Broadband MAC Code Problems

A BT complaint sent in from deputy editor of mens magazine Esquire regarding troubles obtaining a MAC Code.

This is not the first complaint sent in about MAC Code Problems and BT.

Dear BT Complaints

This is an account of the saga I have been through with BT Internet about obtaining my MAC code so I can switch broadband supplier with the minimum of fuss. Calls from me to BT logged on Feb 27, March 7 (an hour and more), Mar 18 (over an hour), March 19 (2 calls – one call cut off abruptly after 40 minutes following a spurious and inaccurate explanation that the account has been cancelled. This is not the case).

I have now got a Customer Service Request (Marked Urgent), but only after I began ‘broadcasting’ BT’s ‘scam’ live on Twitter – Twitter ID: @esquireuk

On March 7, after being passed round the houses on a previous call, I had, after being on hold for some 40 minutes, the ‘pleasure’ of speaking to Jackie in the Newcastle call centre. Jackie was incredibly rude and lied about why she could not send me my MAC code, before guaranteeing it would be emailed or texted to me in 5 working days (as is my right under OFCOM regulations 2007). This did not happen. It is now 12 working days later, which is frankly pathetic.

On Friday last week I was told by Steph in the Doncaster Call Centre that Jackie ‘didn’t do what she said she’d do. I can’t tell you why that is’. I have all this documented and recorded. Steph also told me me that ‘Jackie’ was not in fact able to generate a MAC code – this despite ‘Jackie’ telling me that she had requested one on 3 occasions and each time it was refused.

After refusing to explain why this was, she admitted that she fields roughly 80 calls of a similar nature a day and failure to generate a MAC code happens, on average, 3 times a day. How Strange that all 3 failures to generate a MAC code happened in the duration of my call. Jackie, clearly, was lying through her teeth.

The difficulty in generating the MAC code, Steph explained on Friday, is down to the line being under contract to someone else now. Why on earth was I not told this on Feb 27, March 7 or March 18? BT are still supplying my broadband so you must have the MAC code. On Friday I covered the process live to our 4,000 followers on Twitter, broadcasting BT’s incompetence and their labyrinthine ‘customer service’ system.

I have again been assured that the MAC Code will be emailed to me in 5 working days. This is not good enough – I want it today. I have been waiting for 12 days.

I am in the process of collecting similar experiences from readers, our thousands of Twitter followers (and their followers) and users of our website with a view to producing an expose on the bare-faced, shameless way that BT treats its customers.

Dan Davies
Deputy Editor Esquire Magazine

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