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I wish to submit this BT complaint having just spent another 40 mins on the phone to your broadband help desk. This now brings the total to over 5 hours! Every time I get told ‘I’m an expert and will fix the problem once and for all’….yet again not done!

But the main problem is one of your BT engineers deleted my internet operating system saying I didnt need it anymore. I do need it as I cant use my laptop anywhere else apart from home any more. Which totally is the reason for a laptop to use away from home. In the last call I asked for over 20 minutes of how to complain to be told there is no number to complain you can only speak to a supervisor. As it was a supervisor who deleted my operating system. All I kept being told was “there is no other way to make a complaint” I said I have looked it up now and told dont bother it does not work! So I hope it does.

I have also been told to take my computer to a local engineer and get it re installed GEE THANKS.
I want to know what will be done and why i have to phone every other day with the same problem!! to be told its ok its fixed now!

But I would be able to do it myself if the system had not been deleted. Please will someone call me after 6pm tomorrow to resolve this matter if not will have to take it further.

G Kirkham

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  1. I have also had this problem with bt i had ended my internet and phone line in june 2011 i had paid my last bill to bt and i was told that was the end of it. A month later i recieved a letter from bt saying that i owed them £122.00 as i was told by someone who works in bt that the bill i had payed was the last of it i ignored the letter then two weeks later i recieved a letter from the debt collectors demanding for the money i then rang bt to see what the problem was they checked my closed account and apoligised for the inconvience and said this had been a mistake a few weeks later the debt collectors come knocking on my door demanding for the money saying they were going to take mt personal belongings i then rang bt again and enquired what was going on they then apoligised again for this same mistake and the debt collectors left now its been 6 months and i have again recieved another letter from the debt collectors sayin bt are demanding money again from the month of december 2011 when my contract had finished june 2011 i rang the debt collectors and asked what is going on and they inform me that bt have asked them to collect £200 from me because i had apparently not paid since june and they said i should ring bt and sort this out. So i rang bt again and they then tell me that i owe them the money and they do not have anything on there system to say i had cancleed my contract i argued about this as i had changed my phone line and internet to talk talk then they told me that these charges were for a software protection that was giving to me for my internet but i had not used there internet since june 2011 so why would i need their software protection they again apoligised for this mistake and said they would take these charges off and that they would inform the debt collectors of this. Again two weeks demanding to take my belongings again now i had got very angry about the situation so i had to ring bt again they again apoligised about this and told the debtr collectors it was a mistake again. I am telling u all this so that you think carefully before getting a connection with bt as they will try and rob you.I have had to bear the cost of ringing bt over and over again i am not happy with thier service at all i will be getting this published into the express and star.

  2. got a complaint about one of your employees drivers his van registration number is bx 56 ohs he takes his car out of his garage and parks in a space so he can park his bt van there after work he does this every night im going to take this matter further if you dont stop this man from doing it its been on going fore several years. My partner confronted him about it as i have a wheel chair child and he just ignores us so i have to park at least a 10 minutes to get back home with my boys. the driver lives in Colalline Walk,london se2 i want this to stop as its not fair on my son in the wheel chair .

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