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Another BT customer complaint regarding slow broadband service.


I am sure that you receive hundreds of complaints like this. We live in South Oxfordshire and due to past major run-ins with BT (they have been a useless company in the past), we use a different Broadband provider. However, they have to rely on BT Outreach and BT’s network to send the Broadband signal from our local telephone exchange to the door.

It is a complete lottery whether the nearest exchange delivers an acceptable broadband speed. Our exchange is one of the outdated slow facilities, based in Rowstock. As a result, our download speeds tend to be in the range 1.5 Mbps to 2 Mbps. I realise that this is not the slowest speed out there, but adjoining areas such as Didcot are running on speeds in excess of 8Mbps.

BT is not doing enough to upgrade the broadband service to an acceptable speed. Its ‘Race to Infinity’ drive was too restrictive. To compound matters, there is a super-fast cable running through the centre of our village to the local industrial estate. Residents are excluded from tapping into that much improved link and need to rely on a much inferior link from an exchange that is 2 miles away.

I understand the commercial arguments from firms such as BT and Virgin where they say that it is not financially viable to upgrade the Broadband service to an area of small villages. However, this area is affluent and I have not seeing anyone testing how much residents would be willing to pay to receive a decent service. I suspect that the answer is that many would be prepared to pay more than BT realises.

Our broadband usage is massive (more than 40 GB in a recent month) and we would pay for a decent ‘on demand’ films service such as that offered by Virgin or Sky. However, the slow broadband link excludes us from those services.

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  1. Very slow broadband in rural Northumberland – down to 0.7mbps late evenings, on a service being sold as up to 8MB – capacity not a problem early mornings – but slows considerably as day & evening progresses – yet still being charged as if capacity was available. Line checked out by Openreach & OK. Updates via callback promised, but don't materialise – most frustrating. Hours spent on phone with Indian call centres, with no information resulting -= it's a shambles ! BT need to get their act together, or when the technology & competition changes – customers will surely take their business elsewhere. 2.5MBPS is what we need to stream movies, is that too much to ask for – why can't they just sort it ? – or at least call back & explain what they're planning to do.

  2. i was getting 0.5 down load speed it was just before my 1 year contract was up so after getting the run about fore two hours they said they would sort it and with in a hour it went up two 1.6 down load speed not good but ok fore what i wanted it lasted three weeks and now im back two 0.5 i can not stream any thing so im paying twenty pond a month fore what can some one tell me

  3. Many years ago I used to get between 0.5 and 0.75Mbs with tiscali. I moved to BT some years ago and have seen my speed drop to anything from .412Kbs to 93kbs. I have tried to complain many times and even managed to get real Bt engineer to check the line. He fixed it and everything was fine for a couple of weeks getting a stable 512kbs. But I was soon back to a average speed of about 250Kbs. Its just a nightmare trying to contact BT. What can I do?

  4. getting slow broadband for about 2 yrs now, 1.8mbs instead of 8mbs. I have had all the usual excuses from 'it says up to 8 that doesnt guarantee 8' to it depends how far you are from the exchange' (0.33miles) They finally looked into a few months ago, and said there was a fault with the line and fixing it would solve the speed problem. It didn't and the next 3-4 attempts didn't either. I just spoke to a manager who says there is a problem and my line is being limited to 2mbs so even if there wasnt a problem i would only be able to get 2mbs. At best they should've found and solved this problem 2yrs ago instead of feeding me excuses, at worst I should only have been paying a quarter of my internet costs as thats all my line has been capable of. Also my contract is technically 6 months longer than it should have been due to 6months worth of changing or adding things to my contract without my knowlege, and overcharging me repetedly. I'm stuck with them until december! BT you are liars, cheats and your tech teams seriously need some training!

  5. Hi Anonymous
    We're in Cumbria ans suffering virtually identical problems though only 300m from our exchange! Openreach engineers all say there is no reason why we shouldn't get 8mbps but speed cxan be anything from 0 to occasional bursts of 6-7mbps.
    Call centre staff are useless – they treat each complaint as something new even though I explain the issue is 2 years old and we have tried every test and fiddle they can think of. Engineers are baffled – though apparently they only work on the last bit of wire to your house and appear to be used to fob people off from the real 'service' providers BT Wholesale who don't sully themselves in dealing with customers.
    I quite agree with your liars/cheats opinion. I think only political pressure could get a result. Is your MP any good?

  6. bt broadband so slooow tonight its like being back on dial up. bt speed checker says 5.2?
    useless people in india dont know what to do or how to fix the problem need to call back tomorrow could be my computer, its only 2 months old! doh

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