Where’s my broadband? Where’s my phone?

I have been without my phone and broadband for a week now broadband is down to a snails pace. I find it hard to believe that you can’t get an engineer to sort my problem out until Monday 3rd September 2012.

I am in the service industry and all my customers expect same day service for breakdowns.

You phoned me on my mobile 07970xxxxx after I complained the other day and gave me a number to call and said that they would sort it , it was from a call centre in India and they said there was nothing they could do, it’s just not good enough.

I have spoken to many of you’re agents and none of them have come up with any answers ,
I have spent ten to twenty minutes on many calls trying to get through to you, I find you’re service absolutely atrocious , and am very disappointed.

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  1. Incredible lack of communications from a major communications company.

    Two years ago, we had no phoneline nor broadband and it took five weeks for BT to resolve.
    This, after numerous engineers visits and many calls (from a mobile) to BT. Ultimately it was a broken cable on a telegraph pole 200 ft from the property.
    Two weeks ago, our phoneline and bband started dropping again and fault call put in 10 days ago. It is now fixed today, after 3 separate engineers visits and again it was a broken cable away from our property.

    10 days better than 5 weeks, but why does it take so long to fix?
    Why do BT Openreach engineers have no call history from previous engineers visits when they attend the property. Crazy!!
    Why do I (the customer) get a text message every time an engineer leaves the premises saying 'sorry you have had a problem but it should now all be fixed!' – when it isnt!!!
    Why cannot the BT engineer phone BT to advise the problem is ongoing when they leave. They tell the customer (me) to phone – but I have no working phone line !!!

    Words fail me and trying to get any sense from BT India call centres is laughable

    Oh well , another unhappy BT customer moving to Virgin Media….

  2. ten weeks ago we tried to change service provider, somehow the move failed and we were cut off, after five weeks and five engineer visits they discovered our line was direct to the exchange and not in the cabinet as they first thought which is why the change over failed, it then took five weeks of dailey one hour phone calls from my mobile to get the landline working and we are still without our internet, I have been passed through every department possible, I have a list of ten people at bt who have promised to phone me back but never do?? my business has only been operating for about 18 months and this has virtually killed my business off!!!
    I am at my witts end, I cannot believe it is this much hard work!!
    I cannot get virgin to my property and are stuck dealing with this shower of sh*t!!

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