Leaving BT? Which 2016 broadband and phone provider is best?

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The very reason you’re on this website now is of course an indication you’re not happy with BT and you want to switch to a better provider – you can of course, anytime. There are plenty of other broadband and phone providers out there looking for your business – and they will take care and help you make the switch. Sky have their own dedicated team of advisors dealing with customers switching from BT.

Which provider should you switch to?

We recommend you choose a broadband and phone provider that has a proven track record of low complaints and have won awards for their products and services. The good news is there are currently at least two providers in the UK who are leagues ahead of BT with low complaints and award winning services.

But who can you trust?

You can’t trust our word alone, you don’t know us from Adam 🙂 So who can you trust to tell you which is the best broadband and phone provider in the UK? It has to come from a regulated non-profit organisation that conducts it’s own questionnaire, studies and surveys. Commercial websites such as Uswitch.com, broadbandchoices.co.uk and broadbandgenie.co.uk will have their own agendas so can’t be fully trusted in giving impartial and factual information.

For us, there is only one organisation of real authority and integrity and they are Ofcom – independent regulator and competition authority for the UK communications industries and the UK’s telecoms regulatory body.

A few months ago, Ofcom published a study of consumer satisfaction with fixed line broadband, phone, pay TV and mobile providers, which surveyed thousands of consumers between July and September 2015 to reveal that Sky Broadband is the highest rated of all the big internet service providers.

Overall Ofcom’s survey (prepared by Saville Rossiter-Base) involved 4,078 face-to-face interviews and an online survey with between 1,000 and 1,600 customer service experiences targeted per sector.

Here are the survey results summarised in the following two tables.

Best Broadband Provider (based on customer satisfaction)

best broadband provider 2016

Best Phone Provider (based on customer satisfaction)

best phone provider 2016

The Ofcom survey results revealed that Sky Broadband and Virgin Media were rated the highest for both broadband and phone services, while TalkTalk were the lowest rated and BT tended to hover around the industry average.


Who did we switch to?

We personally choose to switch to Sky for a number of reasons including:

  1. Amazing deals for new customers
  2. Lowest complaints of all providers according to Ofcom as we’ve mentioned above
  3. Award winning products and services
  4. Broadband speeds to suit our needs
  5. Truly unlimited broadband
  6. Valuable extras including public Wi-Fi
  7. Sky made it nice and easy to join with a dedicated team of advisors dealing with customers switching from BT.
  8. We couldn’t receive services from Virgin Media where we live, so the choice to join Sky was an easy one for us.

Our 2016 Recommended Provider is: Sky

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