Unlimited Evening & Weekend Plan Complaint

Here is a BT complaint regarding the unlimited evening and weekend plan that BT customer service often like to sell customers.

Dear BT

I do not want your Unlimited Evening and Weekend Plan! I do not have a contract for this and never have had one so I certainly don’t want to “Renew” it as your latest letter suggests.

The charge was added to my last bill and I want a refund.

I am fed up with receiving unsolicited calls and letters from BT, I went through all this a year ago when you added some spurious cost to my bill and refused to remove it for months. Your people ring up and waffle on for ages giving at the very least misleading, if not wrong, information that cannot be checked until later.

I only take the line from BT, all my calls a through a different company as they are much more pleasant to deal with. If this treatment continues I will be reporting BT to any, and every, complaints service I can find and be forced to find an alternative to your service”

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