The CEO of BT wants to hear your complaints

Great news! The CEO of BT, Gavin Patterson, says he personally wants to hear your complaints. And there’s anecdotal evidence that you’ll get a faster, more satisfactory result if you go straight to the top when you want something fixed.

According to this article in the Observer newspaper in September 2016 https://www.theguardian.com/money/2016/sep/18/customer-complaint-ceo-better-than-customer-services , an increasing number of BT customers – fed up with being fobbed off by call centres and lower management – are resorting to emailing the main man to get their problems sorted.

As our own website demonstrates, hours of your time can be wasted in trying to get someone at BT to care and respond to your cry for help. Their system is inefficient, difficult to comprehend and navigate. So, once other channels are exhausted (and we would still recommend you try them first), there’s nothing to be lost by emailing Mr. Patterson. He’s a busy man, so keep things succinct and to the point and you’re more likely to get a satisfactory response.

For a company whose business is all about enabling human beings to communicate with one another, BT itself consistently demonstrates some of the worst customer communication skills we’ve ever encountered. So when we hear about ways in which others have got around the official channels and managed to achieve results, we are delighted to share this news with others.

The Observer quotes Mr. Patterson as saying “It’s very easy for people in senior positions to become detached. In as many cases as I can, I’ll personally reply, acknowledging the complaint and forwarding it to the right person to ensure it gets fixed.”

So why not give it a go and let us know how you get on. Even if Mr. Patterson doesn’t respond in person, the chances are high that if it’s him passing on your email to one of his staff, they’ll get back to you a lot quicker than if you go through the official contact routes.

Unfortunately this is not of course a long term solution for BT customers and it’s sad if Mr. Patterson’s own team are so inept that he has to step in and do their job for them, but hopefully with enough people contacting the CEO direct, he will put more resources in place for his staff to better handle complaints themselves in future.

Gavin Patterson’s email is gavin.e.patterson@bt.com

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Comments 23

  1. I contacted Mr Patterson on 27th November about a long standing complaint he replied and said he would look into it.
    I received an email from a member of his team telling me they had taken ownership of my complaint.
    Since then I have heard nothing, they have not replied to further emails I have sent or updated me on the situation.

  2. I am not sure of the validity of the statement that Gavin wants to hear our complaints. Maybe that was some time ago, and in theory before he realised the size of the postbag! For I have emailed him 3 times, and 3 times my response has been a phone call from someone on his behalf, telling me the emails now go to direct him to deal with. Not ONCE, has Gavin given me a response even when I specifically asked in email, AND via the contact by phone. 33 days since activation date of infinity and still day after day promises are made and are broken. BT need to be shut down by the authorities, seriously.

  3. I emailed Gavin Patterson and received a prompt response from him personally resulting in someone from the chairmans office contacting me shortly afterwards and resolving my issue that has been ongoing for four months. Evidence that he really is true to his word and he has restored my faith in BT.

  4. Dear Mr Patterson

    There was a network fault on our network today, so there is no internet connection. And I am told it will not be fixed until Wednesday, that is in 5 days time! Surely, you can appreciate how ridiculous this is at this day and age. I am a self employed consultant and work from home. I heavily depend on internet functioning properly. Which, incidentally, does not happen at the best of times. It is painfully slow, despite being called Super fast Infinity, or something like that, and despite the exorbitant price I am paying for it.
    Is there nothing that can be done to bring the services to the level of the modern world?

  5. Let’s hope this gets to the CEO…can’t get passed your appalling quality team..I want all phone calls and chats between B T and our family looked at since joining BT no way is your Complaints final stag in any way competent of understanding the service we have received after 10 yrs of being away from BT coming back to 12 months of appalling service

  6. Hi
    Where to start
    Home move asked to have phone and broad band moved now being blamed by your staff that I filled out a form to move all and now I get told there is no place to ask to move broad band
    I have now been told I have to wait until the 15th Feb to get connected on the broad band ,phone connected but no broadband
    I have been called. A liar in previous calls and have been given other peoples information
    So far I have nothing but Paine from your company
    Mr N K ent-ledger

  7. He doesnt respond personally. He gets someone from his office to ring, who actually gets you no answers or proper responses to complaints. Appauling. This company had me in tears.

