

  60. NG32 1TA need better speed than 440kb – the world has moved on but BT at above address have not moved on!

    When will we get an upgrade – I will check this page tomorrow to see if anybody reads these comments

  61. All I want is better speed at our address than 440kb!!!! :((

    NG32 1TA – I have been paying £13.99 for over two years and have never received more than above speed. Can you confirm when above post code will get an updgrade

  62. Yes my BT been slow since last friday the 29th oct,im suppose to be a 6.5mb line , but only getting 10-11 kbs tops download speed cant even watch youtube vids lol its a joke i pay for the top package at BT and only recived this and i have complained numerous times getting through to india , and said it will be sorted in the next 24/48hours and still nothing, i live in Buckie Scotland so i think it must me a problem with this area, but its not good enough !

  63. I'll add my name too. haven't we already got enough people on BT's own website for them to notice….fair enough they probably don't have connection or have to wait 45 days for the page to finally load!! this has become quite a lengthy list, sure long enough for us to use as the beginnings of some kind of petition to try and take action against these horrific specimens!?

  64. My line was "upgraded" in July. I used to get 5.5 to 6.0 mb but now only get around 1.6 to 2.2 mb.
    Have called BT 16 times since August… Fault still unresolved so I am cancelling and moving to Virgin.
    Loyal BT customer for 22 years and I know I am not alone in my intentions to leave. BT is finished and I give it 2 years before it goes bust.

  65. A simply awful service, and a simply awful response. This is what I have endured since 28 October 2010. I have been with BT for a number of years, perhaps through convenience more than anything else. However, I have had no Broadband for two weeks now, and have had to tolerate the ordeal of countless calls to India. The first few of these took me through exactly the same process every time (after, of course, being on hold for an average of 30 minutes every time), and then we progressed to how their had been problems in Scotland, Northern Ireland and the north of England. That's a real shame, I said, but how, I asked, as a London resident does this affect me?! The answers provided by India ranged from unsatisfactory to nonsensical.

    An engineer was finally sent to me yesterday, who told me I'd be online within the day. I'm not. More dialogue with India has ensued, again entirely unsatisfactory. Apparently yesterday's engineer was a "basic" engineer, and I now need a "complex" engineer. I'm oblivious to what the difference is, but have informed them that my employment does not allow me to sit at home every day waiting patiently whilst they contemplate turning up.

    So, I have resolved to leave BT, speak and write to the Oftel Ombudsman, and outline to BT my basis in law for compensation. I dare them to attempt to charge a cancellation fee.

    Its so sad to see a company, which in times gone by enjoyed such a strong brand name, reduced to this.

  66. I Am so annoyed at BT and i get so frustrated…
    when i go on my ps3 I am hardly able to sign in, why is this?
    i check my speeds regularly on and i hardly get 2mb download speed when i have option 2 which offers up to 20mb.
    One more thing does anyone recommend me upgrading to BT infinity it sounds good, but I was thinking virgin XXL is also good, anyone help?

  67. Dear Ian Livingstone

    I could spend even more of my time ranting and raving about BT's inability to provide me with the broadband service that I'm paying for. I could list the almost daily calls, spanning over a month, to BT asking them to sort out our problems – complaining of broadband speeds of between 16kbps and 200kbps. I could also go on and tell you about how every time I speak to BT I get a different story; a different course of action; told to wait 4 hours, 8 hours 72 hours etc; told that I should be happy with 200kbps; told that I should be getting 2 mb etc; told that I can't speak to the people who are 'dealing' with my complaint….. But I won't.

    I'm beyond anger – I resent the hours I've spent trying to get this resolved. I resent the organisational structure, which you head, that means that your employees cannot resolve my broadband issues after trying for 1 month.

    Please just tell me –
    1. can you provide me with a broadband speed of about 1.4mb? Yes or No
    2. if so when?

    If the answer to q. 1 is 'No', Ian please be honest and tell me. Simple.
    If yes – please give me a timeframe within which I will receive this service. Simple

    I look forward to your reply

  68. Truely awful service, to say the least!!

    Initially had good download speeds – 6-7mb, but suddenly went down to 50-100kps. Spoke to their crap Customer Helpline in India several times – each time they tell me something different, but they NEVER have any record of previous calls of contact and they NEVER, EVER call you back, despite genuine promises from them that they will. I have had experience with very rude and arrogant staff in the past as well.

