Who Keeps Ringing Me?

Do you get strange telephone numbers calling you in the days such as 01306712824 and 01274838272?

Dear BT Complaints

I’m constantly getting unwanted calls throughout the day displayed as “Unknown number” of “International” and they have become a real nuisance. Sometimes there is nobody at the end of the line (generally International numbers) and other times it’s calls centre for debt collection or other. I want these stopped as I work from home and it is disrupting my days.

Also this number often rings me: 01274 838 272

Who are they – sales calls?

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    • I have had NINE calls in the past 30 hours and am totally fed up with it all. If you answer, they always say they are BT Engineers and want your full details as there is a problem. They have all been from different overseas numbers – I now have a collection of over a dozen different overseas numbers – I pay for BT blocking – I have a sick husband and these calls are getting more than a nuisance. BT seems powerless to stop it and more to the point are not interested.

  • type number in main search toolbar ie google and the number will come up and tell you if its a scam. the numbers ringing you starting with +44 are scammers.

  • I too are fed up with "international" calls and also the 01274838272 which is Swinton. I refuse to answer them now but become very annoyed when thy continue into the evenings and on Sundays – when do these people ever give up?

  • Its swinton insurance, my car insurance is up for renewal, swinton have now ran me over 9 occasions over the last three days the last call was last night at 10 25pm

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