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I wish to make a serious complaint against BT and the way I have been treated when I called them today 29.04.10 on 0800 800 800 I could not understand the names of the 2 people I spoke to. I rang to enquire why it is that every time BT take my money from the direct debit they can never take the right amount, I am told, and have it on my direct debit instruction dated 3 April 2010 that my direct debit should be £12.79 per month, they sent another one saying £19.50 it should be £12.79 for line rental.

Last month they took £32 from my account and when I rang to enquire why I was told it was a mistake and that the money would be credited back to my account (minus £12.79 so I should have received £19.21 back) I never received this money back.

I am absolutely furious as every month I have ring up and query the amount been taken out and I have never encountered such imcompetence.

I have now had to cancel my direct debit with them and they will have to send me a bill and I will query that when I receive it. Also I was cut off twice on the phone today by people who just can not do the job properly. The company is quite frankly a disgrace.

I also want a copy of signed written proof sent to me showing whether or not I am under contract with them. They are never able explain how the billing works in a way you can understand and it causes great frustration it would appear to anyone as if it is being made up as they go along. Is the line rental £12.79 per month or not? Can they set up a monthy direct debit for this amount or not? I would have thought that was simple enough.

I am sending this in the hope that I can get through to someone with some sense and that they will get back to me but I am not confident that will happen at all.

Ann Foster

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  1. I totaly agree I have been having a long running dispute with bt for over a year they are incabable of dealing with my simple requests for a statment they leave me on hold for in excess of an hour at a time whilst on the phone to them the call centre staff can't speak English and will only read of a script no one seems capable of dealing with this they have also ignored a recorded delivery letter I sent months ago I want this resolved and I want to be compensated for my time and stress and lossed business I could goon for pages but cant bothered any more untill next month when this starts again ground hog day

  2. I have also been battling with BT about this. I was using a service for phone, broadband and TV that costs £45 PCM for all 3 services, plus any call charges, yet for 3 months in a row I had £86 taken out of my account. I called to complain, and was told I would be refunded £70. This did not happen. I then called up the next month to ask why, they said they had no record of me being told I would be given a refund, and because they had billed me for the next quarter, they couldn't refund me. I then said I wanted to leave, and they put me on a different direct debit (where they take what you actually spend out of your account, called direct billing or something, but nobody actually tells you such a thing exsists when you join)and because I've overpaid, next month I will pay nothing and the next month £6, yet they won't refund me!! I also hate the fact that they sign you up for 1 year contact for phone and TV, but 18 months for Broadband, so when your yearly contracts run out, you have to stay on for Broadband, or pay to get out early. Outrageous. I had terrible customer service, and will be writing a formal letter of complaint, asking to be compensated for bank charges for going over my overdraft, as well as time wasted calling to sort out this mess!

  3. BT took £500 from my account in a month by direct debit which is more than my entire months pension. In June 09 I went with BT for my phone and internet, they started taking £49 a month, then it went up to £61, then they did not take anything for Jan and Feb, then on 29 March they took £247.50 I complained, I was told I was on the wrong tariff, they agreed to refund me around £100. (which they have not done) Then on 28 April they took another £247.50, So within 30 days (29 Mar – 30 Apr) they have taken virtually £500 from my bank account. When I complained (again) they have no record of them agreeing to refund the £100 and no knowledge of them agreeing that I was on the wrong tariff. What a mess. Is there a phone number to complain, I certainly cannot risk another £247 going out this month and if I stop the direct debit I am in breach of the contract. Please help

  4. it is about time offcom did an examination of the pracices carried out by bt, and the billing system, i have always been a bt customer but now i shall be looking for an alternative provider for both telephone and computor, my attempts to raise a complaint is dealt with by someone who has difficulty with their english and lives in the indian subcontinent, they do their best and i feel sorry for them as often i have no idea what they are saying, perhaps this is bts way of cutting down on complaints, and off com should see that customers if they wish can converse with someone in this country, at least then you can understand bts tall stories if not accept them, as bills are rising and no better service is being given, perhaps its time for a move to talk talk but whether they are any better will have to be seen, or perhaps the fault lies with offcom not doing the job they were created for,