    My problem has ranged from a line fault – I live in a brand new house on a new estate; all the lines and exchange are new! – to a fault with my homehub, of which they are sending me a new one which I should get tomorrow. I doubt that this will resolve my problem….

    I have been a very loyal customer of BT for many years, but will not be renewing my contact with BT, I will find another ISP provider who is reliable and provides good customer service.

    What I want to know is:

    1) What are BT doing about this chronic problem they have?
    2) What are Ofcom doing about it – this needs intervention NOW
    3) Are BBC TV's Watchdog investigating their p*** poor service and exposing this sham that BT have become???

  69. This could have nothing to do with BT – but can anyone throw any light on the problems I'm having with email? I would say that currently about 70% of the emails I send out to people in my regular Contacts list either land up in their Spam/Junk folders – where they languish unnoticed – OR don't reach their destination at all. This includes replies to incoming emails from "regulars" or family. WHY?? I'm using a BT Home Hub (my address is a which instantly makes me suspect this must be something to do with them!) and using the Yahoo Portal. I'm on a Mac. I've tried cleaning up my inbox, sent, and deleted folders but it doesn't seem to have made any difference. I'm freelance and trying to run a business from home – and this is just incredibly frustrating!!

  70. BT are the worst!! The only reason most of us are stayin is because they have most of the control of telephone lines in the UK .. I have been having problems with them for the past 5 months. I have red all the complaints on this page i can relate to the frustrations and anger people are feeling right now!! Up until 5 months ago i could not say nothing too bad my speeds was enough for me to do what i come online for.. mainly download music, watch iplayer, check youtube, talk to friends generally chill and shop online as i'm disabled it made life easier.I got a email from them 5 months ago saying they was upgrading the exchange to improve my service hahahaha!!!..Since then the pleasure has been taken as well as my £22.99 a month for the shoddiest service i have ever had from anyone. BT are a joke but im not laughing!!.They are robbing people daily false advertising false promises but charging high prices.I have had enough of phoning India (even if it is 0800 it does not lessen the pain of ignorance) to be told the same scripts have them remote access my pc like that will help the lines or my speed(which it hasn't)..They have even admitted 4 times in the past 5 weeks my lines faulty it will b delt with. The final straw last Saturday i phoned told them i did not want their basic scripts i have been told it's my pc(its worked fine at my friends house 1 mile up the road and at my mums 50 miles away) it's the lines(we will fix them within 24 hrs still waiting 3 months later) and the famous "we will get a engineer to call within 24 hours" 5 days later nothin!!!…I'm going to follow the right channels i have gave them more than 8 weeks to fix this problem..I will phone the "NOT HAPPY LET US KNO" ombidsman tomorrow and take it from there..Soon as my lines are sorted..optamistic i kno but thats me…i will b changing providers for sure … I hope my added complaint gets BT taking note although i doubt it but somebody needs to step in take their power .. Virgin please fit cables in my area…

    A very very unhappy BT customer

    Moston Manchester…

  71. I lost our internet connection on 4th Nov 2010. We are a Public House that offers wifi and free internet service, In these times we need to keep up and ahead of our business and by offering our customers a good fast fair service I needed the internet back up and running asap…. I’m sure we all expect a quick service from a business like BT, just as one would with a public house imagine waiting to be served for more than 20mins our customers would go elsewhere for that drink?

    THURSDAY 4th NOV—-Phoned waited approx 20mins for call to be answered, ran through a test with the BT adviser until I was told that BT had a fault on their system, this should be sorted out over the next few days!!!

    SUNDAY 7th NOV—-Phoned re-same problem BT adviser run a test with me and on the line etc AGAIN… I was told BT would be sending out an engineer next day even given a ref no 41409523696!!!

    MONDAY 8th NOV—-Phoned again waiting for ages for call to be answered. NO ENGINEER had shown up after waiting all day. Was told that the BT adviser I had spoken yesterday should not have said that an engineer would be sent! As an appointment could not be booked for the next day and that they had no record!!!
    I gave the ref number.. Opps suddenly my records were found. Run through the whole test again to no avail. RESULT we had an official date booked for the engineer to visit our premises again this was for the following slot available Friday 12th Nov between 8-1.
    I asked about some sort of compensation re lost of network as it would be 10 day by then without any service for my business. BT adviser agreed that I should receive a good will gesture after the problem was sorted!!!!!

