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We often receive BT complaints about incorrect billing and unfair charges and this is the latest complaint from an unhappy customer which we wish to share with you here on

Dear Sir,

I am writing to complain about charges we have recently experienced with BT.

I have been a customer of yours in business since 2001, never missed a payment and spent a great deal with you over the last 10 trading years. I recently moved my landlines over to Unicom simply because they was offering me a better package on charges and BT was not willing to offer any kind of deal for me.

I still have 2 broadband lines and 3 mobile phones with you.

After transferring BT took a large amount of money out of my account due to charges for transferring to another supplier.

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I was never told that this would be the case when I called to say I had been offered prices with Unicom and was going to move across if you could not match the prices, I have nothing in writing to suggest that you could take such fees from me and when I phoned to question these fees, I was told (reference number th21335xxx) that no there is no contract but we should of had a verbal conversation to warn us which we didn’t. The lady did say that she would reimburse us if we came back to BT for our land lines, I am sure that acts as a bribe.

The lady I spoke to was basically calling me a liar saying that I would have been warned – I was not. I can’t see how I could have still been in contract with you since I have been a customer with the same telephone numbers since 2001.

I dispute these charges and would like someone to look into this for me and re-pay these charges back to me. If there is no written contract I am sure that you cannot take money because of a contract that doesn’t exist.

Please can someone respond to this complaint before I seek legal advice.

Kind regards


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  • They told me today " an extra £3 for not paying your bill online and £2 for not having your bills online to print off yourself, this is the same company who will not offer their BT Business customers who work from home ( yes millions of us) free BT sport like every other customer !

  • When BT increased the charges on my 12 month contract in December 2014 I told them I was leaving at the end of my contract in February 2015, I've changed now but they are refusing to refund charges for 14 days of Broadband that I have not had bastards!!!!

  • I recently purchased a Dual BT8500 Cordless Phone package that has a pre-recorded service number (118500) in the contacts list, which cannot be deleted. While entering my own contact numbers, I called this number by mistake for 0.01min. and now find I have been charged £4.46 for this call. Sharp practice I consider.

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