  5. I too am fed up with BT. My last bill was much higher than expected and it turned out they have not taken off the discount I get every quarter for having "Free Evenings & weekends + Friends & Family Mobile" on a 12 month contract. I rang and tried to expain to an Indian lady who said it was a mistake and would correct it and write to confrim. When I heard nothing i rang back and was told I am "no longer entitled to a discount" as I have "used this years allowance"! Even the Supervisor was quoting from the same sheet as the operator and could only repeat the same line to me. When I am tied in until mid August, how can the discount run out part way through – it never has before? They also said I had never rung them before or it would have been logged on their system – so I was lying about the Indian lady! I could not find anyone with a good enough command of English to help or explain to me and they have now taken the full amount from my direct debit. Time to change supplier I think!

  6. Then after still owing them money BT send me a letter to commit me to another 12 month contract saying that my first month contract ended 23/04/09 and my new one started the day after and that i had 21 days from the date on the letter to cancel yet the letter was dated June 2009 no date!!!!! Just June2009.Still no payment card and no Direct debit for my phone bill set up!!!! Then 27/07/09 ni get a bill for £192.96 then 14/10/09 i get a reminder!!!!! Finally ni am cut off for the phone yet i still have broadband!!!! I pay the full amount 20/10/09 and then in my bill dated 27/10/09 i am charged £11.50 to be reconnected. Fair do`s so i pay £60.34total bill on 21/11/09.I also send another DD mandate but have still not recieved my payment card!!!!I get another bill in for 8/2/10 and pay £63.23 on 23/2/10 and i finally get my payment card through. However BT disconnected me and i have another charge to pay to be reconnected then a fault is found on the line and it takes a few days to fix. Still no DD set up and i`m starting to get a bit peeved off. Got my bill 27/4/10 £7.50 in late charges and £11.75 reconnect fees. How is this justified as Bt have been more than incompetent over the past two years. Still i`m ready to pay at the end of the month {today} but i`m looking to get sky hd and just get broadband and phone with them as it be one bill and less hassle eh? What do BT do? Put my phone on incoming calls only and then disconnect it Saturday there so no chance of me getting Sky hd in because an active phone line is needed!!!!! Whats my next move???? Any help be appreciated!!!!!! Thanks.

  7. I have had BT Phone and broadband for over two years and have had problems galore and yes people are right when they talk to the call centre its like talking to a brick wall!!!! They talk and talk and talk and are only interested in getting payments in even thogh half the time you are not getting the full earned service that you pay for!!!! Firstly they couln`t get my surname right on my bill even though my bank details had the right details and the direct debits were coming off as agreed.Then when i changed my banks i got a letter dated 10/10/08 saying that payment was not paid by my bank and that i had a new bank even though my bank had made sure the transfer of dd`s was no problem.Then on 20/10/08 i got a letter stating that they had my new details and everything should be okay?!I then got a letter dated 10/2/09 stating cancellation of Direct Debit facility.This meant i had run up a phone bill of £84.59 i would not give bank details over the phone so sent back the direct debit mandate and asked for a payment card to be sent out.My broadband kept coming off every 3 months as usual and then 26/10/09 i got a bill of £141.81 through. Since i had given details and they already had my bank details i felt the problems must have been on their side and waited on the contacting me or sending my payment card.

  8. As I mentioned on an earlier post, I have been overcharged. I am going to add up what I have been charged (say £700) deduct what I should have paid (say £400) and go to a "Small Claims Court" and submit a claim for the differance (say £300) they will have to defend, and send "somone" in person and what will it cost me, perhaps £30 in costs, But only if I lose. Remember the guy who SUCCESSFULLY sued a Mobile Phone Company as he could not get a signal. You can only try.