    WEDNESDAY 10TH NOV (time 08:06:19) received a text on my BT mobile to confirm visit 12 Nov!!!!

    FRIDAY 12TH NOV—-Phoned BT re NO ENGINEER turned up again as it was now past the 1 o'clock slotted time. I opted for ring back within 1 hour (as I do run a busy pub serving customers!!!) getting worried and concerned as it FRIDAY another weekend without internet…Waited until 3:42 no ring back to my option of within 1 hour .
    Phoned again waited 30 mins before finally speaking to BT adviser, he said I should have called earlier as I could have been given another appointment for that afternoon MMMMMMMMMMMMM I explained the so called ring back service offered and the time I had spent waiting for them to pick up however, I did moan as best I could about the service so far he kindly offered me the email address to send my complaint too. Which was (LOL very loudly)
    After my moans he said he would call me back once he had spoken to the necessary departments and returned my call I’m still shocked by his reply on his return phone call..
    Excuse from engineers was they had "RUN OUT OF RESOURCES"!!!!!!!!!!! I was assured that an engineer would be here Saturday.

    SATURDAY 13TH NOV——-finally got an engineer PROBLEM SORTED AT LAST through BT exchange and engineer.

    SATRUDAY 27TH NOV— here I am still trying to get a complaint through!!!!!!!!!!! JOKE IS WHILE TRYING TO LODGE MY COMPLAINT
    Got a feeling this will fall on deaf ears and very interested to see the good will gesture to be offered!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  72. BT Is full of 'crap' they dont help at all!

    Their Broadband Option 1 Is full of shit.

    And quite frankly NOBODY should get Internet from BT.

    They don't care about their customers. They care about their profit. Greedy pigs.

  73. have rang bt serveral times about problems with my phone line and now my broadband is slow waiting for ages for a page to load!!! aam not renewing my contract with them they are no help full stop

  74. I have had 0.5 download speed for over a week now phoned to report the problem on 4th of december, engineer phoned me 5th and said my phone was back on,it had never been off,arranged a visit for next day. engineer came 8am checked my line said it was capped at 0.5 he said it needs reset at their end,was told could take 48 hours not happy!!!.

  75. Our BT Broadband never getse above 0.54 download and 0.25 upload. Problems over the last months have seen it off for days at a time. Got so fed up asked Titan to take over the l;ine – tehy refused said it does not meet there minimum criteria for customer service. Broadband went off agin yesterday. Wife phoned BT Brodband helpline and was told we don't have an account with BT Broadband.
    Got details of payment from bank statements and rang BT at 17:30, finally getting through at 18:07. Technician said he would tes the line and call back between 20 past to 25 past 6. never did.
    calle BT again, told we did not have an account. Told to phone accounts. Phoned accounts – got cut off twice. Finally at 20:20 was passed on to a very helpfull chap in Newcastle who got the details, and accounts cut him off twice. He passed me on to a lady in HOME IT who said we do have an account, but it is on an old system which technical help cannot access – good organisation or what!!. She said she would pass the information on to tech support but it would take 48hours to sort out. She did say that she will phone and give us an update. What price the Government promise of fast broadband in the next 5 years? Does that mean we will get anything faster that 0.54 download? I'm not holding my breath. Ths minute I can change from BT I will, but what chance do we have if other Companies won't touch it???

  76. Your service is absolutely abysmal.
    We pay a huge sum of money (£80 per MONTH) for your bad joke of a service. We achieve at best 3 MiB/s download speeds and at best .5 MiB/s upload with a 145 MS ping; and that is at best- on a great day.
    Usually we get 0.6 MiB/s download and 0.09 MiB/s Upload with a ping in the 1200/1500 range! This is absolutely, in every single way, unacceptable. We pay for an 8MiB/s connection and we get twelve times less of the speed we pay for.
    As a company, you are going the way of AOL.
    Many regards.

  77. My broadband speed just went below dial-up for downloads. Its supposed to be 8Mb/s. Switching to virgin media 50mb/s as they are rated best for the % u actually get. Still i cant believe if i switched back to dial-up right now it would be faster

  78. We had bt infinaty installed which was fine the man doing it was so sure of the product and did it about 6pm new years eve which in my book is good thing.
    The product however is worse then be before, i must lose conextion every 5 mins and have to re-start our hub.
    It's not faster and hasn't made my life easier.
    It's rubbish.

