Unlimited BT Broadband…So why 100GB Limit?

This BT complaint was emailed in today for inclusion in the report and share with other BT customers that unlimited broadband has in fact a limited 100GB per month usage allowance, therefore not unlimited!

Dear BT Internet Team

The reason we pay such extortionate rates per month is so that we can keep our son happy playing Internet games, we were assured that when we signed up for your BT Broadband package this would cover our needs with out any problems, and was UNLIMITED usage.

I think your company has an absolute cheek to write to us when we have been averaging speeds of 1/3 meg and we have been PAYING for speeds meant to be up to 8 meg and say we will be restricted if we go over 100 GB usage, I Know you are talking about usage and not speed but it doesn’t seem fair and very one sided. Please respond to this e-mail so we know you have read and understood our concerns.

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  • well if u get a speed of 1/3 meg then you are paying for what you get, as it stated you are paying for "up to" 8 meg. that means anything below 8 meg, if u are complaining about your speed move closer to the exchange and then speed will increase many times, also, make sure home hub is plugged into the main socket as extensions can cause havoc with speeds

  • Yep, up to 8 meg means 8 meg is the maximum you can possibly get if you live right by the exchange (assuming it is not your PC). Try providers from BT – you'll get the same speeds. They really should make this clearer for sure as not everyone knows how the technology works.

    Limits shouldn't be needed, but 100Gb is a lot if you think about it – 3 whole Gig every single day for a whole month. That is difficult even if you download a few full length films a day.

  • If you contract an Unlimited plan, it should be UNLIMITED. Not what they are trying to sell that in fact is a limited to 100 GB. How can you download more than 100 GB, yes, you can, example, imagine that you buy several games in steam, a software where everything should be download from internet. Imagine you buy COD MW2, Orange Box and Half Life (the old one). That would be 33 GB, now imagine you have more than one computer, lets say 2, that is 66 GB. So, if you download free podcast that can be 20 GB…86 GB already!!You just have 14 GB more to use your internet before you beat the 100GB limit. I agree that this shouldn't happen every month, but you don't have any chance, If you overtake 100 GB once, you are limited…:S. It is not what I was expecting from BT. They have lost one customer.

  • I have the same problem capped from around the 12mb to 1mb in the evenings…not what I'm paying for.

    As to limits 3gb a day is easily attainable for someone who perhaps works at home a day or two a week, watches internet TV where an HD programme from BBC iPlayer is about 1.5gb as well as kids streaming all sorts in the afternoons. Nothing unusual and out of the ordinary just a household making full use of the digital age but being hampered by BT….

  • 100g takes the piss i got banned off bt 468 gig 1 month 320 nxt and 410 nxt and got told i have to pay £1 for every gig over 100 what a joke

  • in the age of HD, this 100gig limit is an absolute joke. BT should not advertise an unlimited package as it is capped at 100 gb. if they want to sell an unlimited package then they should increase their own capacities instead of this ridiculous reactionary policy when surprise surprise someone buys an unlimited package and proceeds to use it as if it was. absolutely shocking, i urge people to look at other fairer providers who stick to what they advertise.

  • Yeah totally agree, in this day and age. Not only that, they are happy to print limits on their option 1 & 2 packages yet bluntly say option 3 is unlimited. My son streams wwe wrestling over you tube and other sites continuously. I watch on demand ITV, 5 & BBCiplayer. Ocasional download and bam, excuse me sir but you are near your limit of 100 poxy GB.

  • hi peeps got the same email from bt that i have run up 100mb i have 2 laptops one for the kids to watch nick jnr on so why say unlimited when it isnt so are they going to charge u another 22.99 per month for going over which i wasnt on unlimited they charged me for going over ur downloads thinking of going to sky broadband anyone got this unlimited

  • "So, if you download free podcast that can be 20 GB…86 GB already!!" – A 20GB podcast? ok…

    To clarify, the words "subject to fair usage policy" make the whole thing legal, nothing is hidden. If you exceed 100Gb on option 3 then your speed is restricted at peak times to protect the network for other users, there are no charges for going over 100Gb, just the speed restriction. (this may not be the case for the greedy guy up there who used 400-500Gb per month).

    On options 1 and 2 there is usually a £1 per GB charge for going over your agreed usage allowance.

    For those moaning that HD programmes on the Iplayer take lots of bandwidth… Ever thought about watching the lower definition option? The difference is barely perceptable at a fraction of the bandwidth usage.

  • I am shocked to find out that you also have to pay for just streaming, which in mind is not the same as downloading!!!! Time to find a new provider after the end of the contract.

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