  8. We are an owl sanctuary and wildlife park and had disruption with our phones for over a week now despite repeated calls to BT. We were assured on several occasions this would be rectified which hasn’t happened. Today the final straw we have no broadband since early morning and still not sorted. I am dispairing trying to run a business without internet.

  9. Dear sir I’m emailing you in the hope you can give me some answers as to why it’s taking 3month to get a bt line and I’m no further forward .i applied to bt on the 4th of January to have a line installed in my property .i did explain I live and work permanently on a holiday park and that my next door neighbour has a bt line as do my neighbours 3 doors up .it is not a caravan but Static chalet . I was told by bt that an engineer would call to connect me on the 16 th of January and I would receive my broadband equipment a few days before .i booked a day of work to be present for the engineer .no one turned up .when I rang bt they said someone at there end had cancelled my order but not renstated it .after going though the whole order again with them they said engineer would be with me on the 6th of February I booked another day off work And two days before received a tex message from bt to say they were not coming until the 21st of February.i rang by only to be told my order had been cancelled again for no apparent reason so I went through it all again And was then assured my line would be in on the 1st of March .i received phone call a phone call two days before my installation date to say an engineer had been to my property and had past his findings on to outreach and my phone line would not be in on the 1st of March and they would ring me to tell me when .Iassure you I was never out when they said the engineer had called and he has to come to my chalet as there’s only one way in and out .last Monday a surveyor called to my property from outreach when I said an engineer had supposedly called he assured me that this was the first time anybody had been out to my address .after he surveyed the area he said he didn’t see a problem bringing the line from the pole 50 yards (estamated) to the rear of my property.there is a house at the back of my property whose garden is directly behind me .as was told he would ask the owner of the property if it would be possible to enter her garden with a view to been able to pass a line over I’ve spoke to my neighbour and she didn’t see a problem with it .(not as if they had to dig her garden up ) .i recived a call from a lady at bt to say this had gone on long enough and she was now my case worker and would get this resolved as quickly as possible .as was told to expect a call from her today to update me .i was called at 1.15 today only to be told openreach want to charge me for a new pole plus line and trunking to my property .i can’t understand why and feel I’ve been very badly let down by bt .and to top it off I changed to btmobile because of there deal £16 pound a month unlimited calls texts and 15 gb data only to receive a message to say because I don’t have bt broadband in my property it is now going up to £21 pound .bt have kindly sent me a by hub (eventually )but I don’t have anything to plug it into .so all n all after phone calls messages lost time of work purchasing phones to use in my property I am still no further forward after 3month .and then you send me a survey by tex to rate my experience with bt (really) .you are my last resort and I hope you will look at my case sympathetically. Yours faithfully and hopefully David eltringham

  10. Promised a call back from a manager, didn’t happen. When I called to ask why and get them to call me as promised got given the run around.
    I’m speaking on behalf of a 87 year old lady with Alzheimer’s who has received a phone bill for £712.94.
    I called earlier in the day to try to sort this out for her and was promised a manager would call me back between 4/5. I gave them half hour and have now been on the phone listening to silence for over half an hour while the person tried to find the manager ! I have been on the phone for almost an hour now !
    This is not acceptable!
    This is an elderly lady who is in a state of panic now as she doesn’t know what is going on.
    She has no family to speak of and nobody to care for her or look after things.
    The huge bill has arisen from 118 numbers which she doesn’t understand and doesn’t recall making ! Im sure she has made those calls but there are 2 calls to a 118 004 number tha comes to £180.55 !!! I don’t even know what that number is.
    The lady in question cannot afford that amount of money even.
    I am so angry about this as she is so upset by it and doesn’t understand what she has done and how she is going to pay for this. I would be feeling the same at £712. It’s unbelievable that in this day and age there is not a system
    Whereby something on a domestic line for an old age pensioner doesn’t flag up over a certain amount!
    Bearing in mind her last bill
    Last month was also in the region of £4/500
    I hope you will be decent enough to reply on this matter and look into what can be done.

  11. This is a copy of my messages from your company and myself today !!

    Hello, BT here. We’ve tried to get in touch with you about your complaint but haven’t been able to get through. We’ll try you again on (7/3/2017, 3pm to 5pm). If this is not suitable please reply to this text with the best time and number for us to call. Thanks.

    That’s funny as u have no missed calls and I have had my phone on me all day and other people have managed to get through!
    Any time between 9am and 2 pm.

