92 Year Old BT Complaint

A BT customer service complaint from 92 year old, written by daughter.

My mom has been with General Post Office since early 1960’s. This complaint is written from her perspective. She always pays bills and is a stickler for paying on time. She has never been in debt as this worries her.

  • Happily paying BT £60-£70 a quarter for her phone, gets a letter from BT saying she’s £66 in credit.
  • Following day gets phone bill from BT saying she owes £62.
  • Goes to bank and shows letters to cashier who suspends her direct debit for that quarter.
  • She thinks, wrongly that BT will sort it out.
  • Gets red bill for £62 threatening to cut her off.
  • Writes to BT. To this day no reply.
  • Gets letter from BT going to cut off her phone unless she pays £62.
  • Writes another letter. No reply to date.
  • Gets cut off. 92 years old, osteoporosis, Zimmer-frame, no phone.

Son finds out, phones India 35 minutes to get through;
(I understand I was fortunate.)

The £66 credit is with another part of BT with different account number (I’m the idiot!) – she hasn’t used her broadband so we’ve refunded the money after a year.

Mum didn’t know what broadband was and has enough trouble with her tv remote! Totally un-solicited service!

Son paid phone bill by card, phone reconnected, BT sent cheque for credit 3 weeks later £66, no letter of apology, nothing, the next day she receives a letter from BT charging her £75.85 reconnection fee.

Son searches internet and comes up with Post Office telephone deal, cheaper and Mums happy to deal with the General Post Office again.

BT finally send her a letter intimating or ( intimidating ) saying the service won’t be as good in a nutshell and charging her a further £18 for disconnection of the service.

Tried to get in touch with OFCOM. Their site takes ages to load and gives you more of a run around than BT!

Hope you have more success compiling all these complaints on this website and compiling them into a report.

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  1. My friend who is 80 recently found her BT line had been cut off when testing her call alarm. She had recieved no notification from BT that her phone would be disconected and had fully paid her bills. Like your Mother had always had a BT line!
    This left her in a predicament her emergency call was no not working and she had no way of contacting the outside world. With impaired mobility she had to chance going to her neighbour to use their phone to call BT they sais you havent paid your bill she says yes i have, thewy say contact your bank but we will not reconnect you until you pay the £30. you still owe us ( in 60yrs has always paid on time!) explained the emergency call alarm Indian call operater rude and disinterested pay up or stay cut off!! She did pay up but had to wait 36hrs to be reconnected!
    Disgraceful way to treat infirm and vunreable people should be a law against it

  2. A deal with the General Post Office?

    You do realise there is no such thing as the General Post Office anymore, it split into two Companies in 1977. The mail side of it became Royal Mail and the telephone became British Telecom.

    British Telecom was then privateised in 1984 and eventually rebranded to 'BT'.

    The service you dear old nan will have now is with the 'Post Office' and not the General Post Office. How many Post Office Telecoms engineers do you see up poles and fiddling around in street cabinet boxes these days, none because all the Post Office do is wholesale the line from Openreach, which is owned by the BT Group plc.

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