Wasted Hours on the phone to BT

Here’s a recent complaint about transferring BT Vision, broadband and phone to a new address and the wasted hours spent on the phone to customer services.

Dear BT Complaints

I am absolutely appalled at the service I have received from BT. I arranged to transfer my Vision, Broadband and Phone to a new address and this involved an engineer putting in a new line. The move then fell through at this address so I cancelled the engineer at the same time I requested my services by transferred to a new rental property. I was then told I would receive conformation that this had been arranged, I heard nothing.

I then spent HOURS going round in circles and finally was told ALL services had been cancelled !! I was then told I will have to open a new account and that the line saver rental I had paid in advance was non refundable. I cannot believe this is how BT treat long standing customers all I wanted to do was transfer my vision, BT and phone line and now I am left with no service arranged at the new address and having spent hours trying to resolve this I have had it!

Terrible, terrible service ……

Kind Regards,


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  1. BT should shut up shop. What an absolute waste of my time trying to change a service. My stress levels are going through the roof trying to deal with people who do not know what they are doing then you get cut off after 30 minutes

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