  79. Your service is absolutely abysmal.
    We pay a huge sum of money (£80 per MONTH) for your bad joke of a service. We achieve at best 3 MiB/s download speeds and at best .5 MiB/s upload with a 145 MS ping; and that is at best- on a great day.
    Usually we get 0.6 MiB/s download and 0.09 MiB/s Upload with a ping in the 1200/1500 range! This is absolutely, in every single way, unacceptable. We pay for an 8MiB/s connection and we get twelve times less of the speed we pay for.
    As a company, you are going the way of AOL.
    Many regards.


  80. I have spoken to BT's call center and logged my problems I have with my broadband speed. I was informed that the 'issue' is on that would be resolved in 24 hours. What has happened in 48 hours is that my connection speed (that was around 4Megs) is getting progressively worse and running at 0.31M/s on average. BT seems to be a clueless. Time for me to find an alternative provider!

  81. My internet connection is so dire. I cannot apply to uni, I cannot read emails from colleagues and friends, I cannot buffer a 10minute video without it taking more than one hour. I am the only person in my house that uses the internet at any real length, my speed is one tenth of what it should be. So BT, I want compensation, if I don't get into uni because I cannot check my application status regualarly let alone read emails from work, I may get fired. It's frustrating because you charge me and many others like me for a service that you don't even uphold. You advertise falsely and you cheat your customers. If I have time between my full-time job and my current college course I will try and change supplier.

  82. Bt are simply the WORST I have ever dealt with in my entire adult life bar none. NEVER choose bt for anything. I joined BT in order to get more data allowance as my usual isp has to rent line space from BT. I am an IT engineer so know my stuff etc. However like anyone I dont know everything and I needed some technical support regarding a part of the router I needed to configure (item is a menu option on the homehub). FOUR AND A HALF HOURS, on the phone, even being told, 150 is chargable. The call centre in India is so poor in their technical abilities and manners that even the worst cases of AOL customer service would tower high above the service level BT staff provide.
    In addition I have been getting lots of bills, each one bigger than the last. Billed for a period BEFORE it was installed. At no time have I had any of the paperwork, bar one sales note and the bills. In fact the first bill appeared on the day the line was installed, It is a totally seperate line from sky and is only for broadband use. The homehub is totally dire, constantly randomly stops to tell me it has lost connection with the internet (adsl sync). Or as is VERY common you cant browse to the hub's status page at all. Granted the hub phone works, but most of the time the internet does NOT. The line speed is HALF that of the sky line I still have, in fact that syncs at 8.1MB with a average throughput of 7.1 MB 3.7 ish in the evenings.
    Th BT line however has only ever synced at 4.1 or less. The through out is way lower , roundabout 1MB to absolute zero.
    When I called India to be given the settings to use my own router THEY DIDNT KNOW and said It would be chargable etc etc etc.
    After more than twenty calls, each one an average of three hours, to then be told that in their view it HASNT actually worked correctly due to a copper line fault, that an engineer would have it done etc. Still faulty, So Called BT to deal with it, Broadband Blame the phone department, and wont take the complaint, the credit's promised by BT NEVER HAPPENED, now I have had my THYIRD bill in FOUR weeks, Still the line is faulty STILL bt staff blame each other , and the word UNFORTUNATLEY is all that ever gets sputed by BT. I know without doubt or question they dotn wish to sort this, I know wothout question how TOTALLY DEVASTAINGLY TERRIBLE yes TERRIBLE BT's staff are that I will get MORE bills etc. When I pointed out that the next saga after the line is fixed that a new HUB must be sent out, will be the usual crap 'unfortunatley sir' when they tell me it will take 10-14 DAYS to send another hub. Sorry this is long, but I can't begin to stress enough to people NEVER NEVER NEVER take a line from BT, to even give it the name SERVICE is so far from the truth it isnt quantifiable in words.
    A very Very Very angry fed up customer.
    And will BT sort it, make good the issues and say sorry ?? NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  83. i signed a contract with BT for 8 properties on the 15th October2010.
    The transfer from Talk Talk to BT is still not complete ( 24/02/2011). We were nearly up & running until yesterday when they cut us off. I recieved an email last night saying if i didnt mean to cancel call them 1 working day before the cut off! ( Which was yesterday)? I never cancelled? They have been the worst company ever we are a charitable organisation and they have cost us money that we havent got all due to there messing us about. I am so angry and upset but believe me i will be going in for damages compo, and if they wont settle out of court i will be putting my claim forward to the county courts. I wish i never bothered transfering to them now:(

  84. I have had BT Infinity installed now for 1 day but my speed is around a third of what the BT Infinity speed test said I would get before I signed up what should I do?