  9. same as above had a direct debit set up with BT. the first time they sent a bill i phoned up they said it was a mistake and it would not be debited from my account bank statement arrived it had, phoned again they said so sorry madam we will refund you. no refund. then more money taken out by direct debit phoned again phoned up sorry madam we thought you had cancelled your contract we will refund you and pay compensation. no such luck. phoned again. sorry madam we will refund you this time it will take 15 days to send a cheque. I wait doubtfully and with out any trust. apart from not being able to understand a word they are saying, being passed from department to department (and having to repeat the reason for my call each time) being cut off so having to start again, the hours spent on complaining so far 7 hours and nothing resolved. i have not cancelled by direct debit and will if i stay with them have to pay an extra £4 somthing for sending a cheque AND THIS IS CUSTOMER SERVICE? if their customers took money from BT they would be fining us etc etc. about time that BT took responsibiltiy for their actions that are causing upset, frustration and anger and compensated their customers, that the customers can fine the company for poor service and not paying up on time.

  10. Joined BT in 2009 for Broadband and Vision TV on a special offer, then crunch, a few months later I was informed I had to pay three months in advance, I complained stated not in the contract, met with a brick wall, when I said I would leave, I was told do that, but you will have to pay as breaking a contract. When twelve months were up I changed to Sky, BT sent a final bill, SURPRISE SURPRISE I owed them money, I phoned up about my advanced payments SURPRISE SURPRISE WHAT ADVANCED PAYMENTS??? They also have been charging me for over use on 20mg of broadband??? I use Face book and play chequers and spider….

  11. Joined BT for Broadband and TV Vision 2009 on a special offer. I agreed monthly payments by direct debit, then a few months later I was informed both were to be paid three months in advance, no amount of discussion changed anything, when I said I would leave, BT stated their would be a penalty payment, I paid the advance payments reluctantly and when the twelve months were up I changed to Sky, BT sent a final bill surprise surprise I owed them money, where is my advance payments? BT will not give me an answer they took three months payments and will not refund.

  12. Now BT does the calling plans with 12-MONTH CONTRACT ONLY. What does this means? Your contract will be renewed every 12 months (=yearly). If you would like to cancel your BT account, saying you are moving house down south or up north which means you must close your BT account, You MUST PAY BT FOR THE REST OF THE MONTHS OF THE CONTACT. Eg. cancel the contract at the 2nd month after the contract is renewed, you must pay the rest 10 months of your BT calling plan before closing your account (due to the 12-month contract term)
    BT cannot and shout not do this tricky thing for all people living in UK.

  13. fed up with BT, it always has one or the other ways take money from you. just like we work for them! BT is a big huge FRUAD!

  14. I set up a BT Landline and broadband and had a week to change my mind without incurring costs. I did this, and decided to go with someone else, I phoned BT on the 7th of July to say I was no longer going to pursue with the phone line and contract and was told that was fine and had my account cancelled. on the 23rd of July they took £150 pounds out of my account! when I phoned up they told me the account was cancelled but the billing hadn't stopped, they have promised a full refund within 5 working days, as far as I'm concerned is theft it was over two weeks and they couldn't stop the bill!!! criminal

  15. My wife and I joined BT after spending many years with Virgin. BT promised us cheaper line rental, cheaper calls, and cheaper broadband. When the first bill arrived we were shocked as it was twice the price of our old bill with Virgin. We questioned this, stating the braodband rental, line rental, free evening/weekend calls. They claimed that we had used our broadband telephone to make our calls, and these were all chargeable regardless of the time of call. We were not made aware of this.

    We were tied in an 18 month contract and could not change. They have now (without warning) increased our monthly bill from £40/month to £75/month! Nearly double. We have queried this, and they inform us that the broadband rental has increased, and that the figure is also based on our previous call records! We both work, so very rarely make any daytime calls. We only use our free evening and weekend calls.

    Something needs to be done. My partner and I now watch our direct debit to BT very closely, and if it appears that they have taken too much, we immediately contact our bank and freeze/cancel the payment.