    I will call you back today between 12pm to 2pm

    You have missed your appointment time ! This is the 3rd time your company have promised a call back at or within a certain time, and failed to do so !

  12. After 20 years loyalty to BT they have let me down in a way that I really had to change the provider to get the services back… over two weeks of never ending calls to a customer service with poor help and betrayal by BT with appointments where engineers never showed up and twice they came and informed nothing wrong in the premises and they are working on them from out side and to find out they never left a feed back of why they couldn’t rectify the services and to insult the injury to get anemail from BT that I have to pay £31 for leaving their broadband service knowing the sole reason for leaving is they couldn’t provide with internet for over two weeks…
    Marie Amarawansa

  13. Pleas help me I have been trying to get bt broadband to my home now since October the wiring has been fitted but is a I saw down the side of my house. I am not having any joy so I am now emailing you to help the process has been started again once before and now they want the process to start all over again I am fed up with calling bt and getting no joy Beverley Roberts llwyn cottage lixwm Holywell Ch88nq 01352780319

  14. Today you have disconnected the business internet. Reason being. We have upgraded yes upgraded. Not for the first time you have completely cocked it up. It is disgraceful. And I now have to pay £400to rush through re connection. How can you consistently get it so wrong. It is disgraceful. And worse you don’t care

  15. I feel really let down by BT, my husband is 90, disabled and very poorly, so i am house bound to care for him. I rely on my pc for online shopping and ordering. I applied for infinity and received my hud before xmas, and money was deducted from my account, so, i assumed a contract was made. Several times a start date was given, nothing happened and then it was cancelled. I spent £85 with my i t man, for his time in trying to sort it out with B T, to no avail. I spent time on the helpline this morning with a lovely Scottish lady, who then put me through to the technical team, i do have trouble with accents, but, think i understood that because of my phoneline, infinity not available to me. An engineer did call some weeks back and said he didnt understand. My phone line is very old, my neighbour has infinity and the cottsges that are at right angles to me also have it.

    why am i not treated the same as other customers, i pay the same and pay by direct debit, so am never behind with payments. I am not technical but to me the answer is simple, give me a new phone line. Sorry for the moaning but i am completely fed up with the situation and would be extremely grateful for any help or advice yoy can give me, thank you, yours faithfully , M Robinson

  16. 8weeks with no internet connection upgraded from infinity 1 fibre to infinity 2 fibre then nothing now being told we, ve got to go on adsl shit speed broadband telling us we cant get fibre this is coming from executive level , yet when speaking to openreach engineers working near us they say putting us back on fibre is a easy fix . There is no communication between exec level and openreach absolutly diabolical. Onbudsman informed get this sorted now and we may rethink.

  17. dear sir
    I am contacting you due to total dissatisfaction with regards your staff. We are a business and have bèen without a telephone on e for our card machine and also broadband for almost a week.
    What makes it worse is that it appears to have been your own engineers who have caused the problem at your box

  18. I have a massive complaint to make so where do I go from here, you need to listen to customers, I cannot get anywhere with the awful BT complaints situation, trying to speak with employees who cannot speak or understand the English language.

  19. Moved home end of January an engineer came 30 January and 8 weeks later I still have no phone-line nor broadband. My provider is Sky but as I can not get details of CEO Openreach,which is part of your group, I have written to you in the hope of an explanation as to why it is beyond the wit of man to promptly fix a line on a bungalow in a residential area for a widow who lives alone and is registered disabled.

  20. Purchased this property in Nov 2016, Before purchasing I phoned BT to tell them that the underground phone line had been cut by builders (told no problem). Agreed package including BT Sports.The cable needs to run 30m from the road to the bungalow. many many phone calls. visits from openreach still no line.
    Keep being text to say your work is now complete please rate our service. LOL.

  21. I decided to rejoin Bt after a month with Sky.it has turned out to be a disaster.Three weeks it has taken to get my broadband and number reconnected.I was given 3 different dates.Namely the 21st,17th and finally the 20th of march.I have spoken to six different Indian advisors and had numerous calls from them.It was a complete shambles as Bt records will show.Then today I got 2 emails the first to say I got my orginal nos back.The 2nd to say they would be changing it to the number I did not want.They then had the cheek to offer me £27.00 compensation.Its not on.A complete joke.

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