  85. BT engineer came at about 8:30 am. His task is to connect the phone line from the main right into the house. For whatever reason he didn't knock the door to inform he is here to do the job. Instead he left a note to say he is here and he is unable to access the house so we have to rearrange for another appointment with their office. He tries to contact via mobile phone but due to poor mobile connection we were notified later.
    The issue is we've waited more than a month for the appointment to come through. On appointment day he conveniently left a note for us to rearrange for another appointment, which is a week later.
    It is very irresponsible for BT and their associates.

  86. HELLO BT! HOW ABOUT GETTING SOME INFINITY INTO MY AREA OF IP123NL???? We are about a dozen houses with a maximum of HALF A MEGABITE. The signal is so weak that my comp goes offline several times per day. You people do so much bragging and yet your services get worse by the month! All you have to do is extend your "FAMOUS" infinity line a few hundred metres.

  87. After transfering to bt from aol my download speed increased then 3 weeks ago it dropped to 0.13mb and my reuter keeps turning itself off.Talking to a BT enginner he said that download speeds have been lowered in my area does this not break there contract with me. Should have known better as prior to Aol i had bt and it was rubbish then so I am going to change my provider but who to????????????

  88. At least some of you guys actually are capable of getting the internet. Before moving to my present house I carried out a test on BT's website to check the speed at the intended house. I put in the address/postcode and sure enough, BB was available at the location.

    So I moved into the new house and ordered a BB/phone deal. I had a call from BT saying all the 'equipment' was compatable with BB, a nice new hub came in the post. The install day came and went…….

    I contacted BT through an indian call centre and a BT engineer arrived (eventually). He renewed all the wiring from the point it came into the property, the BB didn't work but he said it would in 30 minutes once he'd done something at the exchange. That was a couple of weeks ago, I was left with no BB and a very crackly line.

    After another week of indian call centres, another engineer arrived. He found the 'fault' pretty quick. Turns out we are on a DAX system (sort of 'party line') and our signal was the old analogue signal. There is no immediate plan to upgrade the system though BT might revise the situation "in a few years time".

    In short, I checked in the first instance that BB was available at the property, I moved into the property, BT sent me an order confirmation advised no engineere need visit the property.

    Now I find myself in a property with no BB, no possibility of BB…………….

    Thanks BT, I've justed wasted a lot of time and money thanks to your total incompetence. What a bunch of incompetents!

    At present I'm using a '3' dongle, but that has a lot of limitations 🙁

  89. I have lost count of the times that i have called Bt to complain about our broadband speed!!!! My daughter is desperately trying to finish her uni work and ended up in tears the other night all because the service kept crashing and burning!!! It is disgusting how they just appear to act dumb when it comes to these matters!! how would i be affected if i cancelled my contract and went elsewhere?

  90. Has Mr Ian Livingstone the balls to answer any of his frustrated and angry customers our is he going to hide behind his Indian call centre until all BT staff end up on the dole with him hopefully!

  91. I have been a BT customer for many years as both a retail and corporate customer (I am an IT engineer) and over the years I have come to the conclusion that the only thing BT as a company has ever been good at, is producing their bills at the end of the month. Their service is dreadful, their customer service centre is in India and their staff are useless and know nothing of BT's systems and just follow a script when you call them up. If it wasn't for the unbundling process for rural areas or the lack of it, I would swap to another provider. Would I get a better service with someone else ? Probably not, but it would be cheaper, and if the service is rubbish, I may as well pay less for it.

