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Another BT broadband complaint emailed in today which we will add to the report we are writing to be investigated by Watchdog, Offcom and share with fellow BT customers on this website. Here is the letter of complaint….

Dear Sir

We had a BT business plan with two phone lines, one of which had broadband. For some reason they had feature-line on the lines and would not remove it (causing complications when we tried to switch and costing us more money).

We received a letter to say our broadband was coming to an end so thought we’d look at other providers. After finding a much better deal we contacted BT to see if they could match or better it and were then told they had us signed up to a 5 year contract, a contract which wasn’t agreed on and either completely made up or slipped in without our knowledge along with some offer.

After various telephone discussions and email to the complaints team we received an email to say we would not be held to the terms and no switching or cancellation fee would apply.

Since attempting to switch we’ve received several letters demanding payments between £943.09 and £1,902.47 between various conversations with BT staff who have admitted these letters should not have been sent and they would send another bill with only the final month invoiced on it. Every letter we receive the amount increases.

Looking at the most recent bill they have re-signed us to the broadband package for 2 years and then tried to add this to the cancellation fee as well.

I’ve given up trying to resolve this over the phone and have since emailed the complaints department but am still awaiting a reply.

Not only have BT wrongly put us on a 5 year contract but put us on a 5 year contract with terrible rates then tried to charge us for the entire contract (and more) then re-signed us to broadband for a 2 year contract and charged the full term when it was clear that we did not wish to continue with their service.

I’ve spent well over a day in total trying to resolve this issue and feel that they should not only remove all charges immediately but that Little-Persia should be compensated for lost time and wages.

Ryan Malone

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