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Dear BT Complaints

Over the past 5 weeks I have contacted Customer Service/help five times, rang various BT numbers and still was put through to the BT call centre. It was not until the 19 October, I received any help at all. The problem was no broadband speed at all on and off during the day and from five pm onwards. Although the signal WAS SHOWING AS EXCELLENT. Speaking to the advisors at your call centre was impossible – they could not understand me and I could not understand them!

I asked again and again for a UK number so that I could get the matter resolved but it was not forthcoming. I was told that the Advisor I eventually spoke to on 19th October was a Supervisor. He apparently reset my line and said the Hub we was using probably needed replacing as it was old so he would order one. He did, however, insist we had no contract which we found amazing. After speaking to him he passed us straight on to somebody (u.k. speaking) who we assumed was the ordering dept. for the new hub. She advised that the new hub would be with us on Friday 21st October.

On Thursday the Supervisor ‘phoned us advising that he had ordered the new hub and we would receive it in 2/3 days. We tried to tell him that one was coming on 21st but he kept saying ‘he had ordered the hub’.

We did receive a new hub on the Friday against order no.VOLO11-56682054709 which was satisfactory. Confirmation documents were received by us on Friday although it states ‘thanks for asking us to change your B T service. May I point out it was in response to our not having 24/7 internet connection. On Monday the 24th October we received a second Hub. Having again tried to
contact someone by phone, we eventually went on to Live Chat and made several attempts to explain, having been asked did we wish to keep the hub!!! After a long time the so called Advisor told us he would arrange for a Jiffy bag to be sent to us and we still await this.

NOW this morning we have received a letter again dated 20th October stating thanks for getting in touch.we are sorry your Home Hub 3 was not working and you will be receiving a replacement. The letter also asked us to return the faulty Hub 3 in the returns bag that came with the replacement!!!!!! If it is not returned you may charge us for it. The Hub being replaced is the old White one.

Now perhaps you would like to advise what you wish us to. There has obviously been a mess up with ordering two Hubs. Do you want the old white hub back ? Can you also confirm that we will not get another set of documents against the second order and we will not be billed for delivery of another hub. It would probably be best if you ‘phone us. We might add that we understand mistakes can be made, the fact that we have no direct phone number or in fact an address is absolutely ridiculous, frustrating and in our case we paid for a full months broadband.

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  1. It is surprising that BT decided to charge me £5 extra on my bill claiming my broadband usage went over my limit.I still refuse to pay take your infinity and will not pay that money,I am always at work,Monday to Friday,only use my internet for emails and online banking,how dare you tell me I went over my usage?
    I called your struglling call centre in India,poor customer service representative decided to insult me and tell me I am complainign because I do not want to pay,I want to save.Can BT provide us with a better service and people who can understand our problems?

  2. We had Broadband installed at start of Sept 2011. The service from day 1 was intermittent and slow. Many hours and many calls to India did not resolve the issues. Our Broadband went off 2 weeks ago and again after many frustrating and pointless conversations to India, being told different answers by different departments, I have been told that because I booked a house move for 15th December they ahve turned off Broadband, they say they cannot turn it back on. This means I will have been without Broadband for 5 weeks because of their mistake. It is incredible that having made a mistake they cannot rectify it!"!! I am out of pocket, I have a daughter sitting exams who cannot access Internet and think BT Customer service is disgraceful!!! I want our of this awful contract but have been told it will cost me £208. OH and then they had the cheek to email me saying I was over my Broadband allowance so need to pay more money!!!!

  3. I called today regards to nuisance sales and marketing calls,and an old number tht has been allotted to me tht I keep receiving calls about,whilst I demanded an explanation for it they said it happens randomly the process of alloying numbers,ontop of tht they charged me £240 for by setup saying there was no by line in the property and because they had no answers for me the call advisor named said hung up on me

  4. honestly the broadband is fantastic probably one of the best but its almost like signing up with the devil. they give you good service and in return you get a high blood pressure just talking to the customer advisers and i checked me bp on my mums monitor and its high and am only 26 they lie constantly and you are unabe to do much because the next time you call you talk to someone else and then they lie to you. Curse them honestly they have reduced me to a frustrated mess. i am seriously considering disconnecting my service and moving to sky

  5. uuuurghhhhhhhhhhhh bt everytime i call them they make me cry, they advisers are liars and i do not wish them well right now am sorry to say this i am a good person generally but i feel so deceived and unappreciated as a customer and each adviser i speak to lies to me

  6. I have spent nearly an hour to a call centre in India – round and round the houses – had phone put down on me when I asked to speak to a manager – phoned back – went through the same painful process and am sitting here writing this down whilst Javed ( who can't give me his surname only that he is in a BT call centre) keeps me hanging on . Elderly neighbour reported fault on 18th won't be fixed until the 23rd ( is this acceptable in this day and age?) Differing reports of whats wrong with the phone .. its the network, its near the house, you will have to pay etc etc
    Rude incompetent staff, repeating conversation over and over again – expect they will cut me off soon – anyone got a phone number for a UK based call centre ??

  7. i am now on my 32nd call to BT .As per previous comments they keep u hanging on for ages repeating the same old scripted blarney but they never resolve the issue. They continually hang up and never call the mobile they take 'in case we get cut off'. They really don't care.

  8. to say that this service is disgraceful is inaccurate.There is no service AT ALL. 20 plus calls, 5 half days out of my life, and stupid,stupid, front line people who,however eloquent, are totally ineffectual.

    This management is a total disaster for british industry.

  9. BT will not answer letters of complaint, and are totally useless- it's like dealing with some nationalised industry in Russia in 1950.
    They do not listen.
    They take no action. They do not read letters.

    Their Broadband is rubbish.

  10. Contacted BT the other day re fault on fax line whereby the fax fails at least twice before it goes though, is not a fault with the machine as have taken home and works fine, previous engineers have told me that it is due to the lines in our area, and I know of a number of other people in the area who suffer the same problem.

    So my reason for contacting BT was 1 due to the continuing fault and 2 because we get charged each time.

    First person calls me back, agrees and credits the account

    Today some bright spark from BT calls to advise me there is no fault on the line, and when I run through the details of the bill with her she proceeds to tell me that BT are not charging me each time it fails, yet its on the bill in black and white

    Useless, so wish I didn't have a 5 year contract

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