  92. We have always, 14 years, obtained our internet connection through BT. We pay our bills by direct debit. I can't recall ever bothering BT about any problems until recently.
    Our download speed now peaks at 2.3Mbps and in evening stops altogether. It's worse than the old days of Dial-up without a doubt.
    Their customer service representatives are liars. I have been told on four occasions that our service will be upgraded within 24 hours and it hasn't. Today I was told a minimum of 5 working days. I don't believe a word of it. They lie, persistently. I was told that I should upgrade our contract, 'Fine!' I said, 'I'll take your top, most expensive contract!' Today I was told that this new contract, which has already started, would make no difference to the speed. I'm agog.

  93. hey bt,ur broadband is a f####ing disgrace,i pay the same rate as other bt users who get 20mg or more,and get1/2mg on a good day i can get……wait….for….it….one and a half mg.yippy,can it be that they use 50yaer old copper wire,no can't be????can it .yours frustrated-phill,from new arley,warwickshire.

  94. I have a business line and for the last two years on a regular basis we loose connection. We pay for 8mg however the most we can ever get is 1.9mg, have have spent 27 hours in total on the phone to try and sort it.. Today was the best piece of advice i have ever been given by a company. Sitting in front of my PC i called them to report the fault again… they asked me to log onto a page, i told them i could not as i have no internet connection, oh they say does it happen often, i told them to check the other call… long delay later, they come back and say that there is not a fault.. i tell them i have no internet, resent the modem, still no internet. They said they will not register it as a fault because i am getting 1.9mg. If i was getting 1.8 then they would investigate it…. what a load of rubbish. They did have a suggestion, Pay some more money and they will upgrade and i should get 4mg.Should i not be getting that anyway? was told that there is nothing that they can do… cant go with another provider as only BT lines available and no fibre optic….. Ofcom do not want to know because we are a business….total rubbish..

  95. I am contracted for £30 a month. for broadband service of allegedy 2mb from BT. I am currently getting 240k – for about the 50th time since I first installed the BT home hub. If I spend AN HOUR talking to someone in India – going through a ridiculous checklist which they parrot at you in barely understandable English – they eventually tell you they can't do ANYTHING and they will forward it to a team in the UK. Next day my speed goes up to 1.5mb and a week alter it drops to 250k:
    week after week after week after week after week.

    Why doesn't OFCOM DO SOMETHING about a BRITISH company that does not deliver what it contracts to deliver.

    Who can you phone IN THIS COUNTRY to complain.

    This appalling mafia company has insulated itself behind 10,000 layers of defences – which allow nothing in except your money. You cannot communicate with this appalling monster.

  96. ThHere in Merry Old England e internet and national broadband is too important to be left in the hands of a deadbeat company like BT I get a stop go 85 to 200kb/s service and pay full wack for this crap BB. Help can't we get some Hungarian companies in here understand the are rolling out giga bit over there.

  97. We get 60K download speed and 3k upload speed. That's what BT call "Broadband". I'd be better off re-connecting the narrowband modem. Trying to run a business website is no joke. Abysmal service from what used to be a decent British company.

  98. I am BT business customer around 10 years. last year I moved into a new premises after selling my old business. I notified BT. They sent my final bill for old shop to new address and my phone bills for new premises to old address so I did not receive my bills and they disconnected my service without prior notification on 26/05/2011 which was before European final football match, bearing in mind I operate as pizza restaurant food delivery imagine how much loss I had and how many customer I lost during these period. I still have no service as they claim they do not own the numbers any more and its gone to whole seller and it takes time til they have it back.
    The staff are not co operative and each time I ring they tell me a different thing, when I say I was told differently by your colleagues they simply say he/she was not aware of the procedure.
    I am angry and exhausted of their behavior and service and do not know what to do. The damage they caused to my business is huge and beyond imagination.

  99. I personally think BT is crap. The amount of money we have to pay for line rental & Broadband etc are rediculous! Us, the public are getting really peeved at being fobbed off by customer services, who don't have a clue what their talking about. OMG what planet are these people on?? I'm thinking off changing to Sky, it can't be much worse!!

  100. last year fast broadband now its getting slower and slower even bt vision downloads are rubbish 12hrs to wait for a movie try explaining that to a 7yr old wanting to watch yogi bear customer service fix it for a couple of days then it all starts again.

  101. I'm experiencing exactly the same problems!! for over a week now… I've been promised callback after callback, I have recieved 2, but at the times I specified I can't take calls!! They are really taking the mick now… I'm going to try once more on Monday and then I'm taking the complaint further.

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