  16. last quarter we were sent a red "bill not paid" reminder but we had never recieved it! always have paid them as they come in so hastily downloaded it and paid up at the bank. have selected to have paper bills but able to view online. email bill for this quarter now available but no paper one again! got thru to bt (15mins) who said bill sent last week, so why dont i just download it! i said why should i use my paper and ink to print their bills? bt told me it should now arrive in 2 wrkng days. we will see…. i think they are just trying to save paper….. mart

  17. BT claimed I had exceeded my Broadband useage, I was not aware that there was a ceiling of useage, plus I only used it for emails, ebay never ever downland films games etc. So cancelled my account (after 20 odd years) paid the final bill (minus 67 pence I had overpaid in the last quarter. I could reduced these payments because I elected to stop paying by DDM as the amounts going out were too random and I resented paying three months in advance. So I elected to wait for the red bill and pay by cheq instead as that was more convenient for me and importantly more inconvenient for BT. They TRIED to charge me £4.50 for paying by cheq which I deducted from each cheq that I sent them!!! I didn't ask them to pay for my time to write the cheq and post it so why should I pay them £4.50 for doing their job and processing my payment?!) I have today received a debt collectors letter saying I owe BT over 3 times the amount of the orginal last bill which I have already paid and was waiting for my refund. I was initially advised by an Indian man that I would be getting a refund as I part of my final payment was up front charges. Not the case and now have to get to the bottom of this as I have a debt agency on my back even though I stopped being a customer in July this year, for obviously reasons. Have emailed CE and see what happens.

  18. Its Friday so time for some GOOD NEWS, further to my previous rant about BT ineptitude, SURPRISE SURPRISE I have had the whole of my problem resolved within 48 hours, the debt collecter is off my back and i received a full apology from BT that debt collectors got generated, my final bill has been reviewed and amended (like many it appears when I changed providers BT did not cancel my account and were billing me with charges up to Dec! glad I elected to pay by cheque so I didn't get into the whole DDm nightmare) so instead of owing over £180 as the debt collecter said, I actually owed less than £10 which is now paid and BT are no longer in my life. So keep trying and you may get lucky, I certainly did as the person who waived the magic wand over my problems was an absolute professional and a gem, so they are still out there. Good luck to all who are owed!

  19. Part 3 of my complaint
    I want to know what has been done with my banking details I also want to know what you have done with my payment and I want to know why you will not give me true contact details so I may speak to the same person twice to resolve this without time and time again having to repeat myself ! My last call to Abol Hassan lasted 35.05 minute which has a cost of £14 I highlighted to him how much it was costing me to call them he said oh it will only be one quarters line rental yes thats probably right but he's not going to pay my mobile bill now is he, and at the very start of our conversation I asked him to call me back which he never did unreasonable that I should carry the cost of these calls I also asked for him to confirm our conversation in the form of an email which he declined to do as apparently he is not able to do however previously you have sent me confrmation emails so therefore I cannot see why he would have refused my request on this occasion Since which I had a call from Shweta to tell me that it should have been reconnected yesterday but due to an error this was not done she then told me my phone would be reconnected within 3 hours well that was 4 hours ago so not holding my breath sent another email complaint 10 minutes ago but no response yet !!!!Here's a landline number for them so you don't have to pay for the premium rate call 03301234150

  20. Total Incompedence they have lost my payment which was sent directly from my bank to theirs however I it implied that I am a lier they got me to email to them a copy of my online bank statement which I stupidly did indeed I sent it to them as requested on 4 occassions on speaking to them they say they have not recieved it. Which has to be totally rubbish no failure notices recieved so I want to know is where have these emails gone ! Who has my personal information why can't I speak to anyone in the UK ???????????????Heres my story thus far !8th Sepember telephoned to make payment arrangement for 24th SEP spoke to SHIV who agreed payment without Late Payment fee – Received an automated message line was to be cut off phoned again spoke to Kanika who apologized and said it was an error and payment arrangement was clearly on the screen – Then received an email telling me again my phone would be cut off so sent an emeil via your BT contact us online – recieved an email back from a manager saying that this was an error and payment arrangement was on screen assuring me that no interruption to my phone service would be applied – on 24th September payment was sent to BT Residential via bank transfer – To follow rest of complaint system wouldn't let me post it all in one

