What is the cost per minute of 0844 telephone number?

This BT customer requires help with a 0844 number so please comment below if you know the answer.

Dear Sir

I have spent most of Saturday afternoon (sad is it not) trying to find out the cost of a 0844 number from my BT land line. I have contacted India, no luck there, I rang directory enquiries, and behold they gave me 0800 800 150 which again directed me to India.

Could somebody preferably a human at BT answer a simple question please.

What is the cost per minute of an 0844 number please?

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  • Just googled it, up to 5p per min. Maybe they couldn't give a straight answer because it is up to the person who set the number up – it is not a fixed price?

  • We keep getting text calls from these pests asking for infomation about some "joe blog" threating to take us to court. What! without even sending a letter? The phone number is not a normal number and may be costing you. BE AWARE of such doddy practices. Just got to ask yourself why are they doing this by texy if there genuine 0844 5599682

  • when are we going to see this robbery stopped? kept on hold for ages with stupid music playing for what seems an age. Is this to get us to hang-up then we will be charged even more when we try again only to be told they are witnessing heavy volumes of calls. What cost is 0844???? I'd also like to know.

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