Submitted by Eugene in November 2016

To whom it may concern: (if anyone actually cares)

I have been placed on hold for over 1h30!!!! This is beyond ridiculous!!! And all of this just to arrange a home move and to cancel an old order. BT, I have to say, I am terribly disappointed in your customer service or rather lack thereof.

Never in my life have I been placed on hold for 90 minutes (and I am typing this complaint while i am actually on hold with your call center). WORST WORST WORST!

If I do not pay my bill on time, my service is suspended but BT think it’s okay to let their loyal customers be played for fools whilst being put on hold???

What are you going do about my disposition? How are you going to give me back 94 minutes of my life? Worst of all, this means my query is still unresolved…

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