  21. Part 2 of my complaint
    However on my return from holiday I found the line had been partially restricted so telephoned you again spoke to Ankit who apologixed and reconnected the line straight away !! Asked Ankit to get a manager to call me back no call received – On 20th October Phone was cut off sent an email to complain as clearly the bill had been paid ! Bt response to email was on the 21st October by a Swati who said that she would reconnect the phonline and requested that I email her my bank statement as proof of payment which I did whilist still on the phone to her – She said that there was a delay in receiving it on your systems and she would call me back but in the interim period the phone would be reconnected I requested that she did NOT phone me between 1pm – 4pm as I was at a funeral at 1.35 she telephoned me which was extremely disrespectful !! she then phoned again and left a message saying she had received my email with bank statement proof of payment and she would phone me later no call was received on my return home my line was still not reconnected so I telephoned you again and spoke to Esha who told me that Swati had not made any notes on the screen but confirmed that she works with her and said she was raising a complaint because she had not made any notes and had not put anything on the system with regards to the fax received containing my personal banking information Esha said she would have the phone reconnected and confirmed that the complaint would be escalated I then forwarded to her a copy of email sent to Swati – This morning phone line was still not reconnected so telephoned you again this time requesting to speak with a manager spoke to Abol Hassan who was totally unhelpful everything I asked of him he was uninclined to do he has said my phoneline will be reconnected now the 3rd person to say that he then tells me that I have 10 days to sort this out or my phone line will be cut off again he failed to acknowledge my serious concern that your opperative Swati did not log our calls nor did she log receipt of email containing my bank details he was obstructive when I asked could he ensure that someone contact this Swati and not only repremand her for not making notes but to also find out what she has done with my bank details he said he could not confirm that emails had been recieved although this can be done with your filter system under the complaints number and if emails are not there then that causes even greater concern ! however I do have proof that they were received by way of confirmation on my answerphone from Swati that she had received it All of the above cause great concern at the manner in which my account details are being handled – I have again spoken with my bankers who again confirm that this payment was sent and recieved by you I have asked for this matter to be escalated to which I was told by Abol Hassan that this could not be done – I have asked for my bankers to send me confirmation of payment to you which I am informed will be done within 2-5 days and I will again forward this to you – All in all I am most annooyed at the reaction from yourselves in this matter I have spent 3 hours on the phone in the last three days Calls recieved from you 08.45am 21/10/10 x 2 11.12am 21/10/10 – 1.35pm 21/10/10 All above from Swati 11.25am 22/10/10 from Abol Hussan – Calls made to you 21/10/10 10.59am 21/10/10 5.49pm 22/10/10 10.50am –
    This excludes time spent prior to disconnection As a disabled customer the stress you have caused is unacceptable I cannot contact the hospital and the unreasonable conversations I have had with yourselves are not fitting a company like yours –

  22. I have an Unlimited Anytime with Friends and Family International call plan
    My overseas calls are charged at a reduced tariff
    I have paperless billing and manage my account online.

    In June the recent usage clearly showed that my International Calls were being charged at full tariff
    I contacted BT who agreed that the call charges were wrong but told me that the discount would be applied to my next bill – due 7 August.
    I expressed doubt about this – for the past two years the calls have been correctly charged for at the time the are made – the bill always shows the correct phone usage charges it has never applied a discount to calls charged at the standard tariff.
    NB this is the phone USAGE tariff – not the call plan charge, where a discount is given.

    7 August came and went – no bill available online and recent usage shows none of the calls I made after 17 July.

    13 August I contacted BT about the missing online bill and recent usage log and the online problem was reported as a fault
    I was told that £xx would be taken from my account by DD in payment of my bill dated 8 August (a bill to which I had no access) so I need not worry about that.
    I asked how much the call charges amounted to.
    The amount quoted clearly showed that the International calls had been overcharged for the whole period.
    The BT agent refused to investigate further merely stating that I'd have to check my bill where I would see that the discount had been applied.
    My assertion that the call charge cost she had just given me clearly showed that the charges on my bill were wrong fell on deaf ears.

    I, therefore, emailed a billing complaint stating that the call charges were incorrect
    I had an auto-acknowledgement, with incident number, but have yet to receive a reply to that complaint.

    I contacted the community forums moderators, who again reported the online billing fault, arranged for a paper bill to be sent and removed paperless billing from my account – even though I had not requested that should be done.
    Paper billing attracts an additional charge.
    I do not feel that I should have to pay for paper bills because BT's online billing is not working.

    The paper bill arrived – sure enough International Calls had been overcharged.
    I re-contacted the forum moderators to confirm that I have been overcharged.
    I have received no reply.

    I contacted Live Chat and had to be very insistent that they check my actual call charges – in fact I gave a complete breakdown of the calls made and amounts due versus amounts charged.
    The initial response was that she'd have to check whether I was entitled to the reduced tariff (even though my complaint had opened with the words My calling plan is Unlimited Anytime with International Friends and Family and her first comment to me was
    I am sorry but you are on the friends and family international option)

    She eventually agreed to credit my account with the amount overcharged and assured me that the correct charges would be applied now.

    Obviously I won't know whether the former is true until I receive my November bill and can't check the latter until my recent usage log is made available to me online again.

    It is totally unacceptable that I had to inform BT 6 separate times that the call charges were incorrect before they, reluctantly, did anything about it.

    Even so it was too late to amend the direct debit.

    Taking anything from my account without informing me 10 working days in advance contravenes the DD agreement
    Taking an amount which is not correct also contravenes the DD agreement

    BT are guilty of both the above contraventions.

    I am still unable to view my recent usage or last bill online.

  23. I have written to BT on numerous occasions. I keep getting billed for calls even though I am on 'Anytime'. I have to write because when you phone you get someone you cant understand in India. BT then give me a credit and the next bill I get it tells me that I didnt fully pay my last bill. I write another letter and BT promise me faithfully that it wont happen again and then the next bill, once again, I have been charged for all calls, and so the process continues and has done for over a year. One thing BT is very clever about – they never write back but always phone! Very very clever. When I was having chemo for thyroid cancer BT promised me that they would definitely sort out the problems as I explained to them that I could well do without the stress every single month of them trying to extort money out of me. Someone from BT phoned me and said that it would never never ever happen again – 4 weeks later I got another incorrect bill!! If you tell them that you are going to another provider they threaten to charge you for leaving them. VIRGIN HERE I COME!!!

  24. In march i phoned BT to change my package as i was paying around £45 for internet and phone being in a somewhat poor financial position at the moment i was trying to make savings. A man i spoke to made a few comments and hey presto
    £29 instead of £45 "Great" i thought ? when i got my first Bill i was charged £105 quarterly in advance completely
    screwing my budget and forcing me to pay my rent late.
    I always paid monthly that was the idea its on my records
    MONTHLY but does anyone listen? NO.
    The response i get from India is the usual dribble, its disgusting and extremely annoying trying to make sense
    of a complete load of rubbish that BT call policy?
    "Once the Bill is made we cannot change it" ! was the response i got??? So they cannot change a mistake???
    They cannot make refunds for unauthorized billing???
    I think they know exactly what they are doing and how to
    screw Joe Public for all they are worth.
    I am going to get to the bottom of this contracts Fiasco
    because i need to stop this Rubbish sooner rather than later, to be reasonable there should be a contact written
    down with all the details because they are just a bunch of crooks as far as i am concerned. next stop consumer rights!

  25. I received a call from a nice Geordie chap just before chritmas from BT telling me he could save us money. I replied with "I am happy with Sky Talk and dont want to change", he then went on about adding extras to the line rental for no extra cost.
    We received a cancellation bill from Sky 2 weeks later and a new contract from BT sometime after. After many weeks of trying to sort the problem out we were told by BT they would cancel with no charge. 2 weeks later a bill including a cancellation fee arrived. After speaking to someone else at BT we agreeded to stay with BT and they would refund the fee, they still have not done this and we are now committed to another contract and have been paying far more than we did with Sky per month. I would cancel altogether but we need BT line rental for Sky and cant get Virgin where we live.

  26. I moved house several weeks ago . Contacted Bt to check phone line at new address, they checked it and said there is a fault, but if i upgraded and took out a new 24 month contract they would fix and install everything at new place for free. Got 1st bill and Bt have charged me £107 extra for cancelling my old account and turning on fees. I have contacted the billing department 2 days in a row and both times been told they would ring back in 4 hours . But with typical BT customer services still not heard anything back off them .The bill is due out by direct debit in a couple days and as iv told BT its getting stopped till they sort out their over charging. BT customer services is CRAP!

  27. I have been having problems with my mothers telephone, my mother is 86 and has dementia – she has been a BT customer for 50 yrs, her last bill from BT showed 6 reverse charges of £4.50 each duration of 8-10 seconds, my mother cannot hear and would not even answer the phone. I paid the bill minus £27.00 and ask BT to expain these charges to me,one of customer service person only said to WELL SHE DID PICK THE PHONE UP, since then I have written so many letter, INCLUDING pastdue CREDIT, I
    hve been appointed Court of Protection for my mother due to dementia.
    But it looks that BT dont care about elderly people or try resolve this matter- I have never said that I will not pay.

  28. BT appear to be incapable of getting our bills right. At one point I was told I would have to ring them every month to stop them increasing the payments. Now they are calling me a liar. I have tried and tried to cancel Choose to Refuse but they still keep charging for it and then they say I haven't told them to cancel it. They also told me I had never had a monthly payment plan. They suddenly stopped my monthly payments and said I should pay every three months. I have the bank information to prove them wrong and insisted that I would pay monthly. Then there's the fiasco of trying to pay a whole year's line rental. I should have known. They tried very hard to give me a refund saying I had overpaid my bill but I refused to accept it. Eventually someone understood that I had paid the line rental saver.
    The broadband is even worse. They laughed at me for wanting unlimited access and would only put me on the smallest package. This is because I am an old age pensioner and we don't know how to use the internet. Now I'm paying £10 to £15 a month extra for the excess usage and they're still finding excuses not to let me upgrade. As soon as my contract ends I will go with Sky. Unlimited usage and anytime calls plus line rental for less than £30 a month. Why can't BT do this?

  29. I LOATHE BT with a vengeance. Every single month for the past 9 months, they have billed me twice for 'anytime' calls. Every single month I have to talk to someone in India who tells me it won't happen again and they'll take the duplicate payment off so it doesn't keep appearing twice.

    Instead of removing it, I get a bill every month telling me I didn't pay my previous bill in full! One month they generated a bill in 'error' which was a 3-month bill in advance instead of my normal monthly bill.

    Guess what? They 'couldn't' do anything about it because the 'system' wouldn't allow them, so they told me to carry on paying as normal, and of course, every bill has an unpaid balance brought forward on top of the double 'anytime' fee!

    Not to mention the random amounts they took from my account OUTSIDE of my direct debit date, when their own T&C clearly states they have to give you 7 days notice!

    I have 6 weeks of contract left and after 2 days of searching around I've decided on the Orange broadband anytime with free unlimited daytime/evening AND weekend calls, which includes 0845 and 0870 numbers. You get unlimited downloads, free ringback, free caller display, free call divert, free McAfee, a bunch of other stuff AND there's no cap on your speed at peak times. Total cost of BT was working out to about £45 a month – and with Orange it will cost £22.75 (if you're an Orange customer) and £27.75 if you're not, plus you get faster speeds as well.

    PLUS Orange said they pay up to £50 of BT's cancellation charges, so tomorrow I'm going to get a MAC code and say GOOD RIDDANCE to BT and I hope I never have the misfortune of dealing with you again!

  30. My Step-son has been constantly over charged by BT since September last year and we are getting nowhere. He is on Anytime plan but they keep diving into his bank account and taking money for all calls!!! He should be charged 29.90 per month and they have taken up to 69+ every month!!! They eventually refunded what he was due ( 3 months later) but have started doing it again. Each time I phone (he is Epileptic and can be confused) and complain they promise it will be sorted but isn't. I phoned last week to be told it would definately be sorted this time but just checked his account and they are still charging. I was told it is difficult to change the system???? SO tomorrow the direct debit will be cancelled and they can phone him to get paid the